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TDs' holliers end, IOS 7 begins and a murder probe continues. Conor Pope's the man behind the Wire

Conor Pope Wed, Sep 18
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  • 08:24
    Spare a thought this morning for the 166 TDs who are returning to work after just eight weeks holidays.

    It must be tough for them. And as if coming back wasn't hard enough they will also have to work for an additional two hours every week and may even have to come into the office on Fridays.


    Still they can take some comfort from the fact that every Monday's a bank holiday if you're a TD.

    And their Christmas holidays are just around the corner.
  • 08:29
    The five TDs who have been expelled from Fine Gael (so far) are to get speaking time on Government business in the Dáil the Ceann Comhairle Seán Barrett’s office confirmed last night.

    Reform Alliance deputies were told that speaking slots for “others” will be incorporated in the rotation of Dáil speakers, after the initial spokespersons round.

    TDs Lucinda Creighton, Billy Timmins, Peter Mathews, Terence Flanagan and Denis Naughton were expelled from the party after voting against the Government on the abortion Bill.

    The group has welcomed the move with Creighton tweeting last night: “Very grateful to Ceann Comhairle for facilitating those of us exiled from our parl parties with some vital Dáil speaking time.”

  • 08:30
    Hang on. Reform Alliance?


    Is that really the acronym these people are going to go with?

  • 08:36
    Gardaí are trying to establish if Elaine O’Hara, whose skeletal remains were discovered in south Co Dublin last Friday, was murdered by someone she met via an online dating website. The 37-year-old had been using internet services in the period before she went missing. Senior officers have not ruled out the possibility that she may have been killed by somebody who has previously attacked, and possibly murdered, other women.

    A bag found in a Co Wicklow reservoir last Wednesday, just two days before the accidental discovery of the woman’s remains has now been linked to her. The bag contains her personal effects and newspaper reports this morning say that a pair of handcuffs were also found near at the scene.

    There will be more on this throughout the day.

  • 08:37
    Protestors are gathering outside the Dail. Barricades are in place on Kildare St.
  • 08:40
    Apple's new operating system will be released today and what can you expect?

    Well, iOS 7 will feature a "stunning new user interface" and boasts more than 200 new features and the Apple acolytes say it will be "like getting a brand new device, but one that will still be instantly familiar to our users.”

    Cnet has some helpful things you should do before you install it. 

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  • 09:02
    Forget 'man bites dog'... 'dog shoots woman' is a much more arresting headline although this kind of woof justice is apawling...

    I am so, so sorry.  

    Apparently North Texas police are investigating after a dog shot its owner in the foot while she watched the telly last Saturday night.    The woman insists it was an accident and says the dog shouldn't be blamed. Its name and breed wasn't released.  

    It was probably a gun dog of some kind, mind you.

    Sorry. Again.  
  • 09:07
    Just checked on eBay and a solitary ticket for the All-Ireland Final between Dublin and Mayo (Gwan Mayo!!!!)  is selling for €500. The ticket is for the Lower Davin and there are 34 bids already in...

    Will keep you posted on the auction.

    Because that is what news is....

    That and dogs shooting old ladies.
  • 09:14
    Anyone buying or selling tickets? Anyone buying or selling tickets?  That eBay auction has 8 minutes left.....  single ticket still at €500.
  • 09:18
    I had never heard of Vulture Funds until five minutes ago... 

    It is always good to have something new to hate.

  • 09:22
    Least. Dramatic. Auction. Ever. 

    That All-Ireland ticket sold for €500.
  • 09:26
    Siptu is holding a protest outside a conference on public service efficiency is to addressed by Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin this morning. The union's health division organiser Paul Bell said it was protesting
    at the conference as it dealt with privatisation of public services. He said last month Siptu and other unions had asked the organisers to be
    allowed speak at the conference to provide details of efficiencies and
    cost savings secured in the public service under recent agreements.

    The requet was denied.  
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  • 09:36
    Were you born between the late 1970s and the early 1990s?

    Are you less than delighted by how you life has turned out?

    This one's for you.
  • 09:53
    Coffee chain Starbucks has asked US customers to leave their guns at home after being dragged into an increasingly fractious debate over US gun rights in the wake of multiple mass shootings.
    While many US restaurant chains and retailers do not allow firearms on their properties, Starbucks’ policy had been to default to local gun laws, including “open carry” regulations in many US states that allow people to bring guns into stores.

    In August, this led gun-rights advocates to hold a national “Starbucks Appreciation Day” to thank the firm for its stance, pulling the company deeper into the fierce political fight.

    Locations for Starbucks Appreciation Day events included Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were shot dead in an elementary school in December.

    Starbucks closed that shop before the event was scheduled to begin.

    Chief executive Howard Schultz said in an open letter to customers that Starbucks Appreciation Day events “disingenuously portray Starbucks as a champion of ‘open carry.’ To be clear: we do not want these events in our stores.”

    The coffee chain did not, however, issue an outright ban on guns in its nearly 7,000 company-owned cafes, saying this would potentially require staff to confront armed customers.
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  • 10:08
    Hearing reports of a man's body being found in Galway City...  No more details as yet. 

  • 10:11

    Are you happy? 

    Do you want to be?

    This might help... It's certainly an interesting read.  

  • 10:20
    We get a lot of surveys sent in to us... most are worthless. 

    Here's the highlights of one that has just come in from Argos.

    Almost half of Irish households own a tablet
    54 per cent of Irish people still use a standard mobile phone 
    Smartphones and tablets set to be most wanted Christmas gifts 
    A quarter of households have - and still use - video recorders.

  • 10:29
    If you're interested in rugby it's worth reading Gerry Thornley today. His IRB sources maintain that any new cross-border competition, such as the Anglo-French tournament being proposed with increasing militancy by various English and French club spokespersons, cannot happen without the approval of the world governing body’s council.
  • 10:35
    David Byrne's Electric Picnic diary entry is kind of sweet!  

  • 11:14
    The Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has said the October Budget will see cuts in Government expenditure outweigh tax increases by aroound 2 to 1.
    “I think people should know that the adjustments to the Budget will be a combination of expenditure cuts and tax increases. It’s unrealistic for anyone to suggest you can do it just by increasing taxes,” he said as Government ministers gathered at Government Buildings this morning ahead of the first Cabinet meeting after the summer break.
    “It’s just as unrealistic for someone to suggest it can be done with no tax increases. It will be a mixture of the two to get us a significant adjustment. It will roughly be in the proportion of 2 to 1. Two on the expenditure side one on the tax side. That’s a rough divide,” he said.
    He said there were no specific proposals for tax increases or cuts in spending on the table yet. “It’s impossible to come up with a figure at this stage. The CSO will be releasing more figures tomorrow, which will give a general indication of where the economy was for the second quarter. Then we’ll have the tax and expenditure returns for the end of September. It’s always at the very end that there are difficulties, but we haven’t got to that point yet. We have no specific tax increase proposals or expenditure cut proposals on the table yet”.
    “We never talk about the specifics of the Budget until we announce them on Budget day.”

    (Or leak them to the Herdild).
  • 11:21
    Dublin Port Company plans to hand back part of Bull Island to the local community as part of a plan to redevelop the city’s port facilities.

    As it stands, it owns 10.5 hectares of land at western end of the island but is proposing to transfer the land back to Dublin City Council.

    It would also contribute €1.2 million towards new facilities on the island and the possible construction of a new interpretative centre.

     Because who doesn't love an interpretative centre? 
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  • 11:46

  • 11:46
    Eire Old Boy And considering that the ERC and IRB offices are in the same building on St, Stephen's Green, the chances of the "breakaways" getting approval are slim....and slim just left town.
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  • 12:22
    Who does Micheál Martin think he is, calling Enda Kenny a dictator?

    Up with this our dear Taoiseach will not put.

    We’d like to see the Fianna Fáil leader say that to his face. If Enda would only let him. But he’s outlawed one-on-one television debates with opponents.
    It’s just as well that Micheál isn’t in the Fine Gael parliamentary party. He’d have been thrown out on his ear by now for gross insubordination.
  • 12:32

    It was the humans wot done it....

    The world’s leading climate scientists will next week unambiguously blame mankind for global warming next week but the language may still be a bit wooly.

    As Reuters put it, “the language gap between scientists and the policy makers, public and media they seek to alert is proving hard to bridge. Scientists say uncertainty is inevitable at the frontiers of knowledge - in, for instance, calculating how much of Greenland will thaw or how fast temperatures will rise by 2100 - but that policymakers and the public often mistake it for ignorance.

    “That gap in semantics may complicate the message of greater overall understanding of global warming in the report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), due for release in Stockholm on September 27th after a final round of editing.

    “A final draft summary raises the probability that most climate change since the 1950s has a human cause to at least 95 per cent, from 90 in 2007 and 66 percent in 2001.

    “Temperatures could rise by almost 5 degrees Celsius by 2100, bringing enormous risks for society and nature. Yet it also has the words “uncertainty” or “uncertainties” 42 times over 31 pages, according to a final draft obtained by Reuters, a comparable rate to 26 mentions in 18 pages in 2007.”

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  • 13:03
    A story in the Telegraph starts like this:

    "Paul van der Velpen, the head of Amsterdam's health service, the Dutch capital city where the sale of cannabis is legalised, wants to see sugar tightly regulated. Just like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is actually a drug. There is an important role for government. The use of sugar should be discouraged. And users should be made aware of the dangers," he wrote on an official public health website."

    Nothing unusual there, right...  Wait till you see how it ends though.  

  • 13:14
    The top toys for Christmas 2013 according to Toymaster are:
    Transformers Cyberverse Vehicle
    Britains Farm Set
    Lego Galaxy Squad Star Slicer
    Silly Moo
    30 Seconds
    Furby Boom
    Monster High 13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah
    Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Set
    Pop & Play Elephant
    Rolly John Deere X-Trac with Loader
    The First Talking Sofia Doll & Animal Friends
    My Model Styling Head
    THere you have it... 
  • 13:36
    I believe I can fly!

    I believe I can touch the sky...

  • 14:08
    Would you like a nice feel-good cry?

    No problem...

    This Thai telecom ad is days old and has already been viewed more than 7 million times. Suspend your cynicism and it's not hard to see why. 

  • 14:12
    Tesco is set to release a low-priced own-brand tablet next week. The device, which is expected to have a 7in screen, is likely to be priced at £99 in the UK.

    So that'll be €3,500 in the Republic, right?  
    People who know things about things say it will run on Android and have a storage capacity of 16GB. 

  • 14:20
    Good news for Fairy washing up liquid... It really DOES last longer than its main rival, the British Advertising Standards Authority ruled today.  Persil complained to the ASA about TV and digital billboard ads which showed one bottle of Fairy against two bottles of an 'unknown' rival - said to be the next leading brand  

    As the ad continues the bottles start emptying, with the one bottle of Fairy lasting as long as two bottles of the rival brand.  A voiceover stated: "Generations have trusted Fairy's cleaning power because it lasts a long, long time.  And today it lasts twice as long as the next best-selling brand. That's Fairyconomy."  

    This is what the ASA had to say today. It "noted the ads showed images of the advertised product beside an equals sign and two unbranded bottles of washing-up liquid.  The ads also made clear that Fairy lasted twice as long as the next best-selling brand and that the next best-selling brand was based on AC Nielsen volume share data, which we understood identified that brand as Persil.  
    "We sought expert advice on the robustness of the evidence provided by Procter & Gamble. The expert considered the test reflected the practices of consumers and demonstrated that Fairy lasted at least twice as long as Persil.  On that basis, we considered the claims that Fairy lasted twice as long as the next best-selling brand had been substantiated."

    That's a bit on an own goal for Persil so it is!  
  • 15:05
    I'm not feeling the love for Arthur's Day today...

    Arthur’s Day is an abomination on every single level. It’s a day which highlights and amplifies every single negative aspect of this country’s relationship with alcohol, from the health aspects to the societal effects to augmenting the myth that so many arts and culture events need to depend on alcohol companies or initiatives like this for funding or audience.

    Jim Carroll. Fence sitter. 

  • 15:10
    Press release just in:

    "Minister Burton teams up with FAI to highlight success of JobBridge"

    Eh, now far be it from me to pass comment but were I Joan Burton I might have thought twice about aligning myself to the FAI to promote a scheme I was in any way proud of...

     What with the recent abysmal performances an' all. 

  • 15:14
    Nama has identified more than 4,000 houses under its control which it says are suitable for social housing - 2,000 of which could be ready over the next three years. However, the numbers have been describes as “too small” by the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH), which is holding a conference in Wexford today.
  • 15:35
    Planning a trip to Egypt? Think on

    Word is reaching us from our travel desk that holiday flights to the Red Sea resorts in Egypt from Dublin have been cancelled until December 26th   The Department of Foreign Affairs is still advising against travel to the country.  Flights from Belfast will continue to operate until the end of October, unless the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises differently. 
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  • 17:08
    Okay, that's it... No more news will happen today.

    Fingers crossed.