4B Qualifier: Armagh v Kildare

Kieran McGeeney's Armagh side take on his former county Kildare for a quarter-final slot

Eamon Donoghue Sat, Jul 29
LIVE: 4B Qualifier: Armagh v Kildare

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . So Monaghan into the All-Ireland quarter-finals, who will join them as the final team in the last eight? It's the battle of Kieran McGeeney's old team against his current one; Kildare versus Armagh.

    We'll have all the action from the day's second game right here. Be sure to get in touch throughout, via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

    15 minutes and counting 'till throw-in!
  • All-Ireland SFC Qualifiers Round 4B
    Down 1-16 Monaghan 1-24
    Armagh v Kildare, Croke Park, 7pm
  • "Admirably, Armagh don’t rely on  Jamie Clarke  to do all the scoring and if they manage to come through here, Kieran McGeeney must have a team on his hands for the coming seasons.

    "Kildare look to be a bit further along the road right now, though."

    Read that preview in full here


    Aaron McKay and Stefan Campbell in for Ethan Rafferty and Anthony Duffy

  • Kildare 0-1 Armagh 0-0 (1') Game on. Armagh win the throw-in but their first attack comes to nothing.

    On the counter, Keith Cribbin bombs on and gets the first point of the game.

  • Kildare 0-1 Armagh 0-1 (2')  Great point by Andrew Murnin, around the corner! First contested kickout is eaten by Kev Feely.

  • Kildare 0-1 Armagh 0-2 (4')  Daniel Flynn brushes James Morgan to the ground. And looked to have steadied and pointed from in front of the posts. But Hawk-Eye says no.

    Instead it's Armagh who take the lead on the counter attack via Gavin McParland

  • Kildare 0-2 Armagh 0-2 (7')  Tap over free to settle Kev Feely's nerves

  • Kildare 0-2 Armagh 0-4 (9')  Niall Grimley is blocked but he catches it as it comes back, pops to Jamie Clarke and he points. Then his midfield colleague Stephen Sheridan outfields Feely for a great mark.

    And Rory Grugan then adds another point for Armagh!

  • Kildare 0-3 Armagh 0-4 (11')  A big free by Kildare 'keeper Mark Donnellon keeps his team ticking. But they've not started as well as they'd like here. Armagh on top

  • Kildare 0-3 Armagh 0-5 (13')  Niall Grimley extends the Armagh lead with a well struck free off the ground, to the left of the posts

  • Mark Donnellon misses a 45. On his way back Andrew Murnin comes to greet him before hitting the deck. Not sure what was in it. Referee talking to his umpires now . . . yellow card
  • Kildare 0-3 Armagh 0-6 (16')  Kildare turned over coming out with the ball. It's switched across to Murnin who pops to Aidan Forker and he drives over a beauty of a score from out near the left sideline

  • Fergal Conway walks through two tackles and goes for goal, it's off the crossbar and over. But the referee says free out for charging. Hmmm
  • Kildare 0-4 Armagh 0-6 (19')  Niall Kelly stays patient, it's worked out to him on the right hand side, 30m out. He settles himself and whips it over.

  • Kildare 0-5 Armagh 0-6 (22')  Paul Cribbin has started well. He made a big mark earlier. This time he makes a big carry and just before pointing he's pushed in the back.

    Feely curls the resultant free over. With his weaker left foot

  • Armagh pushing all their team back for their own kickout, and then kicking long and over them all, in front of their half forward line. It's working well so far
  • Kildare 0-5 Armagh 0-6 (25')  It's not going Kildare's way. Ben McCormack denied what would've been a lovely point, by the post. Then Daniel Flynn points but the referee says free out. Overcarrying

  • Kildare 0-7 Armagh 0-6 (28')  Big turnover by Feely on Grimley in the middle of the field. The counter is slowed down but Paddy Brophy drops back in the pocket and skies an inspirational point over the bar.  

    McCormack follows up to give Kildare the lead.

  • Kildare 0-7 Armagh 0-7 (29')  Kildare backs have been on top with Armagh kicking a lot of ball in. But Armagh end a barren spell of 13 minutes with Stefan Campbell's second point. A lovely one at that.

    Before Niall Kelly hits the post, again for Kildare

  • Kildare 0-7 Armagh 1-7 (30')  Rory Grugan's hop dummy makes space for him inside to pop it across to Murnin. His goal effort is deflected and rolls into the net!

  • Kildare 0-7 Armagh 1-8 (31')  McParland fades off his right, back on to his left and points. Four up now, Armagh.

  • One minute of first half additional time to be played
  • Kildare 0-8 Armagh 1-8 (35')  Niall Kelly is some bit of stuff. Suicide handpass to him, but he rises so high for a small man, brave as anything. Takes it in his stride and points on the run. A badly needed score for his team!

  • HT Kildare 0-8 Armagh 1-8  Kildare so wasteful in that first half. They seem to be really forcing it. Armagh are letting the ball in, and not having all that much joy in winning it, but from what they are winning they're getting scores.

  • Armagh back in numbers here. Frustrating Kildare. As for the kickout. They are completely bypassing the Kildare midfield. Drawing them in and going long over them into the half forward line. Or at times, they're drawing in their half forwards too and kicking for the full forwards to run on to it.  

    It's upsetting Kildare's pattern.

    They need to get back on track soon though, or this will get away from them. Armagh growing in confidence!

  • Kildare 0-8 Armagh 1-8  (35') Second half underway! Armagh win the throw in again, kick it in long, but the Kildare fullback line win it and come out.

  • Kildare 0-9 Armagh 1-9 (36') Jamie Clarke's second point. From a tight angle on the left. Daniel Flynn then wins a free on the D from the following attack, and Feely converts. Left footed (he's right footed)

  • Kildare 0-10 Armagh 1-10 (39') Stephen Sheridan involved in the link up play. Kildare defence drawn out to the ball, Joe McElroy then sneaks inside and points.

    Feely responds again with a free.

  • Kildare 0-11 Armagh 1-10 (40')  This time Kildare go zonal on the Armagh kick out. They win it. It's in to Brophy first time and he raises a white flag

  • Kildare 0-12 Armagh 1-10 (42')  Feely fouled under the kickout. It's into Brophy first time, then Keith Cribbin on the overlap, he makes out to come back out with it, turns sharply, and gets his second point

  • Kildare 0-13 Armagh 1-10 (45')  Daniel Flynn was determined to get on the scoresheet. He wins it, takes on Morgan. Comes back in, and with Morgan hanging out of him he shoots left footed. Point. Level game

  • Kildare 0-14 Armagh 1-11 (47')  That's what Jamie Clarke can do. Two men on him. So he let's the ball hop into him. Draws them in and then goes out between them. Then kicks over his shoulder. Super score.

    At the other end Fergal Conway bursts through and brings the teams level again

  • Kildare 0-14 Armagh 1-11 (51')  Both teams holding back a little now as it gets a bit scrappy. Subs running in on both sides

  • Kildare 0-15 Armagh 1-11 (53')  Brilliant turnover by Conway, then takes it on himself and points down the right wing. Kildare ahead. Huge score!

  • Kildare 0-15 Armagh 1-12 (54')  Charlie Vernon bombs up the field, pops it to McParland who floats it over from just inside the D. Lovely point.

  • Kildare 0-16 Armagh 1-13 (56') Feely sidesteps his man, passes to Peter Kelly off his shoulder. He goes down the line to Brophy. The Kildare number 13 loves that right corner. He floats it over.  

    Next attack and from an even tighter angle in the corner, Jamie Clarke levels matters

  • Kildare 0-16 Armagh 1-14 (58') Black card for Keith Cribbin. He pulls back to prevent an Armagh goal, they had a big overlap on. Free is tapped over

  • Kildare 0-16 Armagh 1-15 (60') Armagh seem to want this more. Jamie Clarke cuts inside and lays off to Brendan Donaghy. And via the posts he gives Armagh a two point lead

  • Kildare 0-17 Armagh 1-15 (61') Daniel Flynn is almost running with James Morgan on his back at this stage. He eventually gets a free and Feely converts it

  • Free from 30m. Wide by Feely. Armagh one up with five minutes of normal time left
  • Kildare 0-17 Armagh 1-16 (65') Massive point coming across the field, shooting over his shoulder. Ethan Rafferty. He's been excellent since coming in

  • Kev Feely gone into full forward. Tommy Moolick on at midfield. And Daniel Flynn goes off. Stange decision
  • Kildare 0-17 Armagh 1-17 (68') Jamie Clarke wins the free. It's tapped over.

    Four minutes of additional time to be played

  • Niall Grimley's free gives Armagh a three point lead. Three minutes remain. Kildare seem to be going for goal here already. Lost their heads
  • Kildare 0-17 Armagh 1-17 (72') Ethan Rafferty kicks wide. Two minutes left

  • Last chance
  • So that's that . . . Kildare and Armagh make up the final two teams in this year's All-Ireland football quarter-finals. Kildare lost the plot there at the end of that game. Subs running in and out. Going for goals when two points down and lots of time left. Flynn taken off and Feely put inside. The defeat puts a negative slant on all the positives they've had in 2017.  

    Armagh, great performance. They've grinded through the qualifiers and their supporters who travelled here in numbers again today, are delighted! Rightly so too!

    Report and analysis to follow. We'll be back tomorrow for the first two of those quarter-finals. Until then, thanks for joining us.

    All-Ireland SFC Qualifiers Round 4B
    Down 1-16 Monaghan 1-24
    Kildare 0-17 Armagh 1-17