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Genevieve Carbery Fri, Nov 8
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  • 08:59
    It's a cool bright day in the capital this Friday morning. It's Genevieve Carbery on the Daily Wire. Good morning.
  • 09:01
    We'll be keeping a close watch on the Philippines where the world's strongest storm this year Typhoon Haiyan has made landfall with winds of 314km/h. Catastrophic damage is predicted.
  • 09:09
    Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz is in town today. We've impressed him .....or something... "I’ve been very impressed, astonished, at the way the Irish people have accepted the pain without protest. It was a loss of democracy….I would have thought the citizens of the country should at least express severe disappointment". He’s just been speaking to Morning Ireland.

    He said it was a “deep mistake” for the ECB and European commission to allowed banks and bondholders to be bailed out and the Irish government shouldn’t have accepted “those burdens which will saddle future generations”.

  • 09:15
    The lucky 400,000 tracker mortgage holders who will have an early Christmas present from the ECB are on the front page of The Irish Times today…..if you feel queasy because you’re on a fixed mortgage then don’t look at the front page of The Financial Times.

    It shows some very rich men following the Twitter IPO. “Life is Tweet for Twitter founders” reads the headline.

    Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey hold a stake worth $1.3bn.  

    And what do you do when you’ve made that much money? Go see a jazz band in New Orleans of course.  
  • 09:27
    More of today's front pages. The Real McCoy features on most “He has broken more bones than record, probably, but Antrim born jockey AP McCoy tilted the balance further towards the latter yesterday when he rode the 4,000th winner of an extraordinary career” writes Frank McNally deftly today. Read here. 

    The HSE group takes with tackling suicide in Ireland failed to spend a third of its budget last year, the Irish Examiner reports today. It says the serious delays in finding someone to lead the National Office for Suicide Prevention has resulted in this. 

     Most papers prominently feature the newspaper award winners  so it’s hard not to mention yesterday’s accolade for the wonderful Kitty Holland recognised as National Journalist of the Year for her coverage of the Savita Halappanavar case. Read here,
    Tooting our own horn over (for now! )
  • 09:33
    One of the more ingenious ideas for Love/Hate coverage ahead of Sunday’s finale comes from the Star which looks at “Gang Gaffs: Where the mobsters go to chill out in between hits and drug deals”. Examples include Tommy’s Townhouse at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Casa del Nidgeo at Chesterfield Close, Castleknock and Ado’s Abode at Dolphin House Rialto. There are now Breaking Bad tours of Albuquereuqe ….so why not Love /Hate tours of Dublin…a perfect wholesome family day out.
  • 09:47
    Three people have been killed and seven injured according to the national disaster agency of the Philippines. There's some dramatic, but unverified, video of the storm making landfall. Such as this.
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  • 10:03
    Traffic on the bo dearg timpeallán? This may become as familiar as traffic  on the red cow roundabout.

    The Department of Transport has asked the NRA to trial run newly-designed road signs that would give the Irish language parity with English on the country’s roads for the first time in the history of the State writes Eanna O’Caollai here......

    Handy for tourists like Yu Ming (If you don’t remember the amazing short film 'Yu Ming is Ainm Dom' I urge you to watch it here
  • 10:17

    Dublin may be getting  itself some real skyscraper in the Docklands area …....Olivia Kelly reports today that a fast-track planning scheme which would allow buildings up to 22 storeys high in Dublin’s docklands has been approved by Dublin City Council. Council planners could make decisions not appealed to Bord Pleanala and 50 per cent higher than Dublin’s current tallest building

    Maybe we should rename the areas Google Gardens or Facebook Falls?

  • 10:30

    Most of us want to be remembered, but the right to be forgotten? That sums up Max Mosley’s battle to remove material and images about his sex life from the internet.

    Hugh Linehan today writes about the case he won ordering Google to pay a symbolic €1 in damages and to block images obtained five years ago by News of the World. ….An interesting one in a world where news travels and is reproduced faster than ever.

  • 10:43

    If you’re wondering why people are tweeting and sharing about seeing dinosaurs and butterflies this morning – go to the Google doodle where you can carry out the classic inkblot test of psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach ….of course the only people who will probably interpret your answer will be Twitter trolls…so tread carefully! See answers on the tag #RorschachDoodle  

  • 10:49

    After a few drinks this weekend nothing will help the hangover but  traditional Irish sausages and rashers… “Denny might say that it’s “the taste of home” but without the green, white and orange Bord Bia stamp alongside, that is simply a marketing slogan. “ Catherine Cleary today looks into the Irishness of the hot salty pig we love .  


  • 10:59
    At this point, you would have to believe that even certain priests have been watching too many action films…..Paddy Agnew reports on the arrest of the head of the order of Order of St Camillus which may have seen an Irish Camillian lose out on a top job. More here.  
  • 11:13
    Really shocking photo of wartorn Homs: 
  • 11:27
    Twitter owes me (@genevievecarber) $37 and the Irish Times (@irishtimes) $78,825  - according to this fictional calculator. How much does Twitter owe you? Time has crunched the numbers to figure out how much money users are making for Twitter now it has floated to the tune of  $24.9 billion. You can do the math yourself here. 
  • 11:48
    The Youtube hits just keep coming for Toronto’s now infamous Mayor Rob Ford.  A new video shows him threatening to murder someone. But it’s ok he has defended himself by saying he was  “very very inebriated" (He already admitted smoking crack if you missed it) . Read more here.  The video is here. What a time to be a political journalist in Toronto.
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  • 11:57
    Feargal " Love /Hate tours of Dublin" Maybe you should be reading the award-winning Ross O'Carroll-Kelly column in your own newspaper ;) !
  • 11:59
    Following on from the suggestion of a Love/Hate tour of Dublin one eagle eyed-reader has pointed out that Ross O’Carroll-Kelly’s son has already done this. Here ’s a flavour from February: 
  • 12:07
    Have you found yourself wandering aimlessly around Dublin’s O’Connell Street since July wondering where to get your tights, handbags, make-up? Well wander and wonder no more. Clerys is to reopen just in time for Christmas on November 21st after that freak storm in July which closed the iconic department store. Great news for its 86 staff. 
  • 12:22
    Our new soccer management team is from opposite ends of the island (Derry and Cork), so an all-island soccer team is a logical suggestion from Enda Kenny today. Like all the best thing it would be for charidee -  an annual match against England.  And it’s “just a thought, it might be something that could become a reality,” an Taoiseach says. More here.
  • 12:51
    Massive US DIY company Home Depot has apologised for tweeting a seriously offensive racist photograph.  The company deleted the tweet and apologised. But the internet doesn’t let you forget something that bad that quickly. Somebody took a screen grab. In what universe did someone possibly think this was a good idea.....
  • 13:10
    It’s Christmas ad campaign time again. John Lewis’s new Christmas ad is out today but the Bear and the Hare (here) doesn’t even come close to it’s 2011 for teary factor (the one with the boy and the present - trying to watch it and not cry is like eating a donut without licking your lips). You can watch that one here. Enough of that there's a whole 46 days left.
  • 13:25
    Uh Oh. Ryanair's Michael O’Leary has been talking about feminism. This could go in the PR handbook on 'how to quickly unravel all the good press and positive feeling you've been getting lately'.  
    “There are things fathers should do and mothers should do. I did the first nappy in the hospital and that was pretty much the only one … we sow the seed, women have the babies and after that we provide. It’s all biological.”

    More words of wisdom in the Times of London (behind paywall) here  
  • 13:51
    As if the story of 350 people who died in the Lampedusa boat tragedy
    wasn’t heartbreaking enough, BBC reports that there was torture and rape at the camp where the African migrants were held by traffickers before making the fatal journey towards Italy. 
  • 13:59
    Sales of vinyl records have already doubled this year to 550,000 and could exceed 700,000 by Christmas.  
    Here's a video from a vinyl factory (who would have imagined they'd be thriving in 2013).
    Ooh maybe I’ll hold on to my box of home-made cassettes in the hopes that they come back in vogue….(There are still songs that whenever I hear them I expect to hear Dave Fanning’s voice come in at the end because that’s the way I listened to them over and over on my radio-recorded tapes –ah the good old 1990s!) 
  • 14:12
    A Canadian blog has compiled the “top ten Rob Ford videos of all time”, showing it’s not the Toronto mayor’s first foray into controversy. As they say on reality TV here’s your best bits.  
    They include a violent collision with a cameraman, and saying of cyclists killed on the road “it’s their own fault” as it’s like “swimming with sharks”.
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  • 14:51
    Joseph Siglitz has predicted a “lost decade” for the Irish economy..... more from that interview we touched on earlier here. 
  • 14:53
    This graphic details of this case from the courts makes very  difficult reading. 
  • 15:11
    It’s almost the weekend. Gravity is the big new release in cinemas. Donald Clarke has an interview with the director of this “breathlessly exciting” film here.  Here's the review. In a nutshell:  Four stars. Sandra Bullock is compelling as a novice astronaut under pressure in this visually staggering epic. 
  • 15:30
    The Chinese Communist party’s top brass are holding a their third plenum meeting this weekend which could have major implications for China and the world .
    “Freeing up land ownership, liberalisation of state-run industries and changes in rules governing migrant workers’ rights are expected to figure among the raft of reforms” ..writes Clifford Coonan in Beijing.
  • 15:47
    Typhoon Haiyan has maintained super typhoon status for 60 consecutive hours, The Weather Channel is reporting. It looks like it will make landfall in Vietnam this weekend. 
  • 15:54
    The Love /Hate hard men have today opened up to The Irish Times about their hatred of spoilers. “If people are watching intently for five weeks, the last thing they want is to find out what’s going to happen from the papers,” says actor Peter Coonan aka Fran.
    Eoin Burke Kennedy has more here ahead of this weekend’s finale. No spoilers here we promise. 
  • 16:11
    Dramatic footage of Russian special forces abseiling onto the activist ship Arctic Sunrise  and detaining the 28 crew  and 2 journalists at gunpoint on September 19th has been released today by Greenpeace. They are still being held and Greenpeace is campaigning to have them released.  Here’s the clip and here’s the Greenpeace blog .
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  • 16:18
    Scarves, gloves, hats & umbrellas at the ready. Sub-zero temperatures are forecast tonight and the sunshine in the capital has been replaced by miserable rain. Minimum temperatures tonight are forecast -1 to +4 and tomorrow Met Eireann is forecasting maximum temperatures of just 6 to 10 degrees. Brrrr.
  • 16:26
    Typhoon Haiyan will be seen widely in developing countries as a taste of what is to come......But what alarms the governments of vulnerable countries the most is that they believe rich countries have lost the political will to address climate change at the speed needed.  John Vidal of the Guardian puts the super-typhoon in its wider context here.  
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  • 16:31
    "Ryanair brings lots of different cultures to the beaches of Spain, Greece and Italy, where they couple and copulate in the interests of pan-European peace" - Reader Declan Kennedy has pointed me to this marvel that is Michael O'Leary's 33 daftest quotes, published today on the Guardian's website. I can picture toy manufacturers bringing out a MOL doll. Pull the string and one of these spits out. Read it here. 
  • 16:51
    An interactive map of how people on the ground in the Philippines are telling the story of Haiyan through social media has been compiled by the good people at Channel 4 News. 
  • 16:54
    News just in -  A man has admitted raping two young girls at a house in Athlone  in a crime which shocked the nation. The 30-year-old father of two has indicated he will plead guilty when his case comes to trial -  Brian McDonald has more here.
  • 17:04
    Hello Twitter. This is Paris calling. Welcome Lara Marlowe :) 
  • 17:33
    The people of Toronto may be able to breath a sigh of relief. Mayor Rob Ford is "considering his options" and "may enter rehab", Canada's Globe and Mail is reporting.  This comes after a video shows him drunk and threatening to murder someone just days after he admitted to smoking crack.....As one Economist headline put it today What do you do with a drunken mayor? More here. 
  • 17:43
    And on that story that keeps on giving it's goodbye from the Daily Wire. By the way the twist in Sunday's Love/Hate finale is...... (I wouldn't do that to you even if I knew!)