Six Nations: Ireland v England

Can Joe Schmidt's men stop an English hat-trick of Grand Slams? Find out with all of the action live

Patrick Madden Sat, Mar 18
LIVE: Six Nations: Ireland v England

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  • 16:52
    Good afternoon!
    We are less than 10 minutes away from the final game of the 2017 Six Nations.
    Ireland look to smash England’s Grand Slam dreams in Dublin at 5pm. And we’ll be bringing you all the action right here, here’s to the last hurrah.
    Come on Ireland!!!
  • 16:53

    IRELAND:  J Payne; K Earls, G Ringrose, R Henshaw, S Zebo; J Sexton, K Marmion; J McGrath, R Best (capt), T Furlong; D Ryan, I Henderson; CJ Stander, S O’Brien, J Heaslip.

    Replacements:  N Scannell, C Healy, J Ryan, D Toner, P O’Mahony, L McGrath, P Jackson, A Conway.

    ENGLAND:  M Brown (Harlequins); A Watson (Bath), J Joseph (Bath), O Farrell (Saracens), E Daly (Wasps); G Ford (Bath), B Youngs (Leicester); J Marler (Harlequins) D Hartley (Northampton, capt), D Cole (Leicester); J Launchbury (Wasps), C Lawes (Northampton); M Itoje (Saracens), J Haskell (Wasps), B Vunipola (Saracens).

    Replacements:  J George (Saracens), M Vunipola (Saracens), K Sinckler (Harlequins), T Wood (Northampton), N Hughes (Wasps), D Care (Harlequins), B Te’o (Worcester), J Nowell (Exeter).

  • 16:56

    94 minutes have been played in Paris, as Wales lead France 18-13. And so it goes on, penalty after penalty, with France battering the Welsh line.  

    Follow live here

  • 16:57
    National anthems being played in the Aviva. Four minutes till we are underway
  • 16:58
    Breaking: Ireland v England will not kick-off until the game in Paris ends
  • 16:59
    If Wales hold on for the win, and Ireland lose, then we drop out of the top four in the world rankings. And face a World Cup pool involving New Zealand, England, Australia, or Wales. So more than just pride at stake in the Aviva
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    Some pre-match reading for you..
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    Try for Wales. After 99 minutes. What a crazy finish. 18-18 with the conversion to come
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  • 17:02
    Breaking. Jamie Heaslip is injured and so CJ Stander moves to 8, with Peter O'Mahony in at 6
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    Patrick Madden here, thanks to my colleague Eamon for keeping you entertained while the France and Wales match came to a farcical conclusion.

    All set in Dublin, let's have it.

  • 17:05
    George Ford has the ball in hand, and we;re underway!
  • 17:06
    1 min: Earls claims the kick off well and Marmion gets his first chance to show what he can do with a box kick from the base. He doesn't find touch and Brown collects before Youngs kicks it back and Earls shepards it into the ingoal and touches down for a 22.
  • 17:07
    2 min: Yikes. Payne has a simple ball to field at fullback and he spills it just inside the 22. Sloppy.
  • 17:08
    3 min: Good England shunt and they move it left - they have a man over but this time Brown spills it forward and Ireland have a scrum of their own on the 22.
  • 17:10
    4 min: Ireland get good ball and O'Brien makes a big carry. Sexton then puts a kick in behind and is thumped by Haskell after the ball had gone. Good charge down on the fringes from Ryan and Zebo makes a half break before he's scragged.
  • 17:12
    5 min: Billy Vunipola makes his first carry of the match but is well tackled by Ryan and held up, Ireland doing well to slow the ball down. Ireland penalty after English runners are caught offside and Sexton sticks it into touch just shy of the 22.
  • 17:13
    7 min: Ireland maul from the lineout and then Ryan gets them up to the 22. It's moved for Sexton who sends up a hanger which Henshaw challenges for but the ball breaks for England. Ireland then get it back afetr the ball goes loose and they retain it well inside the English 22.
  • 17:16

    9 min: 10 phases for Ireland now and there's a penalty coming. Zebo tries to kick in behind and gets smashed by Cole. The ball breaks for Payne who evades one tackle and then tries to power his way through, releasing to Earls out of the tackle. Earls picks his line and accelerates but then knocks it forward metres out.

    Big blow for Ireland - Best is off.

    Back for the penalty, and it's a simple one for Sexton.


  • 17:19
    11 min: Ringrose claims the restart and tries to jink free but runs straight into Lawes. Ireland happy to keep the ball in hand deep inside their own half - there's an English knock on so Ireland will have a scrum out on the right.
  • 17:19
  • 17:20
    13 min: Haskell pinches the ball after the Irish scrum turns into a mess, England try to snipe down the shortside and grubbers it into touch on the five.
  • 17:23

    15 min: Now it's Englanbd's turn to try and build some phases in the Irish half. They keep it in the tight but Ireland's defence is solid. It's back for Ford in the pockeT and he sends up a garyowen which Payne spills - but England had a penalty advantage.

    Farrell has the chance to level things up - it's dead centre and inside the Irish 10 metre line. Drains it.


  • 17:26
    18 min: Payne fields a kick deep and runs it back to halfway. Ireland have an advantage coming but Sexton is down holding his shoulder, he got caught late by Itoje. He gets away with a warning - was already comitted to the tackle.
  • 17:26
    19 min: Sexton is fit to continue and sticks the penalty for a good touch inside the 22.  
  • 17:27
    20 min: Best is back on and hits Ryan with the throw. Ireland maul it inside and get decent momentum at the second time of asking. It breaks down and Ireland are told to use it, and they opt for the direct route.  
  • 17:29
    21 min: It's moved wide to Ringrose who slips out of one tackle and Ireland are creeping closer. Stander makes a big carry and then McGrath gets Ireland up to the five. Marmion lookds for Zebo on the shortside but he's well tackled by Watson. Good pressure from Ireland but England's defence is solid - until Billy Vunipola gets pinged. Sexton kicks into the corner.
  • 17:31

    TRY IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 17:32

    Ireland set the maul again from the lineout and Henderson peels and reaches to touch down - but looks like the ball might have gone forward. Referee Garces is going to check with the TMO - and a different angle shows it was a clear try.  

    Sexton converts.


  • 17:34
    25 min: Lawes spills a simple ball in midfield. Ireland scrum on their 10.
  • 17:35
    26 min: Good ball from the scrum and Ireland move it left. They're retaining it well and move it right, releasing Earls down the right. He carries into the 22 and is brilliantly tackled by the tracking Daly, before Marmion knocks forward at the base.
  • 17:36
    27 min: And now England on the front foot for the first time - Farrell chipping over the line and Daly collecting. Good go forward ball for England but Ireland force the turnover and Zebo clears up the left.
  • 17:37
  • 17:40
    29 min: Ireland lineout just outside the English 22 and again they get quick ball, Henshaw crashing into the 22 from first receiver. Good ball retention from Ireland again, the ball moved right to Best who makes a nimble carry. Sexton then tries a hanger but gets too much on it and Daly calls the mark.
  • 17:40
  • 17:41
    31 min: Marmion works a loop with Stander and then looks for Ringrose on a cute inside line but the pass was fractionally forward and England have a scrum on their 22.
  • 17:43
    33 min: The scrum has to be rest and both packs hold firm second time round. Ford then clears English lines but puts it out on the full - Ireland lineout inside the England 22.
  • 17:46
    34 min: Ireland go short to O'Mahony but then England are awarded a scrum after the maul is set. Godd defensive scrum from Ireland and Billy Vunipola has to pick and go, giving it to Farrell who gets caught upright and is held up by Henshaw. Ireland scrum.
  • 17:49
    37 min: Ireland hammering away looking for another score before half time, but O'Mahony gets penalised for coming in off his feet. England have a lineout on halfway and Ireland pinch it, but it goes forward and England get the scrum.
  • 17:50
    39 min: Good play from Ford, opting to run and finding Joseph who gets on the outside shoulder and sends a neat grubber into touch deep in the Irish 22. Best hits O'Mahony in the lineout - but the throw was crooked.
  • 17:50
  • 18:05
    The teams are back out for the second half in Dublin and the final 40 minutes of this year's Championship. First score here will be crucial.
  • 18:05
    There's a change for Ireland - Andrew Conway is on for Earls.
  • 18:06

    Sexton gets us back underway.

    Turns out Heaslip rolled his ankle in the warm-up, hence his absence.

  • 18:08
    41 min: Ireland moving the ball nicely and Sexton nearly releases Zebo on an inside line but he is scragged befdore he can stretch his legs. Sexton kicks but it's straight to Daly who finds a brilliant touch from a narrow angle - but the covering Seton has time to take the lineout to himself and counter.
  • 18:09
    42 min: Bit of width for England but Watson spills a Ford misspass out on the right.  
  • 18:11
    44 min: Great break from Ringrose on halfway before he's collared. Good linespeed from England and Ford makes a good read to tackle Zebo.  
  • 18:12
    45 min: England's lineout goes loose but Hartley is there to pick up the pieces. Youngs tests Conway with a big box kick and he knocks on under pressure from Daly.
  • 18:15
    47 min: Ford kicks with three chasing but Payne is solid under the ball. Sexton takes a return ball from Stander on the loop and gets smothered by Itoje on his own 22. England concede a penalty though and Sexton finds touch on the halfway.
  • 18:16
  • 18:17

    50 min: Ireland penalised for coming in at the side and Farrell will have a kick at goal from just inside the Irish half.

    It's 47m so a fair distance, but he strikes it well - the ball just dropping over the bar.


  • 18:19
    52 min: Henshaw is up quickly on Ford and he dances back inside and manages to find a route out down the right. England had a penalty coming though and it's sent into touch.
  • 18:20
    53 min: Lawes takes the lineout and England set the maul - Ireland penalised for bringing it down. There's no maul second time round and they move infield, keeping it in the tight.
  • 18:21
    54 min: Brilliant double team from Henshaw and Sexton, holding up the English runner in midfield and earning a scrum just inside their own 10.  
  • 18:23
    55 min: Marmion told to use it at the base of the scrum so he picks and sends a good grubber into touch on the right. He's played well.
  • 18:24
    56 min: Brilliant from Payne, bursting out of two tackles on halfway and breaking into the English half, Brown bringing him down on the 22. Ireland are well placed but McGrath throws a wild pass in midfield and the momentum is gone.
  • 18:25
    58 min: Good claim from Brown and he makes good yards up the left before Youngs box kicks - Conway is solid underneath the high ball.
  • 18:26
  • 18:26
    Cian Healy on for McGrath.
  • 18:31

    60 min: Ireland penalty after Farrell goes high on Sexton, and Sexton finds touch on the 10-metre. Sexton is taking a battering today but is holding up. Best carries in midfield and Itoje is pinged for offside.

    Penalty out on the left on the 10-metre, Sexton will go for goal. It's a tricky kick, but he absolutely nails it.



  • 18:33
    63 min: Rare possession for England in the Irish half and Ringrose comes storming out of the line to make a great defensive read. England have a man over and Te'o has to jump for a pass and gets taken out by Conway in the process. Penalty England which they send to touch before setting the maul on the Irish 22.
  • 18:36

    65 min: The English maul grinds deeper into the Irish 22 and to within 10 metres. Farrell sends a crossfield towards Watson, who tries to put pressure on Payne but can't gather.

    England had a penalty coming though and they will go for goal. Easy enough kick for Farrell in the left channel and he slots it.


  • 18:38
    67 min: Launchbury can't claim the restart and Ringrose is onto the loose ball - but Garces spotted a knock on. Ireland pressured into conceding a scrum penalty and Farrell can clear to touch from the 22.
  • 18:40
  • 18:43
    71 min: England scrum on halfway and it's a bit of a mess so it's reset. Next time Hughes picks and pops to Care who finds Brown down the right. Great spoiling work from O'Mahony drives Engaland back to the 10-metre, but a few phases later Henshaw is penalised for not rolling away. It's just out of Farrell's range so he kicks to touch.
  • 18:45
    73 min:  O'Mahony steals the lineout! It's the first one George has lost all tournament and it's come at a bad time for the visitors. Ireland clear and Watson knocks on on the 10-metre, Ireland scrum.
  • 18:47
    75 min: Ireland under a bit of pressure at scrum time and as replacement scrum half McGrath tries to dig it out Wood is penealised for coming round offside. Sexton kicks to the English 10-metre.
  • 18:49
    76 min: Ireland win their ball and set the maul, Healy nursing the ball at the back before peeling off and making a big carry deep into the English half. Ireland keeping it tight before McGrath sees space on the right and puts a lovely boxkick into touch on the five metre.
  • 18:49
    78 min: England win their lineout and Care box kicks into touch on the 10. Ireland are nearly there if they can secure this ball.
  • 18:51
    79 min: O'Mahony secures it and Ireland maul up to the 22 where some good spoiling work from Itoje wins his side a scrum. Last chance saloon.
  • 18:52
    80 min: The scrum is reset, the clock is red. Nearly there, lads.
  • 18:53
    81 min: Ireland pinged for coming in at the side and England have a penalty deep in the Irish half which they tap and go. England working their way up to halfway but Ireland's linespeed remains good.
  • 18:54
  • 19:35

    Right then, thanks for joining today as Ireland ended the Championship on a high.