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A look at goings-on in Egypt and Peru - and the Rose of Tralee

Ronan McGreevy Wed, Aug 21
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  • 09:42
    Hi, my name is Ronan McGreevy and I'm driving The Daily Wire bus this morning. Feel free to contribute at any stage
  • 09:48
    The news this morning is dominated by the fates of Irish people held in foreign jails. Our lead story this morning is a report by our Foreign Affairs Correspondent Mary Fitzgerald about the Halawa family who were caught up in the violence in Egypt and remain in custody. Here's the story. On the other side of the Atlantic Tyrone woman Michella McCollum Connolly and her friend Melissa Reid have been formally charged with drugs offences.
  • 12:11
    There's breaking news from Japan that the Fukushima nuclear plant, which was badly damaged in an earthquake two years ago, has been leaking highly contaminated water. It was first classified as a level one incident on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale and that has been has been raised to level three on a scale of seven.
  • 12:34
    Should the Faroe Islands really be Irish? This article in The Independent would seem to suggest that we were the first settlers of the islands which are now owned by Denmark. Read it here. Perhaps, we  could make Brian Kerr, the real king of the Faroes seen as he is one already.
  • 12:56

    Frenchman Cyril Roux has been appointed to be the new financial regulator to replace Matthew Elderfield. Read it here. Is he related to the famous chef Michel Roux?

  • 14:30

    Things are looking grim for Michella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid in Peru according to our reporters on the scene.

  • 14:58
    Note the O'Sullivan name and crest
    Note the O'Sullivan name and crest
  • 15:06

    The marriage proposal does not seem to be the only story emanating out of the Rose of Tralee this year. Take a look at this? This is the Newbridge Cutlery prize given to the best escort at this year's festival. Look at the name. It is O'Sullivan and the winner of this year's Rose of Tralee was the Texas Rose Haley O'Sullivan. The organisers say it is just a coincidence and that the O'Sullivan name is a very common one in Kerry and that this set of silverware was only for demonstration purposes. Coincidence, conspiracy or cock-up? What do you think?

  • 15:59
    Bradley Manning has just received 35 years in jail for leaking classified information to Wikileaks. The thousands of documents he released in 2010 and 2011 were the biggest single leak in American diplomatic history. Sentencing him, military judge Col Denise Lind took a dim view of his activities. She described his conduct as "wanton and reckless and of "a heedless nature that made it actually and imminently dangerous to others".
  • 16:56
    Here's an interesting article by Roy Greenslade in The Guardian surrounding the future of Irish provincial newspapers. Read it here.
  • 17:39
    Here's the top story on our site at present. Be careful when taking money out of ATMs.
  • 17:44

    The Zenit Catholic agency in Rome is reporting that the former Pope Benedict XVI stepped down from office because God told him to do so. A confidante is cited by the agency as saying that Benedict, who shocked the world when he resigned in February, resigned as a result of a "mystical experience" with God. He told his confidante that he feels vindicated in his decision when he sees the charisma of his successor Pope Francis.

    God had implanted in his heart the "absolute desire" to resign and to devote himself to a life of prayer and reflection, Benedict told the anonymous confidante, according to Zenit, a Rome-based Catholic news agency.

    "It was not because of any type of apparition or phenomenon of that sort," he said, but instead the result of a "mystical experience" received during "a direct rapport with the Lord".

    He said the more he sees the "charisma" of Pope Francis, his successor, the more he is convinced that it was "the will of God" that he became the first pontiff in 600 years to resign.

  • 17:44
    And on that note, less heavenly sources are telling me it is time to wrap up the blog for the day. Thanks for dropping by.