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Ryanair, Egypt and the Peruvian drugs story all feature today

Ronan McGreevy Thu, Aug 15
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    Hi, I'm Ronan McGreevy and my trusty hand is once again on the tiller of the good ship The Daily Wire. Today is August 15th which was known when I was a child as Lady Day otherwise known as the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    We're more preoccupied with secular matters here. Our top story on the site this morning is the sacking of the Ryanair pilot Capt John Goss over comments he made to a Channel 4 Dispatches programme which was broadcast on Monday. Here's our story. What do you think? Feel free to comment.
    We will also be bringing you more news of the terrible events in Egypt later in the day.
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    What do you do if you're a mid-ranking professional who wins the biggest prize in your sport? You retire, of course. Clearly Wimbledon women's singles' champion Marion Bartoli cannot surpass her memorable achievement this summer so she is not going to try. She's just announced her shock retirement from the game.
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    Bad news for Randy Newman fans, I'm afraid. He has cancelled his concert at Vicar Street for next Monday.  Aiken Promotions have issued a statement: "Due to a bout with pneumonia, Randy Newman unfortunately must cancel his performances in Antwerp and Dublin. He is very sorry not to be able to be there and hopes to be back soon. Refunds will be available from point of purchase. Aiken Promotions would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused." We do have an interview with him in this morning's paper though.


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    Jim Carroll's blog never fails to stir up things and here's his take on the Guinness Projects which is giving away money to arts-related activities. Jim posits a lot of very provocative questions here. and gets a lot of interesting responses.

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    Winona Ryder has pulled out of the Beckett Festival in Enniskillen citing a family bereavement, according to this story in The Guardian.
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    Socialist TD Clare Daly has issued a response to our top story about Ryanair sacking the pilot who raised concerns on a Channel 4 documentary and the airline's safety practices. She has criticised the "unprecedented tyrnannical regime at Ryanair (which) is the final straw for workers and the firing of a pilot with 27 years service who called for an open safety culture must be viewed as highly suspect.

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    Ronan McGreevy :
    Arguably the world's most famous photographer Annie Liebovitz has been to Ireland to do a photoshoot for Vogue magazine's September issue. Remember the film The Devil Wears Prada? The September issue is the biggie so this is good exposure for Ireland, but begorrah and bejaysus, it looks like something out of The Quiet Man with a strong, sturdy male and a comely colleen cavorting with the beautiful Lakes of Killarney as a backdrop. Incidentially, neither of the actors in the photoshoot are Irish. Daria Werbowy is a Ukranian model and Adam Driver is an American actor, but who's complaining?
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    President Barack Obama has just cancelled the biannual US-Egypt maneouvres in the Middle East scheduled for next month. He said the US would take what other steps are necessary with respect to relations between the countries.
    The Egyptian people "deserve better", he said. "The cycle of violence and escalation has got to stop. We call on the Egyptian authorities to respect the rights of the people". President Obama said he "strongly condemned" the actions taken by Egypt's interim government whose actions led to the death of more than 500 protestors. "America cannot determine the future of Egypt. We don't take sides with any particular party," he said adding that the US has been blamed by both sides for the violence. "We want a peaceful, democratic, prosperous Egypt," he said.
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    If you're heading down the west this weekend, it might be worth checking out the festival in Killala. A re-enactment of the landings which inspired the book The Year of the French is one of the big events of The Gathering.The head of the navy Commodore Mark Mellett will open the summer festival this evening and the LE Eithne will be in Killala Bay for the weekend.
    The main event will take place in Killala on Saturday morning with the recreation of the landings followed by an assembly of pikemen from 2.30pm.
    ‘In Humbert’s Footsteps’ is Mayo’s largest Gathering event and it is set to take place in Kilcummin, Killala, Lahardane and Castlebar.
    One of the highlights of the weekend will be Campement du Général Humbert (General Humbert’s Camp) in both Killala and Castlebar, where the visitor will get the opportunity to travel back in time and experience what daily life was really like for a soldier of General Humbert’s army in 1798.
    Some 10,000 visitors are expected during the four day festival.
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    The Ryanair Pilot Group have issued a statement supporting their colleague Capt John Goss and saying his sacking by Ryanair is a case of "shoot the messenger". The group, which claims to represent more than half of all Ryanair pilots, said in response to Capt Goss's sacking: “It is simply extraordinary that the immediate reaction of Ryanair to safety issues brought to their attention is to deny the existence of any problems and to effectively shoot the messenger. Safety experts are agreed that a sound safety culture is based on pilots having faith in a non-punitive approach and dealing directly and transparently with all concerns raised.”
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    And that's all from me for today. Thanks for stopping by.