AFL Division One final: Dublin v Kerry

The Kingdom arrive at Croke Park looking to conquer Jim Gavin's invincibles

Gavin Cummiskey Sun, Apr 9
LIVE: AFL Division One final: Dublin v Kerry

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  • This event has now ended
  • Afternoon, Gavin Cummiskey on live blog for Division 1 final between Dublin and Kerry (once Galway put Kildare to bed..)
  • Done.  
  • Galway win Division 2 final.  
  • Darrag Ó Sé got his 2017 columns up and running with a homage to the Gooch....Here he is on the promise of blood.
  • Teams, we need to know the teams, and it looks like Jim Gavin clicks into full championship mode this afternoon.  
  • Almost the championship interesting to see how Mick Fitzsimons goes and Fenton in midfield...

    Dublin:  Stephen Cluxton; Philly McMahon, Michael Fitzsimons, Darren Daly; James McCarthy, Cian O’Sullivan, Eric Lowndes; Brian Fenton, Ciaran Reddin; Paul Flynn, Ciaran Kilkenny, Diarmuid Connolly; Dean Rock, Paddy Andrews, Bernard Brogan.



  • Kerry in the post-Gooch era:  Brendan Kealy; Fionn Fitzgerald, Mark Griffin, Ronan Shanahan; Peter Crowley, Tadhg Morley, Paul Murphy; David Moran, Anthony Maher; Jonathan Lyne, Michael Geaney, Donnchadh Walsh; Kevin McCarthy, Paul Geaney, Stephen O’Brien.


  • Delay to throw in means the Seán Moran preview is worth a read.  
  • As Galway stroll off with the Div 2 loot, toth teams trot onto the green field...


    Eamonn Fitzmaurice this week:  

    “But I do find it a bit worrying that there is a narrative out there at the moment and I don’t think it’s balanced at all.”

  • Kerry spread out all over the Canal end, spraying kick passes to each other. Dublin are split into two games of Keep-Ball.  
  • For the fair weather fan only peering into the GAA world today. Here's what you missed.
  • 8 mins to throw-in. No changes in Dublin XV.


    forward 6: Flynn-Kilkenny-Connolly-Rock-Andrews-Brogan.

  • Kerry changes...
  • Big screen tribute to The Gooch seems a bit strange as Kieran Donaghy (wearing No. 26) and the other Kerry men shoot into Canal End.  
  • Jack Barry tracked Brian Fenton into anonymidity down in Tralee. They go at each other once again in 2 mins...
  • Respect for the late Danno O'Mahony. Dublin captian in '55
  • Fitzmaurice had a point to maek this week:  “It’s important this goes in — I think that the Dublin team are a serious team that we have the utmost respect for. They’re a fantastic footballing team, an attacking footballing team with brilliant players and with an outstanding manager. But make no mistake about it — they have a hard edge about them, and a seriously hard edge. Any team that wins as much as they do ... If you go back to the Kerry team of the noughties, the Tyrone team of the noughties, the Kilkenny hurling team that won four-in-a-row — they all had a hard edge about them, and Dublin have that also.”
  • “I think some of the stuff that went on in the first half was a bit silly, I don’t know what expression you would use for it, but I think in the second half both teams played an awful lot of good football and I can’t remember too many incidents in the second half. So I would be hoping that the game would be more like the second half than the first.”
  • More silly stuff coming up...
  • Crowley gets an early hold of Paul Flynn's jersey. Not on Diarmuid Connolly, not yet anyway...
  • bernard Brogan sets up Dean Rock, shoots from an angle. Post.


    Kerry re-build...

  • Connolly meets Jack Savage. Kerry free.  
  • Not 3 mins played. No score. No blood either.  
  • Remember Paul Flynn? The All Star man looks fit and free while kicking the opening score.  


    Dublin 0-1

    Kerry 0-0

  • Jack Savage responds.  

    0-1 each.  

  • Connolly shoots off his left. Drops short. Kerry keep up the slow burn.  
  • Ciarán Kilkenny knifes through the Kerry heart. Offloads to Brogan, who shoots, and it goes well wide.  
  • 5 mins gone.  

    Dublin 0-1

    Kerry 0-1

  • Paul Geaney is up from Dingle. Left curler puts Kerry ahead.  
  • Philly McMahon loves a point. The roaming corner back is on hand after Rock and Brogan both have their sights of goal blocked.  

    Dublin 0-2

    Kerry 0-2

  • 9 mins clocked. All square.  


    D Connolly draws a free. Finds the lively Dean Rock. Kerry relieve Barney's son of the ball. Slow, slow, quick, slow is the game.  

  • Rock free. Dublin lead. Paddy Andrews drew the shot off Ronan Shanahan. Harsh says @malachyclerkin of Monaghan fame.    
  • 12 mins gone. No bad belts. Pitch too big perhaps.  

    Dublin 0-3

    Kerry 0-2

  • Diarmuid Connolly still a little rusty. Second wide. Great movement, poor finish.  
  • David Moran kicks a point as he would the first lash in winter training. Kerry go level. 0-3 each.  
  • Ciarán Reddin drops ball on the Kerry net. 17 mins of running football.

    Dublin 0-4

    Kerry 0-3

  • Paul Flynn is down. Hurt. He's up, getting treatment as Ciarán Kilkenny scores.  
  • Kilkenny was not satisfied by making it 0-5 to 0-3, he had to bash into Tadhg Morley. The boys are alive.  
  • Fenton has a run at Jack Barry. Just to see what happens. Barry tracks him. James McCarthy kicks a score.  
  • 20 mins gone.  

    Dublin 0-6

    Kerry 0-4

  • Diarmuid Connolly needed three goes to open his League Final account. Nice line of running, catching and striking without breaking stride. Welcome back.  

  • Cluxton just made an acrobatic save. Dublin lead by three. Kerry need to show something or their old pals will ease away. As they do...
  • Ronan Shanahan pulls Paddy Andrews to ground. Rock has a look, makes clean contact but it goes wide.  
  • Donnchadh Walsh scores in traffic. No back lift, just strike. Two point game.  
  • 25 mins played:  

    Dublin 0-7

    Kerry 0-5

  • Jonathan Lynne is done. Black card. High tackle around D Connolly's neck denies a sight of goal. Rock points. Dublin sailing towards the horizon.  
  • Gavin Crowley replaces Lyne.
  • A Kerry wide means it stays at Dublin 0-8 to Kerry's five points. Connolly just put Gavin Crowley on his arse. Welcome to Croker son. Wait...
  • Linesman spotted it, tells Roscommon whistler Paddy Neligan who puts Connolly off. Black card. Same old, same old.  
  • Niall Scully comes in for Connolly so Scully and Gavin Crowley are in and marking each other.  
  • Geaney free. Dublin lead cut to two with four mins left in the first half.  
  • Diarmuid Connolly - black card

    Jonathan Lyne - black card

  • David Moran lands the 45 after Walsh and McCarthy did some face hugging on end line.  
  • 33 mins played:  

    Dublin 0-8

    Kerry 0-7 (emboldened by the sight of Connolly walking).  

  • Reddin point. Dublin lead by two, again.  
  • Really nice score by Paul Geaney. A point between them as we creep into injury-time.  
  • Bad wide by Moran after Peter Crowley tested the blue line.  
  • Special point from Ciarán Kilkenny. They are hard to get. Dublin lead 0-10 to 0-8.  
  • Jack Barry sees the whites of Cluxton's eyes and fists over. That'll do it...
  • No badness in this game at all.  

    Connolly and Lyne walk for Black cards. Lyne dragged Connolly down around his neck. Connolly put Gavin Crowley on the floor off the ball.  

  • HT

    Dublin 0-10

    Kerry 0-9

  • A healthy 53840 in Croke Park today.  
  • Hard to argue with that.  
  • Second half back underway....Dublin lead by one point.  
  • Bernard Brogan almost manufactured a score but Kerry escape .
  • Kevin McCarthy point. 0-10 apiece.  
  • Neligan feels like he is neglecting his other cards. Fenton sees yellow for body check.  
  • Philly McMahon swings and misses on Paul Geaney. Kerry free. Paul Mannion repalces Paddy Andrews.  
  • Geaney wastes the free. Maybe Philly did connect. James McCarthy gallops clear...  
  • Paddy Neligan seems like a decent ref. Wonder how he'd cope with these men in September...  
  • @malachyclerkin just informed me: "yeah, Dublin v Monaghan in All-Ireland semi this year...Kerry on other side."
  • Kerry lead.  
  • Paul Geaney adjusted his sights. About to knock over another...
  • 44 minutes on the match clock. Kingdom rising...

    Kerry 0-12  

    Dublin 0-10

  • This game has changed. Kerry men are climbing inside blue jerseys.  
  • A fair few made the long drive up from the kingdom early this morning. They are making themselves heard.  
  • Geaney gives them a 3 point lead.  
  • 47 mins

    Kerry 0-13

    Dublin 0-10

    Jim Gavin is up off his seat...

  • You may know these men...

    MDMA and Kevin McManamon arrive (Reddin and Cian O'Sullivan make way). Over to you Eamonn...



  • Geaney, like a mage, balances the ball in his palm before sweeping it over the bar. Dublin are finished. Done.  
  • Only joking.  
  • 50 mins:

    Kerry 0-14

    Dublin 0-10  

    Walsh and McCarthy take yellows.  

  • McCarthy, with Walsh fingerprints all over him, shoots well, well wide. Walsh drags him 60 metres down field.  
  • The Hill are serenading Roscommon ref Paddy Neligan.  
  • My brother art thou - Michael Geaney clips another Kerry score.  

    Mannion responds from a mile out.  

    Four in it.

  • But Kerry own the ball.  
  • Michael Geaney, The Dingle men are storming Croker Park, blasts Kerry into a five point lead.  
  • McManamon curses Jack Savage for going down. Play moves on...
  • Dean Rock strokes the ball into the Hill from way out.  
  • 55 mins:  

    Kerry 0-16

    Dublin 0-12

  • Can't miss, won't miss. Walsh puts Kerry 5 clear. Fine strike.  
  • Dean Rock curls another free over the bar from wide left.  
  • The Whirlwind Darran O'Sullivan is coming...
  • Kerry goal! No.  

    Kerry goal! No.  

    Cluxton then Philly McMahon fend off killer blows.  

  • David Moran puts the 45 wide. Four point game. Anyone's game still but looks like Kerry's league title.  
  • David Byrne replaces Eirc Lowndes.  
  • Paul Mannion finishes a magnificent Dublin goal.  
  • David Byrne just kept Cluxton's kick out in play and fed James McCarthy who found the overlapping Ciarán Kilkenny. Up popped Brogan who laid off to MDMA who found Mannion. Quality.  
  • 62 mins played.  

    Kerry 0-17
    Dublin 1-13

  • MacAuley never shoots anymore. Mannion ignored the easy point to dance inside and roll the ball past three goal-line Kerry defenders.  
  • Ok, here's the scene:  

    Diarmuid Connolly was blacked carded in the first half for rag dolling Gavin Crowley. Dublin still looked the dominant force but Kerry took over after half-time. No, the Geaneys took over.  

  • Mannion's goal reduced arrears but Paul Geaney's latest free just made it:  

    Kerry 0-18

    Dublin 1-13

  • Five minutes to go. There is extra-time. Nobody wants a replay.  
  • Ciarán Kilkenny - who has been brilliant in pockets - just put it wide. Hawk Eye says so.  
  • MDMA had to shoot. The ball ricochets off a Kerry man and Rock toe pokes it at Brendan Kealy.  
  • Flynn is gone, Eoghan O'Gara may sort out this whole affair.  
  • Mannion's kick passing lets him down. Bad wide meant for O'Gara.
  • 68 mins:  

    Kerry 0-18

    Dublin 1-13

  • Little bit of magic from David Moran, falling, fouled, he points. That might be it.  
  • Kerry by 3 with injury time looming.  
  • The Hill groans. Philly McMahon well wide.  
  • 4 mins additional time...
  • O'Gara fouled en route to goal. Rock points the free.  

    Kerry 0-19

    Dublin 1-14

  • Kerry's bane!
  • McManamon carries but fist passes to Kealy.  This looks like job done. Fitzmaurice needed this, they all did in Kerry. Rock points...
  • 72 mins:

    Kerry 0-19
    Dublin 1-15

  • Ah yeah, Bryan Sheehan arrives to point. Lovely.  
  • Mannion makes it a one point game. Seconds remain...
  • Mick Fitzsimons pulled down by Anthony Maher (black).
  • Rock to send us to extra-time.  
  • Rock, dead centre, 46 metrees, on the deck..
  • POST
  • Kerry win.  
  • Dublin lose a game of football. The world record bookended by their old friends in The Kingdom.  
  • Kerry's third quarter blitz earned this league title, ending Dublin's run towards five in a row.  
  • David Moran: "They are a fantastic team. They have a lot of steel, great plaeyrs. We wanted to come up and show them...Look it, it is only April."
  • That should do it. Good game, Dublin almost stole another draw from the jaws of defeat.  
  • Fionn Fitzgerald gets the cup. Dublin stay on the field.