All-Ireland SFC semi-final: Monaghan v Tyrone

It's an all-Ulster affair in Croke Park as Tyrone and Monaghan battle it for a spot in the final

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Aug 12
LIVE: All-Ireland SFC semi-final: Monaghan v Tyrone

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  • Hello and Welcome . .  . It's an all-Ulster affair in GAA HQ this afternoon as Tyrone and Monaghan meet with a place in the All-Ireland final at stake. A repeat of last May's Ulster quarter-final which Monaghan won. Today though is a first All-Ireland semi-final for the county since 1988. Meanwhile Tyrone have won Sam Maguire three times since then!

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    Let's get started!
  • All-Ireland SFC semi-final
    Monaghan v Tyrone, Croke Park, 3.30pm
  • Team news (as per programme):

    TYRONE: Niall Morgan; Michael McKernan, Ronan McNamee, Rory Brennan; Tiernan McCann, Frank Burns, Peter Harte; Colm Cavanagh, Padraig Hampsey; Mattie Donnelly, Niall Sludden, Cathal McShane; Mark Bradley, Richard Donnelly, Connor McAliskey.

    MONAGHAN:  Rory Beggan; Kieran Duffy, Drew Wylie, Ryan Wylie; Colin Walshe, Vinny Corey, Karl O'Connell; Niall Kearns, Darren Hughes; Ryan McAnespie, Shane Carey, Dessie Mone; Dermot Malone, Fintan Kelly, Conor McManus.

  • "A total of 1-18 won the Ulster quarter-final in May. You could see Monaghan putting that up but in Croke Park’s wide-open spaces, preventing a younger Tyrone from simply scoring more may be the issue."

    Read Sean Moran's preview in full here. He's predicting a Tyrone win, I'm going for Monaghan. I think they'll have the greater desire and they'll be happy to play it patiently against a team who live entirely off the opposition's mistakes.  

  • *Conor McCarthy starts in place of Dessie Mone for Monaghan
  • *Kieran McGeary and Lee Brennan in for Rory Brennan and Mark Bradley in the Tyrone XV
  • One bright, glorious Salthill day banishes Monaghan’s 30 years of hurt. Frank McNally is a proud Monaghan man, read below about his journey to today as a life-long Farney supporter . . .

  • Tyrone 0-1 Monaghan 0-0 (1') GAME ON! Tyrone win the throw in, Niall Sludden pops it back to Colm Cavanagh and he floats it over the black spot. Cavanagh struggled in the early stages of the summer, he was excellent against Donegal though and Tyrone will hope he can repeat that showing today
  • Tyrone 0-3 Monaghan 0-1 (3') Sludden nails an outside of the boot score. Conor McManus then gets a bit of space out in the right corner and right footed curls over the tastiest of scores. Conor McAliskey responds immediately
  • Tyrone 0-4 Monaghan 0-1 (4') Frank Burns up from the back to kick a point (what an attacking outlet he is). Monaghan wide open at the back. First wide of the match from Vinny Corey.
  • Tyrone 0-4 Monaghan 0-2 (8') Conor McManus picks up a slight facial injury. The referee stops the play. Conor McCarthy restarts it, plays a one-two and nails a lovely point. A big game needed from this lad, bags of talent!
  • Tyrone 0-5 Monaghan 0-2 (10') Good defensive work by Michael McKiernan, it's worked to Cathal McShane. He fades from right to left and curls a beauty over the bar
  • Tyrone 0-5 Monaghan 0-3 (13') Padraig Hampsey fouls Conor McManus who gets up and converts the free himself
  • Tyrone fullback Ronan McNamee and then Burns both kick wides
  • Half goal chance, first for Conor McManus and then Corey, but Tyrone scramble back and come out with the ball.  
  • Tyrone 0-5 Monaghan 0-3 (17') Cavanagh catches McManus' sideline kick just under the crossbar
  • Tyrone 0-6 Monaghan 0-4 (20') Another free - this one from almost 40m out, cuts the deficit to a point. Cavanagh catches the next kickout and Sludden then gets his second point
  • Tyrone 0-7 Monaghan 0-5 (24') Colin Walshe's point effort comes down off the post, Niall Morgan saves the first shot from McCarthy, Conor McManus is then blocked by Mattie Donnelly on the follow up. That's the sort of defending that wins big matches.  

    Fintan Kelly curls one from out on the left wing and McAliskey scores a big free in response

  • Tyrone 0-7 Monaghan 0-6 (28') Karl O'Connell is fouled, McManus keeps his perfect free ratio going. One point game

  • Tyrone 0-8 Monaghan 0-6 (30') McManus is turned over on one wing. It's switched to Tiernan McCann. He gives it and gets it back, repeat and then a curling effort from the right wing clips over the bar. Brilliant wing back play

  • Tyrone 0-8 Monaghan 0-7 (33') McCarthy picks up a loose Tyrone handpass, cuts in and takes his point. Probably the right option.

  • Tyrone 0-8 Monaghan 0-8 (34') Morgan's kickout is too short. It's a hop ball, McCarthy picks up the breaks and jinks on to his left to kick a second point in a row. Level match

  • Tyrone 0-8 Monaghan 0-8 (35') Yellow card for Dermot Malone - high challenge. One minute added on at the end of the first half

  • HT Tyrone 0-8 Monaghan 0-8 That added time was all used up by the referee talking to Malone. None of it played. Level at half time. Tyrone will feel they should be ahead, they were well on top early on and have missed a lot of chances. Six into Rory Beggan's hands alone. Monaghan though have had a number of half goal chances and they had the momentum leading up to the interval. They'll feel they can kill this once they get a lead.  

    All to play for still!

  • 49,496 in Croke Park today. Not far off yesterday's attendance when the Dubs were in town.
  • Tyrone 0-8 Monaghan 0-8 (36')  The second half is underway. Monaghan win the throw in but are forced back with their first attack.

  • * Harry Loughran on for Frank Burns at the break
  • Tyrone 0-8 Monaghan 0-8 (37')  Drew Wylie is fouled and Rory Beggan comes up to kick the free but from 60m it's wide

  • Tyrone 0-9 Monaghan 0-8 (39')  Excellent work by Cavanagh to win the breaks off his own kickout, surrounded by Monaghan players. It's worked all the way into the right corner forward position where McAliskey takes advantage of the space and curls over the first point of the second half

  • Tyrone 0-10 Monaghan 0-8 (42')  McAliskey scores a free, his fourth point and he's having a very good match.

  • Tyrone 0-10 Monaghan 0-9 (44')  Ryan McAnespie wins a free on the 45 but way over to the left. Beggan comes up, and this time arrows it over the bar

  • Tyrone 0-11 Monaghan 0-9 (46')  Lung busting run by McShane, and as he collects Peter Harte's handpass he's fouled before pulling the trigger. Lee Brennan takes the free off the ground and slots it.  

  • Tyrone 0-11 Monaghan 0-9 (47')  McNamee picks up a yellow card for a pull down. That was a textbook black card, and that's the lack of consistency that drives players mad

  • Kieran Hughes on for Shane Carey and they need him! Two points down, 19 minutes left
  • Tyrone 0-11 Monaghan 0-10 (54')  Conor McManus buys a free and makes it a one point game by scoring it himself

  • Superb stuff by Fintan Kelly to throw himself at the loose ball. Monaghan now have it on halfway. A point down and 15 minutes left
  • Tyrone 0-11 Monaghan 0-10 (57') Mark Bradley hits Tyrone's ninth wide. Monaghan have eight

  • Tyrone 0-11 Monaghan 0-11 (59') Conor McCarthy is back in his halfback line cutting out a Tyrone pass. Karl O'Connell pops it to Kieran Hughes. He takes his man on and falling over still manages to point it. Level game and Monaghan are all over the 50/50s

  • Tyrone 0-11 Monaghan 0-12 (61') Kieran Hughes is fouled competing under a skied McManus shot. The latter scores it and Monaghan are ahead for the first time!

  • Ronan O'Neill is on for Tyrone. McAliskey is off. They need to be clinical in these final 10 minutes. Monaghan are swamping them for the breaking ball
  • Tyrone 1-11 Monaghan 0-12 (63') Peter Harte creates it, massive block by Darren Hughes on Tiernan McCann. Sludden pulls on the rebound. Roofs it. Tyrone needed that.  

  • Tyrone 1-11 Monaghan 0-13 (65') McManus responds with a free. His seventh point. One point game now again but this time it's Tyrone ahead

  • Tyrone 1-12 Monaghan 0-13 (66') Colm Cavanagh charges into McManus but is given a free. Harte points it. Four minutes of normal time left as Sludden wins Beggan's kickout

  • Tyrone 1-13 Monaghan 0-13 (67') Bradley pops it to Peter Harte, Monaghan tackling like mad but he shakes his man with a dummy and taps over a point. Three in it now and Harte has been excellent these past few minutes

  • Jack McCarron is on for Vinny Corey
  • Darren Hughes and then McCarthy hit poor wides for Monaghan
  • Huge, huge tackle by Colm Cavanagh on Jack McCarron. The latter looked to skip inside him with a hop but the tackle was on the button. Three minutes added on
  • Tyrone 1-13 Monaghan 0-14 (70') Direct ball to Kieran Hughes, he wins it and points on the spin. Two in it

  • Massive cacth by Conall McCann. Peter Harte then has a chance to score a point or even a goal but drops it and Monaghan are way. Drew Wylie gets at the end of the counter he started and it's a one point game!!!
  • Colm Cavanagh wins the kickout and Tyrone are playing keep ball
  • One more attack for Monaghan as Tyrone kick into Beggan's hands
  • Long ball into Hughes, looked to be fouled but it's not given
  • Time is up as Tyrone playing keep ball again
  • FT Tyrone 1-13 Monaghan 0-15  Tyrone to play Dublin in the All-Ireland final. Madness by Rory Beggan to kick the ball in like that with the last play, the goalkeeper shouldn't be the man on the ball in those situations. Monaghan dominated possession but Tyrone were more clinical, in possession and converting their chances. And ultimately goals win games!

  • Colm Cavanagh and Peter Harte were both outstanding. Niall Sludden was everywhere and kicked the key scores. Mickey Harte's team's 10th game of the season will be an All-Ireland final!
  • So that's that . . . Tyrone edge Monaghan in a game where both teams left every bit of themselves out there in Croke Park. A throwback to the early 2000s, with two Ulster teams going toe to toe in the latter stages.  

    Match report and analysis to follow from GAA HQ. We'll be back next weekend for the hurling final. Until then, thanks for joining us.


    FT  Tyrone 1-13 Monaghan 0-15