Tyrone v Armagh

Can Kieran McGeeney and Armagh cause a shock and overturn Tyrone at Croke Park?

RuaidhrĂ­ Croke Sat, Aug 5
LIVE: Tyrone v Armagh

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  • 15:31

    Good afternoon and welcome to the first of an All-Ireland quarter-final double header on this Saturday afternoon! At 6pm Dublin will look to take another step towards a third title in a row when they face Monaghan. But, before that, we have the historic rivalry of Tyrone and Armagh back on the biggest of stages once again (throw-in: 4pm).  

    An impressive win for Kieran McGeeney's side against Kildare in the qualifiers last week rewarded them with a second trip to GAA headquarters in seven days and they will quietly fancy their chances of causing an upset.

    Meanwhile, Tyrone have looked strong this year and are many people's tip to go all the way and topple the Dubs. It's nine years since Mickey Harte's side reached an All-Ireland final and it will take two big performances from here if they're to do it this year with the winner of this game facing either Dublin or Monaghan.

    I'm Ruaidhri Croke and I'll be with you for the afternoon as the second semi-final of this year's All-Ireland Championship takes shape. The teams are below and we're less than a half an hour from the action now!

    ARMAGH: Blaine Hughes, James Morgan, Charlie Vernon, Paul Hughes, Brendan Donaghy, Mark Shields, Joe McElroy, Stephen Sheridan, Niall Grimley, Rory Grugan, Ciaran O’Hanlon, Aidan Forker, Jamie Clarke, Gavin McParland, Stefan Campbell.

    TYRONE: Niall Morgan, Aidan McCrory, Ronan McNamee, Cathal McCarron, Tiernan McCann, Pádraig Hampsey, Peter Harte, Colm Cavanagh, Conall McCann, David Mulgrew, Niall Sludden, Kieran McGeary, Mark Bradley, Sean Cavanagh (c), Matthew Donnelly.

  • 15:41

    One change to the teams and it comes in the Tyrone ranks where Declan McClure comes in for David Mulgrew.

    With 20 minutes to go until throw-in you can pass the time by reading our coverage of the day's first quarter-final below.

    Tyrone too far down the road for even an improved Armagh to catch

    "Colm Cavanagh, in that position, I don't think there's any player near him"

  • 15:46

    The latest heavy shower to pass over Croke Park has cleared and conditions are dry ... for the moment.

    The Armagh team are on the pitch for a final kickabout before the anthem and throw-in. Tyrone are yet to emerge and may be reciting the pre-game Rosary they now go through before every match, as Mickey Harte revealed recently.

    Armagh looked far from a Division 3 team in beating Kildare last week but the question is whether they can maintain that form or if this game has come around just too soon for them. If Jamie Clarke can perform as he did last week they may just have a chance but it's hard to see them holding off this strong Tyrone team.

  • 16:00
    1 min: We are underway in the first of the day's All-Ireland quarter-finals!  (Tyrone 0-0 Armagh 0-0)
  • 16:03

    2 mins: Some neat play to start the game from Tyrone sees them notch the first point of the game without an Armagh player even touching the ball. Excellent handpassing from the Tyrone players there and Colm Cavanagh sticks over the first score on his right foot.

    Meanwhile, Cathal McCarron is down being treated for an injury after he awkwardly tripped over himself right after throw-in.  (Tyrone 0-1 Armagh 0-0)

  • 16:05

    4 mins: Armagh have to be patient with their build-up as they slowly move forward . Gavin McParland eventually attempts a kick at goal but his effort flies well wide as he stumbled.

    No such problems for Tyrone however as they break quickly, working the ball left to Mark Bradley who slotted over for the second point of the game.  (Tyrone 0-2 Armagh 0-0)

  • 16:07
    6 mins: And it's a second point for Bradley in the very next attack, this time from his left foot showing just how good he is on both sides.  (Tyrone 0-3 Armagh 0-0)
  • 16:10
    9 mins: Armagh are struggling to find any space in the Tyrone half as Mickey Harte's side snuff out their sparse attacks. That's sparse in terms of numbers with the men in orange opting to keep a number of players back each time, obviously hoping to keep things tight early on. Another long range effort, this time from Niall Grimley, skews off his foot and flies wide.  (Tyrone 0-3 Armagh 0-0)
  • 16:13

    12 mins: Armagh can't get within 40 yards of the Tyrone goal without being snuffed out. Every attack is a few players in orange facing a wall of white. They won't get much luck there. Tyrone, meanwhile, are holding onto possession with ease when they win it back and making McGeeney's side work very hard. Still a long way to go but the pattern of the game is not looking good for Armagh so far.

    And they're now four points behind after Sean Cavanagh slotted Tyrone's first free of the day from a central position.  (Tyrone 0-4 Armagh 0-0)

  • 16:15
    15 mins: What a point from Tiernan McCann. He cuts inside from the left and calmly sends a low bullet between the posts. This is really going against Armagh now.  (Tyrone 0-5 Armagh 0-0)
  • 16:15
    16 mins: Penalty for Tyrone!  (Tyrone 0-4 Armagh 0-0)
  • 16:16


    TYRONE 1-5 ARMAGH 0-0

  • 16:18

    17 mins: It's all going horribly, horribly wrong for Armagh. After that excellent McCann point, Blaine Hughes's kickout went all wrong, allowing Tyrone to immediately attack again. Mark Bradley soloed into the square, twisting and turning before being fouled by James Morgan.

    From the spot Peter Harte made no mistake, sending Hughes the wrong way and stretching the gap to eight points less than 20 minutes into the game.  (Tyrone 1-5 Armagh 0-0)

  • 16:20

    18 mins: Armagh notch up a point! It only took 18 minutes and an easy free from Mark Grimley to get Kieran McGeeney's side off the mark.

    And it's immediately cancelled out at the other end after another excellent quick attack from Tyrone. Peter Harte burst through before passing to McClure who popped over from close range.  (Tyrone 1-6 Armagh 0-1)

  • 16:21
    21 mins: Tyrone are just toying with their opponents now, tapping it around in their own half and patiently waiting for gaps to appear. Armagh are chasing shadows and it looks all to predicatable as to what the outcome will be.  (Tyrone 1-6 Armagh 0-1)
  • 16:24
    24 mins: Better stuff from Armagh and they pick up their second point of the game. Good build-up play and good runing from Mark Shields found him some space inside the square where he collected, turned and kicked over.  (Tyrone 1-6 Armagh 0-2)
  • 16:27
    26 mins: Armagh are coming back into this slightly, ever so slightly. However, they aren't taking their chances. A fourth wide of the game from Ciaran O'Hanlon, followed by a fifth from Jamie Clarke, sees two good attacks go to waste.  (Tyrone 1-6 Armagh 0-2)
  • 16:29
    29 mins: The Armagh mini resurgence continues. After a Tyrone free from long range dropped short, Armagh broke away and made the most of it this time as Gavin McParland split the posts with the outside of his left boot.  (Tyrone 1-6 Armagh 0-3)
  • 16:33

    31 mins: Tyrone have only added one point since Peter Harte's goal and Armagh are growing in confidence.

    However, that could be put to bed now after Mark Shields receives a black card for deliberately bringing down Harte when he was through on goal. he's replaced by Anto Duffy. Sean Cavanagh slots over the free for a crucial Tyrone score to end that little Armagh resurrection.  (Tyrone 1-7 Armagh 0-3)

  • 16:34
    34 mins: Good battling from James Morgan in a foray forward rewards Armagh with a free. Rory Grugan makes no mistake and the gap is now back to six.  (Tyrone 1-7 Armagh 0-4)
  • 16:35
    35 mins: However, once again Tyrone answer straight back, this time through Harte on his left foot.  (Tyrone 1-8 Armagh 0-4)
  • 16:38
    37 mins: Colm Cavanagh is booked for a high tackle on Stefan Campbell and Armagh get a free in a decent position on the right. However, Grugan can't find the gap between the posts with his effort as it flies wide for Armagh's sixth wide of the game.  (Tyrone 1-8 Armagh 0-4)
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    So, Armagh have come back into the game somewhat since the Tyrone penalty but they're still suffering from that poor start when they simply couldn't cope with the intensity of Tyrone.

    They didn't help themselves either by holding so many players back, meaning they were so sparse when launching attacks. Tyrone simply held possession and picked them off at will with the added bonus of the penalty.

    Kieran McGeeney has a lot of work on his hands in the dressing room at half-time if he's to turn this around but, realistically, Tyrone just look too good.

  • 16:49
  • 16:56
    36 mins: The second half is underway in Croke Park!  (Tyrone 1-8 Armagh 0-4)
  • 16:59
    37 mins: Armagh need to go for it a lot more now in the second half and already they are. However, the Tyrone defence is well matched to it for the moment anyway. They snuff out the latest Armagh attack and break down the left with Sean Cavanagh but he's forced out on the left handside.  (Tyrone 1-8 Armagh 0-4)
  • 17:01
    40 mins: Another Armagh attack comes to nothing as Campbell wastes a good chance at kicking a point. If they're to get back into this they need to take those chances but it certainly is encouraging for them that they're putting the attacks together and look like the better team so far in the second half.  (Tyrone 1-8 Armagh 0-4)
  • 17:03
    42 mins: Despite those early Armagh attacks, it's Tyrone who get the first score of the second half thanks to a long free from Niall Morgan just about creeping over the bar.  (Tyrone 1-9 Armagh 0-4)
  • 17:07

    45 mins: Jamie Clarke has been nowhere near the level he was at last week so far and his second shot at goal in this game flies wide once again.  

    Tyrone go down the other end and Bradley whips over his third point from play after some lovely feints to the left and the right to make half a yard of space.  (Tyrone 1-10 Armagh 0-4)

  • 17:09
    47 mins: Finally, after 12 minutes of the second half, Armagh muster up a point. And it's Clarke who splits the post at the third opportunity to cut the defecit to eight points.  (Tyrone 1-10 Armagh 0-5)
  • 17:12
    50 mins: The second yellow card of the game is shown to Jamie Clarke after a high tackle on Declan McClure.  (Tyrone 1-10 Armagh 0-5)
  • 17:14
    52 mins: Armagh are beginning to tire now and Tyrone are pulling further ahead. The latest point comes via Mattie Donnelly on the right and stretches the gap to nine points - the largest it's been all through the game.  (Tyrone 1-11 Armagh 0-5)
  • 17:15
    54 mins: After jinking his way through the Tyrone defence minutes ago before skying a close range effort well over the bar, Rory Grugan puts it right from distance with a good point.  (Tyrone 1-11 Armagh 0-6)
  • 17:16


    TYRONE 2-11 ARMAGH 0-6

  • 17:17
    56 mins: David Mulgrew slots home Tyrone's first goal from play in Croke Park since 2008! That's nine years without a goal from play at GAA HQ. After an excellent long pass into space behind the Armagh defence, Mulgrew ran onto it, collected and calmly slotted past Hughes with the inside of his right foot.  (Tyrone 2-11 Armagh 0-6)
  • 17:20
    57 mins: Stephen Sheridan is shown Armagh's second plack card of the game for what seems to be dissent after Tyrone got a free due to a heavy hit from Brendan Donaghy on Colm Cavanagh. Donaghy is shown a yellow, Tyrone get the free and Sean Cavanagh slots over.  (Tyrone 2-12 Armagh 0-6)
  • 17:22
    61 mins: David Mulgrew adds to his goal with a point from the right. Impressive stuff from the 19-year-old.  (Tyrone 2-13 Armagh 0-6)
  • 17:23
    62 mins: Red card for Cathal McCarron! Just minutes after receiving a yellow card, McCarron gets another after a high tackle. From the free Grugan slots over.  (Tyrone 2-13 Armagh 0-7)
  • 17:24


    TYRONE 3-13 ARMAGH 0-7

  • 17:26

    65 mins: Well, what an impact this young man has had since coming into the game! With acres of space now opening up behind the Armagh defence, Mulgrew streaks clear, dummies to send Hughes onto his backside before lobbing it over him with the calmest of finishes.

    The 19-year-old was listed as starting before being benched but what an impact he's made since coming on.

    Meanwhile, Grugan is the latest Armagh player to be shown a black card for a deliberate trip on Tiernan McCann.  (Tyrone 3-13 Armagh 0-7)

  • 17:30

    68 mins: The rain is absolutely lashing it down now at Croke Park, just in time for the second quarter-final. I don't envy those on the Hill whatsoever at the moment.  

    In the lashings of rain Tyrone add two quick points from McCurry and Harte.  (Tyrone 3-15 Armagh 0-7)

  • 17:31
    70 mins: Paul Hughes slots over a conselation point for Armagh as the fourth official signals four minutes of added time.  (Tyrone 3-15 Armagh 0-8)
  • 17:34
    73 mins: Sean Cavanagh knocks over his fourth point of the game and Tyrone's 16th alongside three goals. (Tyrone 3-16 Armagh 0-8)
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  • 17:38

    So, it was all too easy in the end for Tyrone.

    Can Dublin join them and set up a tantalising semi-final?

    Find out with me at the link below!