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Sorcha Pollak, Hugh Linehan Sat, Aug 30
LIVE: Electric Picnic Day 2

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  • 11:41

    Good morning from the IT muddy shed in the middle of Electric Picnic land. Sorcha Pollak ready to get going for Day 2, albeit with slightly blurry eyes.  

    Those may be grey skies up above but my eternal optimism remains intact, I still foresee a scorcher before the day is out.  

    We’ve got an afternoon of electric style, spoken word and exclusive interviews ahead of us. So stay tuned for Day 2’s news and reviews at the 2014 Electric Picnic.

    Don’t forget you can tweet us at @SorchaPollak, @Hlinehan or @thetwicket with stories and pics from the festival.

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    Through the shadowy darkness and into the wee hours of the morning they came - hundreds of litter elves armed with sacks and poles, ready to face the jungle of cans and wrappers stretching as far as the eye could see. Our trusty Niamh Guckian was there to catch it all on camera.
  • 11:57

    Back at the Irish Times shed Patrick Freyne is getting into full Bonnie Tyler mode with Total Eclipse of the Heart blasting through the portacabin.

    I say Patrick but I am of course taking part in this power ballad activity. We have it on repeat...

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    For those of you who missed it last night, here's Patrick Freyne's take on Day 1 at the festival. Batman riding a penny farthing? I feel this year is a winner.  

    There’s a sort of honour guard of people having a wee on the way into Stradbally. At the main entrances, hordes of people queue up with all their worldly possessions and beer. It's like a refugee camp for alcoholics. A woman dressed as a bear snogs a girl dressed as a tiger. “They aren’t even from the same ecosystem,” sniffs a girl pulling a wheelie cart (lots of people have wheelie carts). “How can they mate?”

    Inside, someone drops some cans of beer in the mud and I help pick them up. One has burst and is spraying everywhere. “You can have that one,” she says. “As a reward”

    Some people jog by with “tour-de-picnic” tee-shirts. One is drinking a can of Heineken. “To keep hydrated,” he gasps.
    In the Trailer Park, Dr David Sumray’s whirring and bleeping Deprogramming Machine, is used, after a brief consultation (“When were you last hugged by a tree?”), to suck unwanted influences from my body in the form of coloured fluids. “We’re taking too much! He can’t take it!” cries “lab technician” Jake Ennis. “Are you a real doctor?” I ask.

    At the Body and Soul Arena campfire Cormac Fitz, Paul Curran and Lewis Kenny deliver street poetry unamplified to a huddle of people. They’re brilliant. “Now do it naked,” shouts a passing wag. Curran has a tattoo of Keats. In the Greencrafts area, Mark Wilson, who wears a tri-corn hat, is beating a red hot poker into the shape of a hook.

    In Mindfield, Kerry from Kerry cadges a cigarette while her children are distracted in the Coder Dojo tent. “They don’t know I smoke,” she says. “Sh*t, they’re looking for me. Hide me!”

    Lots of people are wearing costumes. Batman rides a penny farthing. Eoin and his friends are also dressed as Sesame Street characters. “Its child friendly,” says Eoin, who’s dressed as Oscar. Unfortunately, a few years ago one of them dressed as “pedobear”. “Not so child friendly,” he says.

    Just before Blondie’s set, the sun comes out. Brian Breen carries a massive flag featuring a unicorn “So my friends can find me.” John Nolan wears a runner’s “camelpack” which he has filled with whisky. “I view Electric Picnic as a sporting event,” he explains. Such innovation. Lots of people sing along to Living on a Prayer, which is being played over the PA.

    “It’s going to lift, this recession,” slurs a young man in a Dublin jersey. “Are you an angel?” asks a man in a cowboy hat. Then he burps.

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    Latest news on site is there was a fire last night at the Pink Moon Camping. Still waiting for updates but we've heard the incident involved candles in what could have been an attempt to create a romantic picnic moment. No reports of serious injuires, will keep you posted.  
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    Look what we’re setting up to catch the most exclusive video of Day 2 at Electric Picnic. That’s right, it’s Irish Times drone time.
    Look what we’re setting up to catch the most exclusive video of Day 2 at Electric Picnic. That’s right, it’s Irish Times drone time.
  • 13:04

    Here’s the latest news on the fire last night in the Pink Moon Campsite.

    A woman was transferred to a Dublin hospital earlier today after the tent she was staying in at the Electric Picnic festival in Stradbally Co Laois caught fire.

    The fire occurred in the Pink Moon campsite, a pre-erected tented village at the festival, at around 5am.
    Gardaí said they are not treating the fire as suspicious.

    They said the woman’s injuries were not life threatening. She was brought to the Midlands Regional Hospital in Portlaoise before being transferred to St James’s Hospital in Dublin.

    A man in his thirties who was also in the tent suffered non-serious injuries and was later discharged from the Midlands Regional Hospital.

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    Here's Una Mullally's review of the Pet Shop Boys on the Main Stage last night. Let's face it, for most of us it was all about the dancing Minotaurs.  

    Pet Shop Boys

    3 stars

    3 word review: Should've nailed it.

    Pet Shop Boys are a perfect choice for a Friday night headliner, and after a 25 minute delay building anticipation, the appear to massive cheers. The unmistakable sound they create was only broken by a shout out to the Electric Picnic crowd during the first few minutes. This is an band with a voice all of its own, but the emphasis was on some beautifully constructed visuals and dancers.

    The projections and costumes - giant black feathers, gold yeti dancers on pogo sticks, huge horned animal masks - were all gorgeous to look at, but the Boys took their time in bashing out the hits. The crowd's patience was rewarded with 'West End Girls', 'Money', and 'Domino Dancing', but there were lulls in how the set list was constructed for a headline slot at a festival.

    It's clear that the aesthetic of the show were well thought out, but the crowd began to thin out when it was clear this wasn't a jukebox set, and that atmosphere was further hampered by a low sounding main stage volume.

    'It's A Sin' came crashing in brilliantly, and an encore of 'Go West' united the audience, but for a show that promised loads for all, it left the neutral wandering off.

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    Here are some previews of what's coming up on Day3 of Electric Picnic.  

    Rankins Wood, 6.45pm
    Don't tell us we didn't warn you, Jungle are one of the slickest live acts around right now. Their debut album has a slow burning momentum, but live they outdo expectations with perfectly smooth jams such as one of the tunes of the year, 'Busy Earning'.

    St Vincent
    Electric Arena, 7pm
    Last time Annie hit Stradbally, she had David Byrne in tow for one of the best sets the Picnic has ever seen. Be there to bear digital witness to a brilliantly cool, clever and enigmatic performer who lights up the stage with her awesome and complex tunes.

    Lily Allen
    Main Stage, 7pm
    Allen is a flawlessly fun performer, one of those acts that no matter how indifferent you might be to her music, you can't help hum along to her catalogue of pop hits. The big question is: will Lily will bring her giant baby bottle stage set with her?

    Earthship Stage, Body & Soul, 4.30pm
    Maria is on the up. Sets at Drop Everything, IMMA and Happenings have all left punters intrigued. Check out her atmospheric downtempo tracks that have a moody, eerie depth, and brag about seeing her on a small stage as her reputation as an incredibly interesting musician gets bigger.

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    LATEST NEWS: FKA Twigs has cancelled her Electric Picnic show tonight. She has been replaced by Booka Brass Band with James Vincent McMorrow (Little Big Tent, 8.30pm)  
  • 13:47

    Just because it's a drone, doesn't mean it doesn't like music. Here are the Irish Times' drone's top 10 acts playing Electric Picnic 2014

    The Orwells
    Grounds For Invasion
    Analogue Wave
    Le Galaxie
    Shit Robot
    Dark Sky
    Mogwai (because they sound like a drone strike)

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    For those leaving Dublin this afternoon, news from AARoadwatch is that traffic is good on the M7. Lucky for some not having to sit in traffic jams for 5 hours...
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    It’s time to take a look at the Soul Kids events taking place in the Walled Gardens of Stradbally Hall. Soul Kids is a unique children’s area celebrating nature, creativity and all things magical.

    Here’s what families have to look forward to this afternoon.


    Performance Tent
    14.00 Dog & String Puppets
    15.00 How to Ceili 1,2,3
    16.00 Soul Kids Disco (DJ Will Softly)
    17.00 Singalong Soul
    18.00 Funky Feet & Soul Boyz

    Arts & Crafts Tent
    15.00 Felt-Making
    16.00 Science Wizards
    17.00 Glove Puppets

    Fairy Tent
    14.00 Funky Fairy
    16.00 Herb Garden Workshops
    17.00 Fairy House Building
    18.00 Nature Trails

    Make & Do Tent
    14.00 Glove Puppets Workshop
    15.00 Hands On Creative Art
    17.00 WHaM BAM! Sound Workshop

    Body & Soul Tent
    14.00 Buckys Circus Skills
    16.00 Tibetan Sound Yoga
    17.00 Family Yoga
    18.00 Storytelling

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    Irish Times photographer  Brenda Fitzsimons headed off last night to photograph Pet Shop Boys only to discover that pics of the band weren't allowed.  
  • 15:00

    The Ticket has promised a pair of tickets to Electric Picnic 2015 to the "Best Picnicker" of the weekend.  

    Do you know someone who made a great constume, smuggled in an item, dug a ditch to prevent a campsite flooding, sheroa-ed someone else's heavy bags for miles?

    Or more specifically, who saved a woman from a burning tent?

    To nominate someone for hero of Electric Picnic 2014, email bestpicnicker@gmail.com.  

    Here are the latest nominations:

    I would like to nominate Neil Walsh from Ashbourne ----- so I was away and forgot to buy a ticket for ep bought one 2 days ago when there were hundreds on sale for about 300 euro so call me old fashioned but I believe that a ticket is worth cost price!

    Years ago we called people who sold them for more than there cost price touts today greedy Ireland seems to think if there is money to be made let's make it. Fuck  that if u want to go to ep  then buy a ticket if something happens that you can't go then sell it for the price you paid!

    Neil Walsh did this 2 days ago when ordinaty greedy touts were selling for 300 plus so I think he deserves a free ticket for 2015 he definitely does!

  • 15:02

    Some more nominations for "Best Picnicker":


    As I'm the only one with a working phone and Internet, I'm nominating myself for best picnicker!

    On the way here, we were involved in a car accident. There we were singing away and suddenly had a new passenger in the back in the form of a mazda 6. We then held up traffic for about 2 hours as I then ploughed into a car in front. As the lovely blow drys were now becoming a look of a wet cat, nothing could damper the spirits of us ladies on way to picnic!

    The car was drivable but the next obstacle was the boot wouldn't open and the hours if packing was now wasted. But alas; crawling and pulling the haversacks along with the booze we finally (4 hrs) later arrive to leave behind the "bang" that started the weekend!

    Linda thomson

    I would like to nominate Gary Reid who came first in the Tour De Picnic despite two punctures along the way, got here before the finish line was even set up so volunteered to help. Then bypassing the free massage came straight to Janis Joplin to give us a dig out setting up the 5 tents for the others coming by car.

  • 15:05

    Here's one from Tara Kilbane that we're particularly interested in. If anyone knows the two men who helped save a young woman from her burning tent last night please get in touch at spollak@irishtimes.com or bestpicnicker@gmail.com.  

    "Wanna nominate the two lads who risked their lives lastnight to save a girl from a burning tent in pink moon campsite. I've never seen such bravery. They really saved her life. Don't know their names but the gardai have them I'm sure. Please let them win the tickets, they are amazing people."

  • 15:12

    Here's another nomination from Gwen Forde:

    I'd like to nominate my friend Ginine power for Best Picnicker of the weekend because quite simply put, she has been legend! She entered every competition going and put in a lot of effort even when id given up hope but last minute she scored me some tickets for this year, just as I finished my masters.

    Then she drove me down to the picnic after my car was vandalised and made totally banjaxed the other day. She bought us all the essentials, you know, glitter guns, temp tattoos, glostick laterns, headbands and booze sacrificing as it turned out important things like her wellies and inhaler.

    Shes one of those seasoned picnickers that knows where everything is and what's the best plan of action so she makes an amazing EP buddy always keeping the buzz alive.She's such a trooper that she promised to come to a band with me later that I know she hates. Can't get a better friend and you won't find a more deserving person for this prize!



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  • 15:17

    Following our dronetastic bird's eye view video of the picnic, Patrick Freyne had a chat withe Steve the Drone.

    We've kept the drone's bits in capital letters because that's how drones talk, obviously.

    Introducing Steve, the Irish Times Drone

    “Awake, drone”
    “Ha ha! Silly drone. We’re the Irish Times we don’t want you to kill anyone (yet). We just want you to get some bitchin’ aerial footage. I’m not sure why you’re weaponised.”
    “This is Electric Picnic 2014 and it’s filled with many interesting people.”
    “That sick looking girl with flowers in her hair and wellies, that grumpy chap in a high viz jacket, that man in a football jersey choosing a suitable breakfast beer… they are all ‘people’.”
    “IS THAT A ‘PEOPLE’?” (points camera at a chicken in the back of the truck in the Trailer Park area)
    “Um no. That’s a chicken.”
    “AM I A ‘PEOPLE’?”
    “No, you’re a drone.”
    “Steve. Your name is 'Steve'.”
    “WHAT ARE THEY DOING?” (points camera to people doing some spirited snogging)
    “Well, Steve the Drone, those people are ‘kissing’ which is often a prelude to sexual intercourse. That’s what a people do when they love each other very much. And those people are clearly very much in love and haven’t just met in a drunken haze.”
    “I really don’t have the word count to get into that.”
    “It’s what happens when a man and a woman love each other very much and go to the off licence.”
    “OMG! WHAT IS THAT PEOPLE DOING TO THAT SMALLER PEOPLE” (points to a man pushing a wheelbarrow with a child in it)
    “That man is that child’s father and thought it would be a great idea to bring him to a drunken piss up. He doesn’t realise that it’s a sign of end times”
    “I know”
    “Ha ha! I wish!”
    “WHAT IS THAT?” (points to a bearded man in a long fur coat drinking craft beer from a plastic bottle)
    “That’s a hipster, Steve.”
    “CAN I KILL IT?”
    “Um… not yet. They’re a bit passe but they’re still part of our core demographic.”
    “That’s Bonnie Tyler, Steve.”
    “She sure is.”
    “I AM IN LOVE.”
    “You can’t fall in love with a human woman, Steve!”
    “I AM SAD.”
    “What are you doing, Steve?”
    “Where’d you get that fur coat?”


    “Jesus, Steve.”

  • 15:25
    Competition is stiff for the <strong>Best Beard of the Picnic</strong>. Best contender so far is Sean O'Reilly from Donaghmede, Dublin, guitar player with The Eskies. Tweet pics to @thetwicket. And why is it always the blokes who win this one? C'mon girls!
    Competition is stiff for the Best Beard of the Picnic. Best contender so far is Sean O'Reilly from Donaghmede, Dublin, guitar player with The Eskies. Tweet pics to @thetwicket. And why is it always the blokes who win this one? C'mon girls!
  • 15:30
  • 15:30
    Weather-proof your copy of The Ticket like these smart people at Youth Mass at Body & Soul.
    Weather-proof your copy of The Ticket like these smart people at Youth Mass at Body & Soul.
  • 15:47
    Hugh Linehan here, taking over from Sorcha Pollak for the next few hours of Electric Picnic. The sun has come out, the crowds are en fete (as we in the Irish Times like to say) and we're half way through the festival Tweet me at @hlinehan or mail hlinehan@irishtimes.com with your thoughts, no matter how incoherent they may be.
  • 15:52
  • 16:03
    Here's Jim Carroll's latest review.

    Cosby Stage

    4 stars

    There is nothing like a fizzy, effverscent pop hit to put the smile on your face. It’s the ultimate pop/rock high, a tune you know is set to rule the airwaves for months to come. What’s even better is when a band who’ve produced one of them glorious yokes has tons more in their arsenal

    Enter Sheppard, a six-strong band from Brisbane with three Sheppard siblings in their ranks. They have found the magic formula in the shape of “Geromino”, a boom tune with oodles and oodles of the special sauce which makes you beam with delight and there is so much more where that comes from.

    Given the Irish-Australia connections, many in the tent already know the band. Going on the reaction to other tunes (especially “These People”), that’s a fanbase set to grow.

    3 words: pop from down under

    Like this, see this: The Districts
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  • 16:06
    Una Mullally has a new contender in the food stakes.

    'Special mention has to go to Dave's Pizza's sweet potato fries. Crispy fake-spud deliciousness.'
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  • 16:16
  • 16:21
    So, I hear you ask, what's the forecast? Let's go over to our friends at Met Eireann.

    Generally cloudy this evening with some showers and drizzle in parts of Ulster. Moderate westerly winds will start to slacken later this evening.


    Staying cloudy tonight with some mist patches, there will be some patches of drizzle but it will be dry for much of the country. Lowest temperatures of 8 to 11 degrees in light breezes.


    A milder day on Sunday, but it will remain generally cloudy with some hazy sunshine in eastern areas during the morning. It will be dry at first but rain and drizzle will move into the west coast in the late morning and will extend eastwards during the afternoon and evening. Highs of 17 to 20 degrees in moderate to fresh southerly winds.

    TOMORROW NIGHT: Cloudy with scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle, mainly through northern areas. Long dry spells too but with some mist and fog in parts. Lowest temperatures 10 to 13 degrees in a mostly light southwest breeze.
  • 16:29
    Some of you yesterday suggested the Irish Times production office was not as glamorous as I portrayed it. Well, who's laughing now? BP FALLON IS IN THE HOUSE!!!
    Some of you yesterday suggested the Irish Times production office was not as glamorous as I portrayed it. Well, who's laughing now? BP FALLON IS IN THE HOUSE!!!
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  • 16:41
  • 16:42
  • 16:43
  • 16:57

    Here's Kitty Holland's preview of tomorrow's Mindfield events.
    Absolute must see today at the Mindfield will be the young black, activist-poet Malcolm London. Hailed as the Gil Scott-Heron of now, he’s flown in from Chicago, via Ferguson, Missouri. Bound to be lyrical, and passionate, he’ll stir rage and love at the Word Stage at 3.45. Hopefully he’ll recite some of his poetry on young black boys’ experience of the Chicago education system where “oceans of adolescence” come to school “but never learn to swim,” and speak of “masculinity mimicked by men who grew up with no fathers.”

    For those up in time, and who can bear it, there’ll be a morning canter through the papers with Miriam O’Callaghan leading the charge, at the Picnic Brunch. Pitch up with a breakfast roll at the Leviathan at 12.30.

    There’s nothing like a curry for a hangover. So they say. They’ll be telling, and showing, all about it in the Theatre of Food, at 3.15. The Food and Spices of India, with demonstrations and (hopefully) tastings, with Sunil Ghai and Gary O’Hanlon.

  • 17:11
    Adam Forsyth from Dun Laoghaire is another contender for Best Beard of the Picnic.
    Adam Forsyth from Dun Laoghaire is another contender for Best Beard of the Picnic.
  • 17:20
  • 17:27
    Peter Crawley's tips for tomorrow:

    A Picture of Us: A (sort of) Musical, Theatre Tent, Mindfield Sun 3pm

    Competing with music acts at Electric Picnic is a tricky proposition
    for the Theatre Tent. This break-up-in-reverse story from The Cup
    Theatre comes with its own live soundtrack, where two charismatic
    leads, Lennon and Nora, sing from the bitter end of love through to
    its origins, in all the harmony and discord.

    Pondling, Theatre Tent, Mindfield 4pm

    That pretty petite girl in the tent next to you? With a smile as
    intense as a grimace? Almost certainly a psychopath. Here is Genevieve
    Hulme-Beaman's multi-award wining solo show, an anatomy of a
    style-conscious Irish farm girl and nutjob who specialises in
    unrequited crushes and torturing chickens.

    Trailer Park, Trailer Park, Whenever

    Little enclaves keep bubbling up and expanding in EP. The mangle of
    Americana in Trailer Park is hit and miss - I like the operating
    chicken coop and can live without confederate bunting - but it has now
    developed a relaxed amphitheatre with rollicking tunes and wonderfully
    eccentric caravans: check out Science Gallery's Make Shop and the wine
    (and pun) connoisseur, Car-au-vin
  • 17:34
  • 17:44
    And here are Kitty Holland's reviews of today's events at Minefield.
    Showbands, beats and ballads: Youth culture of the 1960s ****

    Leviathan, Mindfield

    Q: What’s the difference between a musician and a park bench? A: A park bench can support a family.

    Yes, there’s no money in music – unless you’re at the top. Such was the depressing conclusion from a lively discussion on the history of the Irish music scene, hosted by History Ireland Hedge School, in the Leviathan tent. Mark Geagan, lecturer in music in North West College, Derry, reckoned the economic contribution of the music industry to the economy was greater than that of the dairy industry, yet most of the creative talent in it are broke. Conclusion: we need to pay for our music and support those who are making it.

    The Missing Ingredient Quiz *

    Theatre of Food. Leviathan

    A growing crowd spent up to an hour of their lives they won’t ever get back - at a food quiz. Strangely compelling it was to watch such ‘names’ as Sonya Lennon and Brian Kennedy jostle to be first with the correct answer to such questions as, “What is the pastry that is used to make baklava?’ and “What alcohol drink can be ‘tawny’ or ruby’?”. Host, Ross-Golden Bannon, kept is zipping along and the laughs were aplenty, but why did I spend so long there? Why?

    Lingo Spoken Word

    Word Tent, Leviathan. ****

    Poets and ‘spoken word’ artists, out to offend only the ignorant drew disappointing crowds as other venues at Mindfield were packed. Highlight was a young man raging against the prejudice of those who would deny him the right to marry. To those who think him obscene, he is out, but to them he his soul just won’t ever come clean. The EP Lingo is a preview of the new ‘spoken word’ festival in Dublin in October.
  • 17:47
    By the way, it's half time in Limerick and Mayo lead Kerry by three points, 2-5 to 1-5.
  • 17:49
  • 17:56
  • 18:23
    Took a brief stroll out of the Irish Times shed there to see this Hozier phenomenon in action. Have to say this is the biggest and best received performance of the weekend so far. A huge crowd, absolutely loving it.
  • 18:30
  • 18:35
  • 18:35
  • 18:38
    We Cut Corners

    Electric Arena

    Four stars

    It’s more than a little surprising to discover that this is We Cut Corners’ first time on an Electric Picnic stage. This year’s bookers are rewarded with a savvy, slick set packed tight with energy and no little showmanship. Not for nothing are John Duignan and Conall O’Breachain well known for more than their school teaching skills. This is music in a hurry, all tight hustle on the guitar with on point drums while the pair’s vocals jab and wrestle their way nimbly over the melodic top lines. The pair are not without a bit of festival nous either: This is Then tees up an acoustic diversion that starts in Pirate’s Life, wanders through a bit of Blur and ends up in Helter Skelter. For debutants, they play this one like a pair of old hands. Impressive.

    In three words? Promise and power

    Like that? See this: The Minutes, 11pm, Rankin’s Wood

    Review - Laurence Mackin
  • 18:43
  • 18:45
  • 18:51
    Saturday, Main Stage

    5 stars

    Three word review: something special unfolding

    A few people think Hozier is on the edge of something great. But most know that has already happened. Hozier's live development is a treat to watch, but this Saturday early evening gig is simply sublime. Drawing the biggest crowd of the festival so far, whoops went up for every track from an album that isn't even released yet. Friends raised each other on their shoulders, couples snogged, the brilliant lyrics from 'Take Me To Church', 'Sedated' and 'From Eden' were sung in unison.

    There was something happening in the main arena as songs reminiscent of Van Morrison floated through the air. People talk about festival moments, but this was festival goosebumps. Although 'Take Me To Church' still doesn't pummel as intensely live as it does recorded, the crowds hollering "Amen" were very much worshipping at this young man's altar.

    Like this, see: Neneh Cherry

    Review - Una Mullally
  • 18:57
  • 19:02
    First TD spot: Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe is in attendance. Apparently he's particularly looking forward to Portishead,
  • 19:06

    Some tips from our correspondents on the best food around:

    Mojotos on Bacardi tent are extra-rum fabulous.

    Derry Clarke Banquet is superb. They're very liberal with the vodka and gin too.

    The meat salad dish in the Trailerpark is bringing protein joy to a lot of people. Cheap, and loaded with pulled meat and fresh leaves. Dave's Pizza's sweet potato fries are also the best quick snack on menu. And a special shout out for the corn dog stand which wins the heart food on a stick award

  • 19:18
  • 19:27
    In other news, Kerry progress to the All Ireland SFC final, beating Mayo 3-16 to 3-13
  • 19:48
    It's time for Bonnie!  
  • 19:50
    Sorcha Pollak back on blog duty as Hugh heads off into the festival sunset. I'll be here till 11.30pm with all latest coming from around the picnic. What a gorgeous evening for it.  
  • 19:51
    Still blown away by the crowd numbers at Hozier's main stage performance. Fairplay to all musicians involved, great set.  
  • 19:55
  • 20:01
  • 20:06

    Here's Peter Crawley on  Spies at the Little Big Tent  

    Three Stars

    It's a mark of the gentle persuasion of this Dublin five-piece (today augmented to feature a guest keyboardist) that singer Michael Broderick can politely ask his audience to move closer and, without hesitation, we all do.

    "I'll feed off you more," he reasons, but the group already has an expansive and varied musical diet. To harken back to the driving emotional rock of the 1980s - U2 and Simple Minds areclear touchstones - is surprising enough, but you also hear echoes of The Undertones and Villagers.

    Throughout Distant Shorelines, Moosehead and Yearner there's a competing force between their brilliantly propulsive drums, looser bass, sharp guitar lines and brittle, wavery vocals, as though the motor is too powerful for the vehicle.

    It's a taut ensemble nonetheless and even if the verse is pallid on new song Uriah, the rhythm is admirably restless. There are worse qualities in a young band than politeness, though; with the right invitation you'll go anywhere.

  • 20:17
  • 20:18
  • 20:21

    Jim Carroll has the latest on John Wizards at the Little Big Tent

    4 stars

    One of last year’s true musical delights was an album by a Cape Town band called John Wizards. Full of primetime African swing and smarted toned jive, it was a record which bewitched and beguiled, even if you didn’t know the back-story about producer John Withers’ various meetings with Rwandan singer Emmanual Nzaramba which led to the album.

    The live show that reaches Stradbally features Withers and a set of friends putting new shapes and spry features on those songs. Their sound may occasionally be shadowed by memories of Vampire Weekend’s Upper West Side highlife from a while back, but then Withers and co pull and push fascinating micro-grooves and glitches to the surface and it all goes very day-glo and bouncy. An African treat under Irish skies

    3 words: the magic numbers

    Like this? See this: Jungle

  • 20:25
  • 20:33
  • 20:58

    Before the power failure at Bonnie Tyler, Laurence Mackin took a look at White Denim on the  Cosby stage

    Five star

    More grove than a lathe makers convention. More feel than Stringer Bell. Probably the most technically gifted group you'll see all weekend at electric picnic tearing through a jazzy, dirty blues rock of a repertoire, barely pausing for breath: Whote Denim might have the most uncool name in music, but you'll struggle to find an act more utterly in tune with their music.

    The playing is impeccable, the swagger is wide, the pace is phenomenal. We're sure White Denim have gears one to four. We've just never seen them used. Outstanding.

    In three words: white rock riot

    Like that? See this: Beck.

  • 21:14

    As Paolo Nutini plays his Scottish heart out, don't forget there's still a few more acts to catch before the end of today.  

    On the Main Stage Portishead are up at 22.35 followed by Chic at 00.30.

    Meanwhile, you can catch London Grammar in the Electric Arena at 21.30 followed by James Vincent McMorrow and SBTRKT

    On the Cosby Stage The Blades are playing at 21.30 followed by BP Fallon & The Ghost Wolves.

    In Little Big Tent you can see:

    23.00 - Kaytranada

    00.15 Krystal Klear

    01.30 Bicep

    The party will continue late into the night on the Body & Soul Main Stage.

    23.15 Linkoban

    00.00 Kate Boy

    1.45 Moodoid

    03.00 Donal Dineen

  • 21:18
  • 21:28
  • 21:38

    We’ve just heard that a few songs after her set resumed after the Electric Ireland power cut, Bonnie Tyler told the crowd outside that if they pushed forward power at the tent would fail again.
    However, stewards kept a sharp eye on the crowd to prevent any crush inside the enclosed performance area.

    Unfortunately for Ms Tyler, it seems her audience were only interested in belting out the power ballads and as soon as it became clear she wasn’t going to open with Total Eclipse of the Heart the crowds began to thinning out.

  • 21:44
  • 21:47

    We're all agreed here in the shed, Paolo Nutini just played a pretty impressive set. Here's Jim Carroll on Nutini's Main Stage performance.  

    3 stars

    It’s throwback time on the main stage. Paolo Nutini could have taken the easy road to pop stardom. He was a kid who made teenage fans scream with delight and a guy whose acoustic ballads could be heard across the dial.

    But Nutini’s musical tastes skewered towards deeper cuts. He was a Fats Domino freak, a Dr John gumbo fan, a Smokey Robinson fanatic. And it’s those sounds and influences which have worked their way into his sound these days to the betterment of all.

    His new album “Caustic Love” is the jump-off point for a set which is full of assured songwriting, superb musicianship (Nutini knows how to make the most of his excellent band) and a rasping, frayed 40-fags-a-day voice which sounds blue to the touch.

    It makes for a rough, soulful, lovely hour. Here’s a man who has truly found his mojo.

    Three words: back to blue

    Like this? See: Beck

  • 21:50
  • 21:59
  • 22:04

    Here's Peter Crawley's review of Bonnie Tyler.


    Four Stars

    Oh, the irony: power balladeer Bonnie Tyler arrives to Electric
    Ireland's Powerhouse and, two songs in, the electricity cuts out.
    Still, torch songs are not easily extinguished. Spilling far beyond
    the venue, the crowd elect to drown her out with their own singing,
    knowing every chorus and not a single verse. Between gloriously
    immodest anecdotes, Tyler cannily mingles hits, new songs and cover  versions. But it's all about one. "I don't know what to do, I'm always  in the dark..." In this powder keg she's still giving off sparks.

    In Three Words: Heart of darkness.

    Like this see this: Sinead O'Connor

  • 22:12
  • 22:33
  • 22:34
  • 22:36
  • 22:39

    Una Mullally has a 5-star review for London Grammar

    3 word review: stunning, soulful, magic

    London Grammar, youngsters with old souls, proclaim that this is the loudest response they've ever had at a festival show. The crowd expands beyond the fringes of the tent and cheers in unison and appreciation.

    What a difference a year makes. For an act that performed to a smattering of people at Longitude last year, London Grammar are now stars. A perfectly judged set of lo fi, minimal and emotional tracks soars. You'd hope Portishead were listening somewhere on site, if only to see how far and beautifully their influence has stretched.

  • 22:45
  • 22:52

    What happens when you put a Syrian folk musician on a stage at Electric Picnic? Jim Carroll followed Omar Souleyman to Rankin's Wood Stage to find out.

    4 stars

    It used to be that Omar Souleyman's Saturday nights involved playing the tunes at Syrian weddings, though probably not the tunes which are popular at Irish ones. He doesn't strike you as a man who has much truck with 'Dont Stop Believing'.

    These days, though, he plays joints like the Electric Picnic, turning on festival crowds to his take on Syrian folk music. It's a highly unlikely success story but boy, does it work.

    It begins with a slow, atmospheric groove from his sideman on the keyboards and gizmos before a hard beat kicks in and we're away. What follows is wave after wave of rudimentary, minimal hypnotic electronica, the sound of early acid house raves rewired via the Middle East.

    The show goes off like a whirling dervish. Souleyman chants away, the crowd twirl and twist into a trance. Saturday night fever in downtown Stradbally

    3 words: jack your body

    Like this? Rustie

  • 22:55
  • 22:57
    Emotional sounds of black and blue hues for the witching hours from Portishead on the main stage, as they turn back the years with some turns from the 20 year old noir classic 'Dummy' - Jim Carroll
  • 23:00
  • 23:12

    It looks like it might be time to dig the sunscreen out of those bags. According to Met Eireaan, we've got temperatures of 21 degrees to look forward to for Day 3 of Electric Picnic.  

    Sunday morning and early afternoon will be mainly dry and bright, with some hazy sunshine in places during the morning. However, outbreaks of rain and drizzle will spread from the west during the afternoon and early evening, the rain becoming scattered and patchy during the evening.

    Warm and close, highest temperatures 19 to 21 Celsius, with winds becoming moderate south to southwest and freshening later on southeastern coasts.

  • 23:14
  • 23:27

    It's time to sign off the blog for tonight. We'll be back with live-coverage of Electric Picnic 2014 at 11.30 tomorrow morning.

    Sweet musical dreams to all you Electric Picnic fans, hasta manana.