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Joanna Hunt Mon, Nov 11
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    Take off the hats and gloves lads. It's going to be a balmy 15 degrees today.
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    Good morning. It's Monday November 11th, welcome to the The Daily Wire.
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    Joanne Hunt here, I'll be keeping you up to date on all of the day's news.
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    Did you watch Love/Hate? Bet you'll never laugh at anyone doing a wheelie again.
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    “I lost my house, I lost everything. I want to get out. My food supply will run out in two days,"  a nurse at the main hospital in the city of Tacloban in the Philippines tells a reporter.

    She was among hundreds pleading unsuccessfully to get on a military plane late last night. Read more.
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    The  powerful typhoon has  killed an estimated 10,000 people and displaced more than 600,000.

    The United Nations says some survivors have no food, water or medicine, and that local officials have reported a mass grave of 300-500 bodies in the devastated city of Tacloban. Relief operations  are being  hampered because roads, airports and bridges have been destroyed or  are covered in wreckage, it said.

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    “How can you beat that typhoon?” defence chief of the Philippines, Voltaire Gazmin said  when asked whether the government had been ill-prepared.

    “It’s the strongest on Earth. We’ve done everything we can, we had lots of preparation. It’s a lesson for us.”

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    Members  of the  Filipino community in Ireland, estimated at between 10,000 and 15,000-strong, are anxiously awaiting news of loved ones.

    Carl O'Brien reports.  
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    So what exactly happened on Love/Hate last night?

    Well, Fran got his tooth fixed.  We learned that you don't laugh at a mate doing wheelies. We know that Trish wears full make-up in bed, even when sleeping alone.

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    Don't exactly know why Nidge  wanted to get himself arrested at the end...but once in the confines of that  tiny cell, door  slammed shut behind him,  he looked the most free we've seen him in months.

    Stretching his arms wide, ducking, diving, jumping, bouncing,  luxuriating in the confinement, it seemed as though enclosure had set him free.
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    "The police characters were so under-written that when compared with Nidge and Fran, there was no real dramatic contest..." Read what TV critic Bernice Harrison thought of last night's episode.
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    “Why they have warmed to a character that does such bad things, that’s a hard one…I mean, on one level, we all love the bad guy.”

    The men of Love/Hate talk to Eoin Burke-Kennedy.    
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    "Never have criminals sounded so rustic and charming," says Ron Burgundy of Love/Hate.

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    In other news, Permanent TSB is to take over troubled Newbridge Credit Union following the approval of the High Court. At a late-night sitting last night, the High Court agreed to the transfer of the loans and savings of the Kildare credit union to the bank. Fiona Gartland reports.

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    The board of Naas Credit Union voted to reject a merger with the Newbridge Credit Union.  Prior to the vote,  when a merger had been on the cards, the Naas branch had seen its members withdraw thousands of euro.
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    Meanwhile shares in RSA Insurance Group fell by up to 16 per cent this morning as markets reacted to the suspension of three of the company's  senior executives here in Ireland. Read more.
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    <p>But more importantly, what will this mean for Irish cricket?</p>

    But more importantly, what will this mean for Irish cricket?

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    BREAKING: The owners of Lissadell Houes have won their appeal. More soon.
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    The owners of Sligo’s Lissadell House have won a Supreme Court ruling that there are no public rights of way across most of four routes through the historic estate.

    The court found there is a public right of way across part of a coastal route in the estate extending from the Bunbrenoige Bridge.

    The five judge Supreme Court today gave its lengthy reserved judgment on the appeal by barristers Constance Cassidy SC and Edward Walsh SC against a High Court decision rejecting their claim that no public rights of way exist across four routes in the 410-acre estate.  

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    Read Mary Carolan's  full court report on the Lissadell judgement here.

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    The costs of the Lissadell case to date are believed to exceed €7 million. Could Sligo County Council be liable?
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    Three Irish authors have been nominated for the International Impac Dublin Literary Award. The longlist, published today, consists of 152 titles proposed by libraries all over the world.

    Eoin Burke-Kennedy reports.

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    The National Asset Management Agency (Nama) has slashed the prices of paintings seized from a  “Celtic Tiger” financier in a second attempt to sell them at auction in London.

    Why not grab yourself Red Rocks, Brittany, a painting by Roscommon-born “Impressionist” painter Roderic O’Conor (1860-1940). It's dropped in estimated worth from £250,000 in 2011 to a bargain of £120,000 today.


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    Ever heard of Albert the squirrel? Well he's the star of an animated Irish short film  on the long-list for an Oscar nomination.
    The Missing Scarf is a  comedy about Albert's quest to find a missing scarf and looks at some of the common fears in life - of the unknown,of failure, of rejection and of death. Genevieve Carbery reports.

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    Tune in quick - Nobel Prize winner Serge Haroche is giving a lecture on quantum physics  at DCU right now called 'Shedding new light on Schrödinger’s cat'.

    Watch it live.  
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    Owners of Lissadell House barristers Constance Cassidy and Edward Walsh weren't in court this morning to hear the ruling that there are no public rights of way across most of their Lissadell House estate. They sent their kids. Nice photo opp.
    Owners of Lissadell House barristers Constance Cassidy and Edward Walsh weren't in court this morning to hear the ruling that there are no public rights of way across most of their Lissadell House estate. They sent their kids. Nice photo opp.
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    If you're not a Billy Barry kid and you want to go to the Late Late Toy Show, applications close today.

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    The application form for Toy Show tickets requires you to indicate your age, your occupation strangely enough, and whether you have 'any unique tricks or talents'.
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    "They work 12-hour days, live on campsites or in shared houses. They finish work, get on a bus to go back to the campsite, eat dinner, sleep, and get up to do it all again the next day, over and over until they get their week off. And it is hot up north in the mines, which are already hitting 40 degrees.”  

    Ciara Kenny reports on  the lives  of  Irish workers in Western Australia.  
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    Miley Cyrus won Best Video for her song Wrecking Ball at last night's MTV Music Awards. (Yes, the  same video  she said was inspired by Sinead O'Connor's, Nothing Compares 2 U).  

    The singer (20)  appeared to smoke a joint on stage during the Amsterdam ceremony. #TryingTooHard.

    Read more.      

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    How much do you think Chanel's paying for the hammy product placement?
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    Twitter is providing another podium from which legal eagles can pontificate.

    'The Irish legal world seems to have taken to online life like barristers to a tribunal,' writes Fiona Gartland.

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    Public access to information held by State bodies is set to become much more expensive if amendments to the new Freedom of Information Bill, due to be debated at committee stage this week, are passed.

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    Right now,  Freedom of Information requests cost €15 a pop. This is likely to multiply if the amendments are passed, making it more expensive for citizens and journalists to access information about the workings of the public bodies for which we pay.
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    "Immoral, cynical, unjustified," is how's Gavin Sheridan has described the proposed hikes.

    "If passed, freedom of  information in Ireland is dead."

    Read more.      
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    Dublin’s Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn may just have had his Obama moment.

    At an event in Pearse Street Library this morning, Quinn was one of the first to come to the aid of a fireman who appeared to fall faint during the proceedings. Read more.

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    Just try to stop yourself smiling at this.
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    The News International  hacking trial continues today - at the Old Bailey jurors were played furious voicemail messages left by former British home secretary David Blunkett in the wake of false press claims about his relationship with a female friend.  


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    How Irish Times is this? Click here to be in with a chance to win an Aga!
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    How to tell if it's a sham wedding or not.
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    The debt of Irish households fell to its lowest level since late 2006 during the second quarter of the year.

    The figures represent a  debt per head of €37,135, 16.4 per cent below the peak of €203.8 billion reached during 2008. Debt as a proportion of disposable income fell to 198.3 per cent, its lowest level since the first quarter of 2007.

    Fiona Reddan reports.  
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    Are you winter ready?

    If you've any trouble with insomnia this winter, watch this.  

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    What will it take to make a woman president?

    "Sexist news coverage and the sexualization and objectification of women and girls in television and magazines impact not only a woman’s self-perception but how men view women as well."

    "The media need to be held accountable, and we all need to be conscious about what media we consume and support."

    Read  TIME's top 5 of what it will take to get a  woman into the White House.  

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    The jury has begun its deliberations in the €52 million theft and fraud trial of former solicitor Thomas Byrne. (I'll miss his zany outfits).
    The jury has begun its deliberations in the €52 million theft and fraud trial of former solicitor Thomas Byrne. (I'll miss his zany outfits).
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    Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has claimed former taoisigh such as Bertie Ahern earn enough money from the State to pay for their own security.

    “There are some former taoisigh who are receiving very substantial sums of money from the State who, I would think should they need an independent driver or some additional security, are in a position to arrange that themselves."

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    Written your letter to Santa yet?

    Lego gets 70 per cent of its revenue in the last two months of the year, says Businessweek.
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    The Minister for Education says he will ballot parents on the issue of school uniforms.

    Questions will include whether parents want a school uniform or not; if so whether the uniforms should be available in the large retail chains; and whether they want a school crest on garments.

    Pamela Duncan reports.  
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    The number and value of house sales in Dublin is at a three-year high, according to a new survey from, which also shows that the total value of transactions in the first nine months of the year is up by 29 per cent on the same period last year.

    Fiona Reddan reports.  
  • 15:57
    On the southside, the most popular postcodes to buy property remain Dublin 14, 16, 15, 6 and 12 with Dublin 9 and 3 leading the way on the northside.

    Lagging the trend however is Dublin 15 - which includes areas like Blanchardstown - and Dublin 18 - which includes Sandyford.
  • 15:58
    Supply continues to constrain the property market   - notes that there are just 3,400 properties currently for sale in Dublin, down from about 5,000 a year ago, and this lack of supply is driving prices higher.
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    Aid agency Goal has dispatched an emergency response team to the region around Tacloban on the Philippine island of Leyte which was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

    Chief executive Barry Andrews said the team would work with local authorities and partners to determine the “most relevant and appropriate response on the ground”. Read more.

  • 16:20
    An Irishwoman working in a Haitian orphanage has survived a vicious assault which left one of her colleagues dead. Gena Heraty from Co Mayo is the director of a special needs clinic for orphan children on the outskirts of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince. Read more.
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    So maybe Brosnan wasn't so boring...
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    "The most interesting building in Grand Canal Dock is not the Daniel Libeskind-designed and Bord Gáis-sponsored Grand Canal Theatre. Nor is it Google’s towering black office block that looks like a hard drive from an early 1990s hacker film. And it’s not the slim and sleek Alto Vetro,"writes Una Mullally.

    Read her view of why people have to be kept in mind as Dublin's future is planned.  
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    There's rumours that Fran's tooth has caused a continuity glitch on Love/Hate. In earlier scenes in last night's series finale, the missing tooth had been restored, but in later scenes, the tooth was gone again.  

    Well there's no dentist around to fix it now, Fran.          
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    Here's a Monday cracker to get you out the door.
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    That's it from The Daily Wire. Thanks for stopping by. We're back tomorrow at 9am.

    Keep up to date overnight on and @IrishTimesLive.      

    Stay classy.
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    Cloudy for a time tonight with some outbreaks of rain.  

    Rain will clear overnight and apart from scattered coastal showers in the northwest, it will then be dry with clear spells. Cool, lowest temperatures 3 to 7C with some grass frost in places at dawn.