All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals: Mayo v Roscommon

The Connacht champions look to upset the odds in Croke Park and book a place in the last four

Patrick Madden Sun, Jul 30
LIVE: All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals: Mayo v Roscommon

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  • Good afternoon!

    Kerry have booked their place in the All-Ireland semi-finals - now it's up to Mayo or Roscommon to join them.

    The Connacht champions head into today's fixture as the underdogs - but will fancy their chances against a Mayo side who have relied on Rasputin-like powers of survival to make it into the last eight.

    Promises to be a cracker - and we'll be bringing you all the action.

    Come on!!!


    MAYO: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan, Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle; Séamus O’Shea, Tom Parsons; Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor; Conor Loftus (Crossmolina), Cillian O’Connor, Andy Moran.

    ROSCOMMON: Colm Lavin; Sean McDermott, John McManus, David Murray; Niall McInerney, Seán Mullooly, Brian Stack; Fintan Cregg, Enda Smith; Tadgh O’Rourke, Cian Connolly, Conor Devaney; Ciaráin Murtagh (capt), Diarmuid Murtagh, Niall Kilroy.

  • Whoever wins today it is likely Enda Smith and Aidan O'Shea will have a large say in the outcome.

    The Roscommon and Mayo bruisers are the subject of Eamon Donoghue's latest GAA statistics column, which you can read HERE.

  • Here we go then. Atmosphere bristling at Croke Park, clouds overheard - there's a storm coming.

    The ball is up and we're underway!

  • 1 min: Aidan O'Shea throwing his weight around at the throw-in but the ball squirts out for Roscommon. They then draw first blood, Fintan Cregg getting the opening point. Mayo 0-0 Roscommon 0-1
  • 4 min: Lashing it down now - it's been a frenetic, frantic start, both sides fairly loose in possession. Good work from Cillian O'Connor and he engineers the space for Andy Moran, who somehow goes wide. Mayo 0-0 Roscommon 0-1
  • 5 min: Moran finds space in the square but he is very quickly crowded out and dispossessed. Good defence from Roscommon thus far, not giving Mayo any time on the ball. Mayo 0-0 Roscommon 0-1
  • 7 min: Majestic point from Enda Smith, stroking it over from the right. Mayo 0-0 Roscommon 0-2
  • 8 min: Mayo are on the board - Lee Keegan with a lovely score. Mayo 0-1 Roscommon 0-2
  • 9 min: Fintan Cregg take a bow. He shows great strength to hold off three defenders, before spinning Diarmuid O'Connor and floating a finish over David Clarke and into the top left corner. Big start from Roscommon. Mayo 0-1 Roscommon 1-2
  • 12 min: Wooooooow. Croke Park is yellow and blue. Good build-up play and the ball is played to Ciarain Murtagh on the shoulder who drills a low finish past Clarke. Mayo 0-1 Roscommon 2-2
  • GOAL MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 13 min: An instant response - it opens up for Lee Keegan and he thrashes it goalward, with a deflection taking the ball past Colm Lavin. We have a real game here. Mayo 1-1 Roscommon 2-2
  • 16 min: Paddy Durcan ferrets his way between two defenders and slices his shot wide - he was fouled though and Mayo have a very kickable free. Cillian O'Connor makes no mistake. Mayo 1-2 Roscommon 2-2
  • 20 min: Lovely ball inside to Andy Moran but he's well marshalled and forced to play it back out to Keegan, who slots another point. Mayo 1-3 Roscommon 2-2
  • 23 min: Good Mayo build-up, Aidan O'Shea heavily involved, and Colm Boyle reduces the deficit to a point. Mayo 1-4 Roscommon 2-2
  • 25 min: Mayo sucking up Roscommon pressure well now and they look dangerous on the counter. Andy Moran points and all of a sudden things are level - it's been all Mayo since Roscommon's second. Mayo 1-5 Roscommon 2-2
  • 27 min: Niall Kilroy makes a vital read and interception with Aidan O'Shea ready to pounce. Mayo 1-5 Roscommon 2-2
  • 29 min: Roscommon attacks are breaking on Mayo rocks now - they're retaining the ball well but unable to carve out an opening. Ger Cafferkey fouls Cian Connolly - and Colm Lavin sees his free drift short and wide. Mayo 1-5 Roscommon 2-2
  • 31 min:  A foul from Tadgh O'Rourke - and a very cynical one - gifts Mayo and Cillian O'Connor an easy free. Roscommon haven't scored for 20 minutes now and Mayo have the lead. Mayo 1-6 Roscommon 2-2
  • 33 min: Lee Keegan has been on song thus far and he nails another lovely point from the left. Mayo firmly in control. Mayo 1-7 Roscommon 2-2
  • 34 min: Goalscorer Ciarain Murtagh ends the Roscommon drought with a free. Mayo 1-7 Roscommon 2-3
  • 37 min: Jason Doherty with a nice point to end the half. Mayo 1-8 Roscommon 2-3
  • HT: Mayo 1-8 Roscommon 2-3
  • The teams are back out - more of the same please lads.

    No changes for either side. We're back underway!

  • 36 min: Great start for Roscommon - Conor Devaney with a well taken point. Mayo 1-8 Roscommon 2-4
  • 37 min: And now they're level - Diarmuid Murtagh this time. Mayo 1-8 Roscommon 2-5
  • 38 min: Roscommon started the first half the quickest and they've done so again after the break. Brian Stack tries his luck from a narrow angle and it drifts wide - all Roscommon at the minute though. Mayo 1-8 Roscommon 2-5
  • 40 min: First glimpse for Mayo - Chris Barrett splits the Rossie's defence and finds Andy Moran whose shot is charged down. Mayo 1-8 Roscommon 2-5
  • 42 min: Diarmuid Murtagh down getting extensive treatment after an awkward collision - he's fit to carry on though. Mayo 1-8 Roscommon 2-5
  • 45 min: Sloppy period of play, neither side fluent in possession. Roscommon keeping Mayo at bay easily enough at the moment. Mayo 1-8 Roscommon 2-5
  • 46 min: Roscommon take the lead - Diarmuid Murtagh with a well taken fisted point after a good run down the left. Mayo 1-8 Roscommon 2-6
  • 47 min: Mayo on the board in the second half, Paddy Durcan from play. Mayo 1-9 Roscommon 2-6
  • 48 min: Enda Smith imposing himself on proceedings more now after being switched to full forward. He is fouled after a powerful surge infield and Ciarain Murtagh slots the free. Roscommon back in front. Mayo 1-9 Roscommon 2-7
  • 53 min: Excellent and vital score form Andy Moran - we're level again. Mayo 1-10 Roscommon 2-7
  • 54 min: Niall McInerney clotheslines Aidan O'Shea and is booked for his troubles. Cillian O'Connor with the free which he drills wide. A rarity. Mayo 1-10 Roscommon 2-7
  • 56 min: Very smart point from Donie Smith after he runs onto a good ball from Enda. The pendulum swings again. Mayo 1-10 Roscommon 2-8
  • 59 min: Excellent guile and power from O'Shea under pressure from two yellow shirts, but he gets pinged for over-carrying. He's not happy about that decision and he has a point. Mayo 1-10 Roscommon 2-8
  • 62 min: An era and summer defining 10 minutes or so to come. Neither side able to grab the initiative here, it's cagey stuff in the middle of the park. Mayo 1-10 Roscommon 2-8
  • 64 min: Mayo make a hatchet job of a good opportunity - first Keegan dithers and is forced out before Tom Parsons goes wide with the posts at his mercy. Mayo 1-10 Roscommon 2-8
  • 65 min: Cillian O'Connor points off his left to level things up. That was a long time coming for Mayo and sorely needed. Mayo 1-11 Roscommon 2-8
  • 68 min: A huge interception form Aidan O'Shea, tracking back and leaping to take the ball outside the Mayo square with a yellow shirt wide open. Absolutley critical. And then Paddy Durcan nails a brilliant point - Mayo lead. Mayo 1-12 Roscommon 2-8
  • 69 min: Lovely take and turn form Cillian O'Connor but he hooks his effort wide. A nervy final few minutes coming up. Mayo 1-12 Roscommon 2-8
  • There'll be six minuted added time
  • 72 min: Poor kick out from Clarke and it drifts into touch on the left. Free in for Roscommon. Brendan Harrison took a hefty late hit but the Mayo number two will play on. Donie Smith with the free from the left - about 50m out - and he nails it. Brilliant point. Mayo 1-12 Roscommon 2-9
  • 74 min: Great strength from O'Shea again, retaining possession with three yellow shirts hanging off him. Cillian O'Connor goes tries his luck but doesn't get enough on it. Next point surely the winner. Mayo 1-12 Roscommon 2-9
  • 76 min: Brilliant claim and mark from Parsons - the free is then brought forward by the referee. This is on the edge of Cillian O'Connor's range, he's going to have a pop from outside the 45 - and it drops just short! And then O'Connor goes wide after Roscommon cough up possession. Mayo 1-12 Roscommon 2-9
  • 77 min: Roscommon trying to engineer something at the death but Parsons turns over possession. Surely the final attack for Mayo - but they lose it. This is very stretched. Mayo 1-12 Roscommon 2-9
  • FT: MAYO 1-12 ROSCOMMON 2-9
  • That's the third game in four Mayo have drawn in normal time - no extra time today though, they'll have to do it all again.
  • Right, thanks for joining today! We'll be back next week for the second batch of football quarter-finals and the first hurling semi-final.