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Lost Malaysian Airlines jet, Ukraine and Morgan Kelly - all on The Daily Wire with Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy Mon, Mar 10
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    Hi, this is Ronan McGreevy and I'm looking after the live blog today. You can follow me at @rmcgreevy1301
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    Where's Frank? The normally voluble and media-savvy Fine Gael tactician has been conspicuous by his absence since The Irish Times story on Saturday that he was a paid lobbyist for the Rehab Group. His refusal to appear in front of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has made a bad situation worse. Now the political heat is being turned up another notch or three.
    Minister of State Kathleen Lynch has said in her  view his position as a Fine Gael lobbyist is untenable.
    Ms Lynch called on all lobbyists to be “open” about their clients and business activities

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    Whatever happened those Bulgarian apartments so many people were buying back in the boom times. Our top story this morning is this cautionary tale from Consumer Affairs Correspondent about a Dublin taxi driver who bought three apartments in Bulgaria during the boom. He's back living with his mother and father. Read it here.
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    The disappearance of a Malaysian jetliner is an “unprecedented aviation mystery“, a senior official said today, with a massive air and sea search now in its third day failing to find any confirmed trace of the plane or the 239 people aboard.
    A Vietnamese rescue helicopter has retrieved a floating yellow object from the sea and determined it was not a life raft from a missing Malaysian plane, as was earlier suspected, the country‘s civil aviation authority said today.

    The mystery continues.  


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    Here's heartbroken testimony from the relatives of those who are waiting for news about the missing Malaysian plane. Watch it here.

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    What an awe inspiring leader Kim Jong Un must be. People talk about famine and repression in North Korea, but his own people clearly love him. In the, ahem, North Korean "elections", Un got every single vote in his district. There was not one dissenting vote, no spoiled ballot, nothing, nada, not one. The situation in North Korea would be funny if it were not so serious. Read it here.

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    Five years Shane Clancy (22) stabbed Sebastian Creane to death and badly injured his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Hennigan in a knife frenzy attack in 2009.
    A year later a coroner's jury returned an open verdict on the death of Shane Clancy. The coroner's court was told that it was the fault of the anti-depressants he was on rather than  Clancy's mental illness which caused him to murder Sebastian Creane and kill himself.
    Sebastian Creane's mother  Nuala  remains furious about that decision. She maintains that the coroner never allowed an alternative  explanation that Clancy's mental illness was the reason  why he carried out the attack and not the anti-depressant.  
    Mrs Creane failed to have a new inquest for Clancy when she challenged it in the High Court.
    The tragedy will be the subject of a TV3 documentary at 9.30pm entitled A Search for Justice - Death in  Bray.      

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    How was Beyonce? The superstar's four night stand at the O2 was an instant sellout but not everybody was impressed.  

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    Six shortlisted architectural teams for the design of new children’s hospital were announced today by the project’s Development Board.

     Bidding to build the country’s largest capital project in healthcare, each of the shortlisted teams has extensive international healthcare experience in the design of children’s hospitals.
    The qualifying teams were selected based on relevant healthcare experience including international children’s hospital design coupled with local knowledge and expertise.
    The shortlisted applicants are:

    • IBI Nightingale and RKD Architects (IBI + RKD)
    • BDP and  O’Connell Mahon Architects
    • Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) with JCP and Henry J. Lyons
    • HOK with Stanley Beaman & Sears (SBS), CCH Architects, and Bucholz McEvoy
    • Scott Tallon Walker Architects  and  Shepley Bullfinch
    • Stantec and Michael Collins Architects
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    There has been a lot of social media commentary about this article in Saturday's Irish Times by Rosita Boland. Rosita recounts her eight year search to adopt a child from abroad and how Ireland's ratification of the Hague Convention, which prohibts child trafficking, has had the impact of cutting off adoption from countries which have not yet ratified the convention such as Russia, Vietnam  and Ethiopia. As a result the number of Irish adoptions has collapsed to just 11 since 2010. You can read her article here.
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    Many of the comments have expressed sympathy her dilemma and commend her for being frank about the problem. This tweet expressed many people's sympathy with her.     However, others like Susan Lohan of the Adoption Rights Alliance say the Hague Convention is there for a reason, to stop the trafficking of children from abroad and that should not be lost sight of.
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    As Irish fans know to their cost, Swedish international striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic  can play a bit. The man of the match in Sweden's  2-1 victory in Dublin has a talent only matched by his gargantuan  ego. Even by the standards of preening peacocks  plying their trade in  international football, we're looking at you Christiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic surpasses them all.  He has even coined a new term for himself. To Zlatan means to achieve against the odds.        

    Zlatan Ibrahimović ✔
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    The number of Irish people emigrating to Canada is likely to be at record levels this year. The Canadian Government are giving out 10,700 visas, up from 6,350 last year and all visas are expected to be taken up going on past demand. The record number of Irish emigrants occured in 1957 at the height of Irish emigration where some 7,500 people left the country for Canada.

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    Van Morrisson is to publish a book of his lyrics. Lit Up Inside will be published as a hardback in a special edition in October.  The book has the imprimateur of the notoriously private Morrison  who described it as  "representative of my creative journey."Faber publisher Lee Brackstone described Morrison as a  "colossally important, inspiring and influential figure in the music world and his place as one of a handful of truly iconic twentieth century artists is secure."The book has been edited by Morrison with the help of his friend Dr Eammon Hughes who has written a book in the past about Morrison's work.  

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    The death has taken place of the well-known actress Eileen Colgan.  She was 80. Originally from Dublin, Mrs Colgan was best known as Mynagh, the priest's housekeeper in Glenroe. She also appeared in the film adaption of Tara Road. She recent appeared in Bittersweet, a new TV drama for Element Films/RTÉ. In recent years she has been in the long-running RTÉ soap opera Fair City and has a long list of theatre, radio and television credits. Mrs Colgan is survived by four children and eight grandchildren. Her funeral mass will take place at 10am on Thursday to the Church of the Visitation in Fairview with burial afterwards at St Patrick's Church cemetery in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow.

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    There are unconfirmed reports of shots being fired in the standoff between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea.   A Ukrainian officer told the Interfax news agency that Russian troops opened fire on a naval post in Crimea near the town of Bakhchisaray after  midday, took mobile phones from Ukrainians and began trying to remove vehicles. Nobody was injured in the stand-off.    


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    Professor Morgan Kelly is a man very much in the news at present. From time to time he drops a bombshell and leaves others to interpret it. He is the man who made the famous prophetic comments in The Irish Times in December 2006 that the boom, which was getting boomier to paraphrase Bertie Ahern, would end in a huge housing crash. You can read his prescient words here if you have an Irish Times archive subscription. Given his track record Professor Kelly's contention that the SME sector is under serious threat from banks clearing up their loan book was bound to get wide attention. The Minister for Finance Michael Noonan responded: "What Morgan Kelly says has to be taken seriously. He was correct before when nobody else was, and I think that if the Central Bank was to make contact with him and access some of the data that's underpinning his speech, that might be helpful,"he said. Mr Noonan added that, as far as he was aware, Bank of Ireland had restructured 90 per cent of its SME loans and AIB 65 per cent of theirs.

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    Frnak Flannery is under increasing pressure to appear in front of the Public Accounts Committee to explain the money he received from Rehab to lobby the Government. The heat is on him as Fine Gael's director of elections for the forthcoming European and local elections. Fianna Fáil is now targeting him too as the chairman of the Government's Forum on Philanthropy by Minister Phil Hogan. The prospect of a Government appointed Chairman of that body refusing to co-operate with an Oireachtas committee is completely untenable, according to the party's spokesman on Public Expenditure and Reform Sean Fleming.
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    Breaking news: Frank Flannery has stepped down from both Fine Gael and as a director with Rehab saying that the controversies surrounding his position made it impossible for him to carry on.
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    Frank Flannery's position was already difficult when he refused to appear in front of the Public Accounts Committee, but The Irish Times political correspondent Fiach Kelly's revelation at the weekend that he was receiving money from Rehab to lobby the Government made it really difficult for him to carry on. In addition his refusal to appear in front of the PAC or answer questions from the media was unusual for a usual savvy media operators. The PAC is not done with him yet and he will still have to answer questions from them.
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    Here's the full text of Frank Flannery's statement. "I have informed the Chairman of the Rehab Group board, Mr. Brian Kerr, that I wish to step down as a director of the Rehab Group and any other group boards with immediate effect.
    "It is a step that I undertake with real regret but I have come to the opinion that my involvement with the board is making the Rehab Group the subject of political controversy as this time. I spent 34 years in the Rehab Group and retired in December 2006. I rejoined the board in 2011. The Rehab Group has played an enormously valuable role in Irish Society for nearly 70 years and I wish it continued success for the future.
    "I have also informed the General Secretary of Fine Gael, Mr. Tom Curran, that I am stepping down as Director of Elections and as a Trustee of the party as of today. My involvement with Fine Gael related only to electoral strategy and organisation and I had no role in advising the government.
    "Fine Gael has been mandated, along with the Labour Party, with the onerous task of turning the economy around after the deepest recession since 1929. I believe the government, and Fine Gael in particular, is performing well and the economy is on the mend. The party and the Taoiseach will continue to have my complete support and I will assist the party in any way I can as a private citizen and as a proud ordinary member of Fine Gael."

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    A great white shark which is currently some 1,200km off the Irish coast has set a new record as the first such fish to be tracked across the Atlantic ocean.
    The 907kg shark - named Lydia by scientists who tagged her off the coast of Florida in the US a year ago - has completed a transatlantic crossing in the last 24 hours, according to Massachusetts State senior marine fisheries biologist Dr Gregory Skomal.
    “She has crossed the mid-Atlantic ridge and is now closer to you [Ireland] than to us, but it looks as if she is heading north,” Dr Skomal told The Irish Times.
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    Frank Flannery is a big loss to Fine Gael. He was instrumental in helping the party gain its biggest number of seats in the 2011 general election and Taoiseach Enda Kenny trusted his judgement. This is a big blow for the party.
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    Sinn Féin Public Accounts Committee member Mary Lou McDonald has said Frank Flannery should still come before them to answer questions. Ms McDonald's forensic examination of Rehab chief executive Angela Kerins' pay and pension was a highlight of the previous hearings and she believes Mr Flannery, who is a former chief executive and chairman of the organisation, should do likewise. She said: "Deputy McDonald said;
    “The one thing missing from Frank Flannery’s statement this evening is the looming question of whether or not he will appear before the Public Accounts Committee.
    “Politicians from all parties, including the Taoiseach and Tanaiste have said he must appear before the committee.
    “His statement this evening does not change that. He must come before the committee and address the issues of public concern that currently surround him.”
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    Chairman of the Committee John McGuinness TD stated this evening that he expected Mr Flannery to cooperate fully with the Public Accounts Committee and, in that regard, that both Mr Flannery and the members of the board’s remunerations committee will give evidence in the coming weeks.

    Deputy McGuinness said: “The evidence that Frank Flannery can give will be central to the examination of the PAC, which commenced on 27th February when the CEO of Rehab and her senior colleagues gave evidence to the Committee. It was clear during that meeting that the witnesses present were not in a position to fully answer the questions of the Members and, therefore, a second opportunity will be available to Rehab to answer questions on areas such as remuneration, the involvement of Rehab with Complete Eco Solutions Limited - a company in which Mr Flannery was a shareholder - and in relation to the expenditure under the charitable lotteries fund.

    “The Committee expects to receive a comprehensive set of documentation in the coming days from Rehab and the Committee will consider that documentation at its meeting on Thursday, 13th March.”
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    And on that dramatic note, I will bid you good evening.