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Enda Kenny defeated in vote for Taoiseach as new Ceann Comhairle elected

Colin Gleeson Thu, Mar 10
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  • 10:09
    Good morning. The 32nd Dail meets for the first time in less than half an hour with deadlock expected on the election of a new taoiseach.

    Dail reform will be the word of the day as TDs are expected to come up with some plan to make things work.

    Neither Enda Kenny, Micheal Martin or Gerry Adams are expected to be elected taoiseach. We will have a new Ceann Comhairle however, possibly the first woman in Independent Maureen O'Sullivan.

    Here is Stephen Collins's take on the day ahead.  
  • 10:13

    So what's the shape of the 32nd Dail by party, gender, age profession - have a look here and compare it with the previous ten.  

    If you're wondering why it's looking so hard to form a government - you could always try our coalition builder and see can you do better.  

    Our Deputy political editor Pat Leahy has taken a look at how the day will unfold  here  

  • 10:18

    Harry McGee has taken a look at how the Ceann Comhairle election will play out:

    The two leading contenders for the Ceann Comhairle position will be the Independent Maureen O'Sullivan (Dublin Central) and Fianna Fáil TD for Kildare South Seán Ó Fearghaíl. Besides Fianna Fáíl votes, Ó Fearghaíl would expect to benefit from Fine Gael transfers if Bernard Durkan and Andrew Doyle are eliminated.

    For her part, O'Sullivan will be backed by practically all members of smaller parties and non-aligned TDs and would also expect to do well from transfers, picking them up from Sinn Féin and the two larger parties.

    The process will take some time to complete. Each candidate will be allowed address their colleagues. As it's a single transferable vote system by secret ballot, it is expected to last a few hours.
    Some people are rueing that e-voting was rejected so roundly last time out. Perhaps it's time to revisit the issue!

  • 10:19

    Among the 'new' TDs is Fianna Fail's Pat 'The Cope' Gallagher. He said someone had asked him if he was excited about the first day of the new Dail. "This is my ninth time so it's hard to be excited. But I'm very proud to have been elected to the new Donegal constituency," writes Marie O'Halloran  

  • 10:22
    Another new TD Danny Healy Rae will have a band of supporters as he joins his brother Michael in the Dail:  
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  • 10:26
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    The weather gods have smiled on the 32nd Dail -- bright and mild morning in Dublin 2, as new TDs milled around the Leinster House plinth. But they're now making their way into the chamber for 1030, where the first business will be the reading by the Clerk of the Dail of the proclamation from the President convening the Dail, writes Pat Leahy
  • 10:32

    The Anti-Austerity Alliance-People before Profit will nominate Richard Boyd Barrett as Taoiseach today, writes Sarah Bardon

  • 10:32
    Fine Gael’s “red line issue for coalition with Fianna Fail is that they give up the name of who shot Michael Collins”, quipped Cork South West TD Jim Gray on his wat into the Dail chamber, writes Marie O'Halloran
  • 10:37

    Dail chamber filling up as the TDs wait for outgoing Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett to enter the House for proceedings to begin. Taoiseach Enda Kenny has just arrived into the chamber and shaken hands with a number of TDs before taking his place beside Minister for Finance Michael Noonan, writes Marie O'Halloran

  • 10:40
    Roll call of each member of the Dail being called out..... you can watch this riveting piece of TV on Oireachtas television here.  
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  • 10:42

    It looks like Sinn Fein may oppose a lengthy adjournment of the Dail later today. Gerry Adams has just issued a statement saying that the Dail should meet at least one day a week during the coming period of government formation. The new Dail, he said, "should meet at least one day a week over the coming period to hold Ministers to account and to debate the issues of concern to citizens.", Pat Leahy writes.  


  • 10:49
    Next item is election of Ceann Comhairle: Andrew Doyle, Bernard Durkan, Caoimghin O Caolain ,Sean O Fearghail and Maureen O'Sullivan will each speak ahead of the secret ballot
  • 10:53
    First candidate Andrew Dail says the use of the guillotine in enacting legislation not necessary, more speaking time for smaller parties needed and says the Ceann Comhairle should have more of a role in setting Dail agenda  
  • 10:55
    The new Ceann Comhairle will not be elected until about 2.30pm after which the more difficult issue of finding a taoiseach will be up.  
  • 10:57
    Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan, the second candidate, says he is more used to being a protagonist than a moderator.
  • 11:01
    One of the chief hecklers in the last Dail, now looking for the job of shutting the hecklers up. He'll be followed by Caoimghin O Caolain, Maureen O'Sullivan and Sean O Fearghail, writes Pat Leahy.  
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  • 11:12
    Fianna Fail's Sean  O Fearghail ended his speech by thanking outgoing Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett, who is automatically re-elected for the Dun Laoghaire constituency.  
  • 11:13

    Fine Gael candidates for the role of Ceann Comhairle will be closely monitoring the results of the vote.  Several Fine Gael Ministers have been urging their members to support Fianna Fail candidate Sean O'Fearghail.
    Why? Because in the numbers game we are facing into, one less Fianna Fail TD will be key, writes Sarah Bardon

  • 11:15

    Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan is now addressing the Dail and she says she didn’t seek the job but was encouraged to put herself forward.

    Breaking into Irish, she says the Dail will work better if they work together.

    “It means moving from the adversarial, the conflict, the theatrics, the shouting down, the erupting that has this house looking more like the Colosseum than the parliament,” she says.

  • 11:17
    The TDs are now beginning to vote by secret ballot for the next Ceann Comhairle.
  • 11:23
    There were plenty of smiling faces outside Leinster House this morning as the TDs arrived, many of them of course for the first time.
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  • 11:24
  • 11:25

    The TDs are now being called, row by row, to go and collect their ballot papers.

    It all looks and sounds a little bit like the first day of the Leaving Cert as the clerk tells people where to walk and what to do.

  • 11:28

    Irish Times deputy political editor Pat Leahy says Fine Gael TDs have another good reason to transfer to Sean O Fearghail.

    If Maureen O'Sullivan is elected, it will make it extremely difficult for Paschal Donohue to hold his seat, in what would effectively become a two-seater.

    And if Labour wants to regain its Dublin Central seat, its TDs may vote against O'Sullivan too.

    Very cynical really. Whatever happened to reform?

  • 11:45
    As we know, the Anti-Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit party will nominate Richard Boyd Barrett for Taoiseach today.

    “We in the Anti-Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit are putting Richard forward in this vote to emphasize that a new left is rising in Ireland and that there is now real a left wing option for people," said Brid Smith. "We are highlighting that there is an historic opportunity to move beyond the failed civil war politics of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail and to outline an alternative vision for Ireland. We have a positive vision- one which is based on issues and principles."
  • 11:46
    Brid Smith continued . . . “By nominating Richard we wish to set out the urgent priority fix our crumbling health service, resolve the housing crisis, abolish unfair water charges, end religious discrimination in schools, and remove the Eighth Amendment from our constitution. “We urgently need to address the discrimination against young people and the low paid that is forcing people into poverty and emigration. We must have immediate action on climate change and take back our natural resources for the benefit of all and create an alternative to the corruption, cronyism and the betrayal of governments past. “By nominating Richard we want to advance a different type of politics - based on people power, that we believe can establish a National Health Service, free at the point of use; a radical social house building programme; the right of women to control their own lives and bodies; an end to discrimination in our schools and, of course the abolition of water charges and Irish Water. “We are not under any illusions that Richard will be elected as Taoiseach - rather this is a statement of intent that we are determined to offer the people of this country a genuine left an alternative to the failed politics of the past. “We advocate an Ireland of fairness, solidarity and equality - that is what is symbolized in the nomination of Richard as Taoiseach.” All well and good, of course, but Boyd Barrett will not be elected Taoiseach today. Though nor will Micheal Martin, Enda Kenny or Gerry Adams.
  • 11:59
    The TDs have now finished voting and the house has been adjourned until 2.30pm while counting takes place.
  • 12:05

    Sarah Bardon reports that the Healy Rae brothers have brought half of Kerry with them today. Music is being provided for their arrival.

    Micheal Healy Rae said the family will be forever grateful for the support they have supported.

    He paid tribute to his father Jackie for starting the representation for the family.

    Danny Healy Rae said he is the latest starter but he will be the final finisher.

  • 12:08
  • 12:11

    To return to the speeches of the prospective Ceann Comhairles earlier, Sinn Féin’s Caoimhghin O Caolain said the role “must be independent of Government and opposition”.

    He or she must conduct business in impartial manner, and could facilitate and encourage “real and substantive change”.

  • 12:13

    Maureen O’Sullivan said her Dublin Central constituency had the lowest turnout.

    She believed the apathy was in part due to the electorate’s frustration at the way business in the House was done.

    A former deputy school principal, she said they owed it to the electorate to have the Dáil meaningful and relevant to them and acting in their interests.

    “Change begins with how we do business,” she said.

    “Politics is the art of the possible. Anything is possible, including a woman as Ceann Comhairle.”

  • 12:13
    Fianna Fail TD for Galway East Anne Rabbitte with her son Fiachra and daughters Caoimhe and Aoibhinn on the first day of the 32nd Dail. Photograph: Alan Betson
    Fianna Fail TD for Galway East Anne Rabbitte with her son Fiachra and daughters Caoimhe and Aoibhinn on the first day of the 32nd Dail. Photograph: Alan Betson
  • 12:15
    Kerry's finest - Michael and Danny Healy Rae - at Leinster House today. Photograph: Alan Betson
    Kerry's finest - Michael and Danny Healy Rae - at Leinster House today. Photograph: Alan Betson
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  • 12:21
    <p>Finian McGrath TD (62 and a half) with his granddaughter Anna (3 and a half) enjoying their day at Leinster House. Photograph: Alan Betson</p>

    Finian McGrath TD (62 and a half) with his granddaughter Anna (3 and a half) enjoying their day at Leinster House. Photograph: Alan Betson

  • 12:22
    The Healy-Rae’s arrival earlier looks like something off Father Ted. Must be some craic all the same.
  • 12:27
    Ray McSharry with his son, and newly elected TD, Marc. <br />Ray McSharry was appointed as Minister for Finance on this day 29 Years ago. Photograph: Alan Betson
    Ray McSharry with his son, and newly elected TD, Marc.
    Ray McSharry was appointed as Minister for Finance on this day 29 Years ago. Photograph: Alan Betson
  • 12:31
    One of the two Green Party TDs in the new Dail -   Catherine Martin with her husband Francis Duffy. Photograph: Alan Betson
    One of the two Green Party TDs in the new Dail -  Catherine Martin with her husband Francis Duffy. Photograph: Alan Betson
  • 12:33
    <p>Easily our favourite photograph of the day so far . . .</p>
<p>Newly-elected TD Gino Kenny with his mother Marie at Leinster House. Photograph: Alan Betson</p>

    Easily our favourite photograph of the day so far . . .

    Newly-elected TD Gino Kenny with his mother Marie at Leinster House. Photograph: Alan Betson

  • 12:35

    The Ceann Comhairle’s official robe lies across the arms of his/her chair in the Dail chamber.

    But who will be draping it over their shoulders in just a couple of hours time?

    Not to mention guaranteeing themselves a job for the next ten years (assuming this Dail and the next go to full term).

    Now there’s job security for you.

  • 12:39

    Irish Times deputy political editor Pat Leahy says he has an unofficial first tally on the vote for Ceann Comhairle.

    Fianna Fail’s Sean O Fearghail: 56

    Fine Gael’s Andrew Doyle: 32

    Sinn Féin’s Caoimhghin O Caolain: 24

    Independent Maureen O’Sullivan: 24

    Fine Gael’s Bernard Durkan: 21

  • 12:44
  • 13:06
    There’s an anti-water charge protest taking place outside Leinster House right now.
  • 13:07
  • 13:19

    The official first count result in the election of the new Ceann Comhairle is in line with the tally we had earlier.

    Fianna Fáil’s Seán Ó Feargháil is in the driving seat with 56 votes, while Fine Gael’s Andrew Doyle has 32, Sinn Féin’s Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin 24, Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan 24 and Bernard Durkan of Fine Gael 21.

  • 13:23
    We're hearing that after transfers, Sean O'Fearghail and Andrew Doyle are the final two in race for Ceann Comhairle.
  • 13:23
  • 13:26

    There you have it.

    As largely expected, Fianna Fail’s Sean O'Fearghail has been elected Ceann Comhairle.

    The Dail will have to vote to ratify the, eh, vote, but that will surely be just a matter of course.

  • 13:31

    So the gap between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in terms of voting at least grows by one to seven TDs.

    The vote to confirm the appointment takes place at 2.30pm.

  • 13:35
  • 13:35
  • 13:48
    What a photo on the day that's in it.
  • 13:50

    The new Fianna Fail parliamentary party are having a photo op outside Leinster House while we wait for the house to be reconvened at 2.30pm.

    Micheal Martin has told reporters he will now intensify efforts to talk to smaller parties and independents in the hope of forming a government.

  • 13:51
  • 13:54
  • 14:06

    Micheal Martin has said: “The mandate we have is to change the present Government and we certainly did not get a mandate to go into Government with Fine Gael and put Fine Gael back into Government so we have to work with the choice of the people.

    “We are very clear that means intensive negotiations with Independents and smaller parties about forming an alternative Government. That is where our focus is.”

    Good luck with that.

  • 14:09
    Ah Peadar.
  • 14:17

    Not long now until we’ll have a reconvening of the Dail for the official vote on the Ceann Comhairle.

    Then it’s on to the real business of nominating a Taoiseach.

    Except everyone knows there won’t be a winner.

    It will be interesting to see how the votes fall all the same. We know the parties will vote for their own candidates, but there is a sizeable gang of Independents in there and how they vote might be an indicator as to whom they are likely to support when the parties start the real talks on government formation afterwards.

  • 14:19

    It is amazing how the responsibility to form a government has been passed around like a hot potato since the election result.

    How about the Healy-Raes for rotating Taoisigh?


  • 14:22
  • 14:26

    Addressing water charges protestors outside Leinster House, People before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said: “What we have seen is a massive resistance to the implementation of water charges through the mass boycott of the bills and the huge mobilisations of people.

    “Water charges are hanging by a thread. The election and the continued boycott of bills has rocked the establishment and a crushing blow has been landed against the whole project of Irish Water.

    “The protests and boycott of the bills, along with the shift of voters in the general election has fundamentally changed Irish politics. We are beginning to move away from civil war politics and towards a politics based on principals and issues.

    “We are calling for whatever government is formed in the next number of weeks to scrap water charges and abolish Irish Water. This must be a red-line issue for the next government.

    “What we can see now is that the vast majority of people are not paying and the numbers of people who are cancelling their direct debits with Irish Water is increasing every day. Irish Water is near to being defeated- this is a huge feat for the people in this country and for people power.”

  • 14:29
    The TDs are filing back into the chamber as we speak. Many have already re-taken their seats.
  • 14:39

    The vote to ratify Sean O'Fearghai is a simply yay or nay affair and there and it’s a unanimous vote in favour of his election.

    The house rises to give him a standing ovation and there is sustained applause as he makes his way to the centre of the chamber to take up his new seat.

    He shakes hands with members on all sides of the house as he goes.

  • 14:41
  • 14:42

    He says that he will moderate the Dail fairly and “adjudicate without fear or favour”.

    Each deputy has an “inalienable democratic mandate”.

  • 14:43

    He continues: “The great project of Irish independence still endures in the soul of this 32nd Dail.

    “That it continues is an historic responsibility that rests on the shoulders of everyone inside this chamber.”

  • 14:44

    He’s already settling in nicely there.

    The house has agreed to sit later than originally planned.

    Taoiseach Enda Kenny is expected to request the Dail resume to discuss reform even if the Government has not been formed.

  • 14:45
    Enda Kenny has now taken to his feet and his offering his congratulations as Gaeilge to O’Fearghail.
  • 14:47
    He says there is a “changed political landscape” and that the business of the house must become “far more meaningful and engaging”.
  • 14:49

    Micheal Martin follows suit.

    He says it’s a “momentous occasion” for O’Fearghail, particularly as it’s the first time a Ceann Cohmahirle has been elected by secret ballot.

  • 14:49
    Martin says O’Fearghail “now enjoys the confidence of the full house”.
  • 14:53

    Tanaiste Joan Burton is up next and she cuts a lonely figure across the house from what was her usual spot in the last Dail.

    She calls on O’Fearghail to do what he can to make it a “productive parliament”.

    She says there is a “very large national agenda to deal with” and that it will be up to him “to steer the reform process”.

    “We should look to outcomes that are good for people that will generate greater improvements not just in the workings of the Dail but also in the outcomes for the people of this Republic,” she adds.

  • 14:57

    Michael Healy-Rae has taken to his feet and welcomed O’Fearghail “on behalf of the Healy-Rae party”.

    “It is a historic day for you personally and your family,” he says, adding that he will be a “very safe pair of hands”.

    He also pays tribute to outgoing Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett, and in classic south Kerry style, says: “We had small rows but we never had a bad row – there’s a difference.”

  • 15:02

    Newly elected Fine Gael TD Noel Rock has nominated Enda Kenny for Taoiseach and listed off a number of reasons why he thinks he should get the job.

    These included the marriage equality referendum and “saving the country from the economic abyss”.

  • 15:03

    Fine Gael TD Catherine Byrne, in seconding the nomination, says “Deputy Kennedy” is a man of integrity.

    Hilarious stuff.

  • 15:04
    Nominating Micheal Martin for Taoiseach, Lisa Chambers, another of the young TDs to be elected, says the nomination indicates the party’s desire to respect the party’s mandate not to re-elect a Fine Gael government.
  • 15:06

    “He has been approachable, fair minded and straight talking,” continues Chambers.

    “He faces challenges head on and knows that people want a decent society.”

    He is also “uniquely well qualified” to be Taoiseach.

    “An Ireland for all,” is our shared objective, she concludes.

  • 15:08
    Thomas Byrne is seconding Micheal Martin and fairly impressively delivers his entire speech in Irish.
  • 15:10

    Mary-Lou McDonald is now up and she is nominating Gerry Adams.

    She says Ireland “needs strong proven leadership”.

    We need a vision that goes “beyond the Border” and includes all of the people of the Republic.

  • 15:14

    She says Adams will provide “real opportunities for decent work and a decent standard of living”.

    He would be a leader “who is not afraid to take on the elites and the vested interests”.

    “He will give a voice to those who have not felt the recovery” and he will “give hope back to the people and deliver fairness and equality for all”.

    In a little dig at Fianna Fail and Fine Gael for not getting into bed, she adds that Adams has “never put self interest above the national interest”.

  • 15:16
    AAA-PBP deputy Ruth Coppinger takes to her feet and says the grouping “would like to propose a socialist nominee for Taoiseach” and names Richard Boyd-Barrett.
  • 15:20

    “The candidate of the socialist left will not win the position,” she acknowledges, but says they hope to build.

    “We intend to have a strong independent voice for workers in this Dail,” she adds.

  • 15:21
    Seconding the nomination, newly-elected TD Brid Smith says the Dail chamber “feels a lot smaller than it looks on the telly”.
  • 15:22
    She says that “in the spirit of the proclamation, we want to see real equality”.
  • 15:24
  • 15:29
    Tanaiste Joan Burton is now addressing the house and confirms her party will be supporting Enda Kenny’s nomination.
  • 15:32

    Burton uses her speech to “thank” Enda Kenny for going against his party’s manifesto during the last government to introduce “key economic and social goals driven by the Labour Party”.

    These include moves on the minimum wage and the marriage equality referendum.

    She adds that that is what coalitions are all about “and these progressive measures were in the country’s best interests”.

    “That is the importance of compromise in the national interest.”

  • 15:33
    She also calls on Fianna Fail and Fine Gael to do what Labour did five years ago and put national interest before party interests, and form a coalition.
  • 15:34
    She’s still laying into Fianna Fail.
  • 15:36

    Labour will provide “principled responsible opposition” she says.

    She has “no regrets about going into government despite the losses incurred”.

  • 15:37

    Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has informed the house that he and his deputy Catherine Martin will voting for none of the proposed candidates.

    It’s not down to any disrespect, he says, but because “none of them have presented to us a clear government”.

  • 15:39
    He is calling on Fianna Fail and Fine Gael to bury the old hatchet and get it together.
  • 15:43
    Protestors outside the Dail today. Photograph: Alan Betson
    Protestors outside the Dail today. Photograph: Alan Betson
  • 15:44

    Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty is now addressing the Dail in Irish.

    He says it’s nothing personal that Sinn Fein won’t be supporting the election of Enda Kenny for Taoiseach, but because he “betrayed” his mandate from the last election.

  • 15:46

    Doherty presents us with some disturbing imagery.

    “As a young child I used to watch the twilight zone in a dark corner of my room,” he recalls, before saying that that is what the Dail is like (the twilight zone).

  • 15:48

    We have our first barney.

    New Ceann Comhairle Sean O’Fearghail struggles to maintain order as Doherty is heckled for attacks on FF and FG for posturing on the formation of a government rather than dealing with the real issues.

    “Please, could we have some order,” he demands.

  • 15:50

    Shane Ross is now addressing the house.

    “We do not feel that we can possibly, as this stage, support any candidate for Taoiseach that has been proposed,” he says. “That may be difficult for those on this side to take,” he continues as there are heckles again.

    “Can I ask the government to let deputy Ross speak,” interjects O’Fearghail again.

  • 15:52
    Ross is lambasting Fianna Fail for trying to make it look like they are all about the reform agenda when they ignored it for years.
  • 15:53
    He continues: “We, the Independent Alliance, are very happy and more than willing to help and support a government - and form a government - that espouses reform in all different area, and not just Dail reform.”
  • 15:56
    Meanwhile . . . outside . . .  
    Meanwhile . . . outside . . .  
  • 15:57

    Sinn Fein’s David Cullinane takes to his feet and congratulates O’Fearghail on his appointment.

    He said he wishes him well “over the next weeks, months or years”.

  • 15:59

    Cullinane starts having a go at the Labour Party and O’Fearghail comes in to say that they’re debating the nomination of a Taoiseach, and, as Labour have not put anyone forward, he should lay off.

    “What you said was you would treat people equally,” replies Cullinane.

    Less than an hour in and already his impartiality questioned.

  • 16:02
    More protestors . . . .  
    More protestors . . . .  
  • 16:05

    Danny Healy-Rae is up next.

    “The people of Kerry sent me up here along with my brother Michael,” he says. “They are looking at us in here today and wondering what is going on.”

    He says he could have proposed his brother Michael Healy-Rae for Taoiseach but wouldn’t do that as he doesn’t want to “make a laugh” of proceedings.

  • 16:06

    He isn’t happy about the lack of movement on a government.

    “It’s as though we’re above in Croke Park in the third week in September with Dublin and Kerry on the pitch, but the referee is standing there with no ball,” he says.

    “That’s what we’re like here today.”

  • 16:08
  • 16:15

    A good contribution from John Halligan of the Independent Alliance who says the people of Ireland have formed this Dail and it must work to form a government.

    He says they need to stop talking about the mistakes of Fianna Fail five years ago or Fine Gael two months ago, and move forward.

  • 16:19
    That concludes the speeches and the voting is now about to take place.  
  • 16:35
    The vote is done via a walkthrough, so the TDs are climbing the stairs in the Dail now and filing around the backbenches to go and vote.
  • 16:37
  • 16:44

    Each candidate is voted for individually.

    Nothing if not efficient in the Dail.

    Enda Kenny’s nomination has been defeated by 94 votes to 57.

  • 16:45
  • 16:46

    Micheal Martin is up next.

    It will be about another ten or fifteen minutes before we have that result.

    Then, we will go through the same process for Gerry Adams and Richard Boyd-Barrett.

    Micheal Martin is up next.

    It will be about another ten or fifteen minutes before we have that result.

    Then, we will go through the same process for Gerry Adams and Richard Boyd-Barrett.

  • 16:54

    Marie O'Halloran reports that there were five abstentions from Kenny’s vote.

    Independents Michael Harty (Clare), Noel Grealish (Galway West), Mattie McGrath (Tipperary), Denis Naughten (Roscommon-Galway) and Michael Collins (Cork-South West).

    Independent Michael Lowry (Tipperary) was not in attendance and Ceann Comhairle Sean O Fearghail does not vote.

  • 17:05

    Micheal Martin has also lost his vote.

    He received 43 yes votes and 108 no votes.

  • 17:06
  • 17:08
    TDs will now vote on the election of Gerry Adams for Taoiseach.
  • 17:25

    Gerry Adams' nomnination has also been defeated by 116 votes to 24.

  • 17:38
  • 17:44

    While we wait for the Richard Boyd-Barrett’s vote to come through, you can read a profile of the new Ceann Comhairle here.

  • 17:44
  • 17:46
    Boyd Barrett’s nomination has been defeated by 111 votes to 9.
  • 17:46
    Enda Kenny now addressing the house.
  • 17:48

    He says that as no taoiseach has been elected, he will go to the Phoenix Park and tender his resignation to President Michael D Higgins.

    He says he will continue as a caretaker Taoiseach until a new government can be elected.

  • 17:51

    He has a number of engagements in his diary, including the St Patrick’s Day trip to Washington and the Easter 1916 centenary celebrations, which he says he will honour in the meantime.

    He says “careful management” of the public finances remains a priority given the international climate.

    He continues that “our very survival was in doubt” when Fine Gael took over, and that many thought the situation was “hopeless”.

  • 17:55

    Issues like homelessness and health “cannot be put on hold” while parties try to form a government.

    He says FG has been “deeply” engaged with other parties and he has found “strong consensus” for the need for a strong and stable government.

    He says he gathers from some of the talk that there are some parties who don’t want to go into government.

    “There are options, and it behoves us to examine all those options in the interests of findings a government that can last,” he says, batting his eyelids at Micheal Martin across the chamber.

  • 17:57
    “It’s not the outcome I personally would have liked to see obviously,” he tells O Fearghail in relation to his trip to the Aras.
  • 17:58
    After he resigns, Enda Kenny will continue as Taoiseach in a caretaker capacity until a new Taoiseach is elected by the Dail.
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    Micheal Martin is addressing the house.

    He says the situation is “far from unprecedented”.

    “Dáil Éireann has twice in the past failed to nominate a Taoiseach on its first day,” he says. “There are also other examples of periods where a Taoiseach has lost support and there was a delay in electing a new Taoiseach.

    “In 1992 the formation of a new government took nearly two months. During that time urgent business was addressed including the passage of critical supplementary estimates and a Finance Bill measure.

    “Given the fact that the Budget has already been passed and there is no urgent government measure which requires Dáil sanction we clearly have the time to deliver a Government which respects the views of the Irish people.

    “In fact Ireland is relatively unusual in how fast it normally carries out the business of government formation. This may well be one of the reasons why so often the focus is placed on who holds power rather than what they do with it.”

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    The Dail will return on April 6th.

    With that, we’ll leave it there. The real talking will presumably start now, as parties look to make the next meeting of the house a more productive one.

    Thanks for reading.