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Áine McMahon Tue, Jan 28
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    Good morning, Aine McMahon here. Welcome along to Tuesday's Daily Wire.

    Today's five word weather - Wet
  • 09:15
    An 18 year old girl is in a critical condition following a crush outside Copper Face Jacks night club on Harcourt street in Dublin last night.

    The incident happened shortly before midnight at Camden Place and Harcourt Street, where a crowd of up to 1500 had gathered.

    7 people were injured in a crowd surge, 4 attended A and E departments, while an 18 year old girl is in a critical condition.

    Gardai are investigating the incident.
  • 09:19
    Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has said that he "is not trying to silence" whistleblowers by requesting that the Garda Ombudsman launch an investigation into the penalty points controversy.

    He said the decision was made due to a "minority of members’" of the Public Accounts Committee who he accused of undermining its credibility by "pre-judging matters".

    The committee is meeting today to decide whether to call the whistleblowers, one former and one serving Garda, before it.

    Minister Shatter told Morning Ireland that he has "no doubt" that the Garda Ombudsman will receive full co-operation from the Garda Commissioner.
  • 09:24
    Legendary American folk singer Pete Seeger, known for renditions of songs like "If I had a Hammer" and "Where Have all the Flowers Gone," has died at the age of 94. Seeger passed away yesterday in New York after being hospitalised for a week. He is also known for popularizing the hymn of the civil rights movement, "We Shall Overcome."
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    Goodness, gracious, great hooves of fire!  

    Michael Flatley's home was burgled last night by a gang who stole the star’s rhino horns collection.

    The Riverdance star was terrified when the intruders confronted him and his wife Niamh last night.  

    The gang got away with €250,000 worth of rhino horns from his mansion in Castlehyde, Fermoy Co Cork.  

  • 09:41

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are coming back to Ireland!

    They will play Marlay Park, with special guest Ellie Goulding, on July 10th. Tickets go on sale this Saturday,

  • 09:45

    WB Yeats died 75 years ago today.  

    Some fun WB Yeats facts here courtesy of Conor Pope  - Maude Gonne was addicted to Chloroform. It was a popular drug back then but is now used in refrigerants, propellants, and resins, as a solvent, and sometimes as an anesthetic.

    After she turned him down for the last time he pursued her 21-year-old daughter Iseult – he was in his 50s. The dog.  

    You also have some WB Yeats facts? Quick, to the comments!  

  • 09:52
    Irish Water will become subject to Freedom of Information law from today. The rules will be retrospective and take effect from July 2013.  
  • 10:05

    A suvey of board members and chief executives involved in the not-for-profit sector has found that 42 per cent believe that the salaries of CEOs should be published for the public to see.

    An Institute of Directors’ (IOD) research report released today – Governance in the Charity and Not-For-Profit Sector in Ireland – also finds that 83 per cent believe that a mandatory code of governance for charity and not-for-profit organisations should be introduced.

  • 10:13
    Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin has welcomed the move to allow the Garda Ombudsman Commission to investigate the penalty points controversy. Speaking this morning, Minister Howlin said he hoped the investigation would establish the truth. He also expressed concern about the conduct of the Public Accounts Committee.
  • 10:17
    Breaking - Louise O'Keeffe wins her European Court for Human Rights challenge - more to follow
  • 10:37

    An Irishwoman has won her European Court for Human Rights challenge to sue the State for damages after she was abused by her school principal.

    Louise O'Keeffe was abused at Dunderrow National School near Kinsale in 1973 when she was nine.  The principal, Leo Hickey, was later jailed and also paid Louise damages following a civil action.

    Hickey was jailed for three years and was ordered to pay Ms. O'Keeffe over €300,000 in damages in a civil action.

    Both the High Court and Supreme Courts dismissed a claim of direct negligence against the State because they said the State did not directly employ her abuser.

    Louise O'Keeffe took her case to the European Court of Human Rights, arguing in Europe that the structures in place did not properly protect her. The court has now ruled in her favour.

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    In honour of Peter Seeger R.I.P  




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    Today is a historic day for the teaching profession in Ireland according to Sheila Nunan of the INTO. The general secretary of the country’s largest teaching union said today would be remembered as the day that teaching became a fully registered and self-regulated profession. About time, says you.  

     "From today, only fully qualified and registered teachers will be allowed to teach in Irish schools,” said Ms Nunan. “It is a watershed day in the development of teaching as a profession in Ireland. It brings to an end the idea that anyone can teach in Irish classrooms.”  


  • 10:53
    Spineless politicians take note
  • 11:10

    Conservation group Just Forests has called on Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley and others to stop buying ivory or white gold as it is otherwise known.

    The group say international trade in ivory  is decimating elephants and rhinoceros populations around the world but particularly on the African continent.

    “Well-armed poachers in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe are indescrimanetly  wiping out families of elephant to service the brutal growing international trade in ivory”, according to Tom Roche, of Tullamore-based conservation group Just Forests.

    The group are calling on all visitors to Africa to refrain from purchasing ivory as a means of stopping this cruel barbaric trade.


  • 11:26

    RTE is reporting that Minister for Health James Reilly has recommended that Tallaght Hospital and Connolly Hospital in Dublin be the locations for two new Urgent Care Centres to treat sick children, in addition to the new National Children's Hospital.

    Approval for the report's recommendations for the two centres, on either side of the capital, may be secured at today's Cabinet meeting. Both hospitals lost out in a bid to be the location for the National Children's Hospital.

    The Urgent Care Centres will be built and operational well in advance of the main hospital opening on the St James's Hospital campus. The centres will mostly deal with less serious cases, to ensure the new emergency department at the new national hospital is not swamped with minor cases.

  • 11:32

    A young woman who suffers from the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, whom the High Court had ordered last week could be fed through a tube, is making “monumental strides”, the court was told today.

    The President of the High Court, Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns, today extended until Friday the order to feed the young woman via a tube after he heard a progress report on her condition. The order was sought after the woman last week began to refuse four out of the seven nutritional feeds her body requires.

    The order had had a very positive effect, Peter Finlay SC, for the HSE, said today. The woman had also sent a card of thanks  to one of the specialists treating her. From what the woman has written it was clear “she does  not want a fatal outcome” to her case, he added.  

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    A report into an airplane crash which claimed the lives of six people at Cork Airport in 2011 has identified poor operational decisions by the crew in continuing to attempt to land in poor visibility as being a significant factor in the cause the crash.

    The report by the Air Accident Investigation Unit into the Manx2. com flight which crashed at Cork Airport on February 10th 2011, found the landing approach was continued in conditions of poor visibility below those required for a safe landing.  

    Our Southern Correspondent Barry Roche reports.  

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    I feel like chicken tonight...or maybe not.  

    A cull of 20,000 chickens is under way in Hong Kong Tuesday after the deadly bird flu virus was found in poultry imported from mainland China.

    Fears over avian flu have grown following the deaths of two men from the H7N9 strain in Hong Kong since December. Both had recently returned from mainland China.
    The number of human cases in China this month is 102 with 22 deaths, according to an AFP tally, and the worst-hit province of Zhejiang has closed live poultry markets in major cities there.

    Officials wearing masks and protective suits piled dead chickens into black plastic bags at Hong Kong’s Cheung Sha Wan market where the virus was found, television footage and photographs showed.

  • 12:34
    clucking hell - a cull of 20,000 chickens is underway in Hong Kong today  
    clucking hell - a cull of 20,000 chickens is underway in Hong Kong today  
  • 12:42

    RTE presenter Marty Whelan has revealed he received a hair transplant last year as he felt under pressure to look good for the cameras.  

    "You’re conscious that you need to look as best you can when you work in television. When you’re in makeup or getting ready to go on to a show on television and you’re concious of lights and bald patches, you think you’ve gotta sort this out."  



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    Ulster Bank has announced that it intends to cut approximately 80 jobs net as part of its plans to outsource work on mortgage arrears in the Republic of Ireland to Scotland.

    The Bank plans to cut a total of 110 jobs – mainly at its Dublin Mortgage Centre in Sandyford with a small number in Belfast – but will partially offset this with 30 new roles as “field agents” involved in collection work.

    “The staff who work in the Retail Problem Debt Management Unit are involved in mortgage arrears negotiation,” said Larry Broderick, General Secretary of the IBOA The Finance Union.

    “This is demanding work which requires sensitive handling. We are concerned that units based overseas may not be as attentive or understanding of the needs of customers experiencing significant difficulties with their mortgages.


    “Outsourcing has not always delivered for Ulster Bank’s customers. They will not easily forget the meltdown on the Bank’s outsourced IT systems in the summer of 2012. “IBOA is aware that RBS Group is conducting a major review of Ulster Bank’s operations. So we have asked Ulster Bank management to defer any decision on the mortgage arrears unit until RBS completes its review. Ulster Bank’s rejection of our request reinforces our concern that further significant job losses and further reductions in services to customers may be on the cards – and that today’s announcement is merely the tip of the iceberg for staff and customers in Ulster Bank." he said.  

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    Some lunch time linkage. This unintentionally hilarious promotional video of the Czech Inn pub in Temple Bar is something else.
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    Here comes a guilt trip, you have probably wasted months if not days of your life on Facebook - poking, stalking, linking and sharing while you could have read Ulysess, learned how to use Chopsticks and reorganise your sock drawer.

    Time Magazine have devised a way to see how much time you have wasted on Facebbok. You can take the test here.

  • 14:18

    Families of victims of one of the country’s worst ever car crashes are being hugely distressed by delays in a court case, a judge has warned. The case against Shaun Kelly, 24, from Hill Road, Ballymagan, Buncrana, Co Donegal — accused of causing the deaths of eight people by dangerous driving — has been put back again because of fresh psychiatric evidence.


    The trial was due to begin next week after several delays, but lawyers for both the state and the defendant asked for a further adjournment after a new report into the accused’s health was handed to prosecutors last night. Defence barrister Peter Nolan said a psychiatric report and engineering evidence — first requested in May 2012 — were already handed to the prosecution team but there was a developing issue. The defendant has been under constant medical attention since the crash outside Buncrana in 2010, but things were changing, he told Judge Keenan Johnson at Letterkenny Circuit Court. “It’s not a static situation,” he said.

    Judge Johnson warned the case has already been outstanding for a considerable length of time, despite having been given priority by the court. “Other parties are emotionally involved and this is a source of huge distress to them,” he said. He agreed to adjourn the case until April 1, when it will deal with the defendant’s fitness to plea. Mr Kelly is accused of causing the deaths of eight people in a car crash at Meenaduff, between
    Buncrana and Clonmany, Co Donegal, on July 11, 2010.


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    You may have been feeling the pinch between Christmas and payday, diving into the couch looking for loose change but spare a thought for the Queen of England. It was revealed today that she's down to her last million.  

    According to reports, the Queen’s household finances are at a “historic low” with just £1 million left in reserve. Her courtiers have been advised to take money-saving tips from the Treasury.

    A report by the Commons public accounts committee found that the Queen’s advisers were failing to control her finances while the royal palaces were “crumbling”.

    MPs said her advisers had overspent to such an extent that her reserve fund had fallen from £35 million in 2001 to just £1 million today.

    Beans on toast alright for dinner again, your Majesty?  

  • 14:47

    Bloomberg says AIB has approached the government about setting up a bonus scheme for top executives.

    It says the bank - which needed a €21 billion bailout from taxpayers - wants to set up the incentive scheme before the government starts selling the lender. Some shower of bankers!  

    Salaries were capped and bonuses banned at AIB following the bailout.

    Bloomberg says both AIB and the Department of Finance have declined to comment.

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    A man been sentenced to three months in prison because he breached an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) five times.  He has the dubious honour of being the first person in Ireland to receive a prison term for this type of offence.  

    The man had been ordered to stay out of the O’Connell Street area for 12 months in February last year because of his involvement in crime.

    However, he entered the North Earl Street and Abbey Street vicinity at least five times in the 11 months since then.
    A judge sentenced him to three months in jail yesterday.

    The ASBO system was introduced at the start of 2007 with the intention of addressing antisocial behaviour by adults and children.

  • 16:15

    Coronation Street actor  William Roache admitted to a jury today that he cheated on his first wife in the 1960s in “a series of relationships” but he was not a paedophile.

    Roache, 81, entered the witness box at Preston Crown Court to give evidence in his denial of two rapes and four indecent assaults, involving five complainants aged 16 and under. During the period of the alleged offences between 1965 and 1971, he lived with actress wife Anna Cropper between a bungalow in Lancashire and a flat in London.

  • 16:29

    Garda whistleblower John Wilson has said the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (Gsoc) inquiry into the termination of penalty points must interview motorists who benefitted from the alleged abuses.

    The retired garda, a Cavan-based father of three, said the Gsoc inquiry also needed to be based on the complaints watchdog having free and full access to the Garda’s Pulse computerised database on which any details of points terminations are stored.

    More from Conor Lally here.  

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    A panel of experts is being established to examine if high voltage cables can be put underground, Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte has announced, Stephen Collins reports.

    The move is designed to defuse the controversy over plans by Eirgrid to erect a network of pylons to carry high voltage power lines.

    Mr Rabbitte said today that he had informed the cabinet this morning of his intention to establish the expert panel to decide terms of reference for “comprehensive, route specific studies of fully underground options for both Grid Link and Link West.”

    The chair of the expert panel will be former Supreme Court judge Catherine McGuinness. The other members are John Fitzgerald of the Economic and Social Research Institute, Professor Keith Bell of the University of Strathclyde, Dr Karen Foley, head of the school of landscape architecture at UCD and the economist Colm McCarthy.

  • 17:04

    RTE have reported that the 18-year-old woman, who was one of seven people injured in a crush outside Copper Face Jacks nightclub in Dublin last night, is now in a stable condition in hospital. Her condition was earlier described as critical.


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    That's all from the Daily Wire for today, it's back again tomorrow from 9am.