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Davos love-in, Pilomena Lee and all the day's news with Genevieve Carbery

Genevieve Carbery Fri, Jan 24
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  • 08:21
    So before you woke up your computer/smart phone this morning did you ask “how are you”, give it a gentle little pat or even a gentle hug? Did you thank it for all the work it did yesterday? Me neither , but maybe I should have, on reading our weekly philosophy column today asking whether computers have feelings or not. So good morning, it’s Genevieve Carbery and my hard-working computer (pat, pat) on the Daily Wire.
  • 08:38

    So an Irish officialdom version of Celebrity Death Match is possibly on the cards (Garda Siochana vs Public Accounts Committee) in the courts (read here).

    Miriam Lord’s article on the Garda Commissioner at the committee is today's essential reading (here).

    She writes ...““My force. My officers,” he said, at one point. Martin Callinan was correct, in as much as he is the commander of the force. But it is not his force. They are not his officers. It is our force. They are our officers.

    Which is why his evidence to the Dáil Public Accounts Committee yesterday was so troubling. He finds the actions of “so-called whistleblowers” who chose to take their grievances outside the blue brotherhood nothing short of “disgusting”

  • 08:47
    Meanwhile in Miami, maybe put any glasses away from the speaker before you play this one. Screeches galore as fans watch Justin get pulled over. Watch here
  • 08:47
  • 08:53

    Justin Bieber headline of the day competition winner has to be the Mirror –with Justintoxicated . Others are: Bustin’ Bieber (Star), Justice Bieber (Metro Herald), Bustin Bieber (Sun)
    Ok no more Bieber, it’s not even 9am.

  • 09:05

    So the story that Berlin backed a move to burn the bondholders feels a lot like a. Spinning the wheel on Winning Streak and landing on the €100 slot next to the jackpot

    b. Watching the gates on your flight to (insert favourite sunny destination) close as you run down the long corridor of Dublin Airport’s pier E or

    c. Arriving late into a gig to be told “You’ve just missed an impromptu gig by (insert favourite singer here).

    Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann considered it “important to make investors bear the risks of their investment decisions” and “favoured contributions of investors” towards the cost of rescuing Ireland. But then ECB president Jean Claude Trichet concerned that such a move might destabilise the wider euro area, blocked Ireland’s ambitions by securing a majority of the ECB governing council behind him.

    Derek Scally has more.

  • 09:25

    So we’re not the only country with whistleblower issues. Edward Snowden has urged the US to strengthen its laws to protect whistleblowers. He cannot return home from Russia because “there’s no chance to have a fair trial”. Read here

    The interview on FreeSnowden site is here.  

    Questions were under the #asksnowden hash tag on twitter. Of course not all were about national security (and not all were answered)


  • 09:32

    The free RTE Guide is to be cancelled for RTE retirees over 70, according to reports today, to save the broadcaster €100,000 per year. (they got a free guide? And it cost €100,00?)  

    Where will pensioners  go to get their latest gossip on Fair City stars? The injustice. I feel a grey army protest coming on. Campaign slogan “Give the guide”.  

  • 09:46

    Facebook data scientists have identified a trend showing Princeton will be emptied entirely by 2021.

    It’s part of the company’s tongue in cheek response to the university’s study which predicted that Facebook will lose 80 per cent of users by 2017.

    America's finest minds. A mighty clash of the Ivy leaguers indeed (Facebook started in Harvard).

    Eanna O’Caollai has more here.

  • 10:03
    So journalists at Davos must walk around pretending they aren’t star-struck by all the well-known world leaders and business ceos around them and keeping their cool. Then Bono arrives and’s CNN’s business presenter in a selfie..need I say more.  
  • 10:17

    Picture it. 2pm. Dundrum Shopping Centre. A group of teenagers meet to take a little stroll, chat and have fun. Sound normal?

    Move this scene to Brazil, add several thousand to the number of teens meeting up and lots of noise and shouting and you can picture the new craze among poor youth, called rolezinho (“little stroll”).

    It raises lots of questions about what happens when privately owned malls replace streets in a soceity’s public space.

    Tom Hennigan reports from Sao Paulo and you can watch a video here:

  • 10:53

    If you're a UPC customer prepare to take a little pinch in your pocket. Just the news we need as we wait anxiously day-by-day for the January wage packet to come into our suffering bank accounts after a six week gap. (That wonderment sets in about this time of year for why you had to splurge on big presents for your loved ones which are now sitting gathering dust).  

    UPC is  to increase its charges for the second time in less than 12 months with some customers bills up by 14%.

    A change in your package price does entitle you to change your package to a lower one without penalty. Otherwise something else has got to give. Conor Pope reports here.  


  • 11:12

    It’s 95 years next week since women here got the vote and yet today we report that just a quarter of candidates for the local elections in May are women (so far).  Kerry and Limerick have emerged as gender equality black spots, Anne Lucey writes.

    If this holds it will be an improvement on 2009 when there was 17% women running . But at that rate it would be another generation before we have parity (without gender quotas).

  • 11:31

    Residents of Achill island should be on guard for a ship full of potentially cannibalistic rats. The Irish Coast Guard hasn't seen the ship which is drifting somewhere in the Atlantic with no crew or beacon for a year.  “Our model says that if it is still there it will turn up somewhere around Achill Island,”  the head of the Irish Coast Guard says. But it's most likely sunk.  

    A most rediculously unlikely danger but it makes a great headline you have to admit.  

  • 11:44
    High praise for Enda Kenny and Michael Noonan from Bono. They  are  “very modest men” he said, speaking from Davos today ,adding “I made up for it by the way”.  They “made me very proud to be Irish”, he said after attending an event last night where the IDA met potential investors .
  • 11:52

    Pictures are coming in of French president Francois Hollande at a private audience with Pope Francis. The question is will he seek counsel on avoiding marital infidelity?

    Hillary Fannin reflecting on monogamy today writes: “Despite the messy entrails of Hollande’s private life smudging the Élysée mirrors and the French getting vaguely fromaged off that he probably looked more lovestruck Teletubby than dashing statesman on the back of his scooter, his popularity has risen.” Read here

  • 11:55
    Pope Francis exchanges gifts with French president Francois Hollande   during a private audience in Vatican City today. Photograph: Allesandro Bianchi/EPA
    Pope Francis exchanges gifts with French president Francois Hollande  during a private audience in Vatican City today. Photograph: Allesandro Bianchi/EPA
  • 12:14

    A gay couple in the UK have been told they will have to get divorced from each other before they can get married.

    The couple are already in a civil partnership and had planned their wedding to become one of the first to marry when the new law comes into force in the UK in March.

    To make things worse Dissolution of a civil partnership is only possible on grounds of unreasonable behaviour, two years' desertion or two year's separation (with the respondent's consent)

    Oh dear. A little cautionary tale for couples in Ireland pondering on whether to enter civil partnership or waiting for the marriage laws to change. More from the Guardian here.  

  • 12:22

    Some publications banned in Ireland “would not even merit a raised eyebrow on Fair City now,” the Dail has heard today. They include risqué titles such as “amazing detective stories” .  

    Fianna Fail wants “outdated relic”, the Irish Censorship Board to be, well, banned itself.

    The only book referred to it in the last five years was Alan Shatter’s steamy novel Laura. More here.

  • 12:27
    #Breaking. Joint provisional liquidators have been appointed to Mount Carmel hospital in south Dublin. A statement has been issued by the private facility which specialises in maternity services. It says all obstetric patients scheduled in the coming days will be cared for but there will be no more elective surgeries from today. Helpline 01 408 6966
  • 12:54

    A Co Clare councillor has said the Dunnes Stores lingerie section where a Fr Ted episode was filmed should given its own signpost pointing to Ireland’s Largest Lingerie Section, the Clare Champion reports .

    Ideas such as this one from Councillor Brian Meaney at a meeting of Ennis Town Council are a clear reason why lots of town councils cannot be abolished in May’s local elections.  Watch a clip here.  

  • 12:54
  • 13:20

    More pressure on Rehab as the nation plays the ‘guess the number’ bingo game with its chief executive’s salary. Charity umbrella group the Wheel, of which Rehab is a member, is “encouraging” the charity’s board to move quickly to disclose the Angela Kerins’ salary.

    The Wheel’s Deirdre Garvey has told RTE News at One that “every day that goes by is damaging charities in general which have nothing to do with it” and she said scratch cards “have had their day”.

  • 13:38
    So the beeb is having a laugh at its own expense, publishing the  headline: “BBC journalist interrupted for being too noisy”  on its website today.  It reports that BBC journalist Paul Barltrop was broadcasting live from a European Parliament  debate in Bristol when he was interrupted. You can watch the clip here.
  • 13:38
  • 14:13
    Irish Times photographer Brenda tweeting from the launch of the Philomena project attended by Philomena Lee. The campaign backed by the Adoption Rights Alliance aims to force the state to grant access to more than 60,000 adoption records for both in-country and Irish-US adopted people and their families.
  • 14:15

    Don't think I've heard anyone say before that they were hoping to receive a court summons. Meet Mark Fitzsimons the blind man who has handed himself into gardai with some cannabis in the hopes of challenging the law. Watch his story here.

  • 14:24
    There's a Bono/Cameron love-in happening in Davos.   Irish Times journalist Derek Scally has been tweeting it all!
  • 15:08
    Bono has admitted  the MDG was a “sh*te name” that put people off and that the proposed new name - “Sustainable Millenium Goals” - sounded like “a bad heavy metal band”. He was speaking about  a successor to the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDG) at  Davos.  
  • 15:24

    It appears to be the week of the comeback. Prince has announced he is to play a series of concerts around London. But hold on a second, when did Prince do the u-turn and become Prince again , not TAFKAP (The artist formerly known as prince).

    BBC reports that he is due to announce details at a press conference from the flat of UK soul singer Lianne LaHavas. Ok then. So that’s the second come-back gig of the week that I’m in no way excited about.

  • 15:31
    Our blasphemy laws pale compared to Pakistan where a mentally ill British man has today been sentenced to death  after being convicted of  blasphemy charges,

    Mohammed Asghar was arrested in 2010  near Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad, for claiming to be the Prophet Mohammed .

  • 15:40
    "The headlines and soundbites that surrounded Tom’s passing and tried to sum him up sounded so trivial and that’s ironic because Tom was one of the least trivial people I know." the hundreds of mourners at murdered Castleknock man Tom O'Gorman were told today. Read the report in full here.
  • 15:52
    Gda Commissioner Martin Callinan says there are "people out there who are shielding the killers" of Det. Garda Adrian Donohoe "and it is not too late for them to do the right thing and tell us what they know.". He has issued a lengthy statement in the last half hour as the first anniversary of his murder approaches.  
  • 16:01
    Philomena Lee and her daughter Jane were at a press conference in Dublin today to announce the Philomena Project. "It is my hope that this effort will help us find solutions that ensure every mother and child who wants to be reunited are able to come together once again.” she said. Ronan McGreevy was there.  
  • 16:05
    It's going to be a tear-jerker of a series. Ciara Kenny is charting a group of emigrants as they leave the country. Hankies at the ready folks.  
  • 16:23

    Al Gore has told Davos that extreme weather such as Typhoon Haiyan was a game-changer for awareness of climate change.  

    You'd feel sorry for the former US VP, (not just because the presidency was stolen from him by George WBush), because he has seen public support for climate change go from total panic in 2006 when global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth was released to the public not caring at all when the financial crisis hit.  

  • 17:11
    After the success of his selfie last year Pope Francis has made a bold statement about the internez. He not only approves but wants to give credit to his boss for its invention. In an observation for World Communications Day the poniff said of the internet "this is something truly good. A gift from God".
  • 17:16
    Not a good day all round for Dublin’s upper classes. First the demise of south Dublin private maternity hospital Mount Carmel. Now receivers have been appointed to Castleknock Golf Club.
  • 17:22

    South Sudan's ceasefire agreement has been signed and hailed as the first step towards ending the ethnically charged conflict that has killed thousands of people.  Great news but worth keeping in mind the thousands of refugees, mostly women and children, who have fled since this conflict began.  

    MSF have been highlighting the story of one family who walked hundreds of miles for help.  

  • 17:32
    The Daily Show's Jon Stewart may just have done the best analysis of any about the goings on at Davos hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the event's irony. "Inequality", "They're all talking about it in the cigar lounges and the champagne pavilions", he said on last night's show.  
  • 17:47

    It's Friday and it's the one year birthday of Vine, the short looped video service. They've compiled the best of their little videos. So I'll leave you with these little nuggest of internet wisdom. (what will people of the future make of us if this is our legacy!)