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Genevieve Carbery Fri, Feb 21
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  • 09:03

    Good morning. Ukraine will be high on the agenda today –with the Ukrainian presidency claiming a draft deal has been reached but the opposition has not yet confirmed this. Read here.

    Daniel McLaughlin reporting gfrom Kiev describes a scene here:

    “In the grounds of golden-domed St Michael’s Cathedral, 13 more men lay in a row under blankets, only their feet protruding, workers boots resting against muddy sports shoes. “They were killed by sniper fire, for sure,” said a medic who was trying to put names to the bodies stretched out on the wet grass.” Read here.  

    It’s Genevieve Carbery on the Daily Wire good morning.

  • 09:17

    Are you one of the increasing number of people to have no health insurance? Well the Government is proposing to make basic health cover mandatory and reduce the costs from wages, Martin Wall reports today. (here)

    “The cost premiums for older people will almost certainly skyrocket” Conor Pope writes here as the proposals would remove community rating. Cover could also increase for maternity care and people with a family history of heart disease or stroke, he writes.

    However the move would would abolish the two-tier system of private and public healthcare, Martin Wall here.

    Will this be better or worse than our currently very unequal system of health provision?

    Mark Murphy GP writes that the system would be premised on a belief that competition betwene providers will promote efficiency and equity - which has a potential for over-diagnosis. Read here.  

  • 09:23

    The world must be well and truly shocked and appalled that questions are being raised about the fairness of judging in Russia!  

    It after Adelina Sotnikova smashed her career best to become the first Russian to win the Olympic women’s figure skating title.

    “People don’t want to watch a sport where you watch people fall down and somehow score above someone who goes clean,”  American skater Ashley Wanger said after finishing 7th in Sochi.

    Read here.  


  • 09:36

    So if you were setting up a scheme like JobBridge but paying less than half of the meagre €50 top-up, how would you spin it? But of course you’d give it a new name that makes it sound like a computer firm that used to operate in Ireland, thus making everyone think it was a great new high tech opportunity rather than cheap labour for the State .....

    Gateway –will see more than 800 dole recipients start work in Dublin’s local authorities for their dole payment payment plus €20 a week. Those refusing to work risk having their benefit cut.

    The positions are described as “complementary” to the operations of the local authorities and include general operatives in parks, roads and environmental services, tourist-related activities, as “street ambassadors”, in IT support.

  • 09:50

    A new poll shows that 76% of the electorate are on #teampanti, or at least would vote in favour of same sex-marriage.

    The poll for RTE Prime Time and the Sunday business post was released today. Of the remainder 19% were opposed and 5% were undecided.  

  • 09:58

    Who would go to print based on an unconfirmed rumour? Well Sinn Fein would it seems.  Thousands of election leaflets for two Meath Sinn Fein candidates show the elections as May 22nd rather than the correct date of May 23rd.

    Cllr Joe Reilly said the leaflets were printed before the date was released. “The 22nd had been the strongly rumoured date at the time........We couldn’t wait for Big Phil.”

  • 10:10

    Are you a WhatsApp user? How do you feel about Facebook now having access to all of your phone numbers.

    While the markets have cheered Zukcerberg’s $19bn swoop on the service (read here), there is growing commentary about what this means for privacy. Especially as with the buy it gains access to 450 million phone numbers. Here’s one discussion.  

    If you plan to ditch What's App for an alternative service. Ciara O'Brien has some suggestions:  

  • 10:43

    So the department of finance regularly sweeps for bugs? Darn cockroaches, I prefer to use a vacuum cleaner on them myself.

    Both Noonan’s department and the National Treasury Management Agency carry out the checks because of commercially sensitive information being discussed. Read here.

    Meanwhile Conor Brady writes today that the question to be answered into the GSOC bugging saga is: “How did matters reach the sorry pass that led the GSOC to suspect that it was under electronic surveillance? Why did relations between the GSOC and the management of the Garda deteriorate to the extent that trust had apparently evaporated?”

  • 10:54

    One of our astute letter writers suggests that someone should buy Alan Shatter a box set of one of my all-time favourites, Yes Minister.

    He writes here: A worried minister for administrative affairs pleads with Sir Humphrey to find him a way out of the latest leak/scandal/crisis.

    “Not to worry, Minister,” replies Sir Humphrey. “We will set up a top-level inquiry, hear expert evidence from everybody involved, and issue a definitive report in six months, which will conclude that the leak/scandal/crisis never happened, and will make a detailed set of recommendations, which, if implemented, will ensure that the crisis, which never happened, will never happen again!”

    Here's one clip showing Sir Humphrey's web of logic.  

  • 11:02

    Excited about tomorrow’s match at Twickenham?  "It’s hard not to get swept away," Gerry Thornley says. See himself and Gavin Cummiskey discuss the Ireland vs England rugby match here.  

  • 11:05
    Just coming in on the wires - Ukraine's president Yanukovich announced that it is to hold an early presidential election and will start the prcoess of creating a unit government. More as we get it......
  • 11:15
    You’re probably in a state of shock this morning, wondering just what you are going to buy for all of your friends and family at Christmas/Birthdays now that Daniel O’Donnell is taking a break from music.

    The Donegal singer is taking a break from music next year to spend more time with his wife Majella who is being treated for cancer. They have come to realise “life is too short” he said in a statement. More here.  

  • 11:42

    The Polish foreign minister has said Ukraine was at a "delicate moment" after the  Ukrainian president announced agreement to hold early presidential elections. "All sides need to remember that compromise means getting less than 100 percent," Radoslaw  Sikorski said in a post on Twitter.  

  • 11:48

    The UK is having a Neil Francis moment. Women should be offered more feminine sports that allow them to look "absolutely radiant", the UK’s minister for sport and equality has said.

    OH Facepalm!

    "[Women] don't have to feel unfeminine," Helen Grant told the Daily Telegraph.

    "There are some wonderful sports which you can do and perform to a very high level and I think those participating look absolutely radiant and very feminine such as ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading and even roller-skating.

    Here’s the response from one women’s rugby team

  • 12:17

    Just published, Olivia O'Leary on why those in favour of same-sex marriage need to campaign.

    "So a referendum it is, both for legal and political reasons. I think it’s important that those campaigning for marriage equality accept that and direct their energies towards passing it. There will be well organised and effective opposition to them, including, by all indications, the Catholic Church."


  • 12:28
    We've been fighting in Kiev's streets - now scuffles have broken out in parliament.  

    Meanwhile our reporter in Kiev, Dan McLaughlin, has filed a report. You can watch here.
  • 12:36

    A sort-of dummies guide to how the Russian ice-skater Sotnikova scored better at Sochi has been put together by the New York Times. I mentioned the questions being raised about the judging earlier today.

    Thanks to Ice Skate Irl for this. Any comments on the blog you can contact me on Twitter @genevievecaber

  • 12:55
    Tissues at the ready. This video of a Norwegian boy waiting at a bus stop in the snow without a coat was only uploaded two days ago but has almost 6million views. What’s the definition of “going viral” these days? It’s part of a campaign to raise awareness for children freezing in Syria. (I know it’s not exactly news but I’ve a pass, it’s Friday and it's for charidee!) Watch here. (and pick English subtitles in captions area).
  • 12:55
  • 13:07

    It’s lunchtime – what news have you missed?

    Ukraine’s president has offered early elections amid mass demonstrations and fighting in the Kiev parliament. Here.
    We may all have to pay for health insurance under a proposal by James Reilly. Here.

    We’ll miss Daniel O’Donnell’s dulcet Donegal tones as he takeas a break from music. Here.
    Local authorities are putting the unemployed to work and giving them €20, in the new Gateway scheme. Here
    The Department of Finance says it sweeps for bugs. Here.
    Pat Rabbittehas said claims of Garda misconduct must be investigated. Here.  

  • 13:17
    "[Her death] was never real. It still kind of isn't," Irish actor Liam Neeson has told 60 minutes of his wife Natasha Richardson's death  "There's periods now in our New York residence when I hear the door opening, especially the first couple of years...anytime I hear that door opening, I still think I'm going to hear her." You can read a preview of the interview to be aired in the US on Sunday  here. And watch a clip  here.
  • 13:18
  • 13:44

    Was there “a touch of yes minister going on here” Michael O’Higgins SC for Sean Fitzpatrick asked Matt Moran, former chief financial officer Anglo Irish Bank at the trial today.

    “It’s difficult for me to comment on that remark,” Mr Moran responded.

    Mr Moran agreed with Mr O’Higgins that there did seem to be plausible deniability on the financial regulator’s part in relation to a deal made between the bank and the Quinns in March 2008.

  • 14:02
    These before and after pictures of Kiev's Independence Square are pretty stunning.  
  • 14:08

    After uncertaintly all day- it has just been confirmed that Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich has signed an agreement with three opposition leaders.

    A Reuters correspondent at the signing in the presidential headquarters said Yanukovich did not smile during a ceremony lasting several minutes.

     The agreement was witnessed by two European Union foreign ministers who brokered the deal.

    Here's a tweet from the protest camp.  

  • 14:44

    Turns out I'm not the only one who has been binge-watching House of Cards season 2 (how could you not after "that" scene in the first episode) since  Netflix released it in one go on Valentine’s day in the US and Europe

    According to an unofficial analysis from Procera Networks, here, the average number of episodes watched during the weekend was 3 in the US, and 5 in European networks. In Europe, 7-10% of Netflix subscribers watched at least one episode, and about 1% finished the series over the weekend.

  • 15:12

    Ryanair has disputed claims made in a video which has gone viral. It was uploaded after passengers were delayed at Stansted on February 14th by weather disruption and a subsequent fuelling delay at the airport.

    The airline says the claim that passengers had to call the police is untrue, it says the captain called the police. It also says the claim the air con was not switched on is false, as the captain switched it on. It says passengers weren’t held against their will and the captain made “every effort, first with the handling agent (Swissport) and then with the police, to arrange for passengers to be allowed into the terminal which was locked. “

    It also says the claim that passengers were not provided with refreshment vouchers or water is untrue – Ryanair crew provided water to passengers on board and refreshment vouchers were issued to passengers following disembarkation.

  • 15:22

    More from Ukraine, where parliament, where we earlier saw fisticuffs, has voted heavily in favour of an unconditional amnesty for all those detained or who might face possible prosecution in the current unrest.

    The EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has said free and fair elections in Ukraine must take place in proper time, not necessarily in weeks.

  • 15:30

    Have you seen signs at junctions and traffic lights advertising cash for cars? Local authorities in Dublin have removed 5,000 of them over the past year and a half, writes Dan Griffin.

  • 15:44
    Rivalry between US and Canada in this weekend’s ice hockey game at Sochi has resulted in this hilarious ‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ billboard on the building of this freight company in Illinois. Any thoughts on a similar deal for this weekend’s Ireland v England rugby at Twickenham?
  • 15:53

    The ‘Jaabs for the boys’ discussed in the Dail today wasn’t flu vaccine for TDs or a Mayo TD saying jobs.

    It’s Judicial Appointments Advisory Board (Jaab) . Independent TD Shane Ross  told the Dail  that  appointment of judges  “have been dished out as rewards to those who have been loyal to political parties” during elections.  

  • 16:06

    Barack Obama is currently meeting with the Dalai Lama despite stern objections from China.  

    China warned the meeting with the Tibetan spiritual leader would “inflict grave damages” on its relationship with the US.  

  • 16:18

    The increasing vulnerabiltiy of homeless people has been highlighted by a near-fatal inciddent in which a man sleeping in a recyling bin was tipped into a compacting truck.  
    Kitty Holland writes more here.  

  • 16:26

    Just in from Ukraine – the parliament has voted for the dismissal of interior minister Zakharchenko “because of violence” during the protests.

    Yesterday Zakharchenko wearing camouflage as he made a televised statement, said police had been issued with combat weapons and would use them "in accordance with the law" to defend themselves.

  • 16:35

    Some great film news just in, Brendan Gleeson is going to be in a new film about the Suffragettes which starts filming next week. Even better Emmeline Pankhurst will be played by Meryl Streep. Hard to believe it’s less than 100 years since women “won” the right to vote. Wonder will we look back on the current same-sex marriage laws with similar wonderment in a few decades.
    Anyway more on this here.

  • 16:52

    A few developments on Ukraine in the past few minutes - A Russian envoy sent to Kiev by President Vladimir Putin said that talks to resolve Ukraine's crisis produced progress, but indicated Moscow had questions about a European Union-mediated peace deal and confirmed he had not signed it.

    The agreement  is an “important step towards avoiding violence and further bloodshed, achieving piece and stability in the country and resuming a political process” European Commission president Barroso has said in the last few minutes.

    Meanwhile the White House has welcomed the deal but says it remains prepared to impose additional sanctions on Ukraine as necessary

  • 16:55
  • 17:01
    If you’ve heard explosions in Dublin 7 don’t worry, it’s only  a demo of special effects in Smithfield as part of the Dublin film festival.  
  • 17:10
    So one or two visitors might be put out by if threatened industrial action at Dublin Airport/Aer Lingus takes place on St Patrick’s Day. 140,000 people came from abroad to be in Dublin for the national holiday last year. Never mind all of us taking advantage of St Patrick’s Day falling on a Monday to escape the rolling storms/drunken streets for a weekend away.  
  • 17:24
    I'll leave you with something uplifting from Ukraine.  A young woman who tweeted “I’m dying” after she was shot in the neck in Kiev yesterday has posted a message on Twitter announcing she is alive.