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John Paul II heading for sainthood, Jack Kyle defends Gatland on O'Driscoll . .

Joanne Hunt Fri, Jul 5
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  • 08:52
    'For most places, temperatures will be above normal for the time of year, with Monday and Tuesday likely to see maximum values in the mid to high twenties...'

    Didn't anyone else hear that this morning?
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    Good morning. Joanne Hunt here on The Daily Wire, with you until 5pm. And a happy Friday to you too.
  • 08:56
    Anyone know who 'Constant Markievicz' was? And why did he die in a park? This is one for Jessica Fletcher.
  • 08:58
    On the front page of today's Irish Times: FG seeks abortion Bill change to win over rebel TDs. Government gets Snowden arrest warrant. Egyptian army detains Morsi as interim president installed. And a lovely pic of Oliver Tang and Nathan Kennedy, both 7, preparing to play at Christchurch Cathedral.
  • 09:10
    News that British detectives are targeting 38 potential suspects as they open a new Madeleine McCann investigation provides an insight into editorial style across today's newspapers:

    Irish Times: 'New inquiry into Madeleine McCann case'
    Irish Independent: 'Fresh hopes Maddie is still alive'
    Irish Examiner: 'Scotland Yard believes there's a chance Madeleine is alive'
    The Irish Sun: 'Maddie 'could be alive''
    The Irish Daily Star: 'Maddie: 'She's ALIVE'
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    Gonna watch the match tomorrow, or are we all still smarting about BOD? Coverage on Sky Sports starts at 10am.

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    I'll be watching it at Jack O'Rourke's, before heading to Ballybunion with my bucket and spade.
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  • 09:28
    The South African government has denied reports that former president Nelson Mandela is in a permanent vegetative state on a life-support machine. Our man Joe Humphreys reports from South Africa.
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    The Dáil will today hear about the possibility of brighter evenings all year by moving the clocks forward an hour and bringing the State into central European Time.

    A private members bill has been proposed by independent TD Tommy Broughan to bring Ireland into the Central European Time Zone.

    “In effect, we would spend more of our waking lives in the light rather than enduring the current long, bleak winter nights,” Mr Broughan has written in the Bill’s explanatory memorandum.

    But what about the cows, and milking times? Genevieve Carbery will be keeping us up to date on the story today.


  • 09:58

    And if there's extra brightness all year, will there be compensation for my faded curtains?

  • 10:04
     Irish Times foreign affairs correspondent @MaryFitzger is on Pat Kenny this morning to discuss what's happening in Egypt.

    Read Mary's piece today on how events there reinforce the Muslim Brotherhood's suspicions of democracy.
  • 10:22
    Just so you know, Countess Constance Markievicz was a politician and a revolutionary. She was born at Lissadell, a lovely big house in Sligo.

    She’s most famous for her role in the Easter Rebellion of 1916 and the subsequent revolutionary struggle for freedom in Ireland.

    She was admitted to Sir Patrick Dun’s hospital in June 1927 with peritonitis. She died there. Find out more about her here.
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    Great weather to cut a bit of turf.
  • 10:32
    'Manipulative lies by venal bankers' - check out the New York Times take on the Anglo tapes.
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  • 10:47

    Where's Eddie?? The Snowden saga continues. With the possibility of a Shannon stop-over.

    The Irish Government has received a request from the US authorities to arrest the fugitive US intelligence analyst if he lands here. The warrant has been issued as a pre-emptive strike against any effort by Mr Snowden to evade the US authorities by flying from Moscow to Havana on a commercial flight that stops off at Shannon for refuelling.

    Shannon is where Irish coffee was invented. It's inventor  Joe Sheridan emigrated to the US in the 1950s after being persuaded to come over and show them how to make it at  a bar called the  Buena Vista in San Francisco…The Buena Vista Social Club was also members club in HAVANA... Oh my God, the parallels. This is like the Da Vinci Code.

  • 10:50
    Read our crime correspondent Conor Lally's report here.

    Could the world's media be about to decamp from sunny Havana to even sunnier Shannon? It's set to be 26 degrees there by Tuesday.
  • 10:55
    I also did my driving test at Shannon. A planned town, so lots of straight roads and right angles. No surprises. I'd highly recommend it.
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  • 11:05

    Pakistan’s new government, hoping to be seen to rein in escalating crime and militancy, has ended a ban on the death penalty, in a move condemned as “shocking and retrograde” by rights group Amnesty International.

    About 150 countries have already either abolished the death penalty or stopped administering it.

  • 11:10
    The last capital punishment in Ireland was in 1954, an execution of a man for rape.

    From then until 1990 while capital punishment remained on the statute book, a practice arose whereby every sentence of death was commuted by the Irish president. The death penalty was abolished in law in 1990, and has been specifically prohibited by the Constitution of Ireland since 2002.

    The Constitution provides that the penalty cannot be reintroduced, even in war or a state of emergency
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    'The one thing we cannot do is create new time...imagine  if we  did have an Oireachtas where we could create time?' Sinn Fein TD for Sligo/ North Leitrim Michael Colreavy ponders life, the universe and everything in the Dail during the debate on the Daylight Savings Bill.

    He quotes Aristotle: 'Time is the must unknown of all unknown things'.

    Is that Alan Shatter trying to supress a smirk?  
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    A decline in vehicle and pedestrian crashes, lower electricity bills - Cork East TD David Stanton is talking sense. Though he says if the clocks did change, those in the Outer Hebrides wouldn't see the sun rise until 11am.
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    The Glastonbury Effect: Sales across Waitrose's 16 stores at Welcome Break motorway service stations in the final week of June were up 22% compared to last year. (Glasto was on a break last year).

     Hygiene was near the top of revellers' priorities: sales of dry shampoo were up 30% and travel-size toiletries 84%, while demand for antibacterial handwipes skyrocketed by 262%.

    The upmarket supermarket also said that Wimbledon had given sales an extra bounce, The Guardian reports, with strawberries and champagne flying off the shelves, while sales of summery drink Pimms jumped by 90%.
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  • 11:46
    The end of Austerity? Ireland is within “touching distance” of no longer having to frame annual austerity budgets, Minister of Finance Michael Noonan has told members of the financial services industry.
    “We have a difficult budget coming up in October,” said Mr Noonan. “However, once delivered we will be within touching distance of the 3 per cent deficit target [set by the EU] and the days of massive budget adjustments will be behind us.” Ciaran Hancock reports.
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  • 11:57
    Mr Shatter says if the Bill for brighter evenings was to go ahead, the sun wouldn't rise in Sligo until 9.54am on Christmas Day.

    (Might give parents a break from the chislers waking way early to see what Santy brought...but would it play havoc with turkey cooking times?)
  • 12:03

    That's a lovely summer jacket Alan Shatter is wearing in the Dail today, in keeping with the Daylight Savings Bill theme. The Man from Dailmonte.

    You can see his jacket, and hear his comments on the Bill live here.

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    Year round summer time? Throw those curtains wide. One day like this a year would see me right.
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    Popes John Paul II and John XXIII are to be made saints, the Vatican says. There are no dates for canonisation ceremonies yet. Why not complete the trinity of miracle workers by adding Brian?
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    Got pictures of the sunny day you're having in Sligo? The heat in Manorhamilton, or the rays in Rathkeale? Tweet them to @IrishTimesLive or send them to and we'll share them with the country.
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    “A dark picture as far as Ireland’s manufacturing sector is concerned,” say stockbrokers of  CSO figures that show manufacturing output in the first five months of the year was 4 per cent lower than in the same period in 2012.   Read Mark Hilliard's report.

  • 12:59
    Traveling to the sun this weekend? And by that I mean within sunny Ireland. Friday between 2pm and 6pm is the most dangerous time on Ireland's roads, according to @GardaTraffic. Slow down and be safe.

  • 13:05
    'The new, mature Mr Timberlake seems to have put away childish things, including his sense of humour,' writes Jennifer Gannon in today's The Ticket. Can the Trousersnake bring sexy back? 
  • 13:21
    “We queue properly here. Leaving is cheating. And that is just not how we play the game.” A Guide to Queuing: The Championships Wimbledon. Read about joys and sorrows of queueing properly, as only the British can, in today's Irish Times.
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  • 13:40

    Osar-winning director Sofia Coppola talks to Donald Clarke about her latest film, the Bling Ring. It's a story about celebrity obsession gone wrong. Find out how many stars he gives it.  

  • 13:46
    Anglo tapes 'could hardly have come at a more irriatating time' for Enda, writes The Economist. It foresees 'plenty more difficulties ahead' for the coalition.
  • 13:49

    It's that time of year again: 'Orange Order to meet Ardoyne residents'. 'Tis the season.

  • 14:01
    "...there is no real reason to believe that a solid recovery is underway at this point. But nor are there signs that the economy is on the slide again." Read Dan O'Brien's predictions about where we're headed.
  • 14:16
    What if citizenship were not, in fact, guaranteed by birth? What if everyone had to earn it upon turning 18, and renew it every 10 years, by taking an exam? What might that exam look like? The Atlantic proposes a test for US citizenship.

    What would Ireland's test look like? Some questions on Constance Markievicz perhaps...
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  • 14:27

    It's hard to keep track, so here's a who's who of  the Mandela family

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    Lovely weather for it Micheal.
  • 14:54
    Temperatures are expected to reach the mid to high 20s, up as high as 27-28 degrees by Monday and Tuesday, according to Met Éireann meteorologist Joan Blackburn.

    Get out the tin foil and baby oil. No wait, it's not 1982. We know better, we do better, (as Oprah says). Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat. Bonza.
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    Do you judge children by their names, or accept play dates on the basis of whether your child's friend is called 'Poppy' or 'Tyler'? (Thanks @jasonpkennedy for this CRAZEE footgage).
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    Just spoke to Jack L, who's rehearsing for the rather fun looking Big House Festival  happening in Kildare on the  August weekend.  

    Will he make it  out into the sun today? 'Nope, I'm cooped up in a room in Laois, practicing'. Now that's dedication.
  • 15:49
    Things aren't looking good in Cairo. Security forces shot dead at least three supporters of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi today as a crowd of hundreds tried to march towards the military barracks in Cairo where he is being held by the military that overthrew him. Read more.
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  • 16:29

    Go Katie! Katie Taylor is just one win away from a fifth EU title in a row after winning her lightweight semi-final over Finland’s Mira Potkonen in Keszthely, Hungary today.

    The Olympic and world champion secured a unanimous decision over her opponent to take her place in yet another final at the EU Women’s Senior, Youth and Junior Championships. Read more.

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    Well, that's almost it from The Daily Wire, thanks for stopping by. Join us back here on Monday when the weather is meant to be only gorgeous.

    Keep up to date this evening on and @IrishTimesLive.
  • 17:00
    Crank up the BBQ. It'll be warm tomorrow. Dry and mostly sunny over Leinster and Munster, but some patches of sea fog may drift into some coastal areas, says Met Eireann. Top temperatures in the low to mid twenties, but 17 to 20C in any misty areas, or where sea breezes develop.

    Getting a whole lot hotter next week.