St Patrick's Day is marked around the globe

Join us as we celebrate St Patrick's Day 2018 at home and around the world

รine McMahon Sat, Mar 17
LIVE: St Patrick's Day is marked around the globe

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    Hello and happy St Patrick's Day. Welcome to the festive live blog. You can tweet me your pictures or comments wherever you are in the world at @AineMcMahon or email me at
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    It's only snowing slightly this morning. Wrap up before you head out...
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    Do you know your Eurovision winners from your 1916 leaders? If so, pass the time before the parades with our St Patrick's Day quiz
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    So, Luke Skywalker is in Dublin to march in the parade. May the force be with @HamillHimself in that east wind
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    University of Illinois, Marching Illini, at the St. Patrick's Festival parade in Dublin.<br /> Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times  
    University of Illinois, Marching Illini, at the St. Patrick's Festival parade in Dublin.
    Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times  
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    Tricolour eyelashes and cowboy hats and eh fibre optic shamrock wands. Patrick Freyne shows you how to channel your patriotism in this video. Would almost bring a tear to De Valera's eye.

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    Game of Thrones battles it out with Star Wars for Dublin’s parade this year. Grand marshal this year is Liam Cunningham, aka Davos Seaworth, and the festival’s first international guest of honour is Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker.

    Deirdre Falvey has this guide to the parade in Dublin and all major parades taking place around the country today.
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    As we recover from the Beast from the East - it's a positively balmy St Patrick's Day with highest temperatures just 2 or 3 degrees in eastern areas and 5 to 7 degrees in western counties.  

    If you're heading to the parade, wrap up warm as it is set to be a cold, windy day. A lot of dry weather, but in the east and south there will be a few mainly light showers of rain, sleet and hail, with snow on high ground.

    This evening, showers will turn to snow on lower levels as well. Highest temperatures just 2 or 3 degrees in eastern areas and 5 to 7 this morning in Atlantic coastal counties. The fresh to strong easterly winds will add a significant wind chill.  

    Aran jumpers and flat caps at the ready.  

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    Government ministers have traveled to different locations around the world to mark St Patrick's Day.

    The Taoiseach is in New York City, where he will march in the annual Fifth Avenue parade.  

    Mr Varadkar will be joined by his partner Dr Matt Barrett when he marches in the St Patrick’s Day parade.  

    The city’s St Patrick’s Day Parade, now in its 257th year, has traditionally been hostile to the gay community. New York mayor Bill de Blasio boycotted the parade until 2016 when, after decades of campaigning, groups including the Lavender and Green alliances were permitted to march.  



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    Believe it or not St Patrick's Day was once a drink free holiday. Follow our live stream of Dublin's Temple Bar before it descends into something resembling the last days of Rome.  

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    St Patrick's Day parade trivia - the first St Patrick's Day parade was organised in 1737 in Boston by the Charitable Society of Boston.  

    Founded on March 17th, 1737, by 26 men of Ulster birth or ancestry to provide “relief of poor, aged and infirm persons, such as have been reduced by sickness, shipwreck and other accidental misfortunes”.

    The Charitable Irish Society’s inclusive membership of Protestants and Catholics reaches back to the mid-18th century.  

    Honorary memberships have been conferred on Charles Parnell, Michael Davitt, President Michael D Higgins and former president Mary McAleese.  

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    Happy Gerry Adams Day? No, it's not a dodgy pint, you read that right.  

    New York mayor Bill de Blasio has declared March 17th in the city of New York as “Gerry Adams Day” as he honoured the man who has “truly left his mark on history”, Suzanne Lynch reports.  

    Speaking at a St Patrick’s Day breakfast in Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s residence in Manhattan, where he welcomed Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Mr DeBlasio said that “history will remember Gerry Adams for being one of the people who did something truly heroic and truly revolutionary.. [he] found a path of peace.. so many are alive today because of that.”

    Presenting the annual award to Gerry Adams, Mr De Blasio also praised Mr Adams’ struggle for a united Ireland, saying: “He understood there was no place in this world for colonialism.. great ideas never die. I want to congratulate his for pursuit of a goal that makes so much sense – a United Ireland.”

    Mr Adams thanked the Irish in new York for their support, telling the assembled guests: “I look forward to that support continuing in the time ahead as we secure and win a referendum on Irish unity.”

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    Huge if true.
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    Uh oh - with one of the biggest days of sport ahead and the small matter of the Irish rugby team taking on the old enemy, Virgin Media has gone down.


    However, the live blog goes on. You can tweet me at @AineMcMahon or email me with your St Patrick's Day pics.  

    You can also follow our live coverage of the Ireland v England Six Nations match here.  

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    Nice of them put their differences aside for one day to attend the Connemara parade.
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    ICYMI   -  New York mayor Bill de Blasio has declared March 17th in the city of New York as “Gerry Adams Day” as he honoured the man who has “truly left his mark on history.”
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    What...what is this travesty??
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    Put down your pitchforks Virigin media customers, St Patrick's Day is saved.
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    Make this man Grand Marshall of the 2019 parade, stat.
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    Marching bands lined out across County Galway for the annual St Patrick’s Day parades, but the biggest of them all will show their skills tomorrow at Pearse Stadium, Declan Rooney reports.  

    The University of Illinois Marching Band are in town to perform an hour long show ahead of the Galway versus Dublin Division 1 football match at the Salthill venue, but they were on hand to see the local talent as tens of thousands of Galwegians braved the perishing cold for the festivities.

    Star attraction for the Galway Parade was the Macnas offering, Danú, Goddess of the Divine and Dark. The 20-foot tall warrior and mother, was joined by the Macnas Young Ensemble, led by James Riordan, as well as a team of musicians led by Macnas musical director Orlagh De Bhaldraithe.

    As always there was huge variety throughout the parade with members of the Rhode Island, Providence and Massachusetts State Police marching, while six-foot sliotars and the Liam MacCarthy Cup joined local GAA clubs, including county champions Liam Mellows around the streets of the city.  

    Other eye catching groups were the Sea Scouts, Scoil Bhride Shantalla, the Irish Filipino community, and Duffy’s Circus, who had plenty of animals and entertainment at hand.

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    It's grand slam Saturday - follow our live blog coverage as Joe Schmidt's men enter Fortress Twickenham right here.