Women's RWC: Ireland v Japan

Tom Tierney's side will be looking for a convincing victory against Japan in today's Pool C game

Johnny Watterson Sun, Aug 13
LIVE: Women's RWC: Ireland v Japan

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  • Welcome to the Belfield Bowl for Ireland's second match of the Women's Rugby World Cup. Having beaten Australia in the first game Ireland face Japan at 5.15 pm looking for a little bit more than last time out.
  • Another expected capacity crowd in The Belfield Bowl, which hold 3,5000. Ireland have made 7 changes, three positional. Japan win the toss.
  • Louise Galvin (number 23) is on the bench and waiting to make her   debut this evening. Coach Tom Tierney began this tournament with nine uncapped players.
  • Today has been another one of high scoring. Matches so far -

    NZ hand out a 121-0 whipping to HongKong.

    56-13 England beat Italy. USA win 43-0 against Spain.

  • Nicole Cronin makes her 15s debut at scrumhalf for Ireland
  • Irish captain Claire Molloy leads her side out onto the pitch for the first roar of the day.
  • There seems to be quite a few Japanese supporters in the ground. The Japanese national anthem is playing and soon to be followed by the appalling Ireland's Call, which people are asked to stand for. Wonder why that is? Still the Irish girls are singing away.
  • Ireland also have a new secondrow tonight with Ciara Cooney and Sophie Spence starting the match. Nora Stapleton readies herself to kick off...

  • They are off, the ball kicked deep into the Japan half.
  • Japan kick back. They are not running out of their half, at least not this early.
  • Ireland going thro the recycles and now back in Japan's half. Nice kick thro from Stapleton and Japan scrambling on their line.
  • Ireland recycling again 10 metes out. Spence bumps up but Peat drops the ball coming into the line. Knockon and Japan are off the hook.
  • Japan oddly look all the same size, backs and pack.
  • Decent scrum from Japan but the ball is turned over 10 metres out and Stapleton for the second time in a few minutes puts the ball over heads and deep into the Japan half.
  • Japan are working hard to contest the breakdown. They are playing at high tempo now. Can they last?

    Great scrum from Japan again. That's the second time the Japan set piece is dominant.

  • It is all pretty even after 10 minutes. Ireland have lost 2 lineouts and one scrum so far. That is a worry.
  • Cronin releases Miller who streaks down the wing. But Japan scarmble across and the ball is turned over about 8 metres out from Japan's line.
  • 15 mins 0-0
  • Great block down from Stapleton. But Japan recover just inside their half and kick deep to Tryell, who counters. The ball goes wide to Miller on the wing but she can't hold it. Knockon.
  • 18 mins Ireland 0 Japan 0

    Ireland 58% possession so far.

  • Japan sweep into Ireland's half in their best attack so far, Crunching tackle from fullback Miaraid Coyne. Maybe high. The referee takes another look and yes it looks high.
  • Penalty against Ireland for a high tackle. Japan opt for a scrum. Interesting and shows they are confident.
  • Japan sweep left and you've got to say they are having the better of it right now. But Ireland turn over the ball and draw a penalty. Stapleton steps up to relieve pressure.
  • Another high tackle. Ireland are finding it difficult with the height disparity. They must be more careful.
  • 22 mins Ireland 0 Japan 0
  • High ball on to fullback Coyne. She knocks on. Big error there. Japan scrum on 10 metre line. Japan spread it wide and open Ireland...but the last pass is forward. Chance there for Japan to open the scoring.
  • Japan 51 % possession now.


    Japan are destroying the Iriish scrum. This is very dangerous...

  • Japan destroy Ireland again in the scrum from 5 metres out. Ireland don't know what to do. The referee does. PENALTY TRY.

    Ireland 0 Japan 7

  • Egan comes off the bench for O'Connor in the front row. An urgent substitution if ever there was one.
  • 30 mins Ireland 0 Japan 7
  • Ireland knock on AGAIN. What Ireland don't want to do is give away scrums. This one is outside the 22.
  • Coming up to 33 minutes and Ireland need to consider what to do at halftime. They need to change. Coyne at fullback is nervous and not secure and Japan look much the slicker side   overall.
  • Ireland land their third high tackle, The referee has words.
  • Desperate defending from Ireland on their line. Japan throwing themselves at the line. It is kicked over but the penalty is given. Scrum 5 metres out. This is dangerous.
  • Japan look better drilled and their movement is slicker and more effective. They are by far the better side at this point with a huge scrum coming up.
  • The Irishs scrum holds but Japan throw it wide and fullbacl Shimizu knifes inside. Japan score their SECOND try.

    Shimizu converts her try.

    39 mins Ireland 0 Japan 14

  • Halftime Ireland 0 Japan 14 and the important thing is that they deserve the lead.

    Ireland have all sorts of problems. They spent the second quarter defending against waves of Japanese attacks. Lots of smiles as they run off for the break.

  • Breakdown. Fullback. Scrum. Crisp passing going forward - Ireland need to address these areas urgently.
  • Japan had 59 % possession in the first half.
  • Restart.
  • Ireland have changed entire front row from the starting three.
  • Fitzhenry - yellow

    The referee explains that Ireland had three high tackles in the first half. The fourth menas she is in the bin.

  • So Ireland down a man and Japan again pushing up and earn a scrum just outside the Ireland 22.

    That's a much better scrum from Ireland.

  • The ball is booted into Japan's half. Ireland are muscling up. Three phases, four phases. The ball is thrown wide and Miller is on the end of it. They can't stop her from 5 yards out.

    Ireland TRY

  • Stapleton converts.


    46 mins - Ireland 7 Japan 14

  • Ireland know what to do now. They gain territory and put Japan under pressure in the right side of the pitch. The changes have made a difference and the Irish scrum is much better.
  • Great turnover from Griffin with Miller also throwing her weight into the tackle. Much better.
  • Here come Japan again. Into the Irish 22...2nd phase...3rd phase and 5 metres out. Danger again for Ireland...in front of the posts but referee blows as Egan goes in on her feet and forces the penalty.
  • Japan again building with their crisp running game. Penalty and they kick to touch for a close in lineout.
  • Japan sweeping in again to the Irish 22. 5 metres out and the phases keep coming. Frantic Irish defending.Sene   and Egan knocking them back and Egan overturns it. Brilliant selfless defending from Ireland.
  • 57 mins Ireland 7 Japan 14
  • Ireland exit their 22 with a big boot from Stapleton. But Japan just keep sweeping back. Handling error from Japan and finally Ireland get their hands onthe ball.
  • Great line from Irish inside centre Sene. And she make ground. Ireland into Japan 22 and the forwards are rolling up now...but Ireland are offside and Japan earn a let off.
  • 61 mins - Ireland 7 Japan 14
  • Irish lineout and Ireland gather. The pack are fast in and a rolling maul towards the Japan line. It is gathering pace, Japan frantic and the maul gets closer. Japan can't stop this one. They go over and it is Paul Fitzpatrick who touches down TRY Ireland.

    Stapleton converts - Ireland 14 Japan 14

  • 66 mins Ireland 14 Japan 14
  • Well the pressure is relieved but this match is still open to either side although momentum has swug with Ireland...Commentators curse as Japan sweep down again...Ireland turnover. That's better and Stapleton finds touch.
  • Irish rolling maul from the lineout. Spence peels off and makes ground. Ireland inside Japan 22 and it's a dog fight between the forwards. Spence again and Ireland inch forward. It's pick and drive from Ireland.
  • Phase 18 from Ireland and Japan play it on the dirt. Ireland penalty and Stapleton has a pressure kick to take the lead.

    It is a straightforward boot in front of the posts.

    She makes it. Ireland lead by 3 points.

  • 73 mins - Ireland 17 Japan 14
  • There's a bit of a lull now and that suits Ireland with five minutes remaining.
  • Stapleton kicks away and finds touch deep in Japan half and better still it hits a Japan player on the way. Perfect. It's an Irish lineout.
  • 76 mins Ireland 17 Japan 14
  • Ireland energied and push into Japanese 22. Much better now making Japan make the tackles. Irish forwards rolling up working the clock down...Miller shoots off but is stopped. But the Irish low numbers are putting in quite a shift.
  • 79 mins - Still 10 metres out and Ireland have the ball.
  • Ireland now holding the ball and running down the clock and we are in the final minute. Great work from Ireland. Final 30 seconds and Ireland have it...Paula Fitzpatrick powers over the line for her second time.
  • Final score Ireland 24 Japan 14


    All we can say is Phew! Relief all round.

  • A huge win for Ireland after a very tricky first half. There is more relief on the pitch than joy and now it is on to the final game on Thursday against the French
  • Final score - Ireland 24 Japan 14