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Sorcha Pollak Mon, Mar 3
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    Morning, Sorcha Pollak here covering today's Daily Wire. If you have any suggestions of stories or comments you can tweet me @SorchaPollak.
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    We’ll be bringing you all the latest news from Daniel McLaughlin in Simferopol, Crimea throughout the day.
    Britain has warned that Europe faces the ‘biggest crisis’ of the century, as Ukraine says Russian forces are still surrounding its military bases in Crimea and building up armour near the Black Sea peninsula. The tense stand-off continued ahead of an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers to discuss Ukraine, and as US secretary of state John Kerry prepared to fly to Kiev, having warned Russia that it could pay “a huge price” for its military incursion in Crimea.
    For more on the story, click here.
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    We’ll also be covering all the glitz and glamour from last night’s Oscars in Los Angeles on today’s blog.

    The big news coming from LA this morning is the Twitter selfie to end all selfies. Rachel Flaherty has the latest on Ellen DeGeneres A-lister packed selfie that broke retweeting records and and brought the Twitter site to a standstill. Click here to read about the photo that was retweeted 2.3 million times.

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    Over 100 witnesses are expected to take part in the Oscar Pistorius trial which begins today in Pretoria, South Africa. Before we begin coverage of the trial, take a look at this BBC video timeline of Reeva Steenkamp’s death. Click here to watch.
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    Armed gardaí have been posted to the hospital where convicted drug dealer John Gilligan is being treated, in a bid to deter those who almost claimed his life in a weekend gun attack from trying to shoot him again.  

    Senior officers are keen to ensure that those who want Gilligan dead do not try to strike in a crowded hospital, and so armed detectives and uniformed gardaí have been assigned to Blanchardstown hospital, where he is being treated after being shot and wounded at the weekend.

    Click here for Conor Lally’s coverage of the Gilligan shooting.
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    Poor Leo, he just didn’t make the cut for that long sought after Oscar award. The good news is the internet is flooded with memes of a pained Di Caprio mourning the loss of his golden statue. Here are two of my favourites.

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    Forget about the Ellen selfie, this is the best photo of the night. Well done Benedict, someone needed to bring those suited-up Dublin boys back down to earth.
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    The storms that hit Southern California over the weekend did little to ease the recent drought conditions, reports the LA Times. The storm dropped over 3 inches of rain on downtown LA, following mudslides near the city last week. While torrential rain fell on the arid southern plains, waves along the coast began to build in force.
    Here in Ireland we’ve become quite accustomed to massive waves slamming our coasts, but fortunately we have yet to see a restaurant window smash to pieces with customers inside. They haven’t been so lucky in California.
    Click here to watch the huge wave that crashed through  Moby Dick's restaurant in  Santa Barbara while customers were eating their Saturday morning breakfast.  
    Here's a longer video of the waves building up.
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    The trial of South African Olympic and Paralympic running star Oscar Pistorius is underway and we have a live stream of the proceedings as they unfold.

    “Not guilty, My Lady,” Mr Pistorius answered this morning when asked by Judge Thokozile Masipa. Lead Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has told the court: “They were the only two people in the house. There were no eyewitnesses. “The state’s case is based on circumstantial evidence.”

    To follow the trial live, click here.
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    The latest from Reuters on the situation in Crimea.

    Germany's Angela Merkel believes it is not too late to resolve the Ukrainian crisis by political means despite differences in opinion between Vladimir Putin and the West on Crimea, which Russia now controls, an aide to the chancellor said on Monday.

    Merkel has proposed to the Russian president Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama sending a "fact-finding mission" to the Ukrainian region of Crimea, a peninsula on the Black Sea where Russian forces have seized control without any fighting.

    "It is still not to late to resolve this crisis peacefully by political means," said Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert, urging Moscow to withdraw "from the logic of troop movements".

    "There is no doubt President Putin has a completely different view on the situation and events in Crimea from the German government and our Western partners," he said.

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    When living in London one of the things I missed most about Ireland was the mountains. Dublin is one of the few capital cities in the world that has direct access to both mountains and beaches. They may not be tropical sands or snow covered peaks, but there still is nothing quite like a clear view over Glendalough from the top of Tóin le Gaoth mountain in Wicklow.

    As an avid hill-walker (or hiker as I’ve come to call myself after spending too much time walking with Americans in the Rockies) I was very interested to read Mark Graham’s latest piece on walking festivals around Ireland. Click here to read about some of the 70 walking festivals that take place around the country.

    For now it’s just me and my dad battling the elements through Wicklow, but maybe I’ll get my act together in the spring and actually join in on one of these festival jaunts.
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    Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Roisin Ingle has spoken to female readers around the country about what they want. I agree with too many of these to post them all but here are a few examples of obvious changes that need to be made in Irish society.

    BETH O’NEILL Wicklow
    I want for more of the public to not ascertain such negative connotations from the word “feminist”. To paraphrase a quote often found on the web, “feminism is the radical idea that women are humans too”. It is truly remarkable how many men and women who believe that feminists are all “man haters”. If you are a woman, and you believe that you should be treated equally in every respect as a man, than you are a feminist, and if you are a man who doesn’t harbour medieval ideals of the opposite sex, than you too could be considered a feminist.

    KAREN McINTYRE Donegal
    Full reproductive choices, abortion and contraception to be free for all women in Ireland. Better sex, consent, and relationship education for young people. Removal of the tax on tampons: they are not a luxury.

    JENNY Dublin
    I’m a waitress and I want men to stop baby-talking me. “Thanks, beautiful.” “Cheers, honey.” If you would not call a barely acquainted man “beautiful” or “honey”, don’t call a woman by those names.
    (4 years of working as a waitress through college means unfortunately I know exactly what this woman his talking about)

    I want more female politicians and businesswomen – more female role models in Irish public life who are respected for their talents, intelligence and acumen, and for commentary not to focus on their appearance and personal relationships.

    It’s very simple: we want to be loved.

    Click here to read more of the changes Irish women would like to see in society.

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    According to stand-up comedian David McSavage, Irish mothers have raised sons as emotional cripples who can’t cook. “Irish men are spoiled. We can’t handle women having a voice or being seen as equal. If I were a woman in this country, I would be raging.”

    Click here to watch David McSavage answer 10 questions for the Irish Times.

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    In celebration of Ronan Keating's birthday let's take a step back in time. Click here to watch the original 6-member Boyzone on the Late Late Show in 1993. Skip to 5:30 for those wonderful 90s dance moves.
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    Reuters reports from Crimea that the battle is not between the troops, who despite the standoff have not fired a shot in anger, but in the arguments among the civilians who have come here to support one side, the other, or sometimes - both. Men and women have gathered at a run-down base near a village on a highway through the mountains of Crimea where Ukrainian troops are holed up, refusing to surrender to hundreds of Russians who have them surrounded. For more on the story, click here.
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    Relatives of Ukrainian servicemen stand near the entrance to the territory of a military unit located in the village of Lyubimovka  some 80 km southwest of Simferopol, Crimea's capital. The placard reads, 'No to war!' Photograph: Vasily Fedosenko/
    Relatives of Ukrainian servicemen stand near the entrance to the territory of a military unit located in the village of Lyubimovka some 80 km southwest of Simferopol, Crimea's capital. The placard reads, "No to war!" Photograph: Vasily Fedosenko/
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    Have you ever wondered what an Orthodox Jewish wedding looks like? Click here to see photos of a wedding in Jerusalem last week. No women allowed for most of the celebrations it seems.
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    The Oscar photobombs just keep on coming.

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    We knew it already and are in no way surprised but it’s been made official – Winter 2013/2014 was the wettest winter on record.

    Valentia, Co Kerry experienced the wettest winter since records began 148 years ago, according to the Met Éireann Winter 2013/2014 summary report.

    The wettest day of the winter season, from December 2013 to February 2014, was February 17th at Ballyhaise, Co Cavan with 34.5mm. This was the station’s wettest winter day since 2008.

    It was also the wettest February since records began, with many stations recording 27 of 28 days as wet.

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    We’re all familiar with the countless Nazi propaganda videos produced under Adolf Hitler before and during World War II. What you may not know is that in 1938 the Nazi propaganda Chief Joseph Goebbels commissioned the second of two Irish-set films used to produce anti-British propaganda.

    Mein Leben für Irland (My Life for Ireland) was directed by Goebbels's brother-in-law, Max Kimmich, although Goebbels made some of the casting decisions and even changed parts of the script. The film was made for a purely German audience and had no real historical basis.

    You can now watch the entire movie on YouTube so whether you’re a WWII buff, interested in practising your German (it has English subtitles) or just looking for an elaborate means of procrastination, click here to watch the 1hr 30mins long propaganda film.

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    The latest update from Charlie Bird’s Arctic adventure is that he’s been hunting seals. In the Arctic, seal meat is a staple part of the diet and in his latest video diary we see the effort needed to catch one and meet the grateful recipient of its meat.

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    The first witness at Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial told the court this morning she heard “bloodcurdling screams” from a woman followed by shots. Michelle Burger, who lives in an estate nearby, testified she was woken up in the middle of the night by a woman shouting for help.

    “I was still sitting in the bed and I heard her screams,” Ms Burger told the Pretoria High Court, speaking in Afrikaans through an interpreter.

    “She screamed terribly and she yelled for help. Then I also heard a man screaming for help. Three times he yelled for help,” she said.

    Prosecutors are seeking to prove that Mr Pistorius fired four rounds from a 9 mm pistol through the door of the toilet in a deliberate attempt to kill whoever was behind it.

    Ms Steenkamp was hit three times, in the head, arm and hip. She was declared dead at the scene.

    The trial, which is being broadcast live on television, is set to last a minimum of three weeks with as many as 107 witnesses waiting to be called by either side.

    For more on Michelle Burger’s testimony and the latest in the Oscar Pistorius trial, click here.

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    Click here to watch the key moments of day one of the Oscar Pistorius trial.
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    Following its expansion to a further 20 towns today, Hailo Ireland has become a nationwide smartphone taxi app. Hailo uses GPS-enabled smartphones to match drivers and passengers based on both availability and proximity and has the stated aim of finding cabs in just two taps.

    Users can pay with a credit card or by cash, there is no call-out charge, and the cab does not start its meter until five minutes after it has arrived at the call out location.

    From the very beginning we have been getting requests from drivers and passengers all over the country so we are delighted to be going nationwide. Ireland really is the first Hailo country,” its general manager Tim Arnold said.

    It is now operating in 16 cities worldwide but Ireland is the first country where the service is almost universally available. For more on Hailo’s Irish expansion, click here.

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    For all you Kevin Spacey fans out there...

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    A snake has eaten a crocodile in a battle caught on camera by onlookers at Lake Moondarra in Queensland, Australia. The python attacked the croc, which was about one metre long, and coiled its body around the animal to strangle it.

    Once the crocodile had given up the snake took a small rest and then began to consume the crocodile whole.

    Photos of the aftermath of the fight show a stuffed snake whose body was now shaped like a small crocodile.

    I bet you’re glad St Patrick got rid of our snakes. All we have to worry about in Ireland are slightly irate sheep.

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    Russia has dismissed criticism of troop movement and insisted forces that have streamed into Ukraine are protecting Russian citizens living there.

    Ukraine says Russian forces are still surrounding its military bases in Crimea and building up armour near the Black Sea peninsula, as Britain warned that Europe was facing its biggest crisis of the century.

    For more on the latest from Daniel McLaughlin in Simferopol, click here.

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    A Ukrainian serviceman stands near his acquaintance on the territory of a military unit located in the village of Lyubimovka, Crimea. Photograph: Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters
    A Ukrainian serviceman stands near his acquaintance on the territory of a military unit located in the village of Lyubimovka, Crimea. Photograph: Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters
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    The 30-year-old man who lured the six and nine year old girls from a park and forced them to have oral and anal sex with him has received two life jail sentences.

    The rapist pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to three counts of the rape, anal rape and oral rape of a 9-year-old and two counts of the oral and anal rape of the 6-year-old girl at an address in Co Westmeath on September 28th, 2013.

    Passing sentence today Mr Justice Paul Carney said he found it too upsetting to recite the facts of the case.

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    Before we finish up with today's Daily Wire, let's take a look at the winner of last night's big prize: 12 Years a Slave. This powerful film definitely deserved the title of best picture at the 2014 Academy Awards. It also made history by becoming the first movie from a black director to win the award in 86 years.

    Click here to watch the cast and crew's acceptance speech.

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    That's all from today's Daily Wire. We'll be back at 9.30 tomorrow morning with all the latest news.