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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Fri, Aug 17
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  • 08:39
    Fáilte romhaibh ar maidin! Welcome to the Leaving Cert helpdesk. It is day #3 of the Leaving Cert/CAO 2018 season and our expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will be here from 9am until 1pm to answer any questions you may have today regarding your results, the CAO, or anything else that might be related. Just click on 'Contact Us' to submit your question. In the meantime check for information about college life, exam results analysis, and more. If you want to cast your eye back on yesterday's Q&A, click here.
  • 08:44
    Maths was one of just seven subjects at higher level where boys fared better than girls.  

  • 09:29

    My daughter got 399 points, enough for Arts in limerick but did not get H4 minimum requirement to study French as a subject. NUIG is lower preference in CAO & has met minimum requirement for that (H5) to study French there. Can she get offered NUIG?

    Interesting question.   Lets assume UL Arts is preference one and NUIG Arts is preference two. My understanding on this if your daughter meets the entry requirements for Arts in UL which are O6/H7 in English and one other language, F6/O6/H7 in Maths and gets a minimum of 2H5 and 4O6/H7 overall, then she will be offered this course.   Then when she starts the course and starts to look at the subjects she would like to do then H4 is laid down as a requirement to choose French.   In NUIG there is no additional requirement for studying French.   So if your daughter meets the basic entry requirements for Arts in UL she will be offered this course and will not be offered the lower NUIG Arts course.   I would suggest giving the UL admissions office a call to discuss this.  

  • 09:38

    Am I too late to return to college as a mature student, I am 50, haven't picked a college course yet?

    No one is too late to return to college as a mature student, in fact our colleges have a thriving mature student population.   If you haven't done anything about this yet for the upcomming academic year, it might be a bit of a rush.   This is something you would need to think about quite a lot and seek guidance on your options, e.g. if you have been out of education for a long time it may be worth your while considering doing a back to education preparitory course first before starting a full higher education course.   You could start by having a read of the information on this link and see where you want to go from there.   The very best of luck with it.  

  • 09:45

    I got 474, more than enough for DCU international business, but missed the maths requirement. If I start a course this year, can I resit maths next year and transfer? Otherwise I’ll have to do a course 100 points less than what I got in DIT.

    Yes, you can resit Maths next year and then use your score in this, plus your points score from this year to matriculate and enter the course in DCU, hoping the points don't go up in the meantime.   If the course you are thinking of starting is another CAO course, remember there will be fee implications, as the "free" fees only apply to one first year, so if you do another first year in another course you will have to pay higher fees for it.   I would just mention, have a careful look at the DIT course and don't get hung up on points.   It may be a very suitable course when you examine it in detail, regardless of points.   Best of luck.

  • 09:47

    If I resit maths next year can I carry over my points from this year? How do I go about doing this?

    See previous reply.   When you apply to the CAO next year you just make sure you put both your LC numbers on the form and the CAO will then pick up the 2 sets of results and they will automatically be combined.

  • 09:51

    Morning! Re vacancies on cao - is this an option to enrol into a different course to the one that will offered by cao on Monday? Best time to apply and are these courses ones that have spaces due to lack of interest prior to first round offers? ta!

    If colleges have any new courses that open for application after the Change of Mind deadline or if any places remain unfilled in particular courses after all offers have been made and the waiting lists of applicants meeting minimum entry requirements have been exhausted, such vacancies will be advertised in the Available Places section of the CAO website.   All the details re courses, dates, precedures are laid out on the CAO website link below including a video on the system.

  • 09:57

    My daughter got 308 points can she do BA Arts open in Maynooth University. She has the course requirement.

    If she has met the course entry requirements, thats great, she is now a qualified applicant.   All she has to do now is wait until Monday to see what the cut off points are for this course and if they fall at or below 308 then she will be offered a place.   Last year the standard cut off points were 327, this is our best guide as to what the points might be this year, but as we have said before this can change.   We won't know for definite until Monday morning at 6am.  

  • 09:58

    Will my UCAS offer affect my cao offer?

    No, the application systems are completely separate and do not interfere with each other.   You make you decisions separately based on the offers you get from each system.

  • 10:07

    My son got 455 points and wants to do DN250 this lady year went down to 454 in scond rounds do u think these points will stay the same this year.

    There's no way of knowing for definite, but Ag courses did jump quite a bit in the recession years and there may be a bit of room for them to steady or maybe fall a little.   Total mentions on the CAO this year for agriculture related courses fell a little but how this will be reflected on an individual cours such as DN250 we don't know.   I would be hopeful he might be ok.   Fingers crossed.

  • 10:25

    Hi I saw online that Sligo and Cork will be doing a repeat maths exam for all OL students I was wondering if anywhere in Dublin will be doing this? I am getting it reviewed and rechecked as it was a total shock to myself and my teacher.

    My understanding is that the only Dublin college offering a Maths matriculation exam is DIT but it is at higher level.   However, this could change with the high failure rate at OL and some other colleges may decide to offer an exam similar to Cork and Sligo.   If I were you I would contact the admissions office of the colleges you have applied to and check if there are any plans to offer such an exam.   You have nothing to loose by doing this.

  • 10:26

    Agricultural science was 454 last year on second round do u think it will go up this year?

    See previous reply below.

  • 10:59

    Is there any way to transfer after year one in a university, and slot into second year in another? Given that the courses are both business.

    Transfers do happen like this.   Unfortunately, different colleges have different policies on this and it is hard to make a general comment.   In a lot of cases the college you are trying to transfer into will look at what places they have, the 1st year content in your course in relation to the one you are trying to transfer into, etc. I's suggest ringiing the admissions office or business faculty office of the colleges you are concerned with and have a chat with them about transfer options.

  • 11:21

    Child wanted Demoninated Psychology (NUIG or UL - both offer PSI accreditation - 509 and 510 in last round in 2017). He's got 488 - enough for Psychology + Sociology UL (PSI accredited) on 2017's 484 but he didn't it in CAO - is there any option?

    Unfortunately, he cannot change his current CAO application now, so cannot introduce a new course at this stage.   There are some arts degrees that have a Psychology component - has he any of these on his CAO?   He is probably faced with looking at the offer he receives on Monday and deciding if it is a degree he would enjoy - possibly with a view to pursuing a post graduate course in Psychology, reappying again next year through the CAO to get a Psychology course on lower points - Waterford IT, NCI, DBS, etc., he could look into clearing in the UK and see if there is a Psychology course there that he might be interested in for this year - .   He could also look at doing a PLC/FETAC course next year that is linked to a Psychology course in the CAO system.   These are just a few possible options.

  • 11:23

    Hi, I know you’re sick of answering this question but do you personally think that 464 points will be enough to get my first choice of dn700? I’d appreciate your opinion :)

    Please see earlier replies from yesterday.

  • 11:34

    I only received 123 points in leaving cert, I wanted to do Arts in Nuig, what are my options, would a plc in applied social studies in Gti be recognised fo arts for next year, does suzi cover gti?

    I would suggest applying for a PLC course in a related area which would serve two functions.   One to see if you would actually like to go on to study a humanities degree and second if yes, it might porvide you with an alternative entry pathway.   The social studies course in GTI is linked to Arts in NUIG and is an excellent course.   This would be a great way to proceed and yes your susi grant is applicable here also.   If you haven't already, I would speak to GTI and consider strongly making an application.

  • 11:46

    My daughter got 510 points in her leaving very and 140 points in her hpat exam is there any hope of her getting into medicine in trinity? She is also a HEAR student?

    It is very difficult to make a call on this and even the admissions staff in the office today would probably not be able to answer your question today.   Your daughter has a combined score of 650 for medicine and last year the cut off for Medicine was 731 so based on last year she would be looking for a reduction of 81. You could talk to Trinity admissions and they may give you an indication based on previous years.

  • 11:51

    My daughter got 321 points and wants to do ARTS DN520 in UCD, last year the DN500 points was 321, Arts in UCD is changing this year, do you think she might have enough points?

    I'm afraid I can't say really.   If I were you I would give UCD admissions a quick call and they may be able to give you an idea of where the new course might come in.   They have obviously divided up the places they used to have on DN500 so if they could tell you that it might give you an idea of how the points might pan out for DN520, DN530 and DN541.   Other than that its just waiting until Monday morning.

  • 12:05

    Hi I got 510. I'd love to get into TR060. Do you think ill have enough points? Also if i scrap into a course, accept the offer and then get downgraded on an appeal, will i get kicked out of the course?

    I would like to think that you will have enough for the new TR060 course but given it is a new course we have no way of knowing for sure.   The old general science course was 499 last year so you have 11 points to play around with so here's hoping.   If you get downgraded, theoretically, you may no longer be entitled to a place you have accepted and colleges may reserve the right to allocate that place to another applicant more entitled to the place than you.   I haven't heard of this actually happening though.

  • 12:07

    What rules apply if for 20 available places on the course there are 30 applicants with the exact same score of 625 points? Thank you

    Random selection would be used and the cut off for the course would be 625*, the star meaning random selection was used and not everyone on 625 got a place.

  • 12:07

    Hi my daughter received 442 points and is hoping to get her first choice of Humanities in UCD, however the course is new what will the points be like?

    Please read earlier reply to similar question. Thanks

  • 12:13

    Hi, I received 565 points in my leaving cert. The first choice on my CAO is Msiss which was last year 577. However some courses may be dropping this year. Would you anticipate that the points for Msiss will drop slightly this year?

    This is just impossible for us to tell.   TR034 MSISS had a cut off of 577* last year so not even everyone on 577 got a place and we have no way of knowing how many people on 577 did not get offered a place.   Unfortunately you'll just have to hang in there until Monday morning to see what happens.   Best of Luck.

  • 12:16

    I got 543 points. I want to study pharmacy in RCSI. Will I have enough. Trinity is 2nd choice.

    Based on last years points you are very close, 3 points over for RCSI and 1 under for TCD.   I think you have to be in with a very good chance for RCSI. hope all goes well on Monday.

  • 12:27

    Hi sorry about this but I'm really confused does HEAR apply to all choices on my son's CAO or what happens ?

    HEAR is only available in certain universities and colleges (16).   So the HEAR scheme will only apply to courses on your son's CAO form that are offered in one of these HEAR colleges.   Full details of what colleges are participating in the scheme are available at:

  • 12:31

    If I now accept my UCAS offer is it still possible for me to take up an offer I may receive in the second round of the CAO? Will UCAS be made aware of any offers I might accept in CAO and if so would UCAS allow me to hold my place?

    The two systems are completely separate.   UCAS are not aware of any offers you get in the CAO and vice versa.   So if you accept a UCAS place now and subsequently get an offer in round two here you would prefer then you can ring the college in the UK and inform them that you will not be taking up the offer of a place.

  • 12:40

    My daughter obtained 580 points in her leaving cert and 120 in her H-Path. She is interested in working with ligma patients and studied very hard to help treat those suffering from it and other ailments. Do you think she has a chance?

    For medicine she has a combined score of 677.   The points required for the medical colleges in Ireland las year were:

    2017 Minimum Entry Points 2017 - CK701 730, DN400 734, GY501 724*, RC001 728*, TR051 731*. * means random selection applied

    This would seem to indicate that your daughter might be a little bit off Medicine unless there is a radical drop in points this year for Medicine.   There are still some colleges in Europe that are still accepting applications for Medicine if this is an option for your daughter.   Details at  

  • 12:45

    Hi I was wondering if I accepted my second choice for round one on Monday (as I don't have enough points for my first) when the round two offers come out would I be allowed accept my first choice if I got offered it if they had a place to fill.

    Yes, you can always hope to move up your list of preferences in sucessive rounds.   So if you are offered your 2nd preference in round one, then regardless of whether you accept this or not you still remain in the running for your 1st preference course.   If a place becomes available and you are entitled to it on your first preference course you will be offered it in round 2 or 3 and it is up to you whether to accept the new offer or stay with your course from round one.

  • 12:47

    Dear Deirdre, Brian Thank you and have a nice weekend.

    You are very welcome.   We will be waiting anxiously like a lot of students to see what materialises on Monday and will be here early on Monday to answer any questions students and parents may have.

  • 12:58

    My daughter is 5 points off her course choice,her course is LM123 in UL. I know you can't predict weather it will go up or down as it's demand based but in your view what do you think she should do and did the points go up or down yr for this course.

    Cut off points for this course last year were 413 and looking at qualifax and on the Ul site there is no indication of the points in previous years.   The UL admissions officer is currently in CAO in Galway going through the allocation of places and until that process is finished we won't know what the points will be for this year.   I would suggest just waiting until Monday to see what offers are made and then if you want to come back to us then with more detail we can advise then.   Best of luck.