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Binning bitcoin, BOD 'sacked' from Bristol, Burgundy's Late Late and more

Genevieve Carbery Thu, Nov 28
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  • 10:08
    Great to see some genuine  good news this morning as the gardai cancelled the alert over the mother and children missing from Co Roscommon when they were found safe and well in Eniskillen.
    It was amazing to see the Child Rescue Ireland (CRI) alert system in work early today on the road signs, electronic dart station signs. Also the gardai used their new twitter alert system for this. More on this story here.
    Good morning, a little later than advertised but here with gusto welcome to The Daily Wire with Genevieve Carbery.
  • 10:12
    Big breaking story this morning is the resignation of the chief executive of RSA Ireland Philip Smith who claims he is the fall guy for the company's financial irregularities. 
    Resigning “offers me the opportunity to pursue justice outside the current flawed process,” he said. Eoin Burke-Kennedy has more here.
  • 10:16
    The headline of the day has to be this one from our front page: Case closed: Louis Vuitton sent packing from Red Square

    Russian authorities it seems did not take to well to the fashion houses's giant suitcase on display in between  the Kremlin walls  and a converted Tsarist-era shopping mall  .

  • 10:26
    So imagine being told you were swapped at birth, and not only that but that your real family was very wealthy with a lavish lifestyle while you were raised on benefits in a one-room apartment.

    That’s what one Japanese man learned, according to several news reports this morning. The details emerged after he won a court case against the hospital and E200,000. 
    While money isn’t everything the unmarried truck driver (60) has regrets over his lost life : "I might have had a different life. I want (the hospital) to roll back the clock to the day I was born," he told Japanese media. Sky has more on this story here. 
  • 10:44
    Inequality is essential to fostering "the spirit of envy" and greed is a "valuable spur to economic activity". If you haven’t yet read London mayor Boris Johnson’s annual Margaret Thatcher lecture – read about it and then please get mad and dismiss everything he says. More from the Guardian here. Full text link below.
  • 10:57
    More of us than ever will be zipping around the Capital on our sturdy blue three-speed bikes – the Dublin Bike scheme expansion of 950 new bikes and 58 hire points begins today.

    Two new bike stations open this morning (north Wall Quay, Gardiner St) with eight new stations in the coming weeks.

    There were so many cynics at the start predicting these bikes wouldn’t last in a city where so much public space and property seems to get vandalised. Olivia Kelly has more on this great news story here.
  • 11:12
    There was Tweetpanic across the city today as the infamous ‘Knobs and Knockers’ sign on Nassau street was spotted being removed, was snapped and tweeted: But our man in the city centre Conor Pope has just spoken the shop which brings hilarity to many a tourist (it sells door accessories if you don’t know). Panic over. It was being repainted and all is back to normal - the shop has assured him. The American tourists will continue to giggle their way down Nassau street.
  • 11:26
    Slash will be relieved that rumours of the Knobs and Knockers demise are false. (H/T to metal correspondent-wannabe Ronan McGreevy)
  • 11:28
    It seems that ESB union leader Brendan Ogle was treated to a Sean O’Rourke special grilling on RTE Radio this morning over the strike threat for December 16th. He denies it is disproportionate. He said the people being held to ransom are members of the pension scheme who have fulfilled all obligations.
  • 11:48
    Almost 100,000 homeowners are more than 90 days behind with their mortgage payments, figures just released by the Central Bank have shown. More on this later.
  • 11:58
    If this was Vietnam I think most internet users would be fined €3,400, repeatedly.  New laws fine anyone criticising the government on social media, according to reports. It’s the latest measure in a crackdown on dissent by the communist rulers.  More here. 
  • 12:08
    Socialist MEP Paul Murphy isn’t too happy with RTE’s Bryan Dobson. The broadcaster cut an interview with economist Ronan Lyons short last night due to protesters behind Lyons saying “the idiots behind you are a bit of a distraction”.  Murphy says calling protesters idiots is a “disgrace” here. 
    View it here and judge for yourself. 
  • 12:16
    Those spinmasters behind Anchorman 2 have given us another irresistible Irish video- Ron Burgundy’s take on the Late Late Toy Show.  
    “….It certainly sounds charming but not nearly as much fun as my wife  and I’s version of the Late Late Toy Show wherein she and I put on some jazz, oil up our bodies and..” Burgandy says in the video here.    

    Brilliant PR when you know that it’s blatant promotion but just can’t resist it!  
    H/T Ronan McGreevy
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  • 12:38
    It’s Thanksgiving in the US. And what’s the big news story today?  Will the 16 giant balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade be grounded due to high winds ? Will Snoopy and Spongebob fly? We wait with baited breath. Video here. 
  • 12:48
    The map of planned and existing Dublin Bike stations is here.
  • 13:03
    Here's one sentence guaranteed to make your jaw drop. Ireland’s banking system had total assets amounting to nine times the country’s GDP just before the State went into financial meltdown in 2008.

    That's according to governor Patrick Honohan addressing a conference in Reykjavik , the capital of the country once differentiated from Ireland only by one letter and six months. 
  • 13:18
    If you're out on the coast this weekend keep an eye out for  humpback, fin and minke whales and dolphins which are gorging on scad and herring and have been sighted from Wexford around to Bloody Foreland off Donegal, Lorna Siggins writes. Gorgeous underwater video of Dolphins off west Cork has been captured and is in the below story. 
  • 13:30
    Lots of very sharp reaction on twitter to Boris Johnson's speech. Here's a little sample:
  • 13:44
    Some of homegrown Irish fashion brand A|wear's stores are set to close in the coming days after the retailer went into receivership. It has 30 outlets in the State and has been operating here for 26 years.

    This coincides with CSO  figures showing spend on clothing is down 2.9% in October  (but spending on furniture and electric goods is up) more here 

  • 14:09
    The PR nightmare for the Nigella Lawson brand just continues. Today two personal assistants to Saatchi and Lawson complained that they were “being treated worse than Filipino slaves” when they were confronted over their alleged spending sprees on the couple’s credit cards, a court has heard. Follow the story here.

  • 14:26
    Snoopy, spiderman and Spongebob and all balloons given the all-clear to fly at the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Relieved? I thought you might be. 
  • 14:48
    Great excitement among astronomers to see whether a comet from the edges of the solar system will survive its close encounter with the sun. Comet ISON is hurtling towards the sun and is expected to get closest at 6.37pm today when it is 1.6m km away from the star.  

    It probably won’t be visible from Earth except from Nasa telescopes but if it survives the heat it could become visible from Earth in the next week.  
  • 14:56
    “Ireland rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll sacked as manager of Bristol City with immediate effect” - the Mirror’s Football account tweeted today. Woops. Here’s BOD’s response. PS the Mirror meant Sean O'Driscoll.
  • 15:18
    This story is the modern-day equivalent of losing a winning Lotto ticket. You can't help but read it, wince and look away all the the same time. £4m. How would you ever sleep properly again.
  • 15:28
    Some bad news on the jobs front. More than 570 workers at MSD pharmaceutical company in Swords are facing redundancy after it revealed plans to close one of its plants in Ireland by the end of 2017, Press Association reports.
  • 15:30
    Remember when President Bartlet called the butterball hotline? In honour of Thanksgiving here's one of the best West Wing scenes ever. Watch here.  Classic.
  • 15:31
  • 15:40
    If you Google ‘Thomas Byrne’ right now a photograph of the solicitor appears on the right hand side accompanied by a bio of his namesake the Fianna Fail Senator. 
    However Senator Byrne today secured interim High Court orders restrainingGoogle from publishing a photo image of the convicted solicitor with a profile of the politician, who is also a solicitor.

    Senator Byrne alleges the publication on the Google Knowledge Graph is “clearly and grossly defamatory” and that Google Ireland Ltd has no defence to his claims.
    The outcome of this one will be worth watching in a world where much information  automatically compiled and collated.
  • 16:01
    Charles Saatchi will not be giving evidence after all today in the trial of two former personal assistants accused of defrauding Nigella Lawson and Saatchi.  He made no comment to the dozens of photographers and TV crews outside. 
  • 16:11
    There must be something in the air tonight - Phil Collins is "thinking" about returning to music with a possible reunion of Genesis, the Guardian reports.  Oh Phil, think twice or it will be another day for you and me (and everyone else) in music hell....
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  • 16:19
    A horse was burned to death in Dublin today after it was doused with petrol and set alight near the Luas in Tallaght, the DSPCA says. The animal charity said it was one of the most "horrific incidents" its inspectors witnessed and gardai are investigating. Who would do such a thing? 
  • 16:58
  • 17:01
    I can’t see this going down well with charity donors. 
    The Central Remedial Clinic has admitted using charitable funds to top up the salaries of senior staff members.

    An internal HSE audit found that almost €250,000 in allowances was being paid annually to six senior staff members, in addition to their State-funded salaries.
    Carl O’Brien and Martin Wall have more. 
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  • 17:28
    Thinking of taking to the M50 tonight? Be warned reports are that traffic is very heavy northbound due to a two-car collision at Junction 11 Firhouse blocking two lanes. That's it from me. Thanks for reading. Stay classy Dublin.