The Beast from the East

Join Rachel Flaherty for updates as blizzard conditions worsen

Rachel Flaherty, Dan Griffin Thu, Mar 1
LIVE: The Beast from the East

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  • 05:49
    Good morning and welcome to The Irish Time's live online coverage of day two of the end of the world.
  • 05:52
    The Beast from the East, or, as it's also known, Emma, made her presence felt yesterday. But that was just a warm up, so to speak, the real fun begins today.
  • 05:55

    First, to Met Éireann, and the forecast.

    TODAY: Scattered heavy snow showers and widespread ice and lying snow today. During the afternoon and evening blizzard conditions will develop across Munster and Leinster as heavy snow together with driving easterly winds spread northwards to all areas through the rest of the day. Temperatures will remain below freezing for the day. Strong to gale force easterly winds will bring the risk of coastal flooding along southern and eastern coasts.

  • 06:11
    Yesterday, Met Éireann issued a red weather alert for Munster and Leinster but later applied the warning to the whole country and increased the period of time covered, saying “further heavy snow showers will bring accumulations of significant levels with all areas at risk”. The alert will last until 3pm Friday.
  • 06:15
    It was heartening to see once again so many local authority workers and others out this morning, clearing footpaths and making streets safe. Ah, only joking. The official advice is to stay home and hibernate until this is all over.
  • 06:23
    Dublin looked a bit like a Christmas cake this morning, coated in a thick icing of snow.
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    If you have any nice photos of the snow do send them to or and I'll post them here.
  • 06:39
    Traders in the capital said footfall was down by about 70 per cent yesterday. They expect the snow to cost them about €15 million overall.
  • 06:43
    If you're one of the unlucky people who have to go to work today, here's a handy reminder of all the ways you won't be able to get there.
  • 06:46

    The Peter McVerry Trust sends an update this morning to say that 16 rough sleepers in Dublin and a further 14 people across the Dublin region declined an emergency bed last night.

    The trust allocated 102 beds in the extreme cold weather emergency service in the sports centre in the south inner city.  

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  • 07:04
    Dublin this morning (below and above).
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    It looks like all public transport around the country will stop early this afternoon, most shops have also said they are closing early. The exodus from the cities will likely begin later this morning.  Road authorities have said it would be "suicidal" to attempt to drive later today. If you're in Dublin after 2pm, you might as well be the last person left on the moon.
  • 07:22
    "It's going to get serious later on this afternoon," says Sean O'Neill from Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the agency in charge of national roads. He is on Morning Ireland practically pleading with people not to go out on the roads in the next 48 hours. "It is extreme," says the Boston native, who should have experience of this sort of thing. "People don't drive in a blizzard."  
  • 07:26
    Dublin Airport says the night was "extremely challenging". Their snow crews sprayed the runway four times and some Transatlantic flights have landed. Some planes are taking off this morning but the airport urged would-be passengers to check with their airline to see whether their flight has been cancelled.
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    Thanks very much to Fergus O'Brien who sent those photos of a snow-covered Cobh, Co Cork. If you have pics you'd like to share, fire them on to or tweet me @dangriffinIT
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    The AA's Conor Faughnan was on the radio offering advice for anyone driving today. Don't, he said. But if you have to: "Drive the car slowly, gentle acceleration, gentle braking, gentle  manoeuvres." He added that the road network is coping relatively well at the moment after extensive gritting last night.
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  • 07:51
    Thanks to Barbara Tanzler for her photo of a cyclops snowman on Sandymount Strand.
  • 07:53
  • 07:59
  • 08:00
    Thanks also to Ian Dempsey for this Orangina bottle-shaped snowman.
  • 08:04
    Temperatures are expected to return to a balmy 1 degree in the capital by Saturday while the Costa Del Clare can expect to bask in 5 degrees of sunshine. By then, all this nasty snow business should be behind us and we'll all be stronger for the experience. Until then, keep your pictures coming to or @dangriffinIT on Twitter.
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    An image from Kilkenny yesterday, sent in by Claire Reynolds. Where are the Christmas Day swimmers now?
  • 08:13
    All post offices will close at 1pm today and will not open tomorrow. An Post have advised that people's social welfare payments will remain safe and secure until the bad weather is over.
  • 08:18
    Thanks Des Fitzgerald, who sends a photo of a frigid-looking Dun Laoghaire (below)  "as the swell rises in anticipation of this afternoon's blizzard..."
  • 08:23
    We are all waiting in anticpation of this afternoon's blizzard as driving winds -- the Beast from the East, the Menace from Venice, the Pest from Budapest -- mingle with storm Emma, approaching from the south, to destroy Ireland.
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  • 08:27

    Ambulance services will operate during the snow storm but people are being urged to consider the urgency of their call.

    Damien McCallion, the HSE’s National Director of Emergency Management and the National Ambulance Service, also cautioned pregnant women near their delivery date to “come closer” to maternity hospitals.

    He told Morning Ireland that outpatient clinics and elective procedures have been cancelled in all hospitals with only essential services operating.

  • 08:28
    In Northern Ireland about 250 schools are closed because of the wintry weather, mainly in Antrim, Down and Armagh. Transport links are closed as well as many shops.
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  • 08:30
    The chief executive of AIB, Bernard Byrne, has said a skeleton staff will be operating online services today. Spooky.
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  • 08:37
    Thanks to Maximilien McKenna who sent in that photo of  Meia, the Portuguese Water Dog, looking like a snowy beast of the apocalypse in Dundrum, Co Dublin.
  • 08:48

    Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy has said there is an emergency bed for everyone who wants one. He told RTE's Morning Ireland that homeless services are trying to get the message out that conditions are going to get worse and to urge rough sleepers to avail of emergency accommodation.

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  • 08:50
    Here is Des Fitzgerald's photo (below) of Dun Laoighaire which I mentioned earlier but forgot to actually put up. You can get in touch with me at or @dangriffinIT on Twitter.
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  • 09:00
    Thanks to Ashkan Aryan who sends a photo of this very realistic looking snow dalek by Anahita and Afshin Aryan, Old Connaught, Co Dublin. "Exterminate! Exterminate!"
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  • 09:10
  • 09:11
    Penny the cocker spaniel thinks the snow is the best fun ever, writes Mary Duane. She won't when she realises there's no bread left and the shops have run out of briquettes.
  • 09:18

    Shannon confirmed that it handled 20 flight diversions from Dublin and Cork Airports yesterday.

    An update from the airport this morning says: "Shannon Airport remains fully operational this morning with airport staff working through last night in challenging conditions to keep the runway operational. Services are operating normally, with the airport’s first flights to Stansted and Heathrow departing on time. The inbound Aer Lingus Boston flight landed on time, while the Norwegian, Newburgh flight is expected to arrive at 10.20am."

    The flight to and from Edinburgh is cancelled though.

  • 09:24
    Even at the home of the black stuff, they dream of a white one. Just not one quite as white as this one.
  • 09:34
  • 09:34
    Thank you to David Carpenter, who sent this photo (below) of this son, Sean, looking a bit like the sole survivor after an infantry charge at Verdun.
  • 09:40
    Keeping a cool head (when all around are losing theirs).
  • 09:44

    Drivers are being told to avoid the N4 at Ballinalack as a number of vehicles have become stuck and are blocking the road.

    Has anyone seen the movie Alive?

  • 09:45
    Updates from Wicklow: The Wicklow gap and the Sally gap are closed to traffic and people are being advised to avoid both areas. The N11 and the N81 are described as relatively clear however quite icy in places, so motorists are being advised to slow down and keep their distance. However most secondary routes affected by the snowfall over the past two days remain quite treacherous.
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  • 09:49
    Thank you to Kev O'Rourke and his fruity snowman (below).
  • 09:51
    We should have a full transport round-up on the site soon. Many public and private transport operators running limited services or no services at all. It can probably be summarise as: after 2pm, there's nothing.
  • 09:55
    Met Éireann has a tracking thing on their website which should allow you to easily follow the progress of our impending doom.
  • 09:57
  • 10:01
    Slowly working their way through the colour spectrum, the authorities in Northern Ireland have upgraded their weather warning from "yellow" to "amber".
  • 10:04
    If you have seen, or, indeed, participated in, any crazy, snow-related behaviour please let me know at
  • 10:10

    Met Eireann forecaster Evelyn Cusack says snow depths of 26cm have been recorded at some meteorological stations with the east of the country getting the brunt of the snowfall.

    She is telling Sean O'Rourke that the next band of snow can be expected to arrive in the south east at about 4pm and gradually move northwards. The west and the northwest will get the "best" of the weather but everywhere will be hit by severe conditions.

  • 10:11
    "When is it going to stop snowing? I wish I knew that," she says. But it temperatures will start to pick up through the weekend and we should return to normal, "just cold" weather.
  • 10:16
  • 10:17
    Piotr Clainer kiteskiing in a snowy Phoenix Park. Photo by  Marcin Bachrynowski. Thanks Dominique McMullan
  • 10:20
    The Road Haulage Association says a number of its members have become stranded and expect to be stuck in their cabs until Sunday. The trucks can drive in the weather but they get stuck behind cars that have come a cropper.
  • 10:27
  • 10:27
    Thanks to Sarah Aspell for her photo (below) of Harvey and Mylo -- weather dogs.
  • 10:32
    The Irish Blood Transfusion Service has cancelled all donation clinics (whole blood and platelets) nationwide today.  
  • 10:34
    You have four-and-a-half hours left to visit Aldi before it closes until at least tomorrow afternoon. And if you want to go to PC World, you're too late.
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  • 10:37
    Now, that's more like it. Expect much of the country to join this snowman (below) after 4pm.   Thanks Rahul Nair for the photo.
  • 10:52
    The majority of tourist sites around the country have closed for the rest of the week as a double-pronged armageddon gears up to bury Ireland under 40cm of snow.
  • 10:53
  • 11:01
  • 11:02
    Thank you to Anton "Carpe Diem" Seery for sending in that photo (below). "Glad I brought my flip flops," he says.
  • 11:06
  • 11:08
    The Beast from the East has reached the west as Bonnie the dog inspects the fields around Craughwell, Co Galway (below). Thanks  Ionia Ní Chróinín and John Rogers.
  • 11:09
    If you want to get in touch with info, updates or photos you can at @dangriffinIT or
  • 11:12

    Louth County Council has suspended its gritting services until the weather improves tomorrow afternoon.

  • 11:18
    Aldi lockdown occurs at 1pm; Tesco at 2pm. National lockdown at 4. David Davis was wrong. We are about to step into a Mad Max-style dystopia.
  • 11:32

    Staff at Dublin Airport are working in tough conditions. A reader got in touch to say he's on a flight from DC that arrived in Dublin at 10.31.

    "Been stuck on the plane for 45 mins as DAA staff struggle with snow and high winds to get jet bridge close enough to the plane at T2.

    "Plane now surrounded by de-icing lorry and all manner of DAA ops vehicles as they try to figure out things...

    "Ice on the area around the plane is apparently preventing wheels of jet bridge from gaining any traction. And then wind keeps blowing the jet bridge three feet from the plane!"

  • 11:35
    Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has urged people to heed warnings issued by local authorities. People are being asked to stay indoors from 4pm today due to blizzard conditions which will lead to almost zero visibility and wind chill factors of -15 degrees.
  • 11:42
    Not even the prospect of Armageddon can entice people to buy sprouts and carrots.
  • 11:47
  • 11:48
    "Glad to make it back from Brussels on one of the last flights into Dublin," a reader (below) writes. Get in touch at
  • 11:51
  • 11:55
  • 11:56
    Thank you to Christina Neary for that photo (below) and fair play to Meg for putting on a brave face during this weather event.
  • 12:01
  • 12:01
    Spotted in Portobello, Dublin.
  • 12:07
    It's noon. Someone in Louth just said on the radio that they have started to feel the first caress of the blizzard. Here are some Netflix suggestions to work through for when civilisation collapses.
  • 12:14

    An Post’s head of communications Anna McHugh says the focus for the service is to get “back up and running” as soon as possible once the blizzard passes.

    “We will open post offices on Saturday where possible. We can’t make promises until we see what the blizzard brings. Conditions vary widely between counties and even within counties,” she told RTE’s Today with Sean O’Rourke show.

  • 12:16
  • 12:19
  • 12:20
    Thanks to Helen in Dublin for that photo. Her 10-week-old baby probably thinks this happens all the time.
  • 12:29

    Our reader's ordeal on the plane at Dublin Airport finally appears to be over. "Pretty much took an hour and 20 mins before they seem to have things figured out," he writes.

    "There’s apparently now a 9-10” gap between plane and jet bridge and it’ll be one passenger at a time "not jumping” (pilot’s words) into the terminal. Wind is really blowing out here."

    A few minutes later, he writes: "No jumping required. They had a metal plate bridging the gap. All good."

  • 12:37
    Thank you for all your photos today. I couldn't post all of them unfortunately but check out this gallery for more images of the snow that have been sent in by readers.
  • 12:38
    An emergency coordination meeting is taking place at the moment. We will have a full report on the site shortly.
  • 12:41
  • 12:43
    Our sport department have just been on the blower to say all this weekend's GAA matches are off.
  • 12:56

    Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, speaking with what one reader of this live blog described as an apocalyptic crackling in his microphone, has just said Ireland will soon be gripped by severe, blizzard-like conditions, 100kph winds and heavy snow that could result in zero visibility and white-out conditions.

    "It is not safe to be outside in such conditions. No one should be on the roads and we are asking everyone to be home and safe by 4pm today and to remain indoors until the severe weather has passed tomorrow."

  • 12:59
    Ryanair statement:  Due to continuing adverse weather conditions, Ryanair expects further flight delays and cancellations at airports today and tomorrow (Thursday 1st and Friday 2ndMarch 2018) and we recommend customers check the status of their flight at  before making their way to the airport.
  • 13:15
  • 13:19
    And that's where I start winding down my service this afternoon on the Irish Times live snow blog. But expect full blizzard coverage from the Irish Times for the rest of the day -- not a single flake will hit the ground without us knowing about it. Thank you for your photos and updates. Rachel Flaherty will now take over the blog.
  • 13:33
    Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are all managing to stay warm and safe during the severe weather.
  • 13:35
    You can contact me at or on Twitter at @rachelfl
  • 13:47

    Latest from Dublin Airport:

    Aer Lingus will   suspend its flight operations at Dublin Airport from 3pm today. It plans to resume flight operations on Saturday morning.

    Ryanair will suspend flight operations to and from Dublin Airport by 4pm today. It plans to resume operations on Saturday morning.

    All other airlines are suspending operations from about 3pm today. They are also expected to resume Saturday morning.

  • 14:01

    Update from Irish Rail:

  • 14:04

  • 14:08
    Irish Times reader Alexis de Charentenay sent in this picture from Dublin Airport.<br />'Big need of taxis and bus for the airport. Many sad people with babies etc who are stuck, and not in great shape.'
    Irish Times reader Alexis de Charentenay sent in this picture from Dublin Airport.
    "Big need of taxis and bus for the airport. Many sad people with babies etc who are stuck, and not in great shape."
  • 14:13

    Dublin Fire Brigade are keeping their snowman warm

  • 14:16

    Message for health service staff from the Minister

  • 14:28

    On my way from the Dart station earlier today I passed an increasingly angry sea at Seapoint and Monkstown.

  • 14:38

    Ryanair update:

  • 14:46

    Defence forces to the rescue at Cork Airport

    The chief of staff of the defence forces vice admiral Mark Mellet said the defences forces rescued 40 passengers stranded at Cork airport today.
    Flights for the passengers had been cancelled but they had no way of getting from the airport. The defence forces brought them into a hotel in the city.
    The vice admiral paid tribute to all the front line staff who are continuing to work today.
    “We will continue for as long as we can. We will prioritise calls on a case by case basis,” he told RTÉ’s News at One.
    There is an overwhelming demand on agencies today he said. They will have to prioritise. – Vivienne Clarke reporting
  • 14:50

  • 14:53

    Has everyone had their bread today? Be storm prepared


  • 15:01
    Latest from Met Éireann
    Staying bitterly cold and very windy with heavy snow showers and sub zero temperatures in most places with strong easterly winds adding a significant wind chill.
    Blizzard conditions with heavier and more continuous snow will move into southern areas this evening.
  • 15:02

    Red alert

    Government is warning again for everyone to stay indoors and off the roads from 4pm.

  • 15:05
    Derry and Molly Butler Smyth with the very tall snowman they built in Dublin today.
    Derry and Molly Butler Smyth with the very tall snowman they built in Dublin today.
  • 15:11

    Shannon Airport is closed from 6pm today

  • 15:23

    Huge respect to all medical staff and response workers looking after people today

  • 15:27

    Water levels looking fairly high there Pat

  • 15:30

    30 minutes to get inside... unless you are a giraffe. You'll be grand if you are a giraffe

  • 15:42

    ISPCC services close at 4pm

    "The ISPCC has announced, with regret, that Childline, Ireland's national listening service for children and young people, will close from 4pm today until safe to re-open, as a result of the Status Red National Weather Warning issued by Met Éireann.
    The national child protection charity will close its Childline call, text and web chat services to protect the health and safety of its staff and volunteers, who usually answer calls from children and young people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    The ISPCC has advised that any child or young person in danger, or in need of immediate help, in Ireland tonight should contact the emergency services at 999 or 112."

  • 15:50
    President Michael D Higgins pays tribute to emergency services

    "As the country prepares for the worst of the winter weather, may I extend deepest appreciation to all those who continue working under these conditions, for all our citizens, to keep the roads clear, maintain essential services and provide support to those in need.

    As President of Ireland, may I also pay tribute to all those, in statutory and voluntary organisations around the country, who are helping and stand ready to assist their fellow citizens."

  • 15:56
    Hannah Sajda standing proud with her snowman in Fountainstown in Crosshaven.  
    Hannah Sajda standing proud with her snowman in Fountainstown in Crosshaven.  
  • 16:08

    Right, it's lockdown time. Get inside and stay inside!!

    My Fitbit keeps telling me to get moving-   I can't comply today Fitbit. The red alert is here and it's Beast from the East and Storm Emma time. How are you keeping yourself amused this evening?

  • 16:15

    This is innovative

  • 16:18

  • 16:22
    Flooding at Seapoint Dart station in Co Dublin.
    Flooding at Seapoint Dart station in Co Dublin.
  • 16:24

    Fun before the lockdown

  • 16:30

  • 16:41
    Latest on the weather from Met Éireann's Joan Blackburn
    Heavy snowfall accumulating pretty widely. Temperatures down to minus 4 degrees tonight,
    We have about 20cm of snow at the moment in some places.
    The conditions are unusual but we have experiences conditions like this before.
    Most places right across the country will have significant enough snowfall (by the morning).

  • 16:47

    No charge for parking at Dublin Airport


  • 16:52

  • 17:08

  • 17:13

    Crash near Roundwood

  • 17:23
    Guess who loves the snow? Teddy and Bonnie do! The two dogs out for a run in Enfield, Co Meath today. Thanks to Julieanne Reynolds for the photograph.
    Guess who loves the snow? Teddy and Bonnie do! The two dogs out for a run in Enfield, Co Meath today. Thanks to Julieanne Reynolds for the photograph.
  • 17:25
    Another photograph from Julieanne Reynolds in Co Meath today.
    Another photograph from Julieanne Reynolds in Co Meath today.
  • 17:32

    Dublin Airport confirms they will not ask stranded passengers to leave the airport

  • 17:53

    A reminder all hurling and football league fixtures have been postponed

  • 18:01

    Avoid, avoid, avoid

  • 18:04



    • People advised to stay indoors until 3pm tomorrow.
    • All public transport has been suspended.
    • Power outages have been reported in Kildare and north Dublin.
  • 18:15

    Latest from the HSE...

    •             Due to the deteriorating weather conditions, our National Ambulance Service is prioritising emergency calls. We are asking people to consider if they have an absolute emergency situation before calling for an ambulance. If you do need to call an ambulance please know or have your Eircode to hand.


    •             The HSE has cancelled all outpatient appointments and non-urgent surgeries planned for Thursday, March 1st and Friday, March 2nd. There is no need for patients to contact their hospital. Hospitals will be in touch over the coming weeks to reschedule their appointments. Patients who are scheduled for urgent surgery over these two days will be contacted by their hospital.


    •             Where it is safe to do so, we are asking people to consider checking in on elderly or vulnerable members of the community, and to make sure they have supplies of food, fuel, water and medicines.

  • 18:22

    Will there be a lot of Emmas?

  • 18:36

    One metre of snow

    Met Éireann's Evelyn Cusack says there is coastal flooding from gale force winds and high tides

    "We could have amounts of up to one metre of snow in some eastern areas with a knock effect of flooding through the days."

  • 19:00

    How much bread have you eaten this week? I've eaten more this week than the entire last month. Bread panic is a real thing.

    You can tell me your bread stories at

  • 19:11

    Has Dublin been this quiet before? Quieter than Ophelia?

  • 19:23

    Weather warning extended

    Met Éireann has extended its red alert for Leinster and Munster until 6pm on Friday

  • 19:29

    Red alert weather warning update

    Snow-ice warning for Connacht, Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal in place until 6am Friday

  • 19:43

    Cups of tea are always a good idea

  • 19:49
  • 19:56

    Power outages

    More than 2,000 households are currently without power, ESB networks says.

    Areas affected are mostly in Dublin so far.

  • 20:06

    Leo has been busy visiting lots of newborns today - below is a photo of Max, the great grandson of the late taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald

  • 20:14

    Will they or won't they?

    ‘Even if we’re the only ones there, we’re getting married tomorrow’
    Some couples have to worry about whether rain will scupper plans for photographs outside the church, but a few couples this weekend have much greater problems.
    “We’re getting married tomorrow one way or the other,” says Meath woman Claire Doggett, who is set to marry fiance Gary Conroy at 1.30pm in St Patrick’s Church in Trim on Friday.
    “If necessary we will get married in the hotel. That’s the back-up plan. We’ve spoken to the hotel and they are willing and happy to help in any way they can.
    “I don’t think we’ll be taking any photographs out of doors, though,” adds Doggett, who spent part of Thursday coping with snow-filled roads as they collected flowers for the ceremony.
    A plan to have a rehearsal in the church on Thursday evening was cancelled as the church had to shut its doors from 4pm. “The priest can just talk us through it as we go along tomorrow,” says Conroy.
    The couple got engaged last August. “It was the day before the hurling All Ireland, ” says Conroy, who is from Galway, when the couple discusses the exact date.
    “Even if we’re the only ones there, we’re getting married tomorrow,” says Doggett, who has lost members of her guest list since friends and family living in the United Kingdom had their flights cancelled.

    Full story here

  • 20:22

    Bad news for Waterford

  • 20:27

  • 20:36

    Weather alerts as they currently stand

    • A status red snow and ice warning for Leinster and Munster has been extended until 6pm on Friday.
    • A status red snow and ice warning for Connacht and counties Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan.

  • 20:38

  • 20:46

    Be honest, who's feeling like this snowman already?


  • 20:58

  • 21:05

    Stay strong Niamh

  • 21:06

  • 21:17

    Met Éireann's Gerry Murphy is speaking on RTÉ's 9 o'clock news:

    Leinster and Munster will get the most significant amounts of snow. Of that Dublin and Wicklow will get most of that.  

    But all parts of Munster and Leinster can expect significant amounts of snow.


  • 21:23
    An snow alien in Merrion Square, Dublin today. Thanks to Helen Cardiff for the photograph.
    An snow alien in Merrion Square, Dublin today. Thanks to Helen Cardiff for the photograph.
  • 21:29

    Galway update

    Up to 5,000 homes in Co Galway without water tonight, RTÉ reports.


  • 21:35

  • 21:47

    Record breaking snow... and probably more over weekend

    Met Éireann forecaster Siobhán Ryan says it looks like we’re in for “record breaking snow accumulations”.

    “Storm Emma is going to bring an exceptional weather event, probably a memorable one for many years to come,” she said on RTÉ’s latest weather forecast.

    “Possibility of up to one metre of snow between now and 6pm tomorrow, and probably even more to come over the weekend.”

    Risk of coastal flooding. Strong winds, heavy showers. Temperatures down to minus 4 tonight but lower in some areas.

  • 21:57
    Waves crashing against the rocks at Forty Foot about 1pm today. Thanks to Eoin Flood for the photograph.
    Waves crashing against the rocks at Forty Foot about 1pm today. Thanks to Eoin Flood for the photograph.
  • 22:01
    Thanks to Caoimhe Rooney for the very cute photograph of her dogs in the snow today.
    Thanks to Caoimhe Rooney for the very cute photograph of her dogs in the snow today.
  • 22:04

    Dún Laoghaire covered in a blanket of white tonight

  • 22:08
    Thanks to Padraig Byrne's photo of his son Daniel's snowman sculpture in Slieverue, Co Kilkenny.
    Thanks to Padraig Byrne's photo of his son Daniel's snowman sculpture in Slieverue, Co Kilkenny.
  • 22:23

    This is very cute

  • 22:43

  • 22:44

  • 22:45

  • 22:47

  • 22:55

    The last weather forecast for the night... it doesn't look good

    Met Éireann forecaster Siobhán Ryan:

    "I would anticipate further severe weather warnings coming into place over the course of the weekend.

    I’d say there’s every likelihood of a further orange, maybe red over the weekend, obviously we’ll be monitoring the situation extremely carefully.

    So as regards to the really heavy snow, there’ll probably be an end of sight hopefully, to the actual heavy snow, Saturday night.

    After that it’s still a very cold regime, there’s a gradual edge up on those temperatures..... a very gradual thaw will come.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we get record breaking snowfalls totals between now and 1800 hours on Saturday. There is every possibility of up to metre high snow along parts of the east.

    Overnight tonight serious unprecedented snowfall is a possibility. It’s not going to end at 1800 hours tomorrow.  Even though there’s some easing off...

    Munster and Leinster will be (worst hit).

    At the moment in the short term I would be concerned about the south Dublin area and Wicklow area as well. There is a bit of moisture in that snowfall".

    Meteorologist Siobhán Ryan was speaking on RTÉ's Prime Time.


  • 23:06

    Thank you all for your company tonight and to everyone that sent photos, comments and feedback. I'm going to sign off while I still have electricity.

    Winds are picking up and the weather has got significantly worse in many areas over the last hour.

    Stay safe and stay inside. Keep up to date with all the latest updates on from 6am in the morning.

    Roads will not be safe in the morning as many local authorities will not be out on the roads tonight.

     The latest forecast is warning to expect record breaking snowfall, high winds, coastal flooding risks and extremely cold temperatures. Further weather alerts are expected to be issued by Met Éireann tomorrow.