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David Cochrane Fri, Jun 14
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  • 09:47
    A man's been warned by West Midlands Police after he dialed 999 to complain about a prostitute's looks after seeing her outside a hotel. According to the report (which you can read here), the gentleman wanted to report her under the Sale of Goods Act.

    He'd probably have been better off reporting the prositute to the UK Office of Fair Trading...
  • 09:48

    Good morning, it's David Cochrane here on the Irish Times Live Blog until 5pm.

  • 09:58
    We start this morning with analysis of the Irish Times Ipsos MRBI poll on party and leader support from this morning's Irish Times. As we revealed last night, Fianna Fail remains the biggest party in terms of support from the poll which was conducted on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Satisfaction with the Government is up 3 points to 21%.

    There don't appear to be any particular swings from the poll, especially given that all the changes are within the +/- 3% margin of error.

    That said, you can read Damien Loscher's analysis of the poll results here.
  • 09:59
    The changes to party support, from this infographic by the Irish Times Studio are quite fascinating. Unless you're Labour.
    The changes to party support, from this infographic by the Irish Times Studio are quite fascinating. Unless you're Labour.
  • 10:19
    The most popular story on this morning is Simon Carswell's piece on Philip Burwell, who's registered over 2,000 off-shore companies from a small house in Ranelagh.

    > Over 2,000 offshore firms set up from home in Ranelagh, Dublin
  • 10:40
    Whoever Rupert Murdoch is or isn't married to is not something I find especially interesting, but this video is worth another look regardless...

  • 10:41
  • 10:47
    Our Economics Editor Dan O'Brien's column from Business This Week is bound to create debate. He argues that the property market has hit the bottom, well, probably.

    "An inflection point in property prices was reached early last year. After a half decade of uninterrupted collapse, prices nationally have been broadly stable since."

    There is definitely demand in certain parts of Dublin especially. Dan's article is open to comment, so do share your thoughts/views on whether you think prices have stablisied, or could continue to fall.

    > Irish property market has hit bottom, probably 
  • 10:52
  • 11:00
    A plane crashed into an airport hangar at Chino Airport, California overnight. The plane was undergoing a test according to KTLA, who tweeted a photo from the scene.

  • 11:29
    Frank McNally's Irishman's Diary today is on why certain words are the enemy of meaning. He's a few suggestions, and so too do our readers....

    > Adjectives that should be banned 
  • 11:45
    An Australian radio host has been sacked after asking Prime Minister Julia Gillard some rather odd questions about her husbands sexuality during a live interivew.

    > Australian DJ fired over Gillard interview

    The DJ said that given Gillard's husband was a hairdresser, he must be gay.
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  • 12:03

    There's the Whopper, there's the Double Whopper, and did you know there's even a Triple Whopper? I kid you not.

    So how about one with nine burgers? 

    The Canadian National Broadcaster reports that a Wendy's outlet in Brandon, Manitoba was offering the 'T-Rex burger' consisting of nine quarter-pound burgers stacked with nine slices of cheese (well, maybe calling it cheese is a bit much). The burger had 3,000 calories, 200 grams of fat and 6,000 mgo of sodium.

    The Wendy's outlet has since back-tracked and withdrawn the burger.

  • 12:25
    Here's the Martyn Turner Cartoon from today's Irish Times
    Here's the Martyn Turner Cartoon from today's Irish Times
  • 12:45
    Meath West Sinn Féin TD Peadar Tóibín has insisted that he will be voting against the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill when it comes before the Dáil shortly.

    A party spokesman has insisted that voting against the Bill will be a breach of the party's rules, and will result in Tóibín being expelled from the parliamentary party. 

    Harry McGee reports here.
  • 13:14
    Patsy McGarry reports this lunchtime that every Catholic parish in the state is being circulated with the fourth of ten leaflets by the Church's bishops urging people to lobby their local representatives in opposition to the Government's legislation on abortion.
  • 14:01
    The Microsoft v Apple battles continue, but a small admission of defeat is being seen this lunchtime with news that Microsoft has released Office for iOS.

    It's currently only available for the iPhone, and is rather unlikely to become available for the iPad. If it was, it would render Microsoft 's tablet offering (the 'Surface') substantially less attractive than it already is.

    Finally. Office 365 is available for the iPhone, lets you edit any Word, Excel and PowerPoint file (TheNextWeb)
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  • 15:40
    In his latest desperate appeal for attention, former Fox News anchor Glenn Beck claims to have shocking news, that will literally, he says, rock the United States.

    Beck claims the news will bring down tye "entire power structure, pretty much everything" which will "greatly divide" the nation. Maybe he knew about Office for iOS in advance of the announcement earlier.
  • 15:40
  • 16:26
    The new Superman movie is out this weekend. From the review in today's The Ticket Donald Clarke say's "it's not pants", giving it a so-so three stars.

    " It’s a shame that the supposed Man of Steel seems actually to be made of teak, but the classiness of the supporting cast just about compensates."

    Meanwhile Tara Brady interviews Michael Shannon, who plays Zod in the new Superman movie...

    "Unsurprisingly, Shannon’s General Zod – a fascistic pair of breeches once occupied by Terence Stamp in Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980) – turns out to be the best thing about Man of Steel."
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  • 16:59
    Conor Pope informs me that this is a big Deal (geddit?)

  • 17:14
    And I think that's just about it from the Live Blog for Friday.

    I'll finish with a shameless plug for The Irish Times this weekend:
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