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Reilly plans free GP care for under-fives, the Dublin Bus strike (day three) and other news . . .

Joanne Hunt Tue, Aug 6
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    Smile. It's a four-day week.
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    Good morning, it's Tuesday August 6th. Joanne Hunt here on The Daily Wire, with you until 5pm.
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    It's a mild, cloudy morning in the Capital, with light winds and no buses.
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    Nationwide, the forecast is for some bright or sunny spells today but mostly clouds with scattered outbreaks of rain, persistent in places later. Highest temperatures of 16 to 19 degrees in light breezes.
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    The top stories in today's Irish Times: Reilly plans free GP care for under-fives. Irish more likely to have abortions later, UK data reveals. Bus strike enters third day with no sign of resolution.
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    And a quick scan of the tabloids:
    The Irish Daily Mirror: Rolf Harris held on new sex claims
    The Irish Sun: One billion dollar direction - Niall and 1D lads set to smash cash ceiling
    The Irish Daily Star: Killer soldier sings at funeral
    The Irish Daily Mail: Heartless - motor neurone disease sufferers being refused medical cards
    The Herald: Brother's tears - victim in taxi hijack crash was dad-to-be
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    Some eerily empty bus lanes out there this morning. But all the more pleasant to cycle in.
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    Irish Times health correspondent Paul Cullen's scoop on free GP health care for under-fives is worth a read.

    The plan will see the announcement of free GP care for under-fives after the summer and a pledge to extend the benefit to other age groups over the following two years.
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    "I do not want any parent to be in a position where they have to decide between buying the groceries and bringing their child to the doctor," Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly said. Read Paul Cullen's article here.
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    Did you know that there are 400,000 bus journeys taken on Dublin Bus on a working day?

    But not today. And probably not again until later in the week. Read  Martin Wall's update on the Dublin Bus strike.
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    Got any favourite bus songs?

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    The Frank & Walters have one called Happy Busman.
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    No such transport problems on Mars though.

    A year into its landing, Nasa’s Curiosity rover has already travelled more than a mile on the red planet – that’s about 100 yards a day. "That's pretty much pure driving, pedal to the metal,” said John P. Grotzinger, the mission’s project scientist.

    The vehicle has taken more than 36,700 images and fired 75,000 laser shots to analyze rocks and soil.  And the Martian day is longer than ours, by about 40minutes. No mention of a strike though.
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    Fun Fact: 42 per cent of shoppers used Dublin Bus to get to the city centre, while roughly 80 per cent of people going to Dundrum Town Centre use a car. Or should that be cawr?
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    Oh dear. The head of the Queensland parliament's ethics committee has stood aside from the role over a text message scandal.

    A woman, who asked not to be named, detailed how she and Liberal National Party MP Peter Dowling repeatedly used his parliamentary annexe bedsit and electorate office to conduct their two and a half year affair.

    Mr Dowling has also been accused of taking advantage of parliamentary travel trips to meet his mistress in locations including Perth and New Zealand, The Australian reports.

    As tales of sexting and affairs have gripped US, Italian and Australian politics, is it only a matter of time before such a story breaks here?

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    Missing your 'good' jumper?
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    Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has proposed a one-month toll “holiday” for heavy goods vehicles in November in an attempt to entice hauliers to motorways. Seemingly, they've been using by-roads to avoid paying expensive tolls.
    It cost me €7.60 in tolls for a Dublin to Clonakility return trip this weekend - but that's not enough it appears. The Minister has conceded more than €30 million could be spent in the next three years compensating toll operators on national routes where traffic levels have fallen below expectations. Read Mary Minihan's report.
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    NUI Galway has launched a points calculator app, iPoints, to help Leaving Certificate students to calculate points from exam results.

    'Students using the app will simply enter their results for each subject, indicating whether it is higher or ordinary level. The app calculates the number of points attained in each subject, and indicates the total.'

    Isn't that just a calculator? See for yourself.

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    Some 15 per cent of Irish residents who travelled from Ireland for an abortion in England or Wales last year were married. Irish residents are more likely to have an abortion later in pregnancy than their English or Welsh counterparts, the statistics show. Read Pamela Duncan's report of the county by county trends. 

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    Some 347 women who travelled from Ireland for an abortion in England or Wales last year were aged under 20, 812 were aged 35 and over.  
  • 11:30
    John Stevenson With more cars on the road due to the bus strike, why not open the bus lanes to ease congestion until the strike is over
  • 11:37

    The Department of Transport says private bus operators and taxis need the lanes John, however the spokesman said if necessary, this decision could change. 

    When Dublin Bus went on strike in 2000, all road users were permitted to use the lanes.

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    A woman bitten by an infected tick while staying in Clifden tells of her diagnosis of Lyme disease in today's Health + Family supplement.
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    "This is the first time a pope has used the word 'gay', a word originating from within the LGBT community, rather than 'homosexual', a word originating from the medical profession, in acknowledging gay people as a recognisable and legitimate group within the church." So says Gay Catholic Voice Ireland of comments made by Pope Francis in relation to gay people last week. Read Patsy McGarry's report.

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    'No more bare boobs. Because boobs aren't news' - the campaign to get page three images out of The Sun.

    The campaign started last year when Lucy Holmes found she couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that the largest female image in The Sun was of a young woman showing her breasts for men, even though Jessica Ennis had just won her Olympic gold medal.
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    It's musical chairs at the bank.
  • 12:27
    The 'no more bare boobs' campaign has 113,193 individual signatories including Jennifer Saunders, Lauren Laverne, Caitlan Moran as well as group signatories including the Girl Guides Association and the UK's National Union of Teachers.
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    "UK civil servants have been banned from using 30 ugly words. There will be no more “delivering” – unless pizzas are involved; no more “empowerment” or “facilitation”, and nothing will ever be “key” again, apart from things that fit in locks. “Going forward” – another banned phrase – there will be no more “fostering” without children and no more “driving” without steering wheels," writes Lucy Kellaway for the Irish Times.

    Oh how I wish it was the same here.
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    Twas like a weddin'.

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    "The failure of the State can be calibrated in many ways: the unwillingness to protect vulnerable citizens from slavery and abuse, the inability to sustain a modest prosperity, the apparently endemic resort to mass emigration, the descent into systemic corruption, the throwing away of hard-won sovereignty, the persistence of structural inequality," writes Fintan O'Toole in today's Irish Times.
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    Well that's one TD making the most of the summer.
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    'Alternatives to austerity' - read John Moran, the Secretary General of the Department of Finance's address to the MacGill Summer School.
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    "It is imperative therefore that we remain committed to returning Ireland to a sound fiscal footing; that our better judgement is not clouded by wishful thinking and that the efforts up to now are not undone by complacency. I realise it’s not the message that the people of Ireland want to hear but seldom do necessity and desirability make comfortable bedfellows," says Moran.
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    'You’d see more hassle on Harcourt Street on a Saturday night' - read Una Mulally's verdict on Oxegen. Not everyone who went was a 'scumbag' you know.
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    Whoever said that Cats were aloof?
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    Ah here. Not what Dublin commuters need right now.
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    The Hoff never looked so good.
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    Would Irish parents be too squeamish about this type of direct advertising to their tween daughters?

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  • 14:31
    "That sounds like the reverse Don Draper approach: You want to buy the product, not the feeling" - The Atlantic gives its verdict on tampon advertising.
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  • 14:54

    The growing popularity of park runs - sports writer Emmet Malone investigates the phenemenon.

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    Right. What you've all been waiting for - the official trailer to 'Diana', the movie about the life and loves of the Princess of Wales. Sounds like her lady-in-waiting in the movie has an Irish accent.

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    MCD Productions puts paid to rumours that Eminem to cancel Slane gig.
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    Panic over. The Dort is back.
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    Irish mobile phone users pay five times more to make domestic phone calls than people living in the Baltic region. The European Commission has described the price discrepancy as inexplicable, writes Conor Pope.
  • 15:31
    Lithuania is the cheapest country in the EU to make mobile phone calls with the average price there standing at 1.9 cent a minute compared with an average price of 10.2 cent in the Republic.

    The European Commission has put the average price across the EU at 9.1 cent per minute.
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    Minister of State for Health Kathleen Lynch is recovering at home in Cork following her release from hospital after bring treated for septicaemia.
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    The Seanad is likely to be recalled from holidays before the end of this month to discuss the law on organ donation, writes Stephen Collins.
  • 16:10
    Senator Mark Daly criticsed the Minister for Health for not following the example of Croatia, a country regarded as having the most comprehensive policies on organ donation.

    “He should have put transplant coordinators in every hospital, allowed for data sharing among state agencies, appointed one competent authority on organ donation and transplantation and had a debate on the difficult issue of consent," said Senator Daly.
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    'I'm happy this is going to be my last year...' Louis Walsh confirms this is his final series as a judge on The X Factor. The 61 year-old told the TV Times he needed his life back and was looking forward to working on other projects.
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    In Dublin and want to be home in time for your tea? Then you probably should have started walking about an hour ago. No budge on the Dublin Bus strike.
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  • 16:53
    Word is that the Labour Court is seeking to arrange exploratory talks with both sides in Dublin Bus dispute tomorrow.
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    That's it from the Daily Wire today, thanks for stopping by. We're back again tomorrow at 9am.

    You can continue to stay up to date with and on twitter  @IrishTimesLive.
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    Mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain in the west and northwest tonight, with good dry spells developing later.

    The rest of the country will be mostly dry, with just a few scattered showers. Misty in places, with a few fog patches. Minimum temperatures 9 to 12 Celsius.