Leicester v Munster

Munster shut out Leicester in a 38-0 win at Thomond Park. What awaits them at Welford Road?

Eamon Donoghue Sat, Dec 17
LIVE: Leicester v Munster

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  • Hello and Welcome...  Munster are looking for much of the same from their trip to Leicester today, 38-0 winners last time out on home turf, can they repeat the trick away?

    It certainly won't be easy. The wounded Tigers have lost just one of their last 33 matches in Europe on home turf but the only team to turn them over twice in the tournament at Welford Road is Munster.  

    Kick-off is at 1.15pm. Be sure to get in touch throughout - via either Twitter (@DonoghueEamon) or the comments section ('Contact Us' tab).

    Leicester Tigers v  Munster, European Champions Cup, Welford Road, Saturday December 17th (kick off: 3.15pm) –  follow coverage on our liveblog from 2.30pm.  

  • Team news:

    Leicester Tigers:  G Worth; P Betham, J Roberts, M Tuilagi, A Thompstone; O Williams, B Youngs; E Genge, T Youngs (capt), P Cilliers; E Slater, G Kitchener; L Hamilton, B O’Connor, L McCaffrey.    Replacements:  H Thacker, L Mulipola, G Bateman, M Fitzgerald, M Williams, W Evans, S Harrison, T Brady.  

    Munster:  S Zebo; D Sweetnam,  J Taute, R Scannell, K Earls; T Bleyendaal, C Murray; D Kilcoyne, N Scannell, J Ryan; D Ryan, B Holland, P O’Mahony (capt), T O’Donnell, CJ Stander.  Replacements:  R Marshall, J Cronin, S Archer, J Kleyn, J O’Donoghue,  D Williams, I Keatley, A Conway.

    Referee:  Pascal Gauzere (France).

  • <strong><br />Current pool 1 standings</strong>

    Current pool 1 standings
  • Seven days ago Munster were convincing 38-0 winners against their old rivals at Thomond Park.  

    Read the match report from that game here

  • "Welford Road is one of European noisiest and most claustrophobic rugby cathedrals but like others relies exclusively on the Tiger-shirted celebrants on the pitch to lead the choir. Leicester will be physical, aggressive and direct, looking for a fast start and cheap points."

    Read John O'Sullivan's preview in full here, he's backing the Munster men for the win

  • 'It’s been a long road but Tyler Bleyendaal is finally proving his worth'

    "There were deep concerns until October that Tyler Bleyendaal was more like his Fight Club namesake, Durden, and simply a figment of our far flung imagination.

    "How wrong we were. But it still needed proving. For the wondrous snippets of talent at age grade, he struggled in the congested shark thank of Canterbury five-eights..."

    Read Gavin Cummiskey's excellent feature piece on Munster's number 10 here

  • Teams are out on the field at Welford Road, Munster's travelling fans making themselves heard!
  • Leicester 0 Munster 0 (1') Leicester get us underway, they claim the kick off and break into the Leicester 22
  • Big tackle from John Ryan, ball turned over, and Tyle Bleyendaal clears his lines. As with last week, excellent Munster defence. Leicester come again
  • Leicester 0 Munster 0 (3') Some kick-tennis ends in Niall Scannell knocking on in the tackle, Manu Tuilagi keeps it alive, gives it to Adam Thompstone but he runs out of space on the right. Munster claim the lineout and Bleyendaal finds touch.
  • Leicester 0 Munster 0 (8')  Fields of Athenry echoing from the away section. Bleyendaal makes a lovely break, slipping through three tackles. Ben Youngs though forces the turnover. Some great counter-rucking by him and Munster hold on. Leicester have the put-in just outside their own 22.
  • Leicester 0 Munster 3 (9') Bleyendaal gets the scoring underway with a very well taken penalty, to the left of the posts. Just sneaks in. Munster looking to build an early lead as they did last week. Tigers were offside chasing their kicked clearance
  • Leicester 0 Munster 3 (12') Leicester again claim their restart. And again quickly break into the Munster 22, but from there the Munster defensive line again holds rock solid. Jack Roberts knocks on, but it's brought back for a Leicester scrum. On the Munster 22 metre line.  
  • Leicester 0 Munster 3 (18') Owen Williams chips into the corner but Keith Earls is alive, and clears his lines. Munster turnover the lineout, and win a penalty from a subsequent maul. Bleyendaal opts for the line. Lineout is won and Munster win another penalty from another maul. Leicester coming in from the side
  • Leicester 0 Munster 6 (19') Bleyendaal makes no mistake from the penalty. Two from two. Sweetnam claims the restart and Munster push Leicester back into their own half
  • Leicester 0 Munster 6 (23')  Billy Holland concedes a penalty, too far out for Williams so he kicks for the corner. Leicester form a maul from the lineout but Munster awarded a penalty. Leicester holding on, Peter O'Mahony disrupting the maul there to force the penalty. Great defensive work once more from the visitors
  • Leicester 0 Munster 6 (25') Ben Youngs knocks on in his own half. Munster move inside the Leicester 22 but a loose pass hands possession back. Tom Youngs though penalised for not wrapping around in the clearout. Munster set to punish the host's indiscipline once more from the tee
  • Leicester 0 Munster 6 (26') Bleyendaal's kicks pulls to the left. A rare miss from the Kiwi
  • TMO looking at a possible shoulder charge from Leicester centre Tuilagi on Rory Scannell. Could be a penalty and yellow card ensuing
  • Leicester 0 Munster 6 (29') Yes, yellow for Tuilagi. Bleyendaal kicks for the corner. Unnecessary from Tuilagi
  • Big turnover for Leicester in their 22. Slow ball from Munster there. Leicester back in Munster territory after the penalty and line-out
  • Leicester 0 Munster 6 (32') Zebo catches the crossfield kick. The clearance is short however and Leicester are driving back into the Munster 22. They win a penalty as Munster come off their feet. Right under the posts
  • Leicester 3 Munster 6 (34')  Leicester's first points in 114 minutes of rugby against Munster. Williams taps over the resultant penalty
  • Forward Munster pass gives Leicester the put-in on halfway. From which they win a penalty. Less than three minutes left down to 14 players, and so far they've coped very well
  • Leicester 3 Munster 6 (37') Leicester maul off the lineout is pushed back. Donnacha Ryan then comes in from the side on the breakdown. A bit harsh. Penalty Leicester and again it's very kickable
  • Leicester 6 Munster 6 (39') Tuilagi is back on the field after Williams levels the game up. His team scored six points in the 10 minutes without him
  • Jack Roberts kicks out thinking the clock for half-time was up. Munster lineout, last attack of the half. Sloppy
  • Leicester 6 Munster 6 (41') Leicester concede another penalty defending the lineout maul. Harsh on Leicester this time
  • Leicester 6 Munster 6 (42') Tricky enough kick from the right, Bleyendaal though doesn't get across it enough and it's to the right of the posts. Two from four for him. Missed
  • HT  Leicester 6 Munster 6 - Munster have been in conrol for a lot of this game but missed kicks either side of Leicester's purple patch means the hosts are very much in this. Level game at the break
  • Teams back out for the second half
  • Leicester 6 Munster 6 (40') Bleyendaal gets the second period underway. Williams kicks back but Leicester penalised in the breakdown after the chase. Bleyendaal kick fails to find touch and the hosts are now in possession on half way
  • Leicester knock-on, Munster with a good push-on from the scrum. Zebo kicks in behind, George Worth is there to pick up but he kicks out on the full
  • Leicester 6 Munster 6 (43') Leicester "off their feet when they play the ball". Penalty Munster and they should go back ahead from this..
  • Leicester 6 Munster 9 (45') Bleyendaal finds his range again with a nice straightforward one. Williams' restart does not go the required distance and Leicester's momentum really being halted with these errors
  • Some beautiful interplay with Conor Murray heavily involved off the back of the scrum. Zebo with one offload too many however and his blind pass falls into Leicester hands.
  • Leicester 6 Munster 9 (45')  Conor Murray's kick does not go to plan - out on the full. Leicester claim the resultant line-out. Move into the Munster 22 and Donnacha Ryan comes in ver the top and concedes a penalty
  • Leicester 9 Munster 9 (50') Owen Williams makes it a level game once more after 10 minutes of the second half
  • Munster into the Leicester half, Simon Zebo breaks free but he is isolated and holds on. Another important turnover. Zebo down receiving treatment but he looks to be fine
  • Leicester 9 Munster 9 (53') Patrick Roberts makes a great break, lots of go forward Leicester ball and Munster come off their feet and are happy to concede the three points. Under-the-posts penalty on the way
  • Leicester 12 Munster 9 (55') For the first time in the game Leicester go ahead. Some kick tennis follows the restart before Zebo again concedes a penalty for holding on. Leicester bring play down to just outside the Munster 22. Ball turned over but Bleyendaal kicks out on the full
  • Munster missed just two tackles last Saturday. 12 missed already today. Leicester putting them under real presure here but they lose their lineout and Munster have it on half way
  • Leicester 12 Munster 9 (59')  Munster knock-on in a strong attacking position off the line-out. Leicester win a penalty from the scrum and Williams follows up with a good kick moving play into the Munster half
  • Leicester 12 Munster 9 (61') Leicester knock-on and Munster win a penalty of their own from the scrum. Munster with ball in hand on the edge of the Leicester 22. Jack O'Donoghue on for Tommy O'Donnell
  • Leicester 12 Munster 9 (65') Munster withn five metres, Niall Scannell and John Ryan both driven back. Munster keep coming though
  • Loose pass, Thompstone collects and only for Zebo's pace to catch him outside the Munster 22 and he was going all the way. The Leicester winger does get his kick away though and Earls picks it up and runs out of touch...  

    Zebo sin-binned and concedes a penalty for an adjudged late tackle on Thompstone as he kicked. Very, very harsh as Zebo could hardly stop himself at full pace. Nonetheless, crucial moment

  • Leicester 15 Munster 9 (67') Williams slots the penalty. Stander claims the restart and Munster are back outside the Leicester 22. Can they bounce back from the yellow card as the hosts did in the first half?
  • Jack O'Donoghue driven into touch five metres from the line
  • Munster concede a penalty from the lineout, allowing Leicester to bring play back into the Munster half. But their lineout is not straight so it's Munster ball again. A let-off for the Irish province. Andrew Conway is on for Keith Earls
  • Leicester 15 Munster 9 (71') Leicester crossing gives Munster a penalty. They kick for touch and claim the lineout, winning a second penalty as Leicester are penalised for pushing before the Munster player landed
  • Munster lineout maul has them inches from the try line. But they are held up. Team warning given to Leicester for collapsing the maul. Munster go for the line again with the penalty
  • Leicester 15 Munster 14 (71')  Lineout Maul.. Niall Scannell at the back drives over. TRY FOR MUNSTER!!  
  • Leicester 15 Munster 16 (76') Bleyendaal slips but still manages to convert. The home crowd cheering as he slips but that turns to a gasp as they realise it's still floating over. Yellow card given there to Tom Youngs too for collapsing in the build up to that try. And Simon Zebo is back in the game
  • Munster ahead now and with the extra man.
  • Leicester win a penalty just outside halfway and Owen Williams will go for the posts. A huge kick here with a minute and a half left
  • Leicester 18 Munster 16 (79')  52 metres from the posts... he nails it. What a kick
  • FT Leicester 18 Munster 16 - Leicester claim the restart and find touch off the back of a scrum. What a finish, Munster's winning run is over
  • Munster take the losing bonus point, but they were a minute and a half away from taking four points back to Ireland. A real war of attrition
  • Owen Williams on that match-winning kick. His longest kick of the season. 52 metres. Were you feeling any pressure Owen?

    "I just thought I was going to kick it between the posts, and I did."

    Simple as that isn't it.

  • FT Leicester 18 Munster 16  

    So that's that. Leicester have still never lost both matches in these back-to-back Champions Cup fixtures. Munster's winning streak is over. Nonetheless the losing bonus point could be crucial.  

    But that's it from Welford Road, Connacht versus Wasps is next. Be sure to keep an eye out for John O'Sullivan's match report arriving soon on the site, while Emmet Riordan is live blogging the Connacht game - and of course, thanks very much for joining us!