Super 8s Sunday

Kildare host Galway in Newbridge before the meeting of Monaghan and Kerry in Clones

John O'Sullivan Sun, Jul 22
LIVE: Super 8s Sunday

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  • Hello and welcome to the second weekend of the Super 8s in the All Ireland Football Championship. Dublin and Donegal won yesterday's matches with Jim Gavin's side already assured of a place in the All Ireland semi-finals.

    Galway beat Kerry last week ande Monaghan defeated Kildare so there is huge pressure on those counties that lost to win today. First up is the game between Kildare and Galway at St Conleth's Park, Newbridge (2.0) and then it'll be up to Clones for the tussle between Monaghan and Kerry (4.0).  

  • This is what Ian O'Riordan had to say in his preview of this game.


    "The problem with any advantage is that people eventually get wise to it. Kildare certainly made their home advantage count when beating Mayo at St Conleth’s Park three weeks ago, but Galway will be well wise to that, not that they necessarily needed to be. Everything about the way the Connacht champions took Kerry apart in Croke Park last Sunday suggested a team still building towards a peak.

  • He continued: "In a 20-year reprise of their 1998 All-Ireland final, which Galway won, there’s a lot at stake too - victory for Galway effectively ensuring them a semi-final, defeat to Kildare surely denying them. Kildare last beat Galway in the championship in 1926 and for manager Cian O’Neill that’s the sort of task at hand.

    His team were still reaching out for victory late on against Monaghan last Sunday, but couldn’t quite grab it, Daniel Flynn among those cut adrift when they needed him most, the team returning just 44 per cent of their scoring chances. Obvious room for improvement there."

    He plumps for Galway.  


    Kildare are unchanged for a fourth game in succession while Peter Cooke comes in for the unfortunate Paul Conroy who broke his leg in the victory over Kerry.

    Kildare:  Mark Donnellan; Peter Kelly, David Hyland, Mick O'Grady; Johnny Byrne, Eoin Doyle, Kevin Flynn; Kevin Feely, Tommy Moolick; Fergal Conway, Paul Cribbin, Keith Cribbin; Neil Flynn, Daniel Flynn, Paddy Brophy.

    Galway:  Ruairi Lavelle; Declan Kyne, Seán Andy Ó Ceallaigh, Eoghan Kerin; Cathal Sweeney, Gareth Bradshaw, Johnny Heaney; Peter Cooke, Thomas Flynn; Michael Daly, Sean Walsh, Sean Kelly; Ian Burke, Damien Comer, Eamonn Brannigan.    

  • For those looking for late parking in Newbridge. This might suffice.  
  • Confirmed that Kildare will start the same team for the fourth match in a row.  
  • Peter Cooke is in for Paul Conroy for Galway so those teams listed earlier in the blog are correct.    
  • Kildare manager Cian O'Neill highlights that it his team's sixth match in seven weeks and the requirment that the players "have to regenerate ourselves physically and mentally." He also pointed to the need to be more accurate in shooting terms.    
  • A key match up? Kildare full forward Daniel Flynn versus Galway fullback Sean Andy O'Ceallaigh springs to mind.  
  • Galway are 1/2 favourites with the bookies.  
  • It's nicely balanced. Kildare won the first two Championship meetings between the counties but Galway are going for three in a row having won the last two encounters.    

    Previous  championship meetings

    2000  Galway 0-15 Kildare 2-06 (All-Ireland semi-final)

    1998  Galway 1-14 Kildare 1-10 (All-Ireland final)

    1926  Kildare 2-05 Galway 0-02 (All-Ireland semi-final)

    1919  Kildare 2-05 Galway 0-01 (All-Ireland final)

  • The referee is Sean Hurson.  
  • Ahead of today's matches you can catch up with results, fixtures and tables for the Super 8s here
  • Ian O'Riordan's in Newbridge for the Irish Times. Here is proof. There will be a high quality match report afterwards too!
  • The RTE pundits go 2-1 in favour of Galway.  
  • Kildare spent 20-minutes longer warming up than their opponents with greater intensity too, apparently.  
  • The throw-in is imminent.  
  • It's humid in Newbridge and one suspects about to get much hotter.  
  • We're under way.    
  • First free after seven seconds.  
  • Kildare have set-up with 13 players behind the ball but it doesn't stop Michael Daly landing a monster point from 44-metres.  

    Kildare 0-0 Galway 0-1

  • 1 min:  Eamonn Brannigan with a poor miss; lovely slick move from Galway but a shocking effort from close range.  
  • 3 mins: Neil Flynn pulls a long range free, left and wide. The Kildare man kicking into a slight breeze.  
  • 4 mins: Peter Cooke, in for Paul Conroy, kicks a fine point

    Kildare 0-0 Galway 0-2  

  • 4 mins: Galway goalkeeper Ruairi Lavelle completely misses a long ball and fortunately it bounces over the bar for Kildare's first point.  

    Kildare 0-1 Galway 0-2

  • Daniel Flynn got that Kildare point while down the other end of the pitch, Paddy Brophy gives away a free but Shane Walsh can't convert the opportunity.
  • 7 mins: Right on cue, Michael Daly gets his second point.

    Kildare 0-1 Galway 0-3  

  • 9 mins: Kevin Feely is in at full foward for Kildare and he's causing problems. Neil Flynn lands the easy free.  

    Kildare 0-2 Galway 0-3

  • 10 mins: Great point from Kevin Flynn raiding from the Kildare halfback line. Michael Daly has gone off for Galway, looks like a hamstring injury. Patrick Sweeney, the goal scorer against Kerry the last day is on.

    Kildare 0-3 Galway 0-3

  • 12 mins: Walsh points from a free.  

    Kildare 0-3 Galway 0-4

  • 13 mins: Lovely move from Galway culminates with a point from Damien Comer. The long ball into Feely has been snuffed out on the last two occasions. Galway tracking him with three defenders.  

    Kildare 0-3 Galway 0-5

  • 15 mins: Mick O'Grady clears off the line from Sweeney after a great ball from Ian Burke. It could and probably should have been a goal for Galway. But Kildare escape and Fergal Conway grabs a point for the home side.  

    Kildare 0-4 Galway 0-5

  • Great catch from Feely and pass as he fell to Daniel Flynn but what followed was a shocking miss.  
  • 17 mins: Kildare free, brought up 15-metres for some stuff off the ball. Neil Flynn taps it ovder. The sides are level for the second time.

    Kildare 0-5 Galway 0-5

  • 20 mins: Kildare force a turnover in possession and Paul Cribben with a marevellous finish from an acute angle. The home side lead for the first time.

    Kildare 0-6 Galway 0-5

  • 21 mins: Galway halfback Johnny Heaney with a fine point.  

    Kildare 0-6 Galway 0-6

    21 mins: Neil Flynn with his first point from play

    Kildare 0-7 Galway 0-6

  • 22 mins: A second point from Paul Cribbin after another Galway turnover, this time in the tackle.  

    Kildare 0-8 Galway 0-6

  • 23 mins: Galway respond with a second point from Comer.

    Kildare 0-8 Galway 0-7

  • 25 mins: Great Block by Eoghan Kerin saves a certain point and as Galway transition from defence to attack Cathal Sweeney kicks a point.

    Kildare 0-8 Galway 0-8

  • 26 mins: Brilliant score from Daniel Flynn, super pick up shot on his weaker right foot.  

    Kildare 0-9 Galway 0-8  

  • 27 mins: Keith Cribbin with the hard work and Conway posts a point.  

    Kildare 0-10 Galway 0-8

  • 28 mins: Comer fouled by Johnny Byrne. Walsh taps over the free.  

    Kildare 0-10 Galway 0-9

  • Galway have conceded an average of just 13 points this season. In the first 30-minutes Kildare have scored 10. Keith Cribbin with a poor wide.  
  • 31 mins: Ian Burke once again creates the opportunity and Walsh puts it over the bar. The fifth time the teams have been level.

    Kildare 0-10 Galway 0-10

  • Kildare goalkeeper Donnellan makes a brilliant save from Patrick Sweeney when the Galway subsitute was clean through on goal. Daniel Flynn with Kildare's fifth wide.
  • 33 mins: Tom Flynn with a super long range point after good work again from Ian Burke.  

    Kildare 0-10 Galway 0-11

  • Paul Cribben with Kildare's six wide to Galway's three.  
  • One minute of additonal time.  
  • Johnny Heaney with Galway's fourth wide.
  • Half-time: Kildare 0-10 Galway 0-11
  • A bright, open entertaining game of football. Galway will be reasonably satisfied with their perfiormance, KIldare a little less so in that they have spurned some good scoring opportunities, something they'll need to rectify if they are to go around and win this match.  
  • Ian Burke has ceen the creative presence behind several Galway scores while Kildare have managed to create problems deep in the heart of the Galway defence by pushing Kevin Feely itno the edge of the square.  
  • Galway converted 11 or 17 chances in the first half, Kildare 10 of 18. Galway had 55 per cent of the possession, Kildare 45 per cent. The home side kicked six wides, Galway four.    
  • Galway got the last three points of the first half and will look for that momentum again from the re-start.  
  • Ready for the second half.  
  • No changes to either team.  
  • Yellow card: Neil Flynn. Something off the ball.  
  • Daniel Flynn overcarries. Poor.  
  • 37 mins: Peter Kelly fouls Patrick Sweeney. Walsh pops over the free. Galway with the first score of the second half.  

    Kildare 0-10 Galway 0-12

  • Three straight turnovers from Kildare in possession. Really sloppy in terms of skill sets.  
  • 40 mins: Paddy Brophy with a superb long range point. Kildare a bit lateral in possession but it ends well. That stops a run of four straight Galway points.  

    Kildare 0-11 Galway 0-12

  • Several decisions going against Kildare in recent moments.  
  • Brilliant save from Donnellan but Walsh pushed a Kildare player to the ground in a build-up. Kildare's Kevin Flynn is booked for protesting. Really poor officiating from the Tyrone referee. Lavelle misses the 45. Justice done to a point, the yellow card notwithstanding.  
  • 45 mins: Gareth Bradshaw with one of the points of the match. Galway by two points.

    Kildare 0-11 Galway 0-13

  • RED CARD: Daniel Flynn.
  • Referee Sean Hurson shows Daniel Flynn a straight red card after an incident involving O'Ceallaig in which the Galway defender fell to the ground. Joe McQuillan called the referee's attention to the incident.  

    Galway's Patrick Sweeney gets a yellow card.  

    47 mins: Eamonn Brannigan with a point.

    Kildare 0-11 Galway 0-14

  • 48 mins: Paul Cribbin point. Daniel Flynn apparently made contact with   hand/arm and that's why he got the red card. Comer goals but referee Hurson gies a free out. Niall Kelly is on for Tommy Moolick.  

    Kildare 0-12 Galway 0-14

  • 50 mins: Sean Armstrong on for Patrick Sweeney for Galway.  
  • Paul Cribbin drops a shot into Lavelle's hands. Criminal waste of possession.  
  • 52 mins: Chris Healy for Keith Cribbin for Kildare. Gary O'Donnell for Johnny Heaney for Galway.  
  • 54 mins: Peter Cooke with a poor wide but Ian Burke makes no mistake after Galway turn over a Kildare kickout.  

    Kildare 0-12 Galway 0-15

  • BLACK CARD: Galway's Eamonn Brannigan for a body check. Neil Flynn drops the free short.  
  • 58 mins: Galway play keep ball until O'Ceallaigh goes for a shot that drifts wide. Adrian Varley on for Branningan. James Murray on for Kildare. Gary O'Donnell with a point. Kildare without a score for 10 minutes.  

    Kildare 0-12 Galway 0-16

  • 60 mins: Brophy lands a fine point from distance.

    Kildare 0-13 Galway 0-16

  • 61 mins: Eoghan Kerin gets away with a body check but it's still a free to Kildare. David Slattery on for Paul Cribbin. Neil Flynn with the point from the free. That's two in a row and two between the teams.

    Kildare 0-14 Galway 0-16

  • 62 mins: Neil Flynn with a point, that's three in a row.  

    Kildare 0-15 Galway 0-16

  • Galway playing keep ball again.  
  • Trying to draw Kildare out.  
  • There are five minutes left.  
  • Kildare manage a 16th turnover in the match.  
  • Kerin blocks Feely's attempted shot for a point. Is that the pivotal moment because from the turnover Sean Armstrong manages a point for Galway.

    Kildare 0-15 Galway 0-17

    Black card: Paddy Brophy Kildare for a foot trip. Eamonn Callaghan on for Kildare. Johnny Ruane on for Galway.  

  • Comer through but instead of taking point went for goal, it was blocked by Mick O'Grady.  
  • 68 mins: Healy point. A bit of pin ball but a smart finish.  

    Kildare 0-16 Galway 0-17

  • Yellow card: Mick O'Grady for bumping Comer after the Galway player missed that chance.  
  • Galway back to keep ball.  
  • Into added time.  
  • Four minutes of added time. Seems a little less than there should have been.  
  • 71 mins: Sean Kelly fists a point after a nicely worked move.

    Kildare 0-16 Galway 0-18

  • Kildare will get one last chance. Possession that is.  
  • Galway turn over possession.  
  • Comer with a point, his third and that's game, set and match to Galway.

    Kildare 0-16 Galway 0-19

  • Full-time: Kildare 0-16 Galway 0-19
  • A red card for Kildare's Daniel Flynn on 48-minutes had a massive impact on the final result. Kildare showed tremendous courage, playing their sixth match in seven weeks and with 14-men for the last 22-minutes they kept ploughing on and with only two minutes of normal time remaining they trailed by just a point.  
  • Galway though were worthy winners. They were composed when they needed to be and managed to get the scores when they needed them. They have now all but qualified for the semi-finals following wins over Kerry and Kildare. A Monaghan win in the day's second match in Clones would assure Galway of that place in the semis.  
  • Two changes for Monaghan. Colin Walshe starts in place of Dessie Mone. Dermot Malone in for Owen Duffy.  
  • Two changes for Kerry. Brian Kelly is in goal instead of captain Shane Murphy. Kieran Donaghy in for James O'Donoghue.  
  • The RTE pundits go 2-1 in favour of Monaghan.  
  • Ready to go.
  • Donaghy out at midfield for the start and wins a free after five seconds. Paul Geaney with the first wide.  
  • NO sweeper for Kerry and they pay for it.  

    GOAL: Conor McManus. Left one-on-one. Mark Griffin loses his man from a long ball and McManus rolls it under Brian Kelly.  

    Monaghan 1-0 Kerry 0-0

  • 3 mins: McManus point, gets free and makes Kerry pay with a neat finish. Two chances and he's got 1-1 in the first three minutes.  

    Monaghan 1-1 Kerry 0-0

  • Darren Hughes fouals Kerry captain Gavin White. UCC student Sean O'Shea kicks the easy free.  

    Monaghan 1-1 Kerry 0-1

  • Two shocking wides from Monaghan. Kerry goalkeeper Brian Kelly finds Monaghan's Conor McCarthy and the latter misses the easy opportunity and it's followed by another Monaghan wide; that's four in six minutes. Careless.  
  • 7 mins: David Clifford throws his left foot at a hopeful long range effort but off balance it goes left and wide. Karl O'Connell with a brilliant catch.  
  • 10 mins: Referee Maurice Deegan spots a foul on Donaghy and runs in to award Kerry a free which Sean O'Shea kicks.  

    Monaghan 1-1 Kerry 0-2

  • 11 mins: Rory Beggan, scorer of 12 points in the Championship this season, adds a 13th, a beautfiully struck long range free.

    Monaghan 1-2 Kerry 0-2  

  • 12 mins: Kerry get their first score from play and it's the man who has scored their other two points, both frees, Sean O'Shea.

    Monaghan 2-1 Kerry 0-3

  • 13 mins: Peter Crowley fouls and McManus punishes the indescretion from the resultant free.

    Monaghan 1-3 Kerry 0-3

  • Kerry with a third wide.  
  • Geaney should have taken that chance. But Monaghan have been even more profligate down the other end of the pitch. Will it come back to haunt them?
  • 17 mins: Niall Kearns point after McCarthy's fisted effort comes back off a post.  

    Monaghan 1-4 Kerry 0-3

  • Geaney with another wide, that's four of Kerry's five have come from him.  
  • Soft free that goes Kerry's way. Looked a perfectly good tackle.  
  • 19 mins: Kerry's Sean O'Shea with his third free, his fourth point. He's responsible for all of his team's points.

    Monaghan 1-4 Kerry 0-4

  • 20 mins: another brilliant kickout from Rory Beggan puts Monaghan on the attack from which Hughes tags on a point. Tom O'Sullivan pops up from corner back to score Kerry's first point not by Sean O'Shea.

    Monaghan 1-5 Kerry 0-5

  • 22 mins: McManus kicks another free after Corey is fouled by Griffin. That's 1-3 so far from the Monaghan talisman.

    Monaghan 1-6 Kerry 0-5

  • Clifford with Kerry's seventh wide.  
  • 23 mins: First high ball that fgoes into Donaghy and he draws a foul from Corey. Sean O'Shea taps it over the bar.

    Monaghan 1-6 Kerry 0-6

  • Poor decision from Kearns to shoot from that distance as it falls well short and into Kelly's arms.  
  • 26 mins: Monaghan should be further ahead on the scoreboard and right on cue, McManus shows his class with a beautiful finish. That's 1-4 for him and counting. Monaghan have won 10 or 12 of their re-starts.  

    Monaghan 1-7 Kerry 0-6

  • Tom O'Sullivan raiding forward again but Beggan shoves his effort out for a 45.  
  • 28 mins: Sean O'Shea lands the 45, that's four free, one 45 and a point from play; six in total.

    Monaghan 1-7 Kerry 0-7

  • Monaghan are just downright careless at times in possession.  
  • 29 mins: Clifford lands his first point of the match. Tom O'Sullivan again influential in an attacking capacity.

    Monaghan 1-7 Kerry 0-8

  • 30 mins: Shane Carey with the point after excellent work from Karl O'Connell.  

    Monaghan 1-8 Kerry 0-8

  • 32 mins: Monaghan also need to look at their discipline. They've conceded so many frees and the 20 year old Sean O'Shea has punished them brilliantly. He's got another after Stephen O'Brien was body ckecked.

    Monaghan 1-8 Kerry 0-9  

  • 33 mins: A lazy swing of that right boot and Beggan drives his second free over the bar. A glorious strike.  

    Monaghan 1-9 Kerry 0-9

  • 35 mins: McManus makes it 1-5, a late run on the loop and a fine finish.  

    Monaghan 1-10 Kerry 0-9

  • Three additional minutes.  
  • Yellow cards: Kieran Duffy and David Clifford for a bout of jersey tearing.  
  • 37 mins: Beggan with a third free, his 40th point in Championship football. Clifford responds for Kerry with his second point of the game.

    Monaghan 1-11 Kerry 0-10

  • Half-time: Monaghan 1-11 Kerry 0-10
  • Monaghan's Conor McManus with 1-5 in the first half including the all-important goal, while Kerry's 20 year old Sean O'Shea has kicked seven points, five frees, one 45 and one point from play. David Clifford has chipped in with a couple of points.  
  • Monaghan though have been full value for their four-point lead. If they can improve their discipline in the second half and been a little more judicious in their shooting then victory is here for the taking.  
  • Kerry need some of their senior players to step up after the interval and will be hoping that Paul Geaney recalibrates his shooting after four first half wides. Monaghan's kickouts, Rory Beggan's, have been superb and a launchpad for his team's attacks. Brian Kelly in the Kerry goal, a late replacement, hasn't been quite as assured. Kerry aren't playing with a sweeper but they'll have to push up further.  
  • Ciaran Whelan says that Monaghan should be pulverising Kerry by eight, nine points. Not so sure that's the case. More than four, sure. Kerry have racked up seven wides of their own.  
  • Ready to go in the second half
  • Half-time: Micheal Burns on for Kevin McCarthy for Kerry.  
  • Kearns with a poor wide. He should have been more balanced when attempting to strike the ball.  
  • Swinging arm by Donaghy.  
  • The Kerry player was being fouled but by swinging out has earned him a yellow card. Donaghy is fortunate that he missed Karl O'Connell's head.  
  • Drew Wylie with a foul and Sean O'Shea taps over his eighth point; six frees, one 45.

    Monaghan 1-11 Kerry 0-11

  • Kerry turn over the kickout but Burns with a poor miss.    
  • Kerry have started the second half with renewed vigour and purpose.  
  • Kerry dominating possession now.  
  • 41 mins: Dingle's Tom O'Sullivan with a brilliant point, his second. The 21-year-old corner back has been superb.

    Monaghan 1-11 Kerry 0-12

  • 42 mins: Kieran Hughes for Conor McCarthy for Monaghan. Beggan misses a second free in this half. Monaghan look jittery.    
  • 44 mins: David Moran with a point, that's three in a row since half-time and four in succession in terms of the game.  

    Monaghan 1-11 Kerry 0-13

  • Monaghan are rattled.  
  • 45 mins: The roar when McManus touched the ball for the first time in the half was just a decibel lower than when he put it over the bar. That's 1-6 for the Monaghan man.

    Monaghan 1-12 Kerry 0-13

  • McManus hits a post from the sideline.  
  • Griffin fouled and receiving some attention.  
  • Yellow card: Sean O'Shea, that actually took place avour seven minutes ago but he's just missed a free and it reminded me. James O'Donooghue on for Paul Geaney.  
  • 50 mins: Push by Ronan Shanahan on McManus, a little harsh but there was no need to make contact as the Monaghan player was heading away from goal. He points the free.  

    Monaghan 1-13 Kerry 0-13

  • Brian O'Beaglaoich on for Griffin. Kerry's fourth change.  
  • Donaghy comes short and O'Shea goes long, a mix-up in communication.  
  • 53 mins: Jack Barry fouls Darren Hughes.
  • 54 mins: Beggan with his fourth free of the match. It's back to a four point game as it was at half-time. Darran O'Sullivan on for Sean O'Shea.  

    Monaghan 1-14 Kerry 0-13

  • Gavin White collides with Moran, an accidental clash of team-mates.  
  • White goes off and Fionn Fitzgerald is on as a blood sub.  
  • 57 mins: Darran O'Sullivan injects some pace and Paul Murphy kicks the point.

    Monaghan 1-14 Kerry 0-14

  • 57 mins: Fitzgerald concedes a free and McManus makes it 1-8 in terms of his personal tally. White returns for Kerry

    Monaghan 1-15 Kerry 0-14

  • 60 mins: The score of the game from a point perspective for Monaghan. Karl O'Connell. Brilliant work from Malone in the build-up.

    Monaghan 1-16 Kerry 0-14

  • 60 mins: Clifford with a third point, a superb strike. Burns then misses a chance to reduce the deficit further but pushes his effort wide.  

    Monaghan 1-16 Kerry 0-15

  • 62 mins: Owen Duffy for Carey for Monaghan.
  • 64 mins: O'Connell with a poor wide, Monaghan's second in as many minutes. Anthony Maher comes on for Jack Barry for Kerry.  
  • 64 mins: The outstanding Tom O'Sullivan wins a free with a superb run. Stephen O'Brien kicks the free. It's a one score game.  

    Monaghan 1-16 Kerry 0-16

  • 66 mins: White wins the kickout but Beggan sweeps up the high ball into Donaghy. Shanahan spotted dragging back McManus and the Monaghan player makes no mistake from the free. Dessie Mone on for Fintan Kelly.  

    Monaghan 1-17 Kerry 0-16

  • Beggan misses the free.  
  • Five minutes of stoppage time.  
  • 69 mins: Maher with the point for Kerry. That's back to a one score game.

    Monaghan 1-17 Kerry 0-17

  • 71 mins: Paul Murphy takes too many steps and it's a free out.  
  • Paul Geaney is back on and Tom O'Sullivan goes off.  
  • Three minutes left and Monaghan are running the clock down with possession football.  
  • GOAL: Clifford.
  • 74 mins: Long high ball into the edge of the square. Donaghy knocks itt down and Clifford with a brilliant finish from a ridiculously acute angle.  

    Monaghan 1-17 Kerry 1-17

  • Full-time: Monaghan 1-17 Kerry 1-17
  • Kerry keep their hopes alive with a late, late show. Clifford's finish was wonderful but so too the knock down from Donaghy. Monaghan will feel violated by that result. They should have won the game, tried to run down the clock and it backfired.  
  • The brilliant Conor McManus: "You can never think that it is in the bag against Kerry." How right he is. Monaghan go to an unbeaten Galway in a fortnight's time while Kerry host Kildare in Killarney.    
  • Kerry will feel that they have a great chance of making the semi-final as they host a Kildare side with nothing tangible for which to play.  

    Mionaghan will be livid with some really dire wides in the last 12 minutes of the match; so careless. They really should have won this match.

  • If Kerry beat Kildare and Galway beat Kerry it'll come down to scorting difference.
  • So wins for Galway and a draw in Clones. Thanks for your company and comments this afternoon.