All-Ireland SHC semi-final: Cork v Limerick

The two great Munster rivals go toe-to-toe at Croke Park for a place in the All-Ireland final

RuaidhrĂ­ Croke Sat, Aug 4
LIVE: All-Ireland SHC semi-final: Cork v Limerick

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  • Hello, good afternoon and welcome. It's time for the second All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship semi-final of the weekend as Cork meet Limerick in Croke Park. After yesterday's dramatic draw between Galway and Clare these two sides have a lot to live up to today but neither will care about the entertainment value as long as they win.  

    Croke Park is heaving on this sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny July day and both sets of fans know that they are just one game away from having another trip back here next month to potentially see their side win the whole lot.

    I'm Ruaidhrí Croke and I will be with you for all of the action. You can get involved by using the 'Contact Us' button at the top of the blog or you can get me on Twitter @Ruaidhri_Croke.

    Team news and build-up on the way!

    Cork:  Anthony Nash; Sean O'Donoghue, Damien Cahalane, Colm Spillane; Christopher Joyce, Eoin Cadogan, Mark Coleman; Bill Cooper, Darragh Fitzgibbon; Daniel Kearney, Conor Lehane, Luke Meade; Shane Kingston, Seamus Harnedy, Patrick Horgan

    Subs:  Ger Collins,  Conor O Sullivan, Mark Ellis,  Tim O Mahony, Billy Hennessy, Dean Brosnan, Robbie O Flynn, Jack O Connor, Michael Cahalane, Brian Lawton, Rob O Shea

    Limerick:  Nickie Quaid, Sean Finn, Mike Casey, Richie English, Diarmaid Byrnes, Declan Hannon, Dan Morrissey, Darragh O’Donovan, Cian Lynch, Gearoid Hegarty, Kyle Hayes, Tom Morrissey, Aaron Gillane, Seamus Flanagan, Graeme Mulcahy

    Subs:  Barry Hennessy, Peter Casey, Tom Condon, Shane Dowling, Kevin Downes, Seamus Hickey, Richie McCarthy, Barry Nash, William O’Donoghue, David Reidy, Pat Ryan  

  • The weight of history lies heavily on both of these teams' shoulders with Limerick looking to end the barren period which has endured since 1973 while Cork must look back to 2005 for their last success.

    We've got plenty of reading for you ahead of the throw-in at 3.30pm.

    Nicky English: Cork have the experience but resilient Limerick have real potential

    Red letter day for Cork as hurlers aim to persuade the doubters

  • The two teams are completing their warm-ups before retreating to the dressing room for a final talk followed by the parade and all of the other pre-game bells and whistles.  

    Finally then the action will get underway. The bookies can't separate the two teams with Cork at evens and Limerick at 11/10. It's too close to call but we will soon see who will be booking their place in the final.

    Just 20 minutes to go now!

  • After yesterday's thriller today has a lot to live up to and you can read Malachy Clerkin's report from that thrilling draw below.

    Galway and Clare to do it all again after 94 minutes of madness

  • Some good news for Cork just before throw-in. Alan Cadogan, who wasn't expected to play again this year due to injury, has been added to the bench and may even make his return to the pitch at some stage.

    The parade is done and we're ready to go!

  • 1 min: We're underway in Croke Park!  (Cork 0-0 Limerick 0-0)
  • 4 mins: A flurry of early scores and we're level thanks to Gearoid Hegarty's easy point. It's been a fast start and a slight techinical issue means it was too fast for us but we're all good now!  (Cork 0-2 Limerick 0-2)
  • 6 mins: Cork edge ahead again thanks to a lovely score off the left from Darragh Fitzgibbon. A poor puck out from Nickie Quaid gave Fitzgibbon a chance to double his tally straight away but his effort flew wide.  (Cork 0-3 Limerick 0-2)
  • 7 mins: A well-taken from from Diarmaid Byrnes all the way back on halfway levels the scores again before Hegarty flicks it up beautifully in the Cork half and slams another point over.

    This has been a good start from both teams with very few wides.  (Cork 0-3 Limerick 0-4)

  • 9 mins: Limerick are making Cork pay for any little error and have now pulled two ahead thanks to Aaron Gillane's point from the right wing.  (Cork 0-3 Limerick 0-5)
  • 11 mins: Cork's first free in a good position is nicely dispatched by Patrick Horgan for their first score in five minutes.  (Cork 0-4 Limerick 0-5)
  • 12 mins: What a goal chance for Gillane!

    After a brilliant catch from a high ball Gillane lost his hurl and had to shoot with his right foot from close range but his effort goes over the bar! What a chance that was.  (Cork 0-4 Limerick 0-6)

  • 14 mins: Beautiful point for Cork. Sean O'Donoghue started the move from full-back in finding Daniel Kearney who sped down the wing past a few Limerick defenders before offloading to Harnedy who fired over on his right. Great score.  (Cork 0-5 Limerick 0-6)
  • 16 mins: Limerick have been so efficient in their scoring so far and Seamus Flanagan has just added the latest with a lovely point on the turn after a great catch.  (Cork 0-5 Limerick 0-7)
  • 17 mins: The first use of Hawk-Eye on the day judges Conor Lehane's effort as a wide and Limerick maintain their two point lead.  (Cork 0-5 Limerick 0-7)
  • 18 mins: What a point from Shane Kingston. Twisting and turning with his back to goal on the left wing he managed to get a shot away off his left and it flew over the bar.  (Cork 0-6 Limerick 0-7)
  • 19 mins: Cork level it up!

    Another point from Meade is enough to tie the scores up.  (Cork 0-7 Limerick 0-7)

  • 20 mins: And now Cork go ahead.

    From the right winf Mark Coleman cut inside and fired a long range point straight between the posts from inside his own half.  (Cork 0-8 Limerick 0-7)

  • 21 mins: Limerick level it up straight away with a free from Gillane.  (Cork 0-8 Limerick 0-8)
  • 22 mins: Seamus Harnedy is being treated after taking a huge hit from Richie English. This doesn't look great for Cork.

    As that's happening, Horgan sticks a point over to put them ahead.  (Cork 0-9 Limerick 0-8)

  • 24 mins: Harnedy comes back on hoping to run off that knock.  (Cork 0-9 Limerick 0-8)

  • 25 mins: A great score from Joyce on the right puts Cork two ahead for the first time.  (Cork 0-10 Limerick 0-8)
  • 27 mins: From halfway Horgan's free effort flies wide and is confirmed by Hawk Eye - the third time today it's been used.  (Cork 0-10 Limerick 0-8)
  • 29 mins: Another golden chance for Gillane goes begging!

    And again it's with the foot after a super catch saw him lose his hurl for a second time. This effort is worse than the first as it dribbles wide and Limerick don't even get the point from it.  (Cork 0-10 Limerick 0-8)

  • 31 mins: We have a level game!

    Graeme Mulcachy sticks over two points in a few seconds and the sides are tied once again.  (Cork 0-10 Limerick 0-10)

  • 32 mins: Almost a goal for Cork!

    A long ball into the square is dropped by Quiad and Horgan was able to nip in and steal it but his effort flies just over the bar.

    Seconds later Mulcahy adds his third point in a row to level it up again.  (Cork 0-11 Limerick 0-11)

  • 33 mins: What a save from Quaid!

    Kingston went clear on the left and shot for goal but Quaid made a super diving save to touch it over for a point.

    Meanwhile, the first yellow of the day goes to Sean O'Donoghue.  (Cork 0-12 Limerick 0-11)

  • 34 mins: Gillane will be raging with himself after he pulls a handy free right and wide.  (Cork 0-12 Limerick 0-11)
  • 35 mins: A huge point from Coleman drops just about over the bar to make it a two-point game once again.  (Cork 0-13 Limerick 0-11)
  • 35+1 mins: Tom Morrissey gets his first point of the day before Kearney restores Cork's two-point lead.  (Cork 0-14 Limerick 0-12)

    CORK 0-14 LIMERICK 1-12!

  • 35+3 mins: A beautiful catch and turn from Lynch is followed by a nice finish past Anthony Nash to put Limerick ahead.  (Cork 0-14 Limerick 1-12)
  • It's been an exciting first half but there has been some poor shooting for Cork - 10 wides in total - and they will go into the dressing room knowing they could be well ahead.

    As it is they're behind after that great goal from Lynch right on the break. This game was hard to call beforehand and is even harder now.

    A tense second half awaits.

  • 36 mins: We're back underway in Croke Park!  (Cork 0-14 Limerick 1-12)
  • 36 mins: Darragh Fitzgibbon opens the second half with a lovely point from the right to level the game up.  (Cork 0-15 Limerick 1-12)
  • 37 mins: But Limerick immediately respond through Hegarty who fires a beauty over from just inside the Cork half.  (Cork 0-15 Limerick 1-13)
  • 38 mins: The scoring rate doesn't look like slowing down anyway. Another nice point from Lehane levels it up once again.  (Cork 0-16 Limerick 1-13)
  • 39 mins: Every shot is leading to a point at the moment with Morrissey the latest to split the posts before Kearney answers straight back from the 65. (Cork 0-17 Limerick 1-14).
  • 40 mins: Another shot, another point. The latest comes from Lynch with an easy score from a central position.  (Cork 0-17 Limerick 1-15)
  • 41 mins: And Fitzgibbon answers back yet again with a big point. This is relentless scoring in the second half.  (Cork 0-18 Limerick 1-15)
  • 42 mins: And now Cork take the lead thanks to a lovely point on the turn from Lehane!  (Cork 0-19 Limerick 1-15)
  • 43 mins: Great save from Nash!

    Lynch went through once again and fired a low shot at goal but Nash got down low to save and retain Cork's lead.

    And the then go up the other end and increase it with a free from Horgan.  (Cork 0-20 Limerick 1-15)

  • 44 mins: Limerick can't afford to let Cork get out of their sights and they're not thanks to Mulcahy who sends over his fourth point of the day.  (Cork 0-20 Limerick 1-16)
  • 46 mins: Harnedy is fouled as he looks to shot for goal just outside the square and Lynch picks up a booking. From the resulting free Horgan points to make it a two-point lead again.  (Cork 0-21 Limerick 1-16)
  • 48 mins: Another Limerick foul allows Horgan to stick over another free and Cork pull three ahead for the first time.  (Cork 0-22 Limerick 1-16)
  • 49 mins: A super catch from Gillane allows him to turn and shoot another point over to cut Cork's lead.  (Cork 0-22 Limerick 1-17)
  • 50 mins: Kingston bears down on goal and looks to shoot but is fouled. Cork get the close range free and Horgan again points.  (Cork 0-23 Limerick 1-17)
  • 52 mins: Limerick are managing to stay in touch thanks to some good points mainly from Gillane. With a free he adds his latest.  (Cork 0-23 Limerick 1-18)

    CORK 1-23 LIMERICK 1-18!

  • 54 mins: That's a beautiful goal from Lehane and it pulls Cork five ahead thanks to a strike from the right which caught the underside of the crossbar as it went in.

    Limerick have a big job on their hands now.  (Cork 1-23 Limerick 1-18)

  • 57 mins: Cork are going to be hard to overturn now. A stunning point from Lehane on the left sideline puts them six ahead now.  (Cork 1-24 Limerick 1-18)
  • 59 mins: Limerick are desperate for points now and one comes from Shane Dowling with a superb free from inside his own half.  (Cork 1-24 Limerick 1-19)
  • 60 mins: And now they cut the lead of Cork to just four after another excellent point from Dowling who has been brilliant since coming on.  (Cork 1-24 Limerick 1-20)
  • 61 mins: Cork increase their lead to five thanks to a nice point from Meade. This is a huge nine minutes for Limerick.  (Cork 1-25 Limerick 1-20)
  • 62 mins: This may just be Cork's now. A lovely run and point from Fitzgibbon restores their six-point lead.  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-20)
  • 64 mins: Is there to be a late Limerikc resurgence?

    Another nice point from Gillane makes it five in the defecit now.  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-21)

  • 65 mins: And now it's down to just four!

    A great run and point from Hayes gives Limerick further life.  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-22)

  • 66 mins: Cork's lead is just three!

    Gillane sticks another free over and there is now just a goal in this!  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-23)

  • 67 mins: Cork's lead is just two!

    This is getting very very nervy now. That's four unanswered scores for Limerick as Gillane points another free.  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-24)

  • 69 mins: We have a one-point game!

    Dowling has been superb since coming on and now he has cut the gap to just one as we approach injury time!  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-25)

  • 70 mins: We will have four minutes of injury time and Cork have a sideline cut in their own half!  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-25)
  • 70+1 mins: A very long range effort from O'Mahony flies wide. Cork look nervous now. Very nervouse.  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-25)

    That's six unanwered points from Limerick as Gillane levels it up!  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-26)

  • 70+3 mins: Nickie Quaid may just have saved his side!  

    Harnedy caught the ball in the square and looked to tap home with eas4e but Quaid dived in and hooked it away superbly.

    And now Limerick have a free in the Cork half!  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-26)


    Gillane once again makes no mistake and Limerick now are on the brink!  (Cork 1-26 Limerick 1-27)


    Cork get a free straight away and Horgan points superbly! It looks like extra-time again!  (Cork 1-27 Limerick 1-27)



    We are going to extra-time for the second time in 24 hours.

  • 1 min (ET): We're back underway in Croke Park!  (Cork 1-27 Limerick 1-27)
  • 2 mins (ET): Cork get the first free of the extra period and Horgan sends it over.  (Cork 1-28 Limerick 1-27)
  • 3 mins (ET): Yet another goal chance goes amiss for Gillane and he has to settle for a point.  (Cork 1-28 Limerick 1-28)
  • 4 mins (ET): Limerick take the lead once again thanks to another excellent point from Dowling who has been the key man since coming off the bench.  (Cork 1-28 Limerick 1-29)
  • 6 mins (ET): Both teams are starting to look a little tired now with some point chances going amiss. This one is going to come right down to the wire yet again.  (Cork 1-28 Limerick 1-29)
  • 8 mins (ET): Limerick take a two-point lead after more good work from Dowling to work a free which Gillane again stuck over.  (Cork 1-28 Limerick 1-30)  
  • 10+1 mins (ET): Horgan points an excellent free from the right sideline and cuts the gap to one.  (Cork 1-29 Limerick 1-30)  
  • HALF TIME (ET): CORK 1-29 LIMERICK 1-30!
  • 11 mins (ET): We're back underway in Croke Park!  (Cork 1-29 Limerick 1-30)  
  • 12 mins (ET): A long free into the square from Dowling drops short but no one can get on it and Cork can clear. Both teams are out on their feet now.  (Cork 1-29 Limerick 1-30)  
  • 13 mins (ET): Penalty for Limerick!

    Dowling has almost single-handedly changed this game for Limerick and now he has won them a penalty after a super run through.  (Cork 1-29 Limerick 1-30)  


    CORK 1-29 LIMERICK 2-30!

  • 15 mins (ET): Dowling steps up to take the penalty and makes no mistake. What a game this man has had since coming off the bench.  (Cork 1-29 Limerick 2-30)  

    CORK 1-29 LIMERICK 3-30!

  • 16 mins (ET): Well Limerick surely have this now!

    A beautiful goal from Ryan which saw him cut in from the right and bear down on goal before lobbing the ball over Anthony Nash with a lovely palmed effort. Limerick are on their way to the All-Ireland final!  (Cork 1-29 Limerick 3-30)  

  • 18 mins (ET): Cork have possession and O'Connor points but it looks beyond them now.  (Cork 1-30 Limerick 3-30)
  • 20 mins (ET): Horgan's close range free is rocketed towards goal but the Limerick defence manage to stop it. We will have three minutes of added time.  (Cork 1-30 Limerick 3-30)
  • 20+2 mins (ET): Barry Nash puts the icing on the cake!  (Cork 1-30 Limerick 3-31)
  • 20+3 mins (ET): Horgan puts over a consolation before Reidy adds another for Limerick.  (Cork 1-31 Limerick 3-32)
  • 20+4 mins (ET): A late goal for Cork will make no difference unfortunately.  (Cork 2-31 Limerick 3-32)
  • FULL TIME: 2-31 LIMERICK 3-32


  • Well what a game that was.

    What can even be said about that?

    After yesterday's epic draw today's fare went even further with a total of 78 points in an absolutely thriller.

    Cork were six points ahead with less than 10 minutes to go and looked set to finish it off before Shane Dowling led a Limerick revolution. After that they had all of the momentum and made it pay to book a place in the All-Ireland final where they will face either Clare or Galway.

    I'm off to be revived after that few hours of absolute madness. Reports and reaction from Croke Park will be online soon. Thanks for reading, bye!