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David Cochrane Fri, May 2
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  • 09:54

    Colm Keena reports this morning  that representations from a number of investment groups have been made to the government over concerns about the number of attacks being made on former Quinn businesses on the island.

    • US concerns such as the $3.2 billion hedge fund and private equity group Strategic Value Partners, global investment group GSO Blackstone, the Prudential financial services group, and a US teachers’ pension fund are among those on whose behalf concern has been expressed to Minister for Justice Alan Shatter and his counterpart in Belfast, David Ford.

    The attacks have included machines being set on fire, as well as intimidation of senior managers, sabotage of equipment, as well as phone threats by phone, text and mail.

  • 10:25

    Notices have been published in the national newspapers this morning for the full list of candidates in the European Parliament elections three weeks from today.  

    There are some interesting things to pick up from the lists. Along with names, addresses (some personal addresses, some party offices) and nominees, there are also occupations listed.

    20 Public Representatives
    2 Community Worker
    2 Ecologists
    1 Vintner
    1 Mature Student
    1 Retired Photographer
    1 Engineer
    1 Farmer
    1 Businessman
    1 Journalist
    1 Housewife
    1 Writer
    1 Consultant
    1 Entrepreneur
    1 Irish officer
    1 says "Employed"
    and 1 says "Unemployed"

    and 1 says their occuption is "Former Government Minister"

  • 10:30
    The replacement lists (who'll take an MEP's seat if they step down) are also worthy of note. In Ireland North West and South Fine Gael have their candidates also listed as the main replacements. An insurance policy in case ALL of their candidates don't get elected I'm sure.
  • 11:27

    Donald Clarke has an excellent interivew with 'Frank' Director Lenny Abrahamson in today's Irish Times.

  • 12:18

    New road safety regulations that went into force yesterday now mean that people face fines of up to €1000 if they're caught texting whilst driving.

    So what if you decide to be helpful and proactively try to make sure other's CAN'T text when they drive?

    A man in Florida is facing a fine of $48,000 for blocking mobile signals using a jammer in his SUV. The US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) says the jammer was used by the man for two years. The FCC investigated after local mobile companies reported something infering with their mobile towers.

    The use of a jammer is prohibited by federal law in order to prevent emergency communications from being interrupted.

    >  Driver caught using cell phone jamming device

  • 15:15

    No doubt there's bedlam on the M50 and M7 as the N7 junction at Newlands Cross has been completedly closed due to a burst main.

    Gardai say traffic from M50 should divert at Junction 11 Tallaght and use the N81 or take the N4 exit 7 junction.

    In bound traffic on the N7 should exit at Rathcoole or Kingswood junctions.

  • 15:38
  • 15:40

    Max Clifford has been sentenced to eight years in prison following his conviction on Tuesday on eight counts of indecent assault. The presiding judge Anthony Leonard said Clifford will serve at least four of these years in prison.

  • 16:31

    Like scrambled eggs but just hate the messy work of making them?

    No, this isn't an infomerical but a Kickstarter project has come up with a unique way to scramble eggs without having to crack open the shell.

    The 'Golden Goose' is a device that allows you to scramble eggs "magically" - it's essentially a hand-held gadget that allows you to shake the egg via centrifugal force in a secure holder. You can then boil the egg to the consitency you desire.

    You can read more about this gadget on Kickstarter.

    You will however have to crack open the shell yourself after that.

  • 16:51
  • 17:07

    Here's that full statement from Topaz...

      Friday 2nd May 2014.

      Topaz Energy Group has today announced the appointment of the following as non-Executive Directors:
      * Mr Sean Corkery
      * Mr Brian Cowen
      * Mr Colm Doherty
      * Ms Lucy Gaffney
      * Mr Denis O’Brien
      * Mr Emmet O’Neill

      In addition, Topaz chief financial officer, Mr Niall Devereux, has also been appointed to the Board. Mr John Callaghan, Chairman, said: “The new Directors bring a unique level of expertise and knowledge which will be invaluable in the continued growth and expansion of

      Topaz is the largest service station operator and convenience retailer in the country. It employs 1,700 people. It is a fully Irish owned and managed company. It has 330 sites throughout the country, 120 of them company owned.

      Topaz is one of Ireland’s largest privately owned companies with annual turnover of overEUR3 billion and one million transactions every month.

  • 17:25