GAA Championship Sunday

The Leinster SHC Final replay between Galway and Kilkenny and the battle for the final Super 8 spot

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Jul 8
LIVE: GAA Championship Sunday

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . Today, Galway and Kilkenny do battle again in the Leinster hurling final replay, in Thurles. While in Navan, Laois and Monaghan are both vying for the final spot in the Super 8s.

    We'll keep you up to date with all the action right here. You can get in touch throughout, via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

    Let's get started!

  • All-Ireland SFC qualifiers round 4
    L Laois 0-1 Monaghan 0-5

    Leinster SHC final replay
    Galway v Kilkenny, Semple Stadium, 3pm

  • Laois 0-1 Monaghan 0-6 (14') All one way traffic so far in Navan. Rory Beggan has just slotted a 45, after a free from Conor McManus and an outside of the boot beauty from Karl O'Connell.
  • TEAM NEWS - Leinster SHC final:

    KILKENNY:  Eoin Murphy; Paul Murphy, Padraig Walsh, Paddy Deegan; Joey Holden, Cillian Buckley, Enda Morrissey; Conor Fogarty, James Maher; Martin Keoghan, TJ Reid, Richie Leahy; Billy Ryan, Walter Walsh, Ger Aylward.


  • Kilkenny unchanged, as per programme. And Galway yet to name their team. Now for some pre-match reading:

    Nicky English: I’m not convinced by Galway  . . .
    "I’m not convinced by what Galway have shown. Dáithí Burke and Niall Burke gave excellent displays and Pádraic Mannion was good but the rest of the team were well below-par, even if there were occasional flashes. They took off three forwards with All Stars – Conor Cooney, Conor Whelan and Cathal Mannion – and are currently lacking last year’s coherence."

    Sean Moran: Champions Galway drawn in to Kilkenny's familiar territory . . .  
    "Kilkenny’s record in replays over the past 20 years is not flawless but it has only one entry in the debit column."

  • Laois 0-3 Monaghan 0-11 (24') A nice point for Evan O'Carroll to keep Laois alive, but Conor McManus quickly responds with a top class score from out on the left wing.
  • Laois 0-4 Monaghan 0-13 (32')  Rory Beggan coms up from his goal to kick another placed ball for Monaghan. Laois' fourth point was via a Donie Kingston free
  • Laois 1-4 Monaghan 0-13 (35')  A lifeline for Laois. Paul Kingston has just grabbed a goal!!
  • HT Laois 1-4 Monaghan 0-14 - That goal has given Laois a chance, with Graham Brody pulling off a super save shortly aferwards before Conor McManus closed the first half with a free. Monaghan were cruising before Kingston's goal against the play, and it'll be interesting to see the reaction from both teams after the interval.
  • GALWAY SHC: J Skehill; A Tuohy, Daithi Burke, J Hanbury; P Mannion, G McInerney, A Harte; J Coen, David Burke; J Cooney, J Canning, N Burke; C Whelan, J Glynn, C Mannion.

    Johnny Glynn in for Conor Cooney in the Galway full-forward line

  • So one change on both teams. John Donnelly in for Kilkenny and Johnny Glynn in from the start for Galway.
  • This week's GAA Statistics column looked at how intercounty teams are coping with the heatwave. It's currently in the mid-20s again in Thurles. You can read that piece in full here. We are a few minutes away from the throw-in in the Leinster hurling final replay!
  • Brian Cody has the collars up. The parade is complete and the national anthem is underway. I fancy Galway to have too much this time around!
  • Laois 1-4 Monaghan 0-15 (39') Conor McManus gets the second half scoring underway in Navan
  • Kilkenny 0-0 Galway 0-0 (1') Kilkenny win the throw in but Adrian Tuohy turns it over and sets up Galway's first attack - which ends in a free missed by Joe Canning (via Hawk-eye). GAME ON!
  • Kilkenny 0-0 Galway 0-1 (5') No need for Hawk-eye this time as Cathal Mannion drops deep and floats over the first score of the match
  • Kilkenny 0-0 Galway 0-3 (7') Conor Whelan makes up for an earlier wide with a sharp point. Niall Burke then adds another. Strong start by the champions
  • Joe Canning misses his second free from two attempts. Not like him
  • Kilkenny 0-1 Galway 0-3 (12') Cathal Mannion skins his man on the outside, cuts back in but has his shot at goal blocked and Johnny Glynn is wide on the follow-up. Mannion looked to be fouled there, surely.

    In the next attack TJ Reid scores a majestic point from the left sideline to get the Cats underway

  • Kilkenny 0-1 Galway 1-5 (14')  GOAL FOR GALWAY. Massive fielding at one end by Daithi Burke, Johnny Glynn then wins a high ball at the edge of the other square, turns and puts it under Eoin Murphy. Conor Whelan follows up with a point

  • Kilkenny 0-1 Galway 1-6 (15')  Glynn wins another long ball, pops it to Cathal Mannion and he floats over Galway's sixth point

  • Kilkenny 0-1 Galway 1-7 (16')  Johnny Glynn is looking unstoppable. He plucks it at the edge of the square again, this time he's surrounded so takes his point.

  • Kilkenny 0-1 Galway 1-8 (18')  Joe Canning gets Galway's first point from a placed ball thus far, after Conor Whelan is dragged down

  • Kilkenny 0-1 Galway 1-9 (19')  Joe Canning then drills one over the bar from play after excellent work by Gearoid McInerney in defence

  • Kilkenny 0-2 Galway 1-9 (23')  A well needed score for Kilkenny from TJ Reid (65')

  • Kilkenny 0-3 Galway 1-10 (25')  Joe Cooney wins a free out on the right sideline and Canning sends it over the bar.

  • Kilkenny 0-5 Galway 1-10 (27')  John Donnelly points on the turn for Kilkenny, their first score not from TJ. Although their number 11 then adds another free in the next attack

  • Laois 1-11 Monaghan 0-18 (65') Former AFL player Colm Begley cuts Monaghan's lead to four, Laois not going away easily in Navan
  • Kilkenny 0-6 Galway 1-10 (29')  A beauty from Joey Holden - three in a row for the Cats

  • Kilkenny 0-6 Galway 1-12 (30')  Joe Canning snaps up a break and fast as you like drills it over the bar. His fourth point. Niall Burke adds another

  • Laois 1-11 Monaghan 0-18 (70') Six minutes added on for Laois to try and pull back four points

  • Kilkenny 0-6 Galway 1-15 (33')  Joe Canning missed his first two frees but he's been electric since. He sends over another free. And Cathal Mannion then scores his third point, and what a score it is. He sells his man, then bounces the ball with his hurl before doubling it over the bar from a tight angle.

  • Gearoid McInerney is catching before and after him!
  • Kilkenny 1-6 Galway 1-15 (34')  It looked like too many steps, but Kilkenny don't care. Ger Aylward's kicked goal was badly, badly needed! GOAL!!

  • Kilkenny 1-7 Galway 1-15 (34')  TJ Reid scores an excellent free from the sideline as one minute of additional time is announced

  • Kilkenny 1-7 Galway 1-16 (36')  Hawk-eye denies Joe Canning for a second time, before Cathal Mannion and Whelan link up again with the latter ending the first half scoring.

  • All-Ireland SFC qualifiers round 4
    FT Laois 1-11 Monaghan 0-19

    Leinster SHC final replay
    HT Galway 1-16 Kilkenny 1-7

  • So Monaghan join Roscommon, Cork and Kildare in the Super 8s. Too little too late for Laois, but a decent season for them. League promotion, and a Leinster final appearance.

    In Thurles, Galway have been brilliant. Daithi Burke and Gearoid McInerney have been dominant while all of their forwards have been a joy to watch. With the late selection of big Johnny Glynn at the edge of the square proving inspired. BUT, there are only nine points in at as Kilkenny have kept battling away. So it's far from over. It never is when the Cats are in town!  


  • Kilkenny 1-8 Galway 1-16 (36') Richie Hogan and Colin Fennelly on for Kilkenny as the second half gets underway and James Maher starts the scoring!
  • Kilkenny 1-8 Galway 1-17 (39') Joe Canning floats over his sixth point from a free. Colin Fennelly has gone in at full forward and Richie Hogan in at 11
  • Kilkenny 2-8 Galway 1-17 (42') Goal chance by Joe Canning is inches wide. Down the other end and Fennelly reacts quickest to a point effort that drops down off the post to flick in Kilkenny's second GOAL!!! Game on!
  • Kilkenny 2-9 Galway 1-18 (43') After that bit of luck, TJ Reid follows up with a free and Galway's lead is down to five. Make that six as Conor Whelan points from distance
  • Kilkenny 2-9 Galway 1-19 (45') Excellent work by Glynn inside to win a free, and Joe Canning does the business with the resultant effort
  • Kilkenny 2-11 Galway 1-20 (48') Colin Fennelly and Richie Hogan points sandwich a Cathal Mannion score - as Galway show their strength in depth by bringing on Conor Cooney  
  • Kilkenny 2-12 Galway 1-20 (50') Kilkenny are not going away, Conor Fogarty cuts the deficit to five
  • Kilkenny 2-13 Galway 1-20 (52') TJ Reid wins a free and scores it himself. A four point game!
  • Kilkenny 3-13 Galway 1-21 (55') TJ Reid catches a puck out, turns and draws the attention of the Galway defence. The ball spills out and Richie Hogan pulls on it to the back of the net.

    Joe Canning steps up and drills over a point in response. Hogan and Fennelly have 2-2 between them since coming on

  • Kilkenny 3-13 Galway 1-21 (57')  Fogarty catches the ball and points on the run. Hawk-eye says it was wide though!! That's the third point disallowed so far

  • Kilkenny 3-13 Galway 1-22 (60')  What a score. Tuohy, David Burke and McInerney defend brilliantly. It's wokred out to Cathal Mannion in a right half back position, he sidesteps back in, back then on to his stronger side and floats over a bullet like point. Three points in it

  • Two Richie Hogan wides in a row, he's been everywhere since coming on
  • Jason Flynn replaces Joe Cooney
  • Kilkenny 3-14 Galway 1-24 (65')  TJ Reid is still yet to miss a free this afternoon. Cathal Mannion though has been the game's standout performer (so far), he gets another special score - this time from the right sideline. Conor Cooney then adds his first via Hawk-eye

  • Kilkenny 3-15 Galway 1-25 (68')  Conor Cooney pops it to Canning who puts five in it. TJ Reid responds with a free

  • Kilkenny 3-15 Galway 1-26 (70')  Aidan Harte scores his second point of the match. One in either half, both from distance

  • Kilkenny 3-15 Galway 1-27 (71')  Point blank save by Eoin Murphy to deny Jason Flynn who catches a long ball, turns and hits it into the rock hard ground. Three minutes added on. The referee had played advantage, and it's back for a Joe Canning free which he slots

  • Kilkenny 3-15 Galway 1-28 (73')  Jason Flynn has impressed since coming on. He puts seven in it with a point

  • FT Kilkenny 3-15 Galway 1-28  What a performance by Galway. They were dominant in the first half but showed their quality by holding off that Kilkenny comeback and going on to win by seven. Brilliant game!

  • So that's that . . . Galway are the Leinster champions again, and what a way to defend their title. Who'd back against them doing likewise with their All-Ireland after that! Meanwhile Monaghan take the final Super 8 place after holding off a mini Laois revival late on in Navan.

    Match reports and analysis to follow. We'll be back next weekend with the start of the Super 8s and the hurling quarter-finals. Until then, thanks for joining us.  


    All-Ireland SFC qualifiers round 4
    FT Laois 1-11 Monaghan 0-19

    Leinster SHC final replay
    FT Galway 1-28 Kilkenny 3-15