All-Ireland SHC: Waterford v Cork

The Deise take on the Rebels in Croke Park with Galway awaiting the winners in the All-Ireland final

Patrick Madden Sun, Aug 13
LIVE: All-Ireland SHC: Waterford v Cork

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  • Good afternoon!

    Welcome to our coverage of the All-Ireland SHC semi-final between Waterford and Cork.

    The resurgent Rebels have been the story of the hurling summer so far, and have already sank Waterford once - running out 0-23 to 1-15 winners in the Munster semi-finals.

    But Derek McGrath's side have bounced back from that defeat in fine style - and their run to the last four included a rare and resounding 4-23 to 2-22 victory over Kilkenny - a result which suggested their 58-year wait to lift Liam could be coming to an end.

    Galway will be keen observers - but who will join them in the All-Ireland final is anyone's guess.

    We'll be bringing you all the action from Croke Park - promises to be a cracker.

    Come on!!!


    Cork: Anthony Nash; Stephen McDonnell, Damien Cahalane, Colm Spillane; Christopher Joyce, Mark Ellis, Mark Coleman; Bill Cooper, Darragh Fitzgibbon; Seamus Harnedy, Conor Lehane, Shane Kingston; Alan Cadogan, Patrick Horgan, Luke Meade.

    Waterford: Stephen O’Keeffe; Shane Fives, Barry Coughlan, Noel Connors; Kieran Bennett, Austin Gleeson, Philip Mahony; Jamie Barron, Conor Gleeson; Kevin Moran, Pauric Mahony, Jake Dillon; Shane Bennett, Michael Walsh, Darragh Fives.

  • It's not just the Cork seniors who are enjoying a fine summer - the minors are on the brink of reaching an All-Ireland final of their own. They lead Dublin 0-21 to 1-13 with the match into injury time.
  • FT: Cork 0-23 Dublin 2-13

    The Rebel minors hang on despite a late Dublin goal. Now it's over to the seniors to follow suit.

  • Fancy some pre-match reading? Of course you do!

    In this week's GAA statistics column Eamon Donoghue has looked at the talismanic Austin Gleeson, the man he believes can carry Waterford to All-Ireland glory. You can read that HERE.

    You can read Nicky English's thoughts on today's game HERE.

    While Sean Moran has questioned whether Waterford can turn the tables on Cork after their defeat in Munster - you can find that HERE.

  • Waterford's task today is made much harder by the absence of  Tadhg de Búrca. The one-match suspension he received after his red card against Wexford in the quarter-finals was upheld this week.  

    De Búrca is absolutely key to how Waterford set up, and they are a far weaker side without him. Darragh Fives is expected to play the sweeper role today in de Búrca's absence.

  • Derek McGrath has confirmed Darragh Fives will drop in and try to perform a  de Búrca-esque role, with Kieran Bennett going man-for-man.
  • Up to 75,000 expected in Croke Park today.
  • Here come the teams in Croke Park.
  • There's a pre-match applause for the late Tony Keady, who died on Thursday aged 53.
  • We're underway!!!
  • 1 min: Waterford attacking the Hill and they win the ball from the throw-in. Cork's first attack and Shane Kingston is fouled with three white shirts around him. Patrick Horgan knocks over the game's opening point. Cork 0-1 Waterford 0-0
  • 2 min: Sideline ball for Waterford and Austin Gleeson opts for an short pass inside. It breaks for Pauric Mahony who flashes over a neat first point for Waterford. Cork 0-1 Waterford 0-1
  • 3 min: Gooe ball up to Seamus Harnedy and it drops nicely to Patrick Horgan who turns and flicks over a point.  Cork 0-2 Waterford 0-1
  • 4 min: Long ball to Shane Bennett on the left who forces his way inside and finds Michael Walsh, who drills a fine effort under Anthony Nash. Great vision from Bennett, and it got the finish it deserved. Cork 0-2 Waterford 1-1
  • 6 min: Cork answer back through Shane Kingston, lovely point over the black spot. Cork 0-3 Waterford 1-1
  • 7 min: Excellent defensive work from Noel Connors under pressure and Waterford can release upfield, where Kevin Moran finishes a good counter-attack. The lively Patrick Horgan then responds for Cork. Cork 0-4 Waterford 1-2
  • 9 min: Excellent strength and poise from Kevin Moran, who rampages down the right and drills over a brilliant point from a very narrow angle. Cork 0-4 Waterford 1-3
  • 10 min: Brilliant take from Shane Fives - Waterford have looked sturdy at the back so far. It's been a frantic start. First wide of the game from Conor Lehane in the middle of the field. Cork 0-4 Waterford 1-3
  • 12 min: A calmer spell in midfield comes to an end when Alan Cadogan cuts in from the right and curls a fine point over. Cork 0-5 Waterford 1-3
  • 14 min: Kevin Moran with a mammoth effort from the left but Anthony Nash catches it under his bar and tries to step Shane Bennett but gets caught. No punishment for Waterford's 13 and that's fair enough. Up the other end Patrick Horgan makes a great take but loses his hurl and slips as he tries to volley it over the bar. Cork 0-5 Waterford 1-6
  • 16 min: Free for Cork just inside the 65. Patrick Horgan to take, and he fizzes it wide. Cork 0-5 Waterford 1-3
  • 18 min: Lovely, cute touch from Conor Lehane under immense pressure and he draws a foul, which Patrick Horgan drills over for his fourth point. Cork 0-6 Waterford 1-3
  • 19 min: Monster effort form Kevin Moran, Waterford back in front. Cork 0-6 Waterford 1-4
  • 20 min: Shane Bennett earns a sideline ball on the right. Austin Gleeson has been quite thus far and he goes short again - before curling an effort just wide when it breaks back for him. Lovely response from Cork, Nash to Mark Ellis to Horgan who gets his fifth. Cork 0-7 Waterford 1-4
  • 22 min: Scrappy passage of play and Conor Gleeson fouls Luke Meade needlessly, giving Patrick Horgan the chance to knock over another free. Cork 0-8 Waterford 1-4
  • 24 min: What a save!!! Long ball to Michael Walsh who finds Pauric Mahony inside, and his drilled effort is brilliantly turned away by Nash. Waterford had a free though, which Mahony knocks over. Cork 0-8 Waterford 1-5
  • 26 min: Damien Cahalane fouls Austin Gleeson as he was looking threatening, and earns himself a yellow card. Pauric Mahony with the free from the left and he makes no mistake. Cork 0-8 Waterford 1-6
  • 30 min: Excellent shimmy from Shane Kingston on the left and he is caught late by Kieran Bennett, who gets a yellow. He's had a difficult afternoon so far. Patrick Horgan goes wide from the free. Waterford respond through Jamie Barron, stunning point from the left. Cork 0-8 Waterford 1-7
  • 32 min: Poor puck out from Nash and Waterford have a sideline ball. Gleeson goes short again and receives it back but then goes wide with a speculative effort. Cork 0-8 Waterford 1-7
  • 33 min: Barron gets hit from behind and Waterford have a free just inside their own 65 - but Mahony sends it for his side's seventh wide. Cork 0-8 Waterford 1-7
  • 34 min: Waterford are putting pressure on the Cork puck-out and it's been effective so far, forcing Nash to go long. Cork have another free through Horgan though, and he's back on target. Cork 0-9 Waterford 1-7
  • 36 min: Hawk-eye called after an audacious attempt from Kevin Moran, who flicks it into his left and tries his luck from the narrowest of angles. Just shaved the outside of the post. Up the other end, Lehane hits the post but Waterford secure it. Cork 0-9 Waterford 1-7
  • HT: CORK 0-9 WATERFORD 1-7
  • The teams are back out in Croke Park - it's on a knife-edge.

    We're back underway.

  • 36 min: Seamus Harnedy draws a lazy tug from Pauric Mahony and Cork have a free just outside their 65. Patrick Horgan winds up again and drills it over. All square. Cork 0-10 Waterford 1-7
  • 38 min: Stunning grab from Kevin Moran in midfield and he finds Jamie Barron down the left, who shows brilliant strength to drive inside and draw a foul. Pauric Mahony flips over the free. Cork 0-10 Waterford 1-8
  • 41 min: A shoulder from Barry Coughlan on new man Michael Cahalane results in a Cork free. Borderline. Patrick Horgan makes no mistake. Cork 0-11 Waterford 1-8
  • 43 min: This is a real battle now. Excellent, tenacious carry from Darragh Fitzgibbon and Conor Lehane nails a lovely point with a free coming. The atmosphere inside HQ just cranked up a few notches. Cork 0-12 Waterford 1-8
  • 44 min: Excellent point from Kevin Moran. He has been mammoth today.  Cork 0-12 Waterford 1-9
  • 46 min: Austin Gleeson hasn't really got into this and he goes wide from a difficult angle. Change for Waterford, Maurice Shanahan on for Jake Dillon. Cork 0-12 Waterford 1-9
  • 47 min: Lovely hurling from Patrick Horgan, cutting back in on the left and flicking over a fine point - his 10th. Instant response from Darragh Fives. This is going to be some finish. Cork 0-13 Waterford 1-10
  • 48 min: Sideline cut from Darragh Fitzgibbon - straight over the black spot. Cork 0-14 Waterford 1-10
  • 49 min: A brilliant surge from Conor Lehane but Conor Gleeson is equal to him. A frantic passage of play - some huge collisons - and Mahony points. And then Seamus Harnedy with a point for Cork. This is brilliant stuff. Cork 0-15 Waterford 1-11
  • 51 min: Excellent bit of sweeper play from Darragh Fives -  then a high tackle from Damien Cahalane on Conor Gleeson. RED CARD! It's Cahalane's second yellow and Cork are down to 13 men. Cork 0-15 Waterford 1-11
  • 53 min: Pauric Mahony knocks over the free. That could prove huge. And then Austin Gleeson with a moment of magic to edge Waterford in front.  Cork 0-15 Waterford 1-13
  • 54 min: Brilliant from Alan Cadogan on the right, and he cuts inside and points. All square again. Cork 0-16 Waterford 1-13
  • 56 min: Good carry from Darragh Fitzgibbon and he is hauled down. Cork free - another point for Patrick Horgan. And then Horgan with a monster point from play - brilliant salvo form Cork. Cork 0-18 Waterford 1-13
  • 58 min: Poor Cork defence and clinical execution from Waterford - the ball comes to Jamie Barron at the back post and he drills it brilliantly past Nash. And then Barron with a point from play - the tables have turned in a flash. Cork 0-18 Waterford 2-14
  • 60 min: Austin Gleeson take a bow - that is simply stunning. He carries, sells three defenders with a double-shimmy and scoops the ball home. He'd been quiet but he has potentially won Waterford the game. That's why he's Waterford's magic man. Cork 0-18 Waterford 3-14
  • 62 min: Pauric Mahony with a monster free from outside the 65 - and he nails it. Everything is with Waterford now, they're six points clear in a flash. Cork 0-18 Waterford 3-15
  • 62 min: Conor Lehane stems the blue and white tide with a point. Cork 0-19 Waterford 3-15
  • 64 min: Nash pumps it long up to the Waterford square where Darragh Fives makes a stunning take - then moments later he leaps like a salmon to claim it again. He's really eased the blow of de Búrca's absence. Another Waterford point is cancelled out by new man Luke O'Farrell. Cork 0-20 Waterford 3-16
  • 67 min: Supreme take and point from Maurice Shanahan. And then Pauric Mahony lands a huge one of his own. There was a bit of afters then - Conor Gleeson whacking Horgan with his hurl. RED CARD! Both Gleeson and Horgan are shown straight reds. Cork 0-20 Waterford 3-17
  • 69 min: Imagine being Conor Gleeson knowing a moment of madness like that is likely to keep you out of an All-Ireland final. It's 14 against 13 now. Cork 0-20 Waterford 3-18
  • 71 min: Shane Kingston sniffing for a sorely needed goal but he's excellently snuffed out by Noel Connors. And then Austin Gleeson curls in a brilliant free. Four minutes added on, Waterford are there. Cork 0-20 Waterford 3-19
  • GOAL WATERFORD!!!!!!!!!
  • 72 min: And that's all she wrote. Ball over the top to Barron in acres of space and he carries before finishing neatly past Nash for his second goal. Cork 0-20 Waterford 4-19
  • 74 min: Conor Lehane with a drilled effort turned away by Stephen O'Keeffe from under the bar. Mark Coleman sends the free into the square but it goes straight out. Cork 0-20 Waterford 4-19
  • FT: CORK 0-20 WATERFORD 4-19
  • Right, thanks for joining today.

    The flame of summer is starting to flicker - but there's plenty to look forward to yet.

    See you next Sunday for Dublin v Tyrone in the All-Ireland SFC.