Five suspects killed in separate Spain terrorist attack

Three arrested as van drives into crowd in terror attack

Niamh Towey Fri, Aug 18
LIVE: Five suspects killed in separate Spain terrorist attack

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    Good morning from The Irish Times newsroom. My name is Niamh Towey and I will be keeping you up to date with all the latest developments on Barcelona where at least 13 people were killed and over 100 injured in a terrorist attack on Thursday.
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    Police are seen here  standing by a car involved in a terrorist attack in Cambrils, a city 120 kilometres south of Barcelona.  <br />Photograph: Lluis Genelluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images
    Police are seen here  standing by a car involved in a terrorist attack in Cambrils, a city 120 kilometres south of Barcelona.  
    Photograph: Lluis Genelluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images
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    Here is a report from Reuters on the Cambrils incident:

    Police said they have killed five attackers on Thursday night in Cambrils, a town south of Barcelona, to thwart a separate attack using explosive belts.

    Six civilians and a police officer were injured in    Cambrils when the attackers ran them over in a car, before police shot them dead and carried out controlled explosions.

    Police said the  Cambrils incident was linked to the van attack in Barcelona.

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    Fitzroy Davies, from Wolverhampton in the UK, was caught up in the second attack in Cambrils and described how police shot dead one of the attackers.
    He told the BBC he was in Spain for a judo camp and was in a meeting with the coaches when the incident unfolded.
    “These girls ran into the bar off the street and then people were running up the road.
    “One of our guys stood up, looked and just said ‘run’, so we all ran.
    “This guy came running up the road and was shouting something.
    “I didn’t know what it was, so we said call the police.
    “Within 30 seconds the police was already there, jumped out of the car, started shouting at the guy, the guy was then saying something else again.
    “And then they ‘pop, pop’, did a couple of shots and he fell down.
    “He stood back up and then he stepped over the fence and he started, he was taunting, smiling and he carried on walking to the police.
    "Then they gave it to him again, a couple more shots and then he fell to the ground.”

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    Here is what we know so far:


    - The first attack began shortly after 5pm local time, when a white Fiat van sped through Las Ramblas, a busy street in Barcelona.

    - At least 13 people were killed and more than 100 were injured as the driver ploughed into people along a 500 metre stretch of the pedestrianised area.

    - The driver then fled, leaving a scene of widespread panic, with crowds running in waves away from the area.

    - Citizens of 24 countries were among those killed and injured in Barcelona including one Belgian national confirmed to have died. An Irish family were also injured in the attack, with their 5-year-old son suffering a broken leg.

    - The French foreign ministry said 26 French nationals were injured, including 11 seriously.

    - Police made two arrests in connection with the incident, including Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old Moroccan who is believed to have rented the van

    - However, the driver is believed to be still on the run.

    - Eight hours later terrorists strike again, this time in Cambrils, a coastal town and resort 120km down the coast from Barcelona.

    - In the second attack, a gang wearing suicide belts rammed civilians with a car before being shot dead by police.

    - Seven people including a police officer were injured in Cambrils.

    - Four of the attackers were shot dead at the scene and a fifth died later of his injuries.
    - Of the six civilians caught up in the Cambrils attack, two were said to be in a serious condition.

    - Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack, the deadliest in Spain since more than 190 people died in the 2004 Madrid train bombs.

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    Two Irish citizens, the father and son (5) of a family of four, are confirmed to have been injured in the Barcelona terrorist attacks.

    The family were born in the Philippines but are naturalised Irish citizens, and are believed to be living in Ireland but were in Spain on holidays.

    The father and son's injuries are not believed to be life threatening, but they  are still receiving treatment in hospital. The boy suffered a broken leg.

    The mother and young daughter (9) were released from hospital without injuries.

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    Here is a bit more detail on the Irish family injured in Las Ramlas lastnight:

    A spokeswoman from the Philippines embassy in Barcelona confirmed the young boy had suffered injuries to his legs during the terror incident.

    There are indications that the father may have suffered internal bleeding, according to the spokeswoman.

    The mother and daughter were “declared okay” after an initial assessment in hospital, the spokeswoman said.

    Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney said:  

    “They [the injuries] are not life-threatening, I’m relieved to say.

    “But in a way it’s a miracle that more

    Irish people weren’t involved, given that there are so many Irish people in Spain, Barcelona and Cambrils at this time of year.”

    The mother and father are understood to be from Cebu in the Philippines and are naturalised
    Irish citizens. They hold dual citizenship.

    The children were born in Ireland.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs is assisting the family and there is a hotline for anyone concerned about relatives in Spain on 01-408 2000.

    The  Irish Embassy in Madrid is also taking calls on +34 9143 64093.

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    Here is a map of the multiple terror incidents which happened in Spain on Thursday
    Here is a map of the multiple terror incidents which happened in Spain on Thursday
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    An update on the planned use of gas cannisters in the attack:

    Spanish authorities believe there may have been eight people involved in a cell which carried out an attack in Barcelona on Thursday, and that the group had planned to use butane gas canisters, a judicial source with knowledge of the investigation said on Friday.

    Catalan government official Joaquim Forn also told local radio earlier on Friday that it was possible that attackers had meant to use canisters in the attack on Thursday in which a suspect drove a van at speed along a busy pedestrian street.


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    Police investigating the cell behind the attack are working on the theory that the numerous butane gas bottles at the site of an explosion in Alcanar on Wednesday were to be used in a bomb attack in Barcelona.

    On Wednesday night, there were two explosions in  

    Alcanar, a small town further along the coast to the south of Cambrils. One person died.

    Police now say they believe the explosion happened when terrorists preparing an attack on Barcelona mishandled their improvised devices.

    Another man was arrested at the scene and is now being questioned.

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    FC Barcelona’s players and coaching staff held a minute’s silence before training on Friday in tribute to the victims of the attack.

    The club had already confirmed that players of all their teams would wear black armbands during games this weekend — the senior side begin their LaLiga campaign against Real Betis at the Nou Camp on Sunday — while a minute’s silence will be held at matches across Spain.

    FC Barcelona tweeted a short video of the tribute along with the TotsSomBarcelona (we are all
    Barcelona) hashtag.

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    The Irish family injured in Barcelona have been named as father and mother Norman and Pederlita Putot, and their son and daughter Nathaniel and Pearl Putot.  

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    Holby City actress Laila Rouass hid in a restaurant freezer as the attack in Barcelona unfolded.

    The wife of snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan was in the Spanish city when terrorists killed 13 people and injured scores of others on the pedestrianised street of Las Ramblas.

    She wrote on Twitter: “In the middle of the attack. Hiding in a restaurant freezer. Happened so fast. Praying for the safety of everyone here x”

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    The first victim to be named in the Barcelona attack is the Italian father of two  Bruno Gulotta.

    Gulotta was on holiday with his partner and two children, according to his work mates at Tom’s Hardware.

    The company’s Facebook page said it was in mourning.


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    BREAKING:  Emergency services in Spain have confirmed that the death toll has risen from 13 to 14 following the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.
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    The 14th victim is a woman who was injured in the Cambrils attack, according to emergency services
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    Eight of the people who are in hospital because of their injuries are in a "very serious" condition, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has said.
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    UK authorities are “urgently looking into reports” of a British dual-nationality child believed to be missing in Spain following the terror attacks, prime minister Theresa May said.
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    A fourth person has been arrested over the deadly twin terror attacks in Spain, police have said.
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    The threat of an attack in Ireland similar to the atrocity in Barcelona remains possible but unlikely, Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has said.
    “I think we’re better prepared than we’ve ever been.
    “Of course we need to be vigilant - I think it’s important to say that though, that the risk assessment in Ireland hasn’t changed and hasn’t changed today.”
    Mr Coveney said “there’s a possibility of an attack like this, but it’s not likely”.

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