Allianz NFL: Dublin v Tyrone

Jim Gavin's side look to make it two wins in-a-row in their first Croke Park outing of 2017

Eamon Donoghue at Croke Park Sat, Feb 11
LIVE: Allianz NFL: Dublin v Tyrone

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  • 18:51

    Hello and Welcome.. The Dublin footballers are looking for a better outing than the hurlers in Croke Park this evening. And their club champions St Vincent's who were knocked out in the semi-finals of the club championship earlier today.

    They face Tyrone and that throws in at Croke Park at 7pm.

    Be sure to get in touch throughout, via either the comments section (contact us tab) or on twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

  • 18:53

    Allianz Football League Division 1
    Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, 7pm

  • 18:55

    Team news (named teams)

    DUBLIN -  Stephen Cluxton; Philly McMahon, Michael Fitzsimons, Eric Lowndes; James McCarthy, John Small, Jack McCaffrey; Brian Fenton, Michael Daragh MacAuley; Niall Scully, Paul Mannion, Ciaran Kilkenny; Jason Whelan, Eoghan O'Gara, Dean Rock.

    TYRONE -  Niall Morgan; Padraig Hampsey, Ronan McNamee, Cathal McCarron; Tiernan McCann, Peter Harte, Jonathan Monroe; Colm Cavanagh, Padraig McNulty; Conor Meyler, Niall Sludden, Declan McClure; Darren McCurry, Cathal McShane, Ronan O'Neill.

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  • 18:59

    Aidan McRory, Justin McMahon and Mark Bradley are in for Johnny Monroe, Padraig McNulty and Ronan O'Neill on the Tyrone team.

    Johnny Cooper and Colm Basquel in for Eric Lowndes and Jason Whelan on the Dublin XV

  • 19:02
    GAME ON - Brian Fenton claims the throw in but Tyrone quickly turn them over
  • 19:03
  • 19:04
    Dublin 0-0 Tyrone 0-0 (3') Frantic pace to this early on but still no score. Two Tyrone wides though
  • 19:04
  • 19:05
  • 19:07
    Dublin 0-0 Tyrone 0-1 (5') Peter Harte floats over a free from 25m, won by Niall Sludden. Tyrone with the wind advantage in this first half
  • 19:09
    Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-1 (7') Tyrone turned over coming out of defence and a goal chance is on but Philly McMahon takes his point. Tyrone wide count up to four
  • 19:10
  • 19:10
  • 19:11
    Dublin  0-1 Tyrone 0-1 (10') Dublin playing keep ball against the wind. Kicking the ball around the outskirts of the 45, side-to-side. No openings coming so far though
  • 19:13
    Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-3 (12') Harte with his seocnd free before Conor Meyler whips over a nice point from the left. Which is hawk-eye confirmed  
  • 19:15
    Ciaran Kilkenny effort looks to be going over but Niall Morgan gets a hand over the crossbar and keeps it in play. Great goalkeeping
  • 19:18
    Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-3 (15') BLACK CARD Tiernan McCann for an adjudged drag back on James McCarthy. Big decision. Against a running team like the Dubs, McCann's athleticsm will be missed
  • 19:21
    Dublin 0-2 Tyrone 0-3 (20) Having missed his first attempt Dean Rock curls over his second free. A beautiful strike for his first point of the game. The free won by Niall Scully, pulled back by Meyler
  • 19:24
    In 22 minutes of football here in Croke Park there has been one point from play. From Dublin corner back Philly McMahon. A good intensity to the encounter but with conditions far from ideal the two defences are well on top
  • 19:24
  • 19:24
  • 19:25
    Dublin 0-2 Tyrone 0-3 (24') Harte's first miss from play, adding to the Tyrone wide count
  • 19:28
    Eoghan O'Gara almost in on goal, but forced out. Michael Dara Macauley then kicks wide. The intensity and organisation of the Tyrone defence has been very impressive thus far
  • 19:31
  • 19:32
    Dublin 0-2 Tyrone 0-3 (30') Still, the score remains the same.  Meyler with a narrow wide after Brian Fenton fumbles when in space and in front of the posts down the other end. Error-ridden
  • 19:34
    Dublin 0-2 Tyrone 0-4 (33') First score from either team in 13 minutes. Sludden breaks the tackle and points despits a late hit from John Small
  • 19:36
    Dubin 0-2 Tyrone 0-5 (34') Sludden again, after a mix up between O'Gara and Small Tyrone punish the Dubs on the counter. Sludden has two points and has won a free for another.  
  • 19:36
    Three minutes of first half additional time to be played
  • 19:40

    Dublin 0-3 Tyrone 0-5 (37') A miss-hit Jack McCaffrey shot breaks around the square, and is picked up by Johnny Cooper who points over his shoulder.

    Dublin's two points from play have come from their two corner backs

  • 19:42
    HT Dublin 0-3 Tyrone 0-5 - Dublin's attack looks pretty flat here but just two behind with the wind at their backs for the second 35 minutes they will be relatively happy. Tyrone defending well and looking sharp on the counter but they will need to be a lot more clinical to come away with anything here
  • 19:44

    HT Kerry 1-7 Mayo 0-6

    Cork 0-8 Clare 1-3 (Hurling league)

  • 19:56
  • 19:57
    Dublin sub at half time. Eric Lowndes on for Basquel. And for Tyrone Sean Cavanagh on for McShane
  • 20:00
    Dublin 0-3 Tyrone 0-6 (38') Sean Cavanagh cuts inside and breaks a tackle, lays off to Declan McClure who finishes well from inside the D. Mark Bradley then shoots wide from close range
  • 20:00
    DUBLIN PENALTY. Paul Mannion dragged down when in on goal
  • 20:01
    Dublin 0-3 Tyrone 0-6 (40') Dean Rock's penalty is saved! Morgan down quickly to his right hand side
  • 20:04
  • 20:04
    Kevin McManamon on for MD Mcauley as Tyrone hit their second wide of the half
  • 20:08
    Dublin 0-4 Tyrone 0-6 (46') Dean Rock gets the Dubs underway for the second half with a free. Won by Jack McCaffrey. Still no Dublin forward has scored from play
  • 20:08
  • 20:09
    Dublin 0-4 Tyrone 1-6 (47') A well worked move finds Aidan McRory in space in the square and he lets fly between Cluxton's legs.  
  • 20:09
  • 20:11
    RED CARD Mark Bradley. Johhny Cooper sees yellow also after an off the ball incident. Tyrone down to 14!!
  • 20:11
  • 20:14
    Dublin 0-4 Tyrone 1-6 (52') Long ball in lands on Sean Cavanagh who can't claim it but cleverly palms the break to Jonathan Monroe but his goal attempt is blocked. Harte's 45 then is inches wide
  • 20:19
    Dublin 0-5 Tyrone 1-6 (57') Brian Fenton wins a fairly soft free, Dean Rock converts. Still no Dublin forward to score from play in nearly an hour
  • 20:22
    Dublin 0-6 Tyrone 1-7 (59') Niall Sludden taps over his third point for Tyrone. Before Niall Scully is dragged down after a great run and Rock slots the free
  • 20:24
    Dublin 0-7 Tyrone 1-7 (62') Almost worth the wait - Ciaran Kilkenny becomes the first Dublin forward to score from play with a beauty on the right wing. Over an hour coming
  • 20:25
    Tyrone playing keep ball as the hill scream obscenities  at the referee. It's all happening
  • 20:26
    James McCarthy being carried off as Niall Sludden's point is disallowed by Hawk-Eye
  • 20:28
  • 20:29
    Dublin 0-9 Tyrone 1-7 (67') An inspirational point from distance by Fenton, Rock adds a free straight afterwards. Before Sean Cavanagh catches a majestic mark. Two minutes left and it's in the boiling pot!!
  • 20:30
    Tyrone have everyone back
  • 20:31
    Dublin 0-9 Tyrone 1-7 (70') Dublin's patient kick passing build up is all too casual and Tyrone turn them over. SIX MINUTES OF ADDITIONAL TIME TO BE PLAYED
  • 20:31
  • 20:33
    Colm Cavanagh fouled under the kickout, after Sean pulls Fenton away from him. But Dublin turn it over and come again. (72')
  • 20:33
  • 20:34
    Dean Rock lining up a 50m free. Maybe even further out
  • 20:34
    And it's overrrr!! Level game!
  • 20:35
    Dublin 0-10 Tyrone 1-7 (74') Two minutes left and Dublin have it again
  • 20:36
    Tyrone in possession in their own half but unable to work it out. We are into the last minute
  • 20:36
  • 20:36
  • 20:38
    FT Dublin 0-10 Tyrone 1-7 - Tyrone kick the ball away and the referee doesn't give the Dubs one final chance as we enter 77 minutes
  • 20:41
    Tyrone unable to hold on, playng with 14 for a lot of the second half. Dublin so flat in attack but they refused to lose and kept driving on even when everything seemed to be going against them. In the end after a hard fought battle in awful conditions both teams will be relatively content.
  • 20:41
  • 20:43
    Thanks for joining us. A bitterly cold, wet and windy evening in Croker but plenty of high quality hurling and football on show for early February! Keep an eye out on the site for the day's match reports. Some are already up!
  • 20:47

    AFL: Dublin 0-10 Tyrone 1-7  
    Kerry 1-10  Mayo 0-15
    Waterford 1-17  Wicklow 1-9

    AHL: Dublin 1-8 Tipperary 1-24
    Cork 0-21  Clare 1-11