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Áine McMahon Fri, Feb 7
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    Good morning, Aine McMahon here. Welcome along to Friday's Daily Wire.

    Today's five word weather - blue skies but blue fingers.
  • 09:46
    Sad news this morning as police in London believe a body found is that of missing student Patrick Halpin.
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    At least 20 who people fell ill at a Belfast gig last night are believed to have been suffering the effects of drink and drugs, the PSNI said last nigtht.  

    A “major incident” was declared at the Odyssey Arena last night, where Dutch DJ Hardwell was performing, when dozens of people attended the SOS bus for treatment at the concert.

    15 young people were taken to hospital for intoxication outside the arena, but police said no one is thought to be in serious condition. The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service said in total they dealt with about 40 people last night.

  • 09:53

    DJ Hardwell is set to play the 02 in Dublin tonight. But who is he, says you. DJ Hardwell or  Robbert van de Corput as he was christened is a purveyor of EDM. That's electronic dance music, do keep up. Here he is at European dance festival Tomorrowland last year. You can make up your own mind.  


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    The UK Daily Mirror have a report about a mother who shared a photo of her vomit covered son in a bid to end the neknomination craze. Read it here.  


    Nikki Hunter found her son passed out on the sofa after drinking nearly three bottles of spirits.

    The Mirror report that the 19 year old Scottish student accepted a dare to film himself downing a deadly mixture of vodka, whisky, Southern Comfort, Bacardi and sherry.

    His mother at first feared he might be dead or dying and placed him in the recovery position.

    She then posted the picture online and asked everyone to share it and said  “I wanted other parents to know what what their kids are doing. It was horrendous – he could have died."  


  • 10:10

    Lawyers for Irish nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady accused of killing a Massachusetts baby said medical experts hired by prosecutors have concluded the child suffered bone fractures weeks before her death when she was not in the nanny’s care.

    Aisling Brady McCarthy’s lawyers said in a written motion that prosecutors recently gave them reports from two medical experts — one at Children’s Hospital in Boston and the other at the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami.


    They found that compression fractures to Rehma Sabir’s spine were inflicted three to four weeks before her death in January 2013.

    The motion asks Judge S. Jane Haggerty to order prosecutors to give McCarthy’s lawyers any other records and information related to the medical reports on the earlier injuries.  

    During a pretrial hearing,McCarthy’s lawyer David Meier said the baby was “literally on the other side of the globe,” travelling overseas with her mother during that time and not under the nanny’s care. Several weeks later, Rehma was taken to the hospital with severe head injuries on her first birthday.  

    She died two days later. Prosecutors allege McCarthy was the baby’s only caretaker when the fatal injuries were inflicted.

  • 10:12

    A missing teen has been located safe and well, gardai said this morning.

    Katie Kearney, 15, had been missing from her home in Kilpedder, Co Wicklow since yesterday morning.

    Gardai said: "Katie Kearney has been located in Northern Ireland.

    "Gardai wish to thank the public, media and the Police Service of Northern Ireland for their assistance, which is much appreciated."

  • 10:13

    A true Dublin character Mary Dunne is reported to have passed away.

  • 10:22

    Trolls rejoice - A Scottish court has resisted attempts to force travel site Trip Advisor to reveal online critics of a guest house.  

    The couple, who operate the Tigh-Na-Cheo guest house, at Kinlochleven, in Lochaber, maintain reports by ‘edna B’ and ‘dreckit’ were false and set out events that were fictional. More here.  

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    Thousands of customers of Danske Bank are reminded they have just three days to withdraw their money here.

    Some 15,000 current accounts are to be terminated - and the majority of account holders have yet to close them.

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  • 10:41

    Live coverage of the Anglo Trial  by Irish Times reporters is taking place over here.  

    With former billionaire Sean Quinn set to give evidence as a witness later today, things are set to get interesting.  

  • 10:48

    Strangest press release of the day so far and it's only 10.46.  

    "The ISPCA has warned participants of the online “Neknomination” craze that eating live goldfish is a criminal offence under Animal Welfare laws and could potentially lead to prosecution.

    The charity issued the warning after receiving a number of calls about Neknomination videos in which it appears that goldfish are swallowed alive. These videos are currently under investigation. Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said: “This is one more reason, among many, why there should be great concern about this phenomenon. Eating any live animal and posting it on a social media site is not funny. It is unacceptable and is sending out a message that animal cruelty is okay”.  

    Am I alone in being worried that we live in a society where people have to be reminded not to swallow a goldfish?!  

  • 10:51
    There are unconfirmed reports that a sixth Garth Brooks concert will take place in Croke Park this summer. Just stick a jersey on him and put him in midfield at this stage.  
  • 10:58

    Don't expect to see Conor Pope drinking any goldfish any time soon - he has weighed in here on the Neknomination craze.  


  • 11:15
    Attention farmers:  Following contact with Danske bank today, IFA have got assurances that business/farmer current accounts are not being discontinued this week-end. The move to close personal current accounts follows three months’ notice for the individuals affected. However, Danske did confirm their plans to exit the Irish market in 2014. Business and farmer customers will be kept fully appraised of the Danske plans, and they will be given plenty of notice of any changes.
  • 11:24

    With just a week to go to Valentine's Day, there's this advice just in from  Fionnuala Sheehan, Chief Executive of

    “The message this Valentine’s to think about your drinking and make a conscious effort to pace yourself. Start your evening with a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, as drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, and food – even just a small snack – will help to slow down the absorption of any alcohol that you may drink. Having plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives over the course of an evening will also keep you refreshed, hydrated, and ready to last the night.”

    “Sharing romantic drinks with the one you love might be high on your Valentine’s wish list, but the reality is that too much booze could spoil your night. Two bottles of wine (14%ABV) might not seem like a vast quantity of alcohol, but it is actually equal to more than sixteen standard drinks. This is five standard drinks over the Department of Health’s low-risk weekly drinking limits for a woman and is a large percentage of a man’s weekly low-risk drinking limits."  

  • 11:42

    Ahead of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic,  a number of major institutions have made a public stand against Russia's anti-gay laws.

    Google have produced a rainbow version of its logo and quotes from the Olympic Charter including "practicing sport, without discrimination"  

    Meanwhile Channel 4 have made this video ahead of the games.  

  • 11:48

    Senator Ronan Mullen is on with Sean O'Rourke at the minute.  

    He has described people who are homophobic are "yobs".  

    He also claimed homophobia is all but gone from Irish society.

    Worth a listen on RTE Radio One right now.  

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    Sportz news just in - The FAI have confirmed that the Republic of Ireland will play Turkey in the Aviva on May 25th.  
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    The Irish student, Patrick Halpin missing in London for nearly two days has been found dead on the roof of a restaurant off Leicester Square, police have confirmed.

    Our London correspondent Mark Hennessy reports : The 18-year-old Loughrea separated from friends gathered in the Zoo Bar in Bear Street shortly after midnight on Wednesday, saying that he was going to a Burger King branch 20 metres away. Close-circuit television tape is understood to exist showing the Dublin City University student sitting in Burger King until shortly before 2am. Footage taken by one of three CCTV cameras in a narrow lane at the back of Bear Street used for rubbish collections and deliveries shows him climbing an outside stairs. This stairs leads to a metal, padlocked door, but it is surrounded by a mass of steel netting on the sides used to prevent access to the roof by drug addicts who frequently use the lane. So far, it is unclear how Mr Halpin gained access to the roof, though there is a service lift in the lane used to deliver supplies to the Chiquito restaurant. However, the location of the tragic discovery does explain how Mr Halpin could have gone missing for nearly 48 hours before his body was discovered

  • 12:33

    I can see this being a hit with hungover people.  


  • 12:38

    Down but not out - Bill "Penny Apples" Cullen is set to open a new car dealership,  

    “I’ve been itching to get back into the motor trade for some time. I had noticed that SsangYong had a new range that was performing well in other markets and when I spotted that it had entered the Irish market I knew it was time to make a move,” Mr Cullen said.

    Pamela Newenham reports.  

  • 12:53

    Police in Northern Ireland have launched an investigation into a mass underage drinking binge that saw more than 100 young concert-goers treated by medics in Belfast.

    Eighteen people were hospitalised in the wake of last night’s incident in and around the Odyssey Arena, where Dutch DJ Hardwell was playing to a crowd of 10,000. Police said around 300 young people were refused entry to the premises — some of whom were drunk and others too young to gain entry to the 16-and-over gig.  

    Around 40 required care from medics, ambulance crews and charity volunteers who set up an ad hoc treatment area outside. Inside the Odyssey, 68 concert goers needed medical assistance. There were reports of a number of fights breaking out and widespread drug taking.  

    Three people were arrested during the course of the night — a man aged 21 was detained for disorderly behaviour, another aged 18 was arrested for assault and resisting police arrest, and a 16-year-old woman was arrested for assault and resisting arrest. They remained in custody at a city centre police station today.

    DJ Hardwell will play the O2 in Dublin tonight.  

  • 13:23

    SIPTU has welcomed plans by Tallaght Hospital to increase staff numbers to deal with overcrowding, RTE have reported.  

    SIPTU organiser David Field told RTE that the union had been told today at its meeting with management that over the coming weeks, 13 care assistants and 19 specialist nurses will be assigned to duties at the hospital.

    Tallaght Hospital is expected to recruit some staff who lost employment with the closure of Mount Carmel Hospital.

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    An Army Bomb Disposal team rendered safe a Mills Type Grenade dating from the early 20th Century in Co. Roscommon this afternoon. The Team were deployed to a commercial premises in Ardnanagh, Co. Roscommon at the request of local Gardai.

    The grenade was found by a worker while carrying out excavation work. The Bomb Disposal Team arrived at 12.30 pm where they examined the grenade in situ. The Team transported it to a secure location and subsequently made it safe by means of a controlled explosion. The scene was declared safe at 1pm and the team have now returned to base.

    This is the 18th call-out so far in 2014 and the third involving historic grenades in the last seven days.

  • 14:25

    Yahoo! Inc is shifting its main European tax base to Ireland from Switzerland, a Reuters examination of company statements and accounts shows, as pressure mounts on the Alpine nation to abolish some corporate tax incentives.

    The internet search group said the shift reflected a streamlining of its European operations and was not motivated by a desire to cut its tax bill, one of the higher in the U.S. tech sector.

    "Yahoo pays all taxes required and complies with tax laws in all countries where we operate. We take our tax obligations seriously," Yahoo spokeswoman Caroline Macleod-Smith said.

    However, tax experts said it was likely the changes that Switzerland is expected to make to its tax rules, following European Union pressure, had some influence over the decision, and that other companies could follow Yahoo's lead.

  • 14:35

    There's no confirmation of earlier reports that Garth Brooks will play a sixth date in Croke Park. This is surely music to the ears of Clonliffe Road residents who will have Garth fans on their doorstep for five nights.  

    Garth Brooks is currently lighting up the Irish music charts with his 2013 six cd box set 'Blame it all on my Roots' coming in at Number 16 while his 1997 album 'Sevens' is at Number 14. There's also a Garth Brooks tribute album at No 13.  

  • 14:40

    A 29-year-old woman has been charged in connection with the death of a prison officer in Northern Ireland. The accused, who was arrested in Lurgan, Co Armagh earlier this week, has been charged with perverting the course of justice in relation to the killing of David Black in 2012.  

    The 52-year-old was shot dead as he drove to work along a motorway in Co Armagh. The father-of-two from Cookstown in Co Tyrone was the first prison warder to be killed in almost 20 years. The car used in the attack was found burned out nearby. Mr
    Black was on the M1 motorway en route to Maghaberry Prison in Co Antrim when he was shot on November 1 2012. The woman is due to appear in Craigavon Magistrates’ Court on March 5th.  

  • 14:46
    A state of the art unit for patients with epilepsy has opened in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. Have a look at the video here.
  • 14:51
    The family of Jonny Byrne whose death was linked to Neknomination will appear on the Late Late show tonight.  
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    Cool video on what photo sharing site Instagram would have looked like in the 1980's - when you had to shake it like a Polaroid picture.  


  • 15:55

    The financial regulator was “full square behind” a deal between Anglo Irish Bank and the Quinn family to buy out their interest in the bank’s shares, the trial of former Anglo Irish Bank directors William McAteer, Pat Whelan and Sean FitzPatrick heard this morning, Fiona Gartland reports.  

    Former Quinn group chief executive Liam McCaffery agreed with counsel for Mr Whelan, Brendan Grehan SC, that as far as he was concerned the financial regulator agreed to a deal between Sean Quinn snr and Anglo Irish Bank, documented in a memo on March 31st, 2008. More here.  

    You will find a recap of today's proceedings on the other live blog over here.  

  • 16:19

    The Guardian have a story about the word's first selfie wall.  

    "The Sochi Olympic park now boasts a magical white box that morphs into the shape of its visitors’ faces, bulging their profiles through the surface of its rubbery skin, forming a kind of digital Mount Rushmore for the Facebook age. Or a wall of sinister monumental death-masks, depending on how you look at it."  

  • 16:35
    The Anglo Trial has ended for today and will return on Monday.  
  • 16:38

    A Hardwell gig scheduled for Saturday night in Edinburgh has been cancelled. Hardwell play the 02 arena in Dublin tonight.  

    A decision was made to withdraw the licence for the DJ's gig at The Royal Highland Centre in Scotland after paramedics treated multiple casualties at his event in Belfast on Thursday evening.

    Promoter Colours posted a statement online confirming the cancellation of his Scottish gig which they said would not go ahead due to safety concerns.

    The statement said: "We regret to inform you that after a lengthy meeting with the City Chambers in Edinburgh, licencing board and Police Scotland this afternoon, a decision has been made to withdraw the licence for the I AM HARDWELL event tomorrow night at The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh.

    "This means that unfortunately the event will not go ahead. Due to the situation in Belfast on Thursday 6th February, it was decided that the event in Edinburgh should not go ahead due to safety concerns. We will give more details next week regarding either a rescheduled show or the refund procedure. We thank you for your understanding at this time."

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  • 16:47

    ITV have just confirmed that Simon Cowell will make a triumphant return as a judge on the UK X Factor.  

    He has been off the panel for the past three years and says the rest of the judging panel is undecided. Don't hold your breath Tulisa.  

  • 17:15

    We'll leave it there today. Back on Monday with both of our live blogs.

    Sean Quinn will begin his evidence at the trial of former Anglo executives Willie McAteer, Pat Whelan and Sean FitzPatrick on Monday.