All-Ireland SFC: Kerry v Mayo

Deja vu in Dublin as the Kingdom face the men from the west in an All-Ireland semi-final replay

Patrick Madden Sat, Aug 26
LIVE: All-Ireland SFC: Kerry v Mayo

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  • Good afternoon!

    Welcome to our coverage of the All-Ireland SFC semi-final replay between Mayo and Kerry.

    One day, somebody will release a video of Mayo's 2017 Championship campaign. Stephen Rochford's side have played a mammoth eight games - including two replays and two lots of extra-time.

    It has been quite the journey, and today we will finally found out if it is destined to last into September.

    Standing in Mayo's way are a Kingdom side who were far from their best in last weekend's drawn semi - but took a leaf out of the Mayo book and simply refused to be put away.

    Which side can summon up that little bit extra and book themselves a place in the All-Ireland final? That's anybody's guess. It's probably easier to side the draw.

    We'll be bringing you all the action from Croke Park today - here's to another epic.

    Come on!!!


    Mayo: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Donal Vaughan, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan, Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle; Seamus O'Shea, Tom Parsons; Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor; Jason Doherty, Cillian O’Connor, Andy Moran.

    Kerry: Brian Kelly; Shane Enright, Mark Griffin, Killian Young; Peter Crowley, Tadhg Morley, Paul Murphy; David Moran, Anthony Maher; Stephen O’Brien, Johnny Buckley, Donnchadh Walsh; Paul Geaney, Kieran Donaghy, James O’Donoghue.

  • Mayo are unchanged today, while Eamonn Fitzmaurice makes one swap - Donnchadh Walsh coming in for the injured Michael Geaney.

    The question on everybody's lips, however, is how will Aidan O'Shea be deployed after being placed on Kieran Donaghy last time out.

  • Here's some pre-match reading:

    Roscommon manager Kevin McStay believes Mayo may regret not putting Kerry away last weekend, you can read his thoguhts HERE.

    However Keith Duggan suggests this can be Mayo's day, read his preview HERE.

    And Keith Duggan is one of few voices who feel Rochford's decision to put O'Shea on Donaghy was not a failure - read why HERE.

  • Whether regarderd as a success or not, Rochford's decision to use O'Shea as a marker on Donaghy was a leftfield one.

    And it wasn't his first - in this week's GAA Statistics column Eamon Donoghue has looked at some of the Mayo manager's other interesting calls, which you can read HERE.


  • Looks like Kerry have made a few changes to the team named, with jack Barry coming in for Anthony Maher and Tom O'Sullivan in for James O'Donoghue. Remains to be seen where O'Sulliva will line-up.
  • Make that three changes - Jonathan Lyne also starts, in place of Mark Griffin. Fitzmaurice has really shaken things up.
  • The teams are out in Croke Park.

    Here we go again.

  • Both sides decked out in chamge strips of red and black and blue and yellow again.
  • The weather is much nicer in Dublin today. But you get the sense there's still a storm coming.
  • Referee David Gough calls the teams out of their huddles.

    Aidan O'Shea loitering in midfield.

    We're underway!!!

  • 1 min: There are tussles off the ball all over the pitch before throw-in. Early possession for Mayo and Aidan O'Shea picks up a ball in midfield and makes a bursting carry. Looks like Donal Vaughan is marking Donaghy. Lee Keegan goes wide from O'Shea's pass but Mayo had a free - Cillian O'Connor gets Mayo on the board. Kerry 0-0 Mayo 0-1
  • 3 min: Bright start from Mayo, Andy Moran finds space off the shoulder but goes wide on the angle. Poor kick out from Brian Kelly - early momentum with Mayo, but then new man Jonathan Lyne levels things up with a nice point from a long David Moran ball, which is helped on by Donaghy. Kerry 0-1 Mayo 0-1
  • 5 min: Johnny Buckley gets hit late but fairly and Mayo turn it over. Peter Crowley then clotheslines Donal Vaughan and receives a deserved yellow card. Andy Moran then earns a free on the 13-metre which Cillian O'Connor slots. Kerry 0-1 Mayo 0-2
  • 7 min: Another Aidan O'Shea burst from deep and he's fouled by opposite number Buckley. Poor discipline from Kerry so far. Keith Higgins plays it to Andy Moran who sneaks a neat point in at the near post. Kerry 0-1 Mayo 0-3
  • 9 min: Plenty of handbags thus far. Donaghy cuts inside and is challenged by Aidan O'Shea and goes to ground easily - and his dramatics earn him a free and O'Shea a yellow card. Paul Geaney slots the free. Kerry 0-2 Mayo 0-3
  • 10 min: Good play from Mayo and Keegan bursts upfield and looks to shoot but is well tackled by Peter Crowley. Kerry break through Jack Barry and Paul Geaney scores from play. All square. Kerry 0-3 Mayo 0-3
  • 12 min: Johnny Buckley checks inside twice and sends over a nice point. Good little spell for the Kingdom. Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-3
  • 13 min: Andy Moran slips and regains hs step and is hauled down cheaply by Shane Enright - who gets a yellow. This is very bitty stuff so far. Cillian O'Connor nails his third free. Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-4
  • 14 min: Monster point from Kevin McLoughlin. Great strike. Kerry break upfield and go long to Donaghy - but Aidan O'Shea beats him in the air.  Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-5
  • 16 min: Donal Vaughan goes wide from a narrow angle but it falls to Cillian O'Connor, who tries one over his left shoulder but hooks it. Mayo dominating in midfield, however, with plenty of runners from deep. Colm Boyle burst through before going wide again - but Mayo have the free. Cillian O'Connor points again. Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-6
  • 18 min: Not sure what Brian Kelly has done there - he puts a kick out straight out behind him, gifting Mayo a 45. Bizarre. Cillian O'Connor sees his effort curl wide. Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-6
  • 20 min: Kerry have won just four of their nine kickouts so far - Mayo are five from five. Another misdemeanour from Kieran Donaghy and he earns a yellow, Kerry's third.  Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-6
  • 21 min: Mayo breezing through the middle of the park, Keegan finds space but goes wide. Brian Kelly's kick out wasn't long enough and the referee calls a hop ball - after a scramble Kerry escape with a free out. Mayo should have more to show for their dominance.  Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-6
  • 23 min: David Moran wriggles and turns under the attentions of two Mayo defenders and then goes wide on the right. David Clarke quick with the kick-out, Mayo looking to keep the tempo high. Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-6
  • 25 min: Mayo possession around the 45 and they aren't going anywhere until Tom O'Sullivan cedes a free for tugging a shirt off the ball. Cillian O'Connor nails his fifth point from 40 metres. Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-7
  • 26 min: Minimal space for Paul Geaney but he does enough to engineer a lovely point. Kerry 0-5 Mayo 0-7
  • GOAL MAYO!!!!!
  • 27 min: Patient Mayo build-up and Donal Vaughan has a hopeful potshot from distance which is fading under the bar - but Diarmuid O'Connor gets a fist to it and finds the net! Up the other end there is nearly an instant response from Crowley but it fizzes just wide. David Moran misses the 45. Kerry 0-5 Mayo 1-7
  • 30 min: another good Mayo move and Tom Parsons finds Chris Barrett on his right shoulder and he slots nicely. Mayo lead by six. Kerry 0-5 Mayo 1-8
  • 31 min: Paul Geaney has a free and a chance to stem the Mayo tide. He goes short to Stephen O'Brien instead and he's scragged by Barrett who is shown a yellow. This time, geaney slots the free. Kerry 0-6 Mayo 1-8
  • 34 min: Excellent drive from deep by the brilliant Colm Boyle - but Brendan Harrison skews his effort wide. Mayo have a five point lead but it should be closer to double figures. Kerry 0-6 Mayo 1-8
  • 35 min: It opens up for Geaney and he goes uncharacteristically wide. he still looks like Kerry's best outlet, though. Kerry 0-6 Mayo 1-8
  • 36 min: Danger for Kerry, Mayo break and Keegan sends it up towards Diarmuid O'Connor and Brian Kelly fists it loose - but there's no black and red shirt following up. Kerry escape without any damage. Kerry 0-6 Mayo 1-8
  • 38 min: Mayo change, Paddy Durcan on for Donal Vaughan. Stephen O'Brien thinks he's through but the whistle goes - Donaghy handled on the floor after putting pressure on Aidan O'Shea. Kerry 0-6 Mayo 1-8
  • HT: KERRY 0-6 MAYO 1-8
  • The teams are back out for the second half.

    We're back underway!

  • 36 min: Aidan O'Shea wins the throw-in and bursts forward, the ball goes loose but there's a Kerry push and Cillian O'Connor will have an early free, which he slots. Kerry 0-6 Mayo 1-9
  • 37 min: Changes for Kerry - James O'Donoghue and Darren O'Sullivan on for Johnny Buckley. O'Donoghue points. Kerry 0-7 Mayo 2-9
  • GOAL MAYO!!!
  • 38 min: New man Conor Loftus goes long to Andy Moran who fields it excellently and plays a one-two with Cillian O'Connor and then turns it home! Stunning goal from Mayo's old hands up front. Kerry 0-7 Mayo 2-9
  • 40 min: Kerry free, Aidan O'Shea getting a bit of attention but he's fine to carry on. Geaney slots the free. Kerry 0-8 Mayo 2-9
  • 41 min: Killian Young goes long to Donaghy who wins it above Aidan O'Shea. The ball breaks nicely for Geaney who looks to have scored but Colm Boyle makes a vital block on the goal line. Kerry try and play their way in from the 45 but Mayo break them up. Kerry 0-8 Mayo 2-9
  • 43 min: A poor effort from Donaghy is gobbled up by David Clark and cheers ring around Croke Park. And then the referee shows Darren O'Sullivan a black card. Kerry 0-8 Mayo 2-9
  • 45 min: Sustained spell of pressure form Kerry but Geaney turns down an easy point as they search for the goal. Kerry free which Geaney slots. Kerry 0-9 Mayo 2-9
  • 46 min: WOW! DAVID CLARKE TAKE A BOW! Stephen O'Brien is in for Kerry but a stunning double-save from the Mayo 'keeper keeps the Kingdom at bay and Mayo earn a free-out. Huge moment - Kerry in the ascendancy but with nothing to show for it. Kerry 0-9 Mayo 2-9
  • 48 min: And then Mayo break and Jason Doherty points after some patient build-up. Kerry 0-9 Mayo 2-10
  • 50 min: Long ball up to Donaghy who wins it supremely but can only knock it down to Brendan Harrison. Mayo have a spell of possession until Loftus loses it and Stephen O'Brien breaks - Cillian O'Connor brings him down and is shown a black card! Kerry 0-9 Mayo 2-10
  • 52 min: A nice point from Jack Barry. But then Mayo break and Loftus fists it over the bar form a narrow angle. Kerry 0-10 Mayo 2-11
  • 53 min: Kerry having more joy up the pitch with James O'Donoghue on, and he finds Stephen O'Brien who calmy points. A Kerry goal could really rattle Mayo. Kerry 0-11 Mayo 2-11
  • 55 min: Long Kerry ball up and Brendan Harrison fouls Paul Geaney. Geaney makes no mistake and Kerry are within five - Kerry pressing far better now and putting Mayo under pressure. Kerry 0-12 Mayo 2-11
  • 57 min: Andy Moran has been imperious again today and he jinks and earns a free. No Cillian O'Connor to take it, but Jason Doherty steps up to nail it on the angle. Kerry 0-12 Mayo 2-12
  • 59 min: Mayo look to have won it back but Donaghy emerges with the ball on the right and finds O'Donoghue, who is fouled by Keith Higgins. O'Donoghue slots the free. Kerry 0-13 Mayo 2-12  
  • 60 min: Paddy Durcan bursts from deep but is off balance as he shoots and the ball tails wide. Another chance spurned. And then O'Donoghue squeezes one in off the post - it's a four point game. Kerry 0-14 Mayo 2-12
  • 63 min: Brilliant jink from Colm Boyle who has an advantage but tries to finish the game with a goal. 45 Mayo, the advantage passed. Peter Crowley sent off for a second yellow, and Jason Doherty sends the 45 over. Kerry 0-14 Mayo 2-13
  • 66 min: A brilliant point from McLoughlin. Mayo are on the brink. Kerry 0-14 Mayo 2-14
  • 68 min: Mayo are nearly home and hosed - Loftus with a lovely score from the left. Kerry 0-14 Mayo 2-15
  • 69 min: Paul Geaney - by far Kerry's best outlet - gets his eighth point with a free. Kerry 0-15 Mayo 2-15
  • 70 min: Another free for Geaney. Kerry 0-16 Mayo 2-15
  • 72 min: Lovely Mayo build-up and Durcan points. Kerry 0-16 Mayo 2-16
  • 73 min: Both sides are going to finish on 14 men - Paddy Durcan is shown a second yellow. And then there's another ding-dong - Donaghy gives O'Shea a whack and is shown a straight red. That sums up the petulance in Kerry's play today. Kerry 0-17 Mayo 2-16
  • FT: Kerry 0-16 Mayo 2-17
  • Right, thanks for joining today. Sean Moran's report from Croke Park will be along shortly.