Ireland v Pakistan

It's the fifth and final day of Ireland's first ever Test match

John O'Sullivan Tue, May 15
LIVE: Ireland v Pakistan

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  • 12:17
    Hello and welcome to the Irish Times live cricket blog. As you can probably guess events at Malahide cricket club have become very positive from an Irish perspective. Pakistan, chasing 160 to win, have lost three wickets for the addition of just 15-runs. Game on as they'say.  
  • 12:26

    Ireland resumed their second innings on 319 for 7 this morning. Kevin O'Brien in the country's first ever test match became the first   player to make a half century, than yesterday evening a century, eventually finishing the day on 118 not out.

    Unfortunately he could not add to that total before being caught behind by Haris Sohail off the blowing of Mohammad Abbas with the latter cliaming figures of 5 for 66 as he tagged on the wickets of Tyrone Kane and Boyd Rankin.      

  • 12:28
    Pakistan were set a target of 160 to win on this the fifth day of the test match with the potential influence of the weather likely to play an important part. Showers are forecast.    
  • 12:31
    Ireland's Tim Murtagh opened the bowling and in just his fourth ball made the breakthough tempting Azhar Ali into a tentative prod that caught an edge and nestled in Paul Stirling's hands at slip. Ali was gone for just two runs and the home side was handed an early adrenaline shot.  
  • 12:35
    Haris Sohail grabbed Pakistan's first boundary in their second innings off the final ball of the over but Irish captain William Porterfield threw the ball to Boyd Rankin and the six foot eight inch right-handed fast medium bowler, opened with a maiden causing considerable discomfort for  Imam-ul-Haq.  
  • 12:37
    Ireland's morning got even better in the fourth ball of the fourth over from a clearly uncomfrtable Sohail edged Rankin, with Ed Joyce taking a sharp catch in the gully.  
  • 12:39
    Ireland's prospects got even better just one over later when Murtagh struck for a second time on this occasion tempting  Asad Shafiq into a loose drive which the bastmen missed completely only to be accompanied by the accoustics of his off stump being removed from the ground. Patistan were 15 for 3 and in serious trouble.  
  • 12:44
    Imam-ul-Haq, despite an uncomfortable start, gradually found a playing rhythm and removed some of the early anxiety for the visitors by edging his way to 23 with Babr Azam (7) playing a minor supporting role as Pakistan reached 40-3 after 13 overs.  
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  • 12:46
    This game is grabbing some attention around the cricketing world.  
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  • 12:48
    Stuart Thompson replaced Rankin as the first bowling change and he too opened with a maiden.  
  • 12:50
    Pakistan 45-3 after 14 overs. The visitors have got things back on track for the moment principally through the quiet assurnace of Imam-ul-Haq (28).  
  • 12:52
    Murtagh continues into his eighth over.  
  • 12:53
    Three runs from the over, Pakistan 48-3 chasing 160. Lunch is due in eight minutes.......the players' not mine, so maybe two overs to squeeze in.  
  • 12:56
    Thompson gives ul-Haq a bit of width and is punished with a boundary to take Pakistan past the 50 mark at 52 for 3.  
  • 12:57
    Pakistan 52 for 3, 16 overs, chasing 160 for victory.  
  • 12:58
    The last team to win a test match having followed on was India against Australia in Kolkata some 17 years ago. Ireland are looking to emulate that achievement.  
  • 12:59
    Murtagh had Azam fishing a little bit outside off stump, producing a pearler to beat the bat and the very next ball the batsman almost plays onto his stumps.    
  • 13:01

    A maiden over from Murtagh, in his ninth straight over

    LUNCH: Pakistan 52 for 3 off 17 overs, chasing 160 runs to win.  

  • 13:04
    Murtagh (2) and Rankin take three early wickets but ul-Haq (33) steadies Pakistan skitishness. It's hard to escape the feeling that Ireland have a window of eight to 10 overs when they are going to have to add to the wicket taking tally to keep the pressure on the visitors.    
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  • 13:15
    For those looking to catch up on events from yesterday while the players and cricket writers are treated to some wonderful fare at lunch, here's Emmet Riordan's excellent article from yesterday on Kevin O'Brien's maiden test century. Here's the article.  
  • 13:16
    Hungry, anyone? This is what the media had for lunch yesterday. Goodness knows what it is today. Not jealous.    
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  • 13:18
    Play expected to resume about 1.45pm. Pakistan 52 for 3 chasing 160 runs for victory.  
  • 13:39
    Rankin will bowl the first over after lunch.  
  • 13:40
    Ireland need seven wickets, Pakistan require 108 runs.
  • 13:41
    ul-Haq (37) leans into a drive and the ball races to the boundary. Pakistan 56 for 3. 104 required.  
  • 13:43
    Imam-ul-Haq (40) runs three from the final delivery of the over. Pakistan 59-3.    
  • 13:46

    DROPPED: Andy Balbirnie puts down a great chance from Murtagh's second ball of his 10th over. Is that the pivotal moment?  

    Azam edged the delivery towards Balbirnie at third slip but the Irishman can't grab it and to add insult to injury Azam (13) then helps himself to a boundary off the next delivery.  

  • 13:48
    Azam (17) with a second four, pulling a short delivery to the boundary. That's two fours after he was dropped. Pakistan 68 for 3.    
  • 13:50
    ul-Haq (45) flashes at a wide delivery from Rankin and it whistles through the vacant gully area for four runs.  
  • 13:51
    Pakistan 74-3. 20 overs. 86 required to win.  
  • 13:52
    Murtagh continues.  
  • 13:54
    ul-Haq 47 from 54 balls, Azam 17 off 49 balls. Pakistan 74-3.  
  • 13:56
    No runs from Murtagh's first three balls but Azam (21) finds the boundary rope with the fourth. Niall O'Brien standing up to the sumps as Ireland try and change things up.  
  • 13:57
    The partnership is 64 runs from 98 balls, 26 of those coming in a ball under four overs after lunch.    
  • 13:58
    Pakistan 78 for 3. 21 overs. 82 required for victory.  
  • 13:59
    Ireland desperately in need of a breakthrough.  
  • 13:59
    Rankin to continue from the Castle end.  
  • 14:01
    Azam, boundary, nice flick off his legs. Pakistan 83 for 3.  
  • 14:02
    Azam (26) and ul-Haq (49) have accelerated the scoring rate after lunch.  
  • 14:03
    Pakistan 86 for 3. 74 required.  
  • 14:04
    Murtagh takes the 23rd over, his 13th in succession.  
  • 14:05
    Three dot balls.  
  • 14:07
    Azam (31) tucks away another boundary with the fifth ball. Lovely piece of timing.  
  • 14:08
    Pakistan 90-3. 23 overs. 70 required.  
  • 14:08
    Tyrone Kane into the attack.  
  • 14:12
    A maiden test half century for Imam-ul-Haq (52) on debut. Nicely clipped for three off his toes. Pakistan 93 for 3. 67 required.    
  • 14:16
    Azam (35) finds the boundary with the last delivery of Murtagh's 14th over. Pakistan 98-3.  
  • 14:18
    The window to change this game from an Ireland perspective is barely open at this point. ul-Haq (57) digs a ball out, his timing good enough to watch it race away for four runs.  
  • 14:21
    Kane, O'Brien and the slip cordon appeal on the last delivery of the over. Nipped back off the seam. May have been a little high. No joy. Pakistan 102 for 3. 58 required.  
  • 14:24
    Azam (38) three runs. Pakistan 105 for 3.  
  • 14:25
    Pakistan 108 for 3.  
  • 14:29
    Kane's bowling is tidy but Ireland need wickets and Azam (39) and ul-Haq (61) aren't offering any encouragement. It's all been very measured from the batsmen.  
  • 14:29
    Pakistan 112 for 3. 28 overs. 48 required.  
  • 14:31
    Pakistan are scoring at just over four an over, the highest run-rate at any stage of the match.  
  • 14:33
    Rankin around the wicket but Azam isn't fazed and nudges him for two runs.  
  • 14:34
    Pakistan 115-3. 29 overs. 45 required.  
  • 14:35
    Stuart Thompson back for a fourth over in a second spell.  
  • 14:39
    A maiden over from Thompson including a shout on last ball for LBW. Pakistan 115 for 3. 30 overs.  
  • 14:44
    A misfield and a 'no ball' in that Rankin over as Azam (44) eases towards a half century. Pakistan 119 for 3. 31 overs.  
  • 14:46
    Azam (48) with another boundary, given a bit of width by Thompson.  
  • 14:47
    Another four this time off a 'no ball' Azam (52) off 90 balls, his fifth test half century.  
  • 14:49
    Pakistan 129 for 3. 32 overs. 31 runs required.  
  • 14:50
    A 116-run partnership between Azam and ul-Haq from 190 balls.    
  • 14:52
    Rankin looks tuckered out, starts the over with another 'no ball.'  
  • 14:53
    Pakistan 136 for 3. 33 overs. 24 required.  
  • 14:57
    A maiden from Thompson but it's wickets they need. Pakistan 136 for 3. 34 overs. 24 required, seven wickets remaining.  
  • 14:59
    Ireland captain William Porterfield rolls the dice one final time, bringing back his best bowler Tim Murtagh, who rattled off 14 consecutive overs and took two wickets.    
  • 15:02
    Two from the over. Pakistan 138 for three. 22 required.  
  • 15:07
    Thompson was lunlucky in that over, watching ul-Haq miscue and the ball bounce over the stumps. Pakistan 140 for 3. 20 required.  
  • 15:10
    Another Murtagh maiden. He has figures of  15-3-51-2. Pakistan 140 for 3.  
  • 15:12
    OUT: Babar Azam (59) is run out by Balbirnie. Mix-up is the polite phrase. Thompson the bowler whips off the bails.  
  • 15:16
    Thompson's second ball takes a tiny inside edge otherwise ul-Haq would have been given LBW. Sarfraz Ahmed the new bastman. A wicket maiden for Thompson.  
  • 15:16
    Pakistan 140 for four. 20 runs required.  
  • 15:19

    Pakistan captain  Sarfraz Ahmed settles himself with a boundary in the third ball he faced.  

    Pakistan 144 for 4. 16 required.  

  • 15:23
    Pakistan 148 for four. 40 overs. 12 required.  
  • 15:28
    Nice bit of swing bowling from Kane. Six dot balls. Pakistan require 12 runs.  
  • 15:30

    Sarfraz Ahmed sends Thompson's second ball to the ropes.

    WICKET: Next ball and Thompson traps  Sarfraz Ahmed (8) LBW.

    Pakistan 152 for 5. Eight runs required.  

  • 15:32
    Shadab Khan is next man in and he survives the first ball.  
  • 15:33
    Pakistan 152 for 5. 42 overs. Eight required. Ireland need a miracle or in plain language, five wickets.
  • 15:37
    One off the over. Pakistan 153 for 3. 43 overs. Seven required.  
  • 15:39
    Imam-ul-Haq (72), 1 run, six required for Pakistan.  
  • 15:40
    Shadab Khan (1) gets off the mark with a scampering single.  
  • 15:40
    One lusty blow and it's over. Or in other words....five runs.  
  • 15:41
    Pakistan 155-5. 44 overs. Five required.  
  • 15:42
    Shadab Khan (3) profits from a misfield to run two. Three required for Pakistan.  
  • 15:45
    Pakistan win by five wickets.  
  • 15:46
    Fittingly it's Imam-ul-Haq (74) who nabs the final two runs required. His innings helped Pakistan settle, walking to the crease at 14-3 and with his side in real trouble.  
  • 15:48
  • 15:48
    A great effort from Ireland in their first ever test match. Kevin O'Brien's 118 runs will be forever etched in the history books. Tim Murtagh was the pick of the Irish bowlers today with his two wickets while there was one apiece for Boyd Rankin and Stuart Thompson.    
  • 15:50

    Emmet Riordan's report will be up on line shortly. It'll be worth the wait. Thank you for your company and comments.  

    Pakistan 310/9d & 160/5 beat Ireland  130 & 339 by five wickets.