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RTÉ make an ass of weather bulletin, tapirs and a visit to Rory McIlroy's crib

Ronan McGreevy Fri, Aug 9
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    Hi, my name is Ronan McGreevy and my steadying hand will be on the tiller of the good ship The Daily Wire today. Who knows where the day will bring us. If you have any observations, musings or additions, I can be contacted on Twitter at @rmcgreevy1301 or
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    Our lead story today by Arthur Beesley concerns differences in Government between the coalition parties about the form of a banking inquiry. Should it be carried out by an ad hoc committee of TDs and senators with a Government TD as chair as the Minister for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin wants? Alternatively, should it be carried out by the Public Accounts Committee with Fianna Fáil TD Jim McGuinness? And who should bear the legal costs for witnesses? The decision will be made by the cabinet in the autumn. You can read the story here.
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    There are plenty of interesting things in The Ticket this morning most notably Donald Clarke's interview with, aha, Steve Coogan about his first Alan Partridge film Alpha Papa. You can read it here. Coogan has strong Irish connections and is a cousin of the Irish actor Aidan McArdle. Not a lot of people know that. Also in The Ticket today is  Jim Carroll's take on the forthcoming Eminem concert and asks the cogent question:  "Just what does Eminem have to say in 2013?" There's also interviews with singer-songwriting protege Jake Bugg and  John Campbell from Lamb of God ahead of their concert  in  The Olympia on Sunday evening.
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    Almost a quarter of all listeners to the Today with Pat Kenny show will switch over to Newstalk now that he has defected to the station. That's according to a survey by Core Media. The organisation interviewed a representative sample, 1,000 people, and the preliminary results suggest that Newstalk's gamble has a good chance of success. Some 23 per cent of those surveyed said they were "very likely" to switch over and listen to Kenny on Newstalk while 11 per cent were "very likely" to listen to other Newstalk radio programmes. That would equate to 70,000 new listeners, doubling Newstalk's current listenership in the 10am to 12pm time slot. The conventional wisdom has been that Kenny's defection could be a "game changer" for Newstalk and Core Media says the results demonstrate that this could well be true. What do you think? Let us know.
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    Good news from a zoo for a change. It is looking good for the birth of the first giant panda in a British zoo. Edinburgh Zoo says things are "looking good" for Tian Tian following her artificial insemination. Will Sky News's Kay Burley be sent for when the time comes? Here's the story.
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    Pete Wedderburn, aka Pete the Vet, who has a practice in Bray has just been on the Today programme on RTÉ Radio One talking about the tapir attack in Dublin Zoo in which a two-year-old toddler was badly injured.
    Mr Wedderburn told presenter Myles Dungan that tapirs are the gentlest of animals in normal circumstances, but not when they are with their young.
    He pointed out that in 1998 a zookeeper in Oklahoma was savaged by a female tapir who had a two month old baby.
    Normally, zoo keepers do not see tapirs as a threat. Generally they are such "gentle, unconfrontational creatures", he said, but after they have given birth, their character change and a similar change can be seen in domestic pets when they are with their young.
    Dublin Zoo, which says its staff are "deeply upset" by the incident, is reviewing all supervised animal visits.
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    The editor of the College Times website has issued an abject mea culpa for an article about one night stands which provoked a storm of protest online. You can read about the controversy here. Greta Dunne described the article as "insensitive and, on reflection, insulting".
    "The article was in bad taste and demonstrated irresponsible editorial judgement," she wrote. Here's her apology.

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    If you can stand the shameless corporate plugging, this is quite a fascinating insight into one of the wealthiest twentysomethings in the whole world. We're talking about our own Rory McIlroy and his planet-sized home in Jupiter, Florida. Look at the size of the gym!

    We've had quite a mixed reaction. Ideal home for a talented young man who deserves the fame and fortune his success has brought him or shameless, soulless abode for a young man who has had too much, too young? Let us know what you think.
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    Remember the stories of the Japanese soldiers who got lost in the jungle and were still fighting the Second World War 30 years after it ended? Here's another story on the same lines, this time involving the Vietnam War. Here's the extraordinary story of a father and son who fled a bombing raid during the Vietnam War and ended up living in the jungle for the last 40 years. You can read it here.
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    Jim Carroll's blog On The Record is never less than entertaining. His savaging of Avicii's irritatingly ubiquitous single Wake Me Up is a sight to behold. He describes it as "sludgy EDM from the Swedish DJ numptie, an awful lyrical mantra from Blacc and the worst trad rave-up since the `Irish Clubland' album rejigged `Fields of Athenry', `Wild Rover' and `Whiskey in the Jar' into Euro-dance anthems. It’s music as concept blockbuster movie flop. Words alone can’t describe the sheer, awful, unrelentless terror." Here's the full merciless tirade. How could any song survive such a savaging? You can see the impact of Jim's tirade on the song's placing in the Irish charts here.

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    We know it is the silly season so we're sure RTÉ won't mind us pointing out how much of an ass they made of the weather bulletin last night. No, this is not a photoshopped screen grab. Evelyn Cusack really did share the screen with this donkey. Hee Haw, we hear you say.
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    Remember Orson Wells' famous comments in The Third Man about Switzerland with its brotherly love and 500 years of democracy and peace? All is not what it seems in the land of the cuckoo clock. Here's our story about Opray Winfrey being subject to a racist remark by a Swiss shop assistant who must be the only person on the planet not to have heard of her.
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    News breaking that the IRA have admitted killing the only prison officer murdered in the Republic. Brian Stack was shot 30 years ago in March 1981 and died from his injuries 18 months later. The family have been campaigning to find out the truth about his murder and lobbied Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams to press the IRA into admitting responsibility.

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    Iain Valentine from Edinburgh Zoo has just been asked by Derek Mooney on RTÉ Radio One if the giant panda Tian Tian  is pregnant. There's no clearly no pregnancy test with a little blue cross that can be used on pandas because he said it will take several weeks more to find out. Apparently, female giant pandas are only in season between 24 and 36 hours in the entire year which makes them extraordinarily difficult to breed. It takes months for the fertilised egg to become implanted so there are no discernible levels of hormone change. An ultrascan could confirm but Tian Tian is quite a "fiesty panda" and does not take well to being handled. Instead, they are relying on her behaviour to confirm whether or not she is pregnant. Wait until she gets stuck into a giant tub of Haagen Dazs.

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    It has taken 30 years, but finally the IRA has owned up to the killing of Portlaoise prison officer Brian Stack. Here's our report.
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    Here's a response from an atheist.
  • 16:32
    Here's the statement from the IRA regarding the murder of Prison Officer Brian Stack.
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    Imagine a limitless supply of abundant energy. Nuclear fusion is the holy grail of physics. The process which powers the sun turning hydrogen atoms into helium ones has proved maddeningly elusive to replicate on Earth. Professor Steve Cowley, the UK Atomic Energy Authority chief executive will deliver a talk on Monday at Trinity College Dublin about it. He says it is the "perfect energy" and it can be done. Here's his TED talk about it.
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    Leprosy is a disease one associates with the New Testament or with the developing world, but it is a living disease and a new case of it has been found in Ireland. Read the story here.

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    Many of us suspected that Riverdance was quite the cash cow for its producers John McColgan and Moya Doherty. Now, the figures have been laid bare thanks to the court action taken by the pair against Kerry promoter Michael Carr who planned on using the Riverdance name in a tour of Europe. According to the latest figures, Abhainn Productions, the company behind Riverdance, made profits of €7.3 million between July 2009 and July 2011. That's nearly two decades after it started as a Eurovision interval act.
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    And with that I'm going to sign off. Have a great weekend. Keep on rockin' in the free world.