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Coalition split on budget, families contacted over body find, Costa Concordia salvage starts

Joanne Hunt Mon, Sep 16
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    A cool, blustery, showery day today with fresh to strong and gusty west to northwest winds and scattered, heavy showers. Nothing is so beautiful as autumn.
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    Good morning. Joanne Hunt here on the Daily Wire where I'll be keeping an eye on the news for you throughout the day.
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    Could have done with some gloves on the bike this morning.
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    Attention Westies: There's no Luas between Red Cow and Tallaght/Saggart this morning.

    An alternative bus service will be serving the affected stops and Dublin Bus will be honouring all Luas tickets.
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    There's normal service between Red Cow and The Point.
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    The headlines in today's Irish Times: Coalition parties divided over key budget decisions. Gardai contact families of missing women after remains found. Damascus says pact a 'victory' for Syria.
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    The anxiously awaited attempt to pull the crippled Costa Concordia upright from its side off Italy’s Tuscan coast is under way. The ship’s owner Costa Cruises last week estimated the cost of the salvage operation at €600 million “and rising”.  Holy God.
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    The Costa Concordia is twice the weight of the Titanic and what's happening this morning is the largest salvage operation ever conducted.

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    I can't see the Italian island of Giglio going all Belfast on it and setting up an interpretive centre.
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    Win some fruit.  
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    Budget 2014 will be announced on Tuesday Oct 15, that's just four weeks away. Labour says figures on economic growth due this week will  provide enough info to settle fiscal targets. Fine Gael meanwhile wants to wait until next month when exchequer returns for September are known. So there's a bun fight on timing. Read Arthur Beesley's report.

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    Flip charts, post-its, markers  and custard creams ahoy. Right about now, Labour and Fine Gael are kicking off their (separate), two-day think-ins.

    Labour are heading to Johnstown House in Enfield, Co. Meath where activities include story telling, jungle mayhem and magic shows.

    Meanwhile Fine Gael are following the herd, down to Laois.

  • 10:09

    The remains of a woman found at Killakee Mountain in Rathfarnham on Friday are not those of missing US student Annie McCarrick or other women who went missing in the 1990s, investigations by pathology experts suggest.  Read crime correspondent Conor Lally's report.

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    Garda sources say the bones appear to be those of a person who died as recently as between two and four years ago.
  • 10:22
    Some headlines from the tabloids today:
    Irish Daily Star: I know it's not my Annie [says missing Annie McCarrick's mother]
    Irish Daily Mail: Are we hooked on sedatives?
    The Irish Sun: Girls Aloud exclusive: Nadine held all of us to ransom [says Kimberley Walsh]
    Irish Daily Mirror: Sinitta EXCLUSIVE: I felt so betrayed by Simon over baby Lauren
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    Did you go see FlightFest yesterday? Here are some nice pics from Eric Luke.
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    I was there and can testify that Ryanair did not do its flyover 'just a 60min bus ride from the capital'.

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    Billy Connolly's initial symptoms of Parkinson's disease will in no way affect his ability to work, say experts.
  • 11:01

    'Working extra days or longer hours won’t achieve anything if the basic structures of the Dáil and its relationship with government are not addressed." Interesting opinion piece in today's Irish Times. Reader comments coming in thick and fast.

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    Could IVF soon be covered by your health insurer? Insurance companies are soon to go into talks on the matter. One cycle of IVF can cost up to €5,000. Read more.

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    Should we name and shame those who litter? Almost two thirds of litter fines issued by Dublin City Council in the the first six months of this year went unpaid.
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    With six weeks to go to Halloween, there are already selection boxes in the shops. So by Halloween, we can expect Easter eggs, right?
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    Who would have thunk it?
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    These voters in traditional dress arrive to cast their ballots yesterday in the Bavarian state elections. Have clueless Irish pundits misrepresented Germany? Read Derek Scally's report.
  • 12:11
    "Those sad people in Ireland who constantly winge its 'Germany's fault' should catch themselves on and maybe try a little bit of personal responsibility instead," says one reader. Scroll down to see more comments on Derek's piece.
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  • 12:20
    Irish Times fashion editor at London Fashion Week.
  • 12:23
    GAA: The Movie.
    Odeon cinemas to screen All-Ireland final between Dublin and Mayo
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    So how did they persuade the birds flying over the Liffey to change lanes during yesterday's FlightFest?  Well, three bird spotters with binoculars positioned on buildings at the entrance to the city were in constant radio contact with air traffic control.

    "The spotters can detect if birds are going to pass through or hold over the path," says Jeremy Nicholson of Bird Control Ireland. If the birds were inclined to dawdle, a recording of a gull in distress would have been played.

    "If they hear one of their own in trouble, they go to help," says Nicholson.

    But Dublin's birds were super cooperative yesterday and there was no need to play the gull soundtrack.
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    And another fun fact   - Britain's ministry of agriculture made the gull in distress recordings in the 1960s   - there's a whole library of tracks of different birds in different moods  - and they license them out.  

    But their flock of seagulls sounds nothing like this one.

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    How utterly practical.
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    "By this evening, the Costa Concordia should be vertical, resting on a purpose-built, underwater steel platform," writes Paddy Agnew from Italy.  Once righted, the ship, which is 70 metres longer than the Titanic, will be towed away for scrappage.
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    Kim is to bring out a new reality show called 'Keeping Away from the Kardashians'...
  • 13:49
    Police in the North are working to establish if 22 suspected child sexual exploitation cases are linked. "We have looked to see if there are links and connections...We can see, for example, that many of the children know each other, we can see that some of the suspects know each other," a PSNI officer has said. Read more.
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    "If you overhear someone from another department being flattered you will be unmoved but if the person sitting next to you is praised by your boss, the effect is roughly like drinking acid. " Lucy Kellaway's column on the hazards of praise.
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    Majella O’Donnell has raised almost €400,000 for the Irish Cancer Society charity after shaving her hair off on the Late Late Show on Friday night.
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    Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore has insisted the Government has not yet settled on a budgetary target but said he feels the State can meet its obligations without an adjustment of €3.1 billion. Mr Gilmore was speaking at the Labour party's parliamentary meeting at Enfield, Co. Meath. Our reporter Steven Carroll is there.

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    The Luas red line, closed this morning between Red Cow and Tallaght/Saggart, is now back in operation.
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    “Make it easier to navigate Dublin by bus. There’s still no bus-route map, and the app is a Kafkaesque nightmare." Read your suggestions and ours on how to improve Irish tourism.
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    Some pictures from Isola del Giglio ahead of the salvage operation of the Costa Concordia. 32 people died when the cruise ship ran aground in January 2012.
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    An initiative that gives students in Cork the option of living in alcohol-free accommodation has so far attracted only three students.

    A motivating factor for the initiative was a 2010 UCC study on alcohol consumption which indicated that 46 per cent of male and 45 per cent of female students reported binge drinking more than once a week.
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    More on the US naval base shooting.

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    “Now they want less scrutiny and less oversight," says Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin of Fine Gael's proposed political reforms. "We think there is a better way to ensure better accountability and to re-establish the balance of power between parliament and government which is the key to really changing how Ireland is governed." Harry McGee reports
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  • 16:24

    Would you like to see a directly elected mayor of Dublin? Give the Council your views.

  • 16:30
    Priory Hall stakeholders have been asked to report back in 21 days with a resolution.
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    Some beautiful pictures here.
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    “What I can say to people is we’re coming towards the end, and we want to keep with it now - because we’re like a hurling team who is five points ahead in the last quarter. We need to close out the game - now’s no time for slacking.”

    When it comes to the budget, Minister for Finance Michael Noonan wants us to lie back and think of hurling.
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    A prison officer based at Mountjoy is  be paid €80,000 for discriminatory treatment and victimisation,  the Equality Tribunal has ordered.

    The prison officer, who had been undergoing treatment for cancer, had applied for a promotion and had not been placed on the panel of those to be interviewed. Elaine Edwards reports.

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    That's it from the Daily Wire for today. Thanks for stopping by.  We're back tomorrow at 9am. Stay up to date in the meantime with and on twitter @IrishTimesLive.
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    After a dry start, rain will spread in from the west as the night goes on and will have reached all areas by dawn. Lowest temperatures will range 6 to 8 degrees.