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Toll after train crash in Canada climbs, more on the Anglo tapes and the abortion bill

Conor Pope Mon, Jul 8
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    Good morning. I'm Conor Pope and I am the man on the Wire today. The sun is shining and I am in a sunless office listening to still more Anglo Tapes... Life doesn't get better than this.
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    At least five people have been killed but with over 40 people still missing the death toll after a runaway train carrying crude oil exploded and destroyed the centre of a small Canadian town, that number is expected to climb.

    The train had been hauling crude oil from North Dakota to eastern Canada, and was parked, without a driver, outside the town of Lac-Megantic when it began rolling downhill, gathering speed and derailing on a curve.

    Prime minister Stephen Harper compared the area to a war zone and said about 30 buildings were incinerated

    Very few injured people were treated in hospitals, indicating those caught in the blast had either escaped or died. “It is a black-and-white situation,” Quebec health minister Rejean Hebert told reporters.
  • 08:34
    Up to 34 people are reported dead after Egypt’s security forces broke up a demonstration of supporters of the former Egypt leader Mohamend Morsi near the Republican Guards headquarters in Cairo today.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party said shooting broke out in the early morning while Islamists staged a sit-in outside the Republican Guard barracks.

    Officials said five supporters of Egypt’s former president were killed when an attempt was made to storm the building. A military spokesman said the group had tried to storm the headquarters of the Republican Guard. He said there were casualties among army troops outside the building but gave no figures. State TV said at least one officer was killed.

    There will be more on this and other developments in Egypt throughout the day.
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    Anglo executives were worried that boosting the broken bank’s balance sheet with €7bn from Irish Life and Permanent (IL&P) could be seen as "market abuse". In the latest tape which was released by the Irish Independent this morning the bank’s head of treasury John Bowe is heard convincing himself that the Central Bank and Financial Regulator were "effectively egging us on – for Irish banks to help each other".

  • 09:01
    The Marker Hotel sent me four Cronuts this mornig. I have no idea what a cronut is but I am told they are "the next big thing" We'll see.
  • 09:03
    Never mind cronuts, I'll be the next big thing if I eat this box... I feel like Homer Simpson.
  • 09:09
    The internet has just told me that Cronuts are no longer the next big thing. The next big thing are crookies. 

  • 09:15
    The Government is planning  a parliamentary banking inquiry for the autumn while a new referendum to toughen the powers of the inquiry are also possible.

    After two Cabinet discussions in the past fortnight, Ministers are now moving away from the option of running such a referendum on the same day in October as the poll to scrap the Seanad, according to Ciaran Hancock and Arthur Beasley in today's paper. 
    This option has been in play since the Anglo tapes disclosures but the absence of any formal proposal for tomorrow’s Cabinet meeting is a clear sign there will be no early move to go back to the people.

  • 09:16
    Former Anglo chief David Drumm issued a statement from the US yesterday saying he would no longer allow himself “to be made the scapegoat by politicians, politically connected former bankers and politically protected senior public servants who don’t want their role in the crisis to be highlighted”.

    His statement followed two media interviews last week, prompting the spokesman for Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore to call on Mr Drumm to attend the inquiry. “Interviews given to chosen interviewers are all very well but what we need to see is that Mr Drumm appears before any inquiry which is set up and account for his stewardship of Anglo and everything that followed from that,” the Tánaiste’s spokesman said.

    Asked by email whether he would attend or whether he had any response for Mr Gilmore, Mr Drumm responded: “How can I comment in relation to an inquiry that has not yet been established and the terms of which are still unknown?”
  • 09:19

    "We all felt [O'Driscoll's] pain. But judging by some of the poisonous reaction and content of the vitriolic emails sent to Warren Gatland, in social media and in some punditry, we appear to have let ourselves down a little bit on this one. so says Gerry Thornley today. 



  • 09:23
    Can someone really fly to Barcelona, stay in a four-star hotel for three nights and buy a year’s supply of a commonly prescribed drug off La Rambla for less than the cost of the prescription in the Republic? Yes, mad as that may sound, they absolutely can. Who's making the most from drug deals in Ireland? 
  • 09:58
    A Mace in Beaumount, Dublin.... That is where the €94m euromillions ticket was bought.
  • 10:12
    Fine Gael TD Michelle Mulherin said she has penned amendments to section nine of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill which deals with suicide, but she would not say whether she would support the Bill if her amendments were included.

    “My amendments do not, at this stage, remove section nine from it, but would restrict the operation of it,” she said. “Ideally, I would like the removal of the suicide clause.” The Mayo TD said a lot of the suicide clause is “window-dressing”.

    Ms Mulherin said she changed her opinion onthe legislation when Dáil debates on the issue began. She added she is not coming from any anti-abortion campaign or group position.
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    “West coast beaches may be marginally warmer than east coast beaches, but generally it will be warm, dry and sunny all over Ireland. ”  Met Éireann' s Evelyn Cusack today.  

    And temperatures tomorrow are set  to climb as high as 29 degrees.
  • 10:28
    Right I am about to republish a story wot I wrote back in January...

    If it doesn't make you gasp then nothing will.

    Are you ready?
  • 10:29
    January 13th 2013:

    Met Éireann has rained on the parade of a forecaster who is predicting a summer scorcher for Ireland, branding his claims as “ridiculous”.

    Ken Ring from New Zealand says he can make accurate long-term forecasts by gauging moon, sun and tidal activity. Mr Ring, who claims to have predicted Ireland’s abnormally cold winter of 2010/11 months in advance, has forecast that Ireland is in line for the hottest summer since 1995.

    While his prediction that Ireland will be wet this spring would hardly raise an eyebrow, his claims that the country will enjoy three largely dry months in June, July and August were warmly welcomed.

    He claimed temperatures will top a tropical 30 degrees over the summer, with possible drought conditions in August, while we could be in store for a sun-drenched September.

    According to Mr Ring, the summer ahead “may remind people of the summer of 1995, with long dry spells, especially the first half of July”.

    So confident is he that he specifically says the last 10 days of April will be fine, while the sun will shine for a week in the middle of May.

    However, Met Éireann’s Harm Luijks poured cold water on the predictions. “It is ridiculous. Science does not allow us to forecast more than two weeks in advance. That has not changed and it is not going to change,” he said
    He told The Irish Times that long-term predictions rarely stand up to scrutiny.
    “When people like Mr Ring get it wrong you never hear from them but when they get it right they shout it from the rooftops,” he said.

    He said such predictions would keep coming and if they said anything out of the ordinary, they would always get some attention. “Everyone wants to have a nice summer and it could certainly happen, but such predictions are still ridiculous.”

    While Mr Luijks declined to predict what the Irish summer would be like, he did say conditions would be “quite mild for the rest of the week” with no sign of any cold weather on the horizon.
  • 10:29
    "According to Mr Ring, the summer ahead “may remind people of the summer of 1995, with long dry spells, especially the first half of July”.

    I know!!! Amazing, right!  
  • 10:40
    The Mace which sold the €94m euromillions ticket gets €25k for its trouble. 

  • 10:48
    I came across a joke on Twitter last night.

    If Macbeth had won, it'd be known as the British Play.

    I'd like to credit the person who came up with that but I can't find the source.

    Still funny though. Kudos the the mystery person.
  • 10:55
    If you've not seen it yet, today's Google Doodle is worth checking out. Today is the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO sighting...
  • 11:32
    Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin has blamed Minister for Health James Reilly for the Government having to provide more than €300 million in additional funding for the health service last year. “It is clear delays in the agreement with the pharmaceutical industry [on reducing the cost of drugs], the decision by the Minister for Health not to proceed with the legislation in relation to private patients [on charging health insurance subscribers treated in public hospital beds] and pressure on services, particularly on the medical card and hospital sector, resulted in the requirement for a supplementary estimate in 2012.”
  • 11:39
    Don't you just hate it when you bet on the colour of the Queen's hat, get it right only for the bookie not to pay out? Mark Tunbridge does. He gambled £50 that the Queen would wear white during Royal Ascot and was given odds of 10-1 at Coral . He was right about the white but  when he went to collect his winnings, he was told the odds he had been given were wrong. 
  • 11:43
    Have you seen the happy dancing cabbie yet? No? Well, you're about to get lucky. 
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  • 11:49
    Never mind your cronuts, I have just been told that a sausage in a croissant is the breakfast of champions. "It doesn't sound right until you have it but then you have it and oh my god it is so right."

    Yes, things are that quiet this morning in the office. 

  • 13:07
    The former head of Anglo Irish Bank Sean FitzPatrick will stand trial in October 2014 on charges of failing to make disclosures to the bank's auditors about loans he received.  The Dublin Circuit Court heard this morning that  the trial will take about two months.
  • 13:12

    Up to 30 rescuers are searching for five men who were reportedly trapped in trees by Sumatran tigers after the animals mauled and killed a companion in Indonesia’s  protected Mount Leuser National Park.

    The men were looking for rare agarwood — used to make incense and perfume — and accidently caught a tiger cub in a trap they were using to catch deer for food. Five tigers in then attacked the men killing one and sending five into nearby trees.

    The rescue team needed three days to reach the rugged terrain area, but they had not located the missing men. “We are worried because they could be weak and fall from the trees due to a lack of food,” a spokesman said.

    Sumatran tigers are the most critically endangered tiger subspecies. About 400 remain, down from 1,000 in the 1970s, because of forest destruction and poaching.

  • 13:21
    "I know I am fast, so was confident. I knew you had to be into the last corner first to win and jumped just before it, curved around the bend and went flat out to the line." Dan Martin - cycling legend
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  • 13:42
    “The courts do not operate in a vacuum. Their work is a reflection of a society, a state, or an economy. The ethics in the board room and in the governance of enterprises, rather than a constant eye on the needs of the shareholders, was the way forward to building trust in our economic sector: to build trust in Ireland as a place to do business.” Chief Justice, Ms Susan Denham today. 
  • 13:45
    The new "official carrier" of Manchester United is..... Aeroflot.  

    Etihad is the main sponsor of United’s local rival Manchester City.

    Ethiad is also the Arabic word for United.

  • 13:48
    Pope Francis has left Rome for the first time since becoming Pope. He chose a highly symbolic destination for his first official visit. He went to the small Italian island of Lampedusa and laid a wreath in memory of the thousands of migrants from Africa who have died trying to reach the Sicilian island in unsafe and overcrowded boats.

    It is hard not to be impressed.  

  • 14:00
    Press release in from Glo Health Insurance.... 
    They have sourced some odd claims made on travel insurance policies.
    • A pensioner, whose false teeth fell out while he vomited over the side of a cruise ship, put in a claim to his travel insurers for new dentures under “lost baggage”.
    • A couple holidaying in Malaysia returned to their lodge to find that their clothes had been stolen and scattered throughout the rainforest….by monkeys.
    • A holidaymaker in Sri Lanka needed hospital treatment after a coconut fell on her head while she was reading in the shade below.
    • A man claimed for his daughter's bad haircut. She singed her hair on the oven in their apartment and so had paid to have her hair cut during the holiday, which turned out badly.

    They're not the oddest claims, are they? If Glo tried harder they could have come up with much better ones. 

  • 14:29
    The Minister for Justice and Dodgy Literature Alan Shatter  said this afternoon that Former Anglo Irish Bank chief executive David Drumm should -operate with gardaí instead of protesting about media coverage of the bank’s bailout.

    Mr Drumm said  yesterday  that politicians and senior officials were e making him a scapegoat for the banking crisis and he criticised the “drip, drip, drip” release of the Anglo Tapes.
    “I do notice that Mr Drumm, from the Unites States, is now protesting at the coverage that is taking place within the Irish media,” said Shatter. “I do believe he should cooperate with An Garda Síochána as he has been requested to do and make himself available to answer any questions that remain to be answered in the context of the investigation that is taking place.”
  • 15:10
    I was just thinking how quiet it was today and then I realised  that the grand old Duke of York has only gone and joined Twitter.  

    Yes, yes indeed, just five hours ago Prince Andrew started tweeting. He's only posted four tweets  in five hours but  has already amassed more than 6,000 followers.  

    This is what he has had to say so far...  

    1. Meeting students at Walsall Studio School

    2. Lord Baker announces The Duke of York Technical Education Award

    3.  The  Duke with inspiring students at Black Country UTC  

    4. Welcome to my Twitter account - AY  

    I see that he is using the third person in tweet number 3...

    Mind you if he can't who can?  
  • 15:35
    I defy you to see a story headlined "British fugitive found naked in Spanish panic room" and not want to read it. 

    Here's the deal...

    One of Britain’s most wanted fugitives has been caught hiding naked in a panic room at his luxury Spanish villa, the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) has said.

    Convicted drug trafficker Mark Lilley went on the run in 2000 when he skipped bail during a trial.

    He was finally arrested when more than 40 armed police officers launched a dawn raid on his home in Malaga on Saturday.

    Officers were unable to open Lilley’s panic room, but he surrendered after realising there was no escape. He had been alerted to the operation when several hunting dogs he kept in his garden started barking.

    While in the panic room he was naked and watching the raid using a computer linked to CCTV cameras. Extradition proceedings have begun to return Lilley to the UK.
  • 16:07
    Met Eireann have issued a weather alert because temperatures in excess of 27 degrees are likely every day this week. 

    27 degrees?

    Or positively chilly if you live in Madrid.
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  • 16:50
  • 16:56

    High Court refuses provisional US embassy request for arrest warrant for Edward Snowden. Says it didn't say where alleged offences committed. Full story to follow.

  • 16:59
    And another story just in from the High Court - this time from Mary Carolan.

    Former Fianna Fail Senator Ivor Callely has consented to a €11m judgment being entered against him at the High Court.


    Full story will be on The Irish Times website presently. 

  • 17:07
    The US had the who and the what and the when and the how but left out the where. It probably doesn't know the why... 

    As a result, the  High Court has just refused its  application for an arrest warrant for the former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

    In a judgment issued this afternoon, Judge Colm Mac Eochaidh said he was “compelled” to reject the application for a provisional arrest warrant, which was made by the US embassy to the Department of Foreign Affairs last Friday, because it did not state where the alleged offences were committed.

    He said he was satisfied the US request met a number of the conditions for him to grant the arrest warrant. These included the time when the alleged offences took place, the circumstances in which the offences were committed and the degree of involvement of Mr Snowden in the commission of the alleged offences.

    However, the judge observed that the request did not state where the offences actually took place - a condition that must be met by such applications.
    “The question of where the offence took place is not a minor detail but is a matter which could have very serious consequences in any further stage that might be reached in an extradition process,” the judge wrote. “That is because if it is the case that the offences took place outside of the territory of the United States of America, the question will arise as to whether there is extraterritorial effect in respect of the US offences, but more importantly, whether the Irish equivalent offences have an extraterritorial effect or aspect to them.”
    He continued: “There would need to be sufficient similarity between the two offences in order for there to be an extradition.”
  • 17:25
    Yesterday may have been a great day for British tennis but today wasn't such a good day for British journalism... 
  • 17:25
    Right, time to go. The sun is still shining, right?