GAA Saturday

The start of a hectic weekend of GAA action with 12 games taking place between hurling and football

John O'Sullivan Sat, Jun 9
LIVE: GAA Saturday

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  • Hello and welcome to the Irish Times live GAA Blog. John O’Sullivan here and I’ll be primarily guiding you through the All Ireland Football qualifier between Meath and Tyrone (5.0) and then the pivotal round robin hurling match in Leinster between Kilkenny and Wexford at Nowlan Park (7.0).

  • I’ll also be keeping a weather eye on the day’s other GAA fixtures. So first here’s a list of what’s on today. The day’s first story revolves around the Waterford footballers who won their first Championship match in seven years, surprising Wexford on a 3-14 to 1-18 score-line.

  • Here's the fixture list for today's matches.


    All-Ireland SFC qualifiers round 1
    Wexford v Waterford, Innovate Wexford Park, 1.30pm

    Joe McDonagh Cup round 5
    Antrim v Kerry, Cushendall, 3pm
    Carlow v Westmeath, Netwatch Cullen Park, 3pm
    Meath v Laois, Pairc Tailteann, 3pm

    All-Ireland SFC qualifiers round 1
    Derry v Kildare, Owenbeg, 3pm
    Meath v Tyrone, Pairc Tailteann, 5pm
    Limerick v Mayo, Gaelic Grounds, 6pm
    Offaly v Antrim, Bord na Mona O'Connor Park, 6pm
    Wicklow v Cavan, Joule Park, 6pm
    Westmeath v Armagh, TEG Cusack Park, 7pm

    Leinster SHC round-robin
    Kilkenny v Wexford, Nowlan Park, 7pm
    Galway v Dublin, Pearse Stadium, 7pm

  • All Ireland Senior Football Championship Round 1 qualifier result: Derry 2-14 Kildare 2-22
  • Spectacular weather around the country and the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick is no exception.
  • You can read all about the Waterford footballers win here.
  • The Irish Times Ian O'Riordan ran the rule over all of today's football matches. You can read this thughts on a match-by-match basis here.
  • Joe McDonagh Cup result: Antrim 1-20 Kerry 2-19. A two point win for the Kingdom.  
  • Here are the teams for Limerick's game against Mayo.  
  • There is a consensus in the Sky Sports studio, Peter Canavan and James Horan both plump for a Tyrone win, the former suggests that could be ahalf a dozen points between the teams at the end of the match.  
  • The bookmakers have Tyrone as odds on favourites (3/10)
  • Here are tonight's teams in Navan. Biggest talking point Michael O'Neill replaces Niall Morgan in the Tyrone goal.  

  • Joey Wallace in for Brian McMahon at corner forward for Meath in a late change.  

  • Ready to go in Navan
  • We're under way. First free after four seconds.  
  • Mattie Donnelly draws a heavy foul and this will be a simple scoring opportunity. Connor McAliskey points the free.  

    1 min: Meath 0-0 Tyrone 0-1

  • Ben Brennan equalises for Meath after some neat interplay.

    2 mins: Meath 0-1 Tyrone 0-1.  

  • Meath's discipline is poor again and they concede another free. McAliskey makes not mistake in his 22nd championship match. The home side compounds one eorr with another following a misplaced kickout and give up another score as a result. McAliskey from play this time.

    5 mins: Meath 0-1 Tyrone 0-3

  • James McEntee point, lovely right footed curling effort.  

    Meath 0-2 Tyrone 0-3

  • GOAL: McAliskey. Smart finish, low in the bottom left corner but the defending was brittle.

    7 mins: Meath 0-2 Tyrone 1-3

  • It's really Meath 0-2 McAliskey 1-3.  
  • Donal Lenihan point. That's a good response from the home side.

    Meath 0-3 Tyrone 1-3

  • Cillian O'Sullivan fouled and Donal Lenihan with his second free in a minute.  

    10 mins: Meath 0-4 Tyrone 1-3

  • Meath Donal Keogan with a well taken point. That's now shots in total from both teams and nine scores.  

    Meath 0-5 Tyrone 1-3  

  • Typical, mention the accuracy and it all goes to pot. Tyrone with a wide and then Mattie Donnell drops an effort short.  
  • Cillian O'Sullivan with a beauty from distance. That four points in a row from Meath. The sides are level.

    17 mins: Meath 0-6 Tyrone 1-3

  • Parity lasts 45 seconds as McAliskey takes his and his teams tally to 1-4

    Meath 0-6 Tyrone 1-4

  • Michael McKernan pops up in attack and tags on a point the first Tyrone scorer not called McAliskey.

    Meath 0-6 Tyrone 1-5

  • McAliskey is giving a place-kicking exhibition of stellar quality.

    21 mins: Meath 0-6 Tyrone 1-6.  

  • 22 mins: Donal Lenihan with a free.

    Meath 0-7 Tyrone 1-6

  • Even Homer nods. McAliskey 10 metres out from the Meath goal and he pulls his daisy cutter wide of the left hand post.  
  • Meath dominating possession for 90-seconds but with zero metres gained and then they turn over possession.  
  • Meath six and a half minutes without a score and counting; Tyrone seven and a half and counting.  
  • McNulty slices his way through the Meath defence but is foiled by a brilliant save from Andrew Colgan.  
  • 31 mins: McAliskey misses the 45.  
  • Five wides for Tyrone so far.  
  • Six wides, McAliskey with a third wide in succession.  
  • Seven wides but this was a wonderful goal chance, Richie Donnelly with a superb pass but McAliskey thumps his shot against the crossbar and it goes wide.    
  • Classical education.
  • McAliskey tries to rescue an overhit pass but can only palm it wide. Tyrone's ninth. It's the last action of the half.

    Half-time: Meath 0-7 Tyrone 1-6  

  • Tyrone could and should be much further ahead. McAliskey has taken one of three gilt edged goal scoring chances and the visitors have also racked up nine wides. Every time Tyrone inject pace into the game, they find holes in the Meath defence especially with runners coming from deep.
  • Meath have ridden their luck to a point and won't be unhappy at the interval. They're two points behind but if Tyrone continue to press and just add a little more precision to their shooting then this game won't be a contest.  
  • Meath did extremely well for the first 20-minutes at midfield and that allowed them to stay in the game in what was tit-for-tat scoring at that point.  
  • Tyrone have used Richie Donnelly as a target man with McAliskey playing off him and Mattie Donnelly also in the same camera shot most of the time.  
  • Mayo with a late change for their game against Limerick in the Gaelic Grounds. James McNulty is in for Andy Moran.  
  • Tyrone definitely have several gears to go up; Meath don't have that facility. As long as Mickey Harte's men don't fall into a torpor in the Navan heat, then they'll win on the evidence of the first half.  

    For the home side they'll need to hustle more in defence to close the gaps, particularly when Tyrone switch the play from one side of the pitch to the other. The home side get plenty of players behind the ball but they're not all engaged in shutting down the Tyrone players.  

  • Officials back on pitch but not the teams
  • Tyrone with only two scores from play; McAliskey chipping in with 1-5.

  • Still waiting for the home side in Navan.  
  • Tyrone's record in the qualifiers is 24 wins from 28 matches. Meath are giving them a two point start over 35-minutes.  
  • Nicky Rackard fulltime: Louth 2-22 Leetrim 2-10
  • NO changes on either team
  • Yellow card: Ben Brennan (Meath). High elbow, he can have no complaints.  
  • 38 mins: Some fumbling from the Tyrone defence and Brennan latches onto the loose ball and ops it over the bar.

    Meath 0-8 Tyrone 1-6.  

  • Tyrone are now without a score in 17-minutes.  
  • Yellow card: Donal Lenihan (Meath). Late hit on Colm Cavanagh.  
  • 40 mins: Joey Wallace carries the ball well and Brennan with a gorgeous strike off his left foot that splits the posts.  

    Meath 0-9 Tyrone 1-6

  • 42 mins: McAliskey fouled and he'll knock this over to put Tyrone back in front and register their first score in 20-minutes.  

    Meath 0-9 Tyrone 1-7

  • 43 mins: Joey Wallace took responsibility, accelerated through a gap and put it over the bar. Fine score.

    Meath 0-10 Tyrone 1-7  

  • Limerick have jumped into the lead against Mayo, McSweeney with a penalty. Limerick 1-0 Mayo 0-0
  • 46 mins: Frank Burns with his first championship point and then Mickey Burke responds for Meath with his seventh championship point in his 33rd match.

    Meath 0-11 Tyrone 1-8

  • Tyrone make a couple of changes but of more immediate import is another McAliskey wide from a free.  
  • Rory Brennan replaces Hugh Pat McGeary.  
  • Kieran McGeary replaces Conor Meyler.  

    Yellow card: Colm Cavanagh (Tyrone).  

  • 51 mins: Meath are in front for the first time in the match. A Brennan free following a foul on O'Sullivan.

    Meath 0-12 Tyrone 1-8.

  • Harry Loughran on for Richie Donnelly on the Tyrone team.  
  • Tyrone with a chance to equalise; it's a long way out though.  
  • Frank Burns with his second point of the game.

    Meath 0-12 Tyrone 1-9

  • 56 mins: Thomas O'Reilly and Eamonn Wallace on for Lenihan and Burke.  
  • Bryan McMahon on for Joey Wallace. The late change prior to the game reversed.  
  • McAliskey with another wide, that's five in his last six shots on goal.  
  • Mattie Donnelly misses from 15 metres. Slices it wide. Tyrone can't but a score.  
  • That looked like a penalty. O'Sullivan was fouled. A free given.  
  • Declan McNure on for McNulty for Tyrone.  
  • That decision looks incorrect. Should have been a my opinion.  
  • 62 mins: Brennan lands the free, his fifth point in the mwtch and Meath are a point ahead with eight minutes plus injury time remaining. There will be a bit.

    Meath 0-13 Tyrone 1-9

  • Brennan with another opportunity from a free.........he hits the posts. Will that be the pivotal moment?  
  • RED CARD:  Tyrone's Tiernan McCann sent off for an incident involving Brennan. An elbow by the looks of it. Miles off the ball.    
  • Three minutes plus injury time in Navan. Meath lead by a point.  
  • I'd say that there will be five minutes injury time. Just throwing it out there. Oh my lord that's another shocking wide from Tyrone.  
  • Loughran misses the chance and the umpires after some soul searching make the correct decision.  
  • McAliskey in the last minute of normal time kicks the equalising point from a free. That's a personal tally of 1-7. Tyrone have had only three scorers in the match.

    Meath 0-13 Tyrone 1-10

  • I was right by jove, FIVE ADDITIONAL MINUTES.
  • In the Gaelic Grounds: Limerick 1-1 Mayo 1-8  
  • Cavan 1-7 Wicklow 0-1
  • 72 mins: McAliskey with a chance to put Tyrone back in front from a free.....and it goes wide. That's 13 for Tyrone but will it be unlucky?  
  • Tyrone should feel aggrieved, referee should have played adavantage rather than calling play back.  
  • 90 seconds left: Meath now awarded a soft free. Brennan lands it. Superb strike.

    Meath 0-14 Tyrone 1-10  

  • Tyrone have 20-seconds to save themselves and they're a man down.  
  • RED CARD: Meath hero Ben Brennan gets a second yellow card. IT's a 14-a-side game.  
  • POINT: Cathal McShane with a wonder score. That took massive bottle. It was the last play of the game. Extra-time folks.

    Meath 0-14 Tyrone 1-11

  • The throw-in for the Leinster Hurling round robin match between Kilkenny and Wexford will now be put back from the scheduled time of 7.0pm because Sky Sports are broadcasting both the game in Navan and the hurling match live.  
  • Still waiting for extra-time to start.  
  • Tyrone 13 wides Meath 3 in normal time. Tells its own story.  
  • 10-minutes each way.  
  • Both sides are back up to 15 players but neither red card recipient McCann nor Brennan is on the pitch.  
  • Colm Cavanagh now wearing jersey 33.  
  • McShane fouled. McAliskey with a chance to give Tyrone some early momentum in extra time.

    1 min: McAliskey point free (That's 1-8 for him).

    Meath 0-14 Tyrone 1-12

  • Sky Sports may have solved the conundrum. Meath v Tyrone will continue to be broadcast on Arena with the Kilkenny v Wexford match on the Main event channel.  
  • 4 mins: James McEntee, arguably Meath's best player kicks a fine point.  

    Meath 0-15 Tyrone 1-12.  

  • Shane Glynn on for Shane Gallagher on the Meath team.  
  • Mayo are hacking up in Limerick 1-11 to 1-2.  
  • GOAL: Tyrone debutant Loughran palms the ball into the net after an unselfish pass from Ronan O'Neill.

    Meath 0-15 Tyrone 2-12.

  • McShane tags on a point.

    Meath 0-15 Tyrone 2-13  

  • Sludden point. Tyrone pulling away.

    Meath 0-15 Tyrone 2-14

  • O'Sullivan replies with a beauty from long range. Meath are down but not out.  

    Meath 0-16 Tyrone 2-14

  • Half-time in EXTRA TIME, Tyrone lead by four points. I just want this game to be over. The players are exhausted. There are so many mistakes. BUT there are 10 minutes to go.  

    Meath 0-16 Tyrone 2-14

  • Wexford 0-2 Kilkenny 0-1

    Galway 0-3 Dublin 0-1

  • Kilkenny 0-2 Wexford 0-3; Galway 0-3 Dublin 0-2. That's what's going in the hurling matches apparently.  
  • Hurling: Galway 0-5 Dublin 0-2

  • Meath substitute Reilly with a point. Acute angle but no problem. It's a one score game.  

    Meath 0-17 Tyrone 2-14

  • Hurling: Kilkenny 0-4 Wexford 0-4; Galway 0-5 Dublin 0-4
  • Meath's carrying game is seriously exhausting in this heat. The fitness levels are staggering.  
  • There are four minutes left in Navan. Meath have kicked two wides in the last minute and trail by three points.  
  • Hurling: Kilkenny 0-5 Wexford 0-5

    Galway 0-9 Dublin 0-5

  • Meath's Shane Glynn point. Two points in it, two minutes to go.  

    Meath 0-18 Tyrone 2-14

  • Des O'Keeffe gives Wexford the lead at Nowlan Park.

    Kilkenny 0-5 Wexford 0-6

  • Three additional minutes in Navan same as first half extra time. The teams will play over 100-minutes in that sweltering heat.    
  • Brilliant interception from James McEntee - he has been outstanding - and Lenihan kicks a free following the turnover. One point, one minute.  

    Meath 0-19 Tyrone 2-14

  • BLACK CARD: Adam Flanagan.  
  • Full-time after extra time Meath 0-19 Tyrone 2-14. One point win for Mickey Harte's side.  
  • Right quick change of jersey. I have my hurling top on now.  

    24 mins gone in Nowlan Park as we join the action.

    Kilkenny 0-5 Wexford 0-9  

  • Six points without replay from Weford in the last nine minutes.

    Kilkenny 0-5 Wexford 0-10

  • Aidan Nolan with a sixth wide for Wexford.  
  • GOAL: Paul Morris (Wexford) finishes a sweeping move.

    Kilkenny 0-5 Wexford 1-10  

  • Wide by Richie Hogan. Kilkenny look rattled. Wexford have hit 1-6 without reply in the last 11 minutes.  
  • Finally a point from a TJ Reid free. It's his team's first score for 18 minutes.  

    Kilkenny 0-6 Wexford 1-10

  • Yellow card: Paddy Deegan (Kilkenny) and Lee Chin (Wexford)

    31 minutes gone in Nowlan Park.  

  • Wexford don't look like they are playing their fourth game in 20 days.  
  • 33 mins: TJ Reid point from a free close to the sideline. That's two scores in succession from Kilkenny but Kevin Foley responds immediately for Wexford

    Kilkenny 0-7 Wexford 1-11

  • Two minutes of additional time at the end of the first half in Nowlan Park.  
  • SFC qualifier full-time: Limerick 3-07 Mayo 5-19
  • Hurling: Galway 0-16 Dublin 0-8  
  • Walter Walsh with a poor wide. Kilkenny's seventh.  
  • TJ Reid misses a free, Brian Cody shakes his head. Eight wides.  
  • Half-time: Kilkenny 0-7 Wexford 1-11
  • As the match reports come in I'll stick them in the blog.

    You can read how Kildare beat Derry here.  

  • Sky Sports apologise for only switching to the game in Nowlan Park on the rather fuzzy basis that it was down to the GAA throw-in times.  
  • Half-time: Galway 0-16 Dublin 0-9
  • The good news is that Sky Sports should be back in time for the start of the second half at Nowlan Park.  
  • Kilkenny first back out on the pitch I;d imagine with BRian Cody's voice still ringing in their ears. Seven points behind.  
  • Kilkenny have made two changes it appears Richie Hogan and Colin Fennelly have been taken off.  
  • Dublin with the first two scores of the second half. Ryan McBride and Cian Boland.

    Galway 0-16 Dublin 0-11

  • Three changes Joey Holden, Martin Keown and Richie Leahy all on.  
  • Wexford with the first score of the second half Paudie Foley point and then Lee Chin adds another

    Kilkenny 0-7 Wexford 1-13

  • 38 mins: TJ Reid's first point from play and fifth of the match.

    Kilkenny 0-8 Wexford 1-13

  • Reid point from a free.

    Kilkenny 0-9 Wexford 1-13

  • Galway 0-18 Dublin 1-11
  • Yellow card: Aidan Nolan (Wexford)
  • Reid with another point from a free. That's three in a row from Kilkenny.

    Kilkenny 0-10 Wexford 1-13

  • Walsh lands Kilkenny's fourth point of the second half.  

    Kilkenny 0-11 Wexford 1-13  

  • O'Connor with a poor wide for Wexford and that's compounded seconds later as Reid tags on another point from a free. It's down to four points.  

    Kilkenny 0-12 Wexford 1-13

  • In the Kilkenny team Liam Blanchfield on for Bill Sheehan.  
  • Foley with Wexford's 10th wide. They desperately need a score.  
  • Dublin with an epic revival in Salthill

    Galway 0-18 Dublin 2-13

  • Yellow card: Conor Firmin foul on Blanchfield. Reid with the free makes it a one score game.  

    Kilkenny 0-13 Wexford 1-13

  • That's six points in a row from Kilkenny.  
  • Referee James McGrath won't be going to Wexford on his holidays.  
  • Reid points yet another free; that's his 10th point.

    Kilkenny 0-14 Wexford 1-13

  • Galway 0-20 Dublin 2-15
  • Wexford finally get a decision from the referee. Cue ironic jeers.  
  • Foley points the free.

    Kilkenny 0-14 Wexford 1-14

  • Two subs for Wexford Jack O'Connor and Harry Kehoe on for Dunne and Foley
  • Joey Holden a half-time sub gets a point for Kilkenny.

    Kilkenny 0-15 Wexford 1-14

  • There are 15-minutes left in Nowlan Park  
  • Fanning s aves from Blanchfield. You'd expect the Wexford goalkeeper wio save it but it still has to be done. A 65, which Reid will take and land.

    Kilkenny 0-16 Wexford 1-14  

  • 57 mins: The side are level. Richie Leahy. Kilkenny outscoring their opponents by 10 points to three in the secind half.  

    Kilkenny 0-17 Wexford 1-14

  • Enda Morrisey with a super strike from long range. Seven points behind at half-time to one point up. Make it two. Richie Leahy again.

    Kilkenny 0-19 Wexford 1-14

  • Another Wexford wide, Jack O'Connor this time. Really poor.  
  • Rory O'Connor with a free. Back to a point.  

    Kilkenny 0-19 Wexford 1-15

  • McDonald wide.  
  • Simon Donohue for O'Keeffe on the Wexford team. Seven minutes left.  
  • Conor Fogarty point, his second of the game and a two-point lead for Kileknny

    Kilkenny 0-20 Wexford 1-15

  • Galway 0-24 Dublin 2-18

  • Paudie Foley with a free for Wexford.

    Kilkenny 0-20 Wexford 1-16

  • Wexford's 14th wide.  
  • Rory O'Connor the culprit
  • 65 mins: Kilkenny's Cillian Buckley also watches his shot drfit wide.  
  • Davy Fitzgerald doing an impression of a windmill with his arms, shouting exhortations.  
  • Rory O'Connor misses a chance from a free.  
  • A mistake from Wexford is punished by Donnelly.

    Kilkenny 0-21 Wexford 1-16

  • 71 mins: Galway 0-25 Dublin 2-18
  • 70 mins: Foley point from a free, his fourth.

    Kilkenny 0-21 Wexford 1-17

  • If it's a draw then Wexford would play Galway in the leinster final.

    Donnelly's point though suggests that it will be Kilkenny.

    Kilkenny 0-22 Wexford 1-17

  • Three minutes of additional time.
  • Foley with a fifth point again from a free.

    One point between them, one minute left.

    Kilkenny 0-22 Wexford 1-18

  • Full-time: Galway 0-26 Dublin 2-19. A one point win in a game that had no material impact.
  • Full-time: Kilkenny 0-22 Wexford 1-18
  • Galway will play Kilkenny in the Leinster final. Wexford will play in a preliminary quarter-final. Some revival of fortunes in the second half for Kilkenny. Wexford led by nine points at one stage; a perilous margin in hurling circles in recent times.  
  • Malachy Clerkin will explain to you in greater detail how Kilkenny snatched a win from under Wexford noses. But until his report drops you can catch up with how Mayo won in Limerick here
  • Thank you for your compay and comments. Tyrone, Offaly, Mayo, Cavan Armagh and Kildare win in football while Galway and Kilkenny pip Dublin and Wexford respectively by a point.