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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Wed, Aug 15
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    Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Leaving Cert helpdesk. Our expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will be here from 9am until 5.30 to answer any questions you may have today regarding your results, the CAO, or anything else. Just click on 'Contact Us' to submit your question. In the meantime check for information about college life, exam results analysis, and more.
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    While many ordinary-level students might have performed better in foundation-level maths, teachers say some schools have ceased to offer this subject due to resource constraints and a growth in numbers taking higher-level exams.

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    My son got sufficient points and maths grade for his first choice course in UL,he wants to work for a year first and we agree that this is a good does he go about requesting a deferral of his place until next year.

    This is from the CAO website re deferrals:

    Link is :

    If you wish to defer an offer of a place, you do not accept your offer. Instead, you must email or write to the Admissions Office of the appropriate HEI immediately. You must give your name as it appears on your CAO application, quote your CAO application number and the course code of the offer you wish to defer, and set out the reason(s) for the request. Applicants must mark “DEFERRED ENTRY” clearly on the envelope or in the subject line of the email. You can also check the website of the relevant HEI to see if they have a deferral policy available online that you can refer to.

    The letter or email must arrive in the Admissions Office of the institution at least two days before the reply date shown on the Offer Notice. The HEI will communicate their decision to you directly. If the deferral is not granted, you may then accept the offer for the current year, providing you accept the offer by the reply date.

    You must send all communications about deferrals to the appropriate Admissions Office and not to CAO.
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    My son has failed maths (hons). Can he still go to college or must he repeat?

    Both general and course requirements vary from course to course in different Higher Education Institutions. The maths requirement tends to be an O6/H7 unless there is a specific maths requirement grade.

    Many colleges offer students a second chance where the latter is the case. These special maths exams take place over the next week or so, and may lead to an offer of a desired place in a later CAO round.

    Please get back on if you need more clarity.

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    Hi, I got 474 points and have cleared the course I want by 15 points, but I’ve missed the maths requirement for the course O5 instead of O4 for DCU business international. Any way around it? Devestated.

    Unfortunately there is no quick way around this.   Because you have not met the entry requirements for the course you are not a qualified applicant for the course and will not be offered the place.   I would certainly advise viewing your Maths script and if you feel there is an issue and you are near the next grade maybe appeal the result. If you are upgraded then you will become a qualified applicant and your points will be looked at. One possible solution is for you to take a related FETAC / PLC course next year and while doing this also repeat your LC Maths.   If you increase your Maths to an O4 and the points don't increase you will be offered the place next year.

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    My daughter got an O6 in maths. Is this a fail? The cert says O6=40%-50% which I read as a Pass but then noticed a note on the cert that says "40%-50%=Unsuccessful". Points are still awarded though. Can she feel good about her grade? Did she pass?

    You are correct in thinking an O6 in Maths is a pass as it is above 40% so 12 points are awarded.   I am not sure what you are referring to when you mention unsuccessful appearing on the certificate but your daughter has passed her maths and should be very proud of herself.   Unfortunately, we have had a high volume of students ~ 3700, who have not passed their OL Maths paper, so well done to your daughter.

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    Please share additional options with those who missed medicine, medical sciences, veterinary by a few points and may need to wait a year or a few for another chance - 100 Irish chose to pursue those degrees through English in Poland.

    You can look to do courses outside of Ireland. You must check to ensure that the course is recognised and would qualify you to work in the Irish medical sector.  

    You could look to do an undergrduate with a few to pursing the above choices at a graduate entry level. The link below will give you some insight into this option.

    Please get back to us if you need more information. The very best of luck.

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    My son got 433 and wants to do BSc in Economics in UCD - as this is a new course - will he be in the region.

    While the number of first preferences for Business and Administration courses in down slightly this year will this translate to lower points for some of the high demand Business courses - there is no way to tell, particularly for specific courses.   I do feel that the new B.Sc. in Economics - DN710, will come in higher than 433, given that other Economics, Finance or Business related degrees in the past have been considerably higher and I think this will unfortunately be no different.

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    What are the steps if unhappy with a result in a specific subject. How do you request to review?

    There will be a form in the envelope along with your results. This form allows you to apply to view your scrpits on the evening of Friday, August 31st, or on the following day, Saturday, September 1st.

    If you decide that you would like to view a particular script you must complete this for and return it to the school by Tuesday 21st August 2018. Each school will have a member of staff organising students and assigning viewing sessions. The view ing sessions are:

    Session 1: Friday 31st August from 6.00pm to 9.00pm.

    Session 2: Saturday 1st September from 9.00am to 12 noon

    Session 3: Saturday 1st September from 2.00pm to 5.00pm.


    The best of luck.

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    Hi, I got 445 points and missed my preference for UCD by 50 points, really wanted to go there. I can make it to other colleges but preferred that. Any advice?

    While I know you are probably very disappointed not to get UCD, you have done a very good Leaving Certificate and secured a very good points score.   Sometimes when you are forced to look at similar courses in a different college you might discover that these other courses are excellent courses and in colleges that might suit you more than you think.   I have seen students in this situation before but on accepting alternative courses in different colleges have ended up being very happy in these courses and colleges.   Some accepted these places with the idea of transferring after 1st year but once settled in decided they preferred to stay.   So I would look at your other preferences carefully and you might find when the initial disappointment eases that you might be happy to accept a different course.

  • 11:09

    I just received my Leaving Cert results this morning and unfortunately I did not get enough points for my first or second choice. I was wondering if it was possible for the hear scheme to be applied to my second choice as i am not very far off .

    No one knows the CAO points for courses in 2018. This information will not be known until next Monday. A lot will depend on the demand for courses and the number of places made available. A number of colleges and universities offer places on reduced points for HEAR applicants.

    The number of points a particular course is reduced by is dependent on a number of factors, such as:

    • The overall number of places on the course.
    • The number of reserved HEAR places on the course.
    • The number of HEAR eligible applicants competing for these reserved places.

    There are too many unknown factors for me to give you a definite answer. Obvioulsy HEAR applicants that are only a few points off will be in a more competitive position within the HEAR pool of applicants.

    We wish you the best of luck and hope that it goes your way.

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    Is there a limit set by the school or Dept as to how many of your exam scrips you can view and/or subsequently ask to be remarked ? . My daughter is fishing around for 10 extra points and is saying she will ask to see them all?

    No. You can view as many of your scripts as you wish and based on this viewing you can proceed to appeal as many of your subject scripts as you wish.   Remember you do not have to view your scripts in order to appeal them but it is advisable, as remember grades can go up or they could possibly go down.
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    Got 407 points. If not enough to do general nursing in Trinity or UCD which I put on my CAO, what are my options?

    Many colleges of further education offer pre nursing QQI/FETAC Level 5 courses. Third level colleges and universities will reserve a quota of places   for QQI FET/FETAC applicants coming from Nursing Level 5 courses. Certain  FETAC awards and modules are required to meet the minimum entry requirements for these places. Please see the link below:

    Get back on to us if you need further assistance.

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    My son passed 5 of his 7 subjects. Is that a pass. Will he have to go back to pass all 7

    There is no overall pass or fail of the leaving cert. He will need to check the minimum entry requirements and subject requirement for all his courses. He may have the necessary number of passes and satisfy any subject requirement. He will only have to repeat a subject if his course has a specific grade requirement in which he did not meet.

  • 11:34

    can the hear scheme be applied to second choices or only first choices

    It can be applied to second choices providing that THE college is a part of the HEAR scheme and that you didn't get enough points for your number one choice.

  • 11:36

    My son did a PLC course and didn’t receive an offer in Round 0. He was hoping to do DT315 might he get an offer in round 1? He also applied for NC103. Were there offers made in round 0 or will he have to wait for round 1?

    There are generally 2 different systems for linked PLC courses.  

    In some colleges there is a quota of places on a CAO course set aside for linked PLC applicants.   These places are generally offered in round 0.   DT315 is in this system.

    In other colleges all places on a linked CAO course are available to PLC applicants and these offers are gererally offered in round one.   NCI courses are in this system.

    If all the PLC applicants who applied for and were offered a place on DT315 in round 0 do not accept their place then there may be more offers made for this course in subsequent rounds.

    Your son could possibly receive an offer to either course in round one.

  • 11:40

    Hi, If I accept an offer of my fourth or fifth preference will I still potentially get offers in second round for my 1 2 or 3 options or does accepting preclude further offers. Thanks

    Accepting a lower preference course in an earlier round does not preclude you from receiving an offer on a higher preference course in subsequent rounds.   If you become entitled to a higher preference course in the next round you will be offered it regardless of whether you accepted the lower prefence course or not.

  • 11:47

    Hi my son got 457 and should be ok to get his course. However I am confused. 2017 points for his course were 434 but the med is 487. Please explain thanks.

    434 were the cut off points for that course, i.e. the points of the last person to be offered a place on that course from the list of applicants.   487 if the score of the middle person to be offered a place on the course.   e.g. if there are 20 places offered, the 20th person might be on 434 and the 10th person may be on 487.   This score just gives you an idea of the spread of points of those who have accepted places on the course.

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    My son got 577 points but is bitterly disappointed because he requires 589. Seeing as he is 12 points off, is there a realistic chance of getting an upgrade if he gets 4 papers of H2 checked. Hard to see him devastated with such good points.

    I would advise you to complete the form for seeking the viewing of scripts. A score close to the top of a band will obviously have   a better chance of recieveing an upgrade. You will become more realistic after viewing the scripts and seeing the exact percentage awarded. Please see below regarding details for the viewing of scripts.

    The number of CAO applicants is down from last year. This could relieve the pressure on points for some courses. It is important that we celebrate when we do well. Your son should not make assumptions as nothing is definite until Monday.  

  • 11:52

    Hi, I got 466 points and wish to do Primary teaching. It was 465 in Mary I, 462 in DCU and 451 in Marino last year. should I be okay?

    Well done. You obviously worked hard so congratulations.

    I feel that you will be ok as you are many points above what Marino was last year. The number of applicants wanting primary education is up from last year. However, I don't feel that the points will increase by that much. Nobody will know for definite until Monday. I would be confident though.  


    We wish you the best and hope that you recieve an offer.

  • 11:58

    Hi My daughter got 456 and was hoping for a teaching course. She is getting two subjects rechecked. If the appeal is successful how do the offers reflect the hopefully higher points? Thanks

    So essentially how this works is as follows: When the results of the rechecks come out in mid October, your daughters new points score (assuming she is upgraded) is then back dated to round one offers day.   Whatever she would have been offered in round one will be offered in October either as a deferred place or as a late offer place for this year.

  • 11:58

    Arts in Galway seems to be set at 300 points for the last number of years? Could it drop to 296 or is 300 the minimum requirement.

    The CAO cut off points for all courses is determined by a number of factors ; the number of places available on the course, the number of applicants wishing to pursue this course and the points received by the successful applicants. Hence Arts in Galway could rise or fall from 300.

  • 12:03

    Can I use my Irish result for my requirement from last year?

    You can combine Leaving Certificates for the purposes of meeting course entry requirements but not points, so if you passed Irish last year and didn't do it this year but need it, then you can use your pass from last year to meet the requirement.

  • 12:05

    My son got 419 points but got an o7 in Irish, Does this mean he will not be offered any courses in the national universities

    The Leaving cert entry requirements for all NUI colleges and courses require a pass in Irish. I am sorry to say that a O7 will not satisfy this requirement.


    Get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 12:12

    My son got 419 points and hopes to get into the new geosciences course in Trinity. What are his chances?

    The generic science course was 500 points last year. It would be a huge drop. CAO cut off points depend on a number of factors ( please see below). I am not privy to all the necessary data. However, I would be surprised if the points dropped that much for a course in Trinity. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

    Best of luck.

  • 12:13

    Hi my son got 625 I’m delighted for him

    Well done. I am sure that he received great support from both his family and teachers. A celebration for all involved.  


  • 12:18

    Hi, I'm after getting 442 points but I'm hoping to do commerce in UCC which was 455 points last year, I have been accepted for DARE, how will I know if I have been given a DARE place on the course.

    From the UCC website:

    To be considered for a reduced points DARE place you must:

    • Be eligible for DARE
    • Meet minimum entry requirements which are: HC3 in two subjects and passes in four other subjects at H or O Level in the Leaving Certificate from Irish, English, another language, and three other subjects recognised for entry purposes
    • Meet any specific course requirements where they exist:
    • Achieve a minimum of 300 points
    • Achieve at least 85% of the Leaving Certificate points required for the course.  

    Once these requirements have been met, where applicants can be reasonably accommodated, University College Cork allocates the reduced points places to eligible applicants in order of points merit. If the University does not fill its quota of DARE places with candidates who have achieved at least 85% of the cut-off points, consideration may be given to candidates on the waitlist in order of points merit.

    From the above it looks like you have a good chance but it ultimately depends on the scores of the other applicants for commerce who qualified for the DARE scheme and where you are in relation to them.

  • 12:18

    My daughter got 440 points and was accepted on the dare scheme. She wanted world languages in ucc which was 476 pts last yr. What are her options?

    She may or may not receive an offer for UCC. It will depend on the number of DARE places available on this course, the number of interested DARE applicants and their CAO points. Your daughter will be competing with these other DARE applicants for a place.  

    I hope that I have been clear enough. Get back on if you need more clarity. A similar question has been answered below.

  • 12:30

    I got 520 what are expectations for law/business in UCD as last year was 521

    2017 CAO points for DN 610, Business and Law was 529. The number of applicants wishing to pursue business related courses has decreased from 2017. However, a drop of nine points would be quite significant. No one will know for definite until Monday.

    The best of luck and well done on achieving such a high score.

  • 12:34

    My daughter is a DARE applicant. She got 403 points. Her 1st choice is law DIT at 434 last year. Has she any hope? Also 2 subjects she got H4 in she might check as always gets H2's in these. Please advise thanks.

    There are a number of variables here that make it impossible to make a definitive call on this.   Your daughter has met all the criteria for a reduced points place in DIT so that is positive and has at least 87.5% of last years points so all this is positive.   However, they prioritise 2 particular groups of students (see below) and it all depends how may of the reduced points places are allocated to these groups and also the points of the other DARE applicants like your daughter.   Please have a look at this link to understand DIT's procedure.   If she gets an upgrade in grades this will obviously impact on all of this but this will not happen until October when the recheck results are released.  

  • 12:35

    My daughter did not get enough points for her top 3 options. Is there a late change of mind facility through CAO to change her preferences or can she apply directly to the individual colleges once the CAO second round offers have been issued?

    It is too late to change your order of preference. The change of mind facility opened up in early May until July 1st at 5.15pm. No changes can be made after this date for the CAO 2018 offers. She cannot apply to indiviual colleges. Admission is done through the CAO. There may be courses in private colleges that offer direct entry ( entry is controlled by the college themselves).

  • 12:39

    Hi, I got 465 missing out on the engineering course in trinity by 1 point. I was just hoping if you would have any predictions on if it could possibly drop or anything?

    While the number of first preferences for Engineering related courses is slightly up on last year, there is no way of knowing if this will result in a points change in any particular Engineering course.   Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing what is going to happen here until the admissions team of TCD allocate their places next week and see what the resulting points cut off are.

  • 12:42

    I'm 54 points off my first choice DT282 at DIT, do you think if they needed to fill spaces they would offer a space to people with lower points.

    All courses will drop in points until places have been filled. The points of the last successfully candidate are then the cut off point for that course.   The points for courses are based on the number of available places, the demand for the course and the points received by those demanding the course. DIT is a popular institution and I would be surprised to see such a drop. Unfortunately, no one will know for definite until Monday.


  • 12:46

    My son got a H7 in maths, is this a pass or fail grade?

    A H7 will satisfy the general entry requirements for most colleges but not if there is a subject specific requirement. Your son should receive 37 CAO points for his H7 but will fail to receive the 25 bonus points.  

  • 12:47

    Going on last years points it looks like my son will only get his 4th choice, he really wants his 3rd choice. On monday if he gets offered his 4th choice, does he accept and hope he might get offered 3rd or 2nd choice in round 2 or 3?

    Exactly.   There is no gaurantee that he will be offered anything in round 2 or 3 so it is important to accept somthing in round 1 so that he has some place.   Remember by accepting something in round 1 does not preclude a higher offer in rounds 2 or 3.

  • 12:55

    I got 30 points over the necessary points for my college, (DCU) but got a 07 in maths and I need an 06, what can I do?

    Unfortunately, as you have not met the entry requirements for the course they will not look at your points.   The most obvious solution here if you want this course is to repeat your maths next year and obtain an O6 and use this to matriculate and hope the points don't go up over your points.   Some students in this position might consider doing a linked PLC course and repeat just maths at the same time to gain entry next year.

  • 12:56

    Hi there, I’m just wondering if there’s any update on the points for the new BA arts degree in UCD? I’ve chosen to study politics with social justice, and I’m wondering if I have enough points to do so. Thank you so much.

    The points for this course will be determined by a number of factors, one being the demand for this course and the number of places being made available. I am not privy to this data so I cannot make a definitive call. Nobody will know for definite until Monday. I would imagine that the points will be similar to points for this type of course in other universities.

  • 13:02

    My daughter got 444 points this morning in her Leaving Cert she would like to go to Marino for primary school teaching what are her options

    Based on last years points cut off, your daughter is unlikely to be offered a place on this course which was 451 last year.   If she really would like to teach at primary level she should consider doing a degree in something like Humanities or Early Childhood education and they pursue a postgraduate masters in primary teaching.   She could look at the UK also in what is called clearing to see if there are any available places on teaching courses there.   If she particularly wants this course then she might have to consider repeating her Leaving Certificate.   Unfortunately, there is no FETAC link to this course.

  • 13:03

     got 348 points but got an o7 in irish. Is there any possibility of a repeat exam in Irish to rectify this/

    Irish is only a requirement for NUI colleges. There is no repeat exam for those who didn't make the entry requirements or specific grade in Irish. You could repeaat just the one subject, Irish in 2019. You would then need to apply through CAO 2019 and hope that you then pass Irish in the Leaving Cert 2019 and still have enough points to meet the 2019 cut off points.

    Another option would be to complete a FETAC Level 5. Your result from this one year level 5 overrides the minimum entry requirements.

    DCU, UL, Trinity and Institutes of Technology could be other options where Irish is not a requirement.

  • 13:09

    Hi my daughter got 357 points but needed 440 for midwifery.. What can she do.. Does she need to repeat.. Or are there other ways to do midwifery.. She's very disappointed.. Thank you

    The most obvious solution is to repeat her LC and hope to get the points required but this should only be considered after   plenty of discussion and is deemed a worthwhile alternative.   Alternatively, if your daughter really wants to do midwifery she should seriously look at the UK where she may gain access on reduced grades.   For this year have a look at and in particular Clearing where there may be a place available somewhare in the UK.   One option could be to pursue a linked PLC course to midwifery next year.   There are not a lot of linked places in Ireland but if she were to apply to the UK next year, having the PLC done would be a big help to her application.

  • 13:09

    Daughter got 520 , she was looking at doing veterinary medicine. We are looking to appeal some grades and the points for the course have been gradually falling , what is the likelihood of her getting in?

    The number of applicants applying for veterinary medicine has dropped again this year. That is in her favour. However, I don't see it dropping by as much as she would need it to. Nobody will know for definite until Monday. Veterinary is still a very popular course for the number of places available.

  • 13:16

    My son got 431 points today which isn't enough for his first or second choice course. He wants to do Commerce with Global Experience in NUIG which is 485 points or Commerce in UCC at 455 points. He is a HEAR student. What are his chances?

    His chances will very much depend on the competition he receives from other HEAR applicants. The HEAR places will be allocated on a merit bases. HEAR applicants with the highest points will be given preference. Please search teh link below:

    Get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 13:18

    I think viewing scripts a great son did well, but will view 2 papers just to see which end of the % he was on

    The best of luck.

  • 13:21

    My son got 488 and hopes to do sports studies in ucc which was 477 last year..what is the chance that the points won't increase by too much as know there's a demand for education courses this year? Thanks

    The increase in demand is quite slight. I would be confident. However, I am not privy to information that would lead me to an accurate decision. Nobody will know for definite until Monday. But remain hopeful. Well done.

  • 13:23

    My daugher got 307 points and has computing in NCI (310 - 2017) as her first choice. Is there any chance the points could drop by 3 ? She has met the minimum requirements for the course.

    The number of applicants (CAO 2018) for ICT courses has seen a significant drop. This should have an affect on points. I would be hopeful but nobody will know for definite until Monday.


    The best of luck.

  • 13:25

    My daughter got 444 points she need451 do you think the poins could go down or she could be offered a place in 2nd rounf

    It will depend on a number of factors: the number of 2018 applicants for that course, their points and the number of places available on the course. Unfortunately, I don't have access to this data. We will have to wait until Monday.

  • 13:27

    Hi is 511 points likely to be enough for general science at TCD. It was 500 last year. Would a10 point jump be unusual? thanks

    There is no one general science course in TCD this year.   This course has been divided into Biological, Chemical and Physical Science courses each of whish will have their own points cut offs.   We have no real way of knowing what these new points totals will be.

  • 13:30

    My daughter applied for Dare but hasn't heard anything from them. Should she have been informed by now.?

    Notification of the outcome of your DARE application was made to all applicants by the end of June. DARE should of been contacted by July 1st if you received no correspondence.

  • 14:24

    Hello. I have got 476 points and my first choice is Accounting and Finance in DCU. The points for that course are 477 ... is there a chance I might be accepted?

    You are very close but unfortunately with the new system this is going to become more frequent where people miss out or   fortunately just make it by one or two points.   There is just no way of knowiing if you will make it over the line or not, its just a case of hanging in there until Monday.   Best of luck.

  • 14:29

    Hi I’ve not got the points I had hoped for and now feel a bit lost as where to go from here due to all my courses being above what I have received in points any idea if there will be a drop in points due to less people applying to the CAO? Thanks

    Nobody will know the definite answer to this question until Monday. I expect that the points will fall for courses where the demand or number of applicants applying has fallen.

    Have you thought about looking into a FETAC course. This is often used as a scenic route into Higher Education Institutions. They are a year in length and you will obtain a FETAC Levl 5 qualification.

    Don't give up hope. Research your options. Get back on if you need more help.

  • 14:29

    Hi, My son attained 440 points today but based on last years requirements he is possibly short 5 points for his first choice course BIS at UCC, Could you comment on weather the points will reduce for this years course. Many Thanks

    He achieved a great LC, I'm sure you are so proud of him.   Unfortunately, we really have no way of knowing whether the points will drop for this course.   It depends on the numbers who applied, the points of all those who applied and the number of offers being made by UCC.   I hope this works out for him.

  • 14:32
    Have you any guidance on a plc course that would help me access the geosciences course in trinith next year. Thank you.

    Follow the link :  

    Get back on if you need further assistance.
  • 14:42

    My son was eligible for the HEAR scheme but he got under 300 points. Will this affect his chances of getting a course that is under 300 points?

    It depends on the college. All  applicants must meet the HEAR eligibility requirements, in addition to the minimum entry requirements and any specific programme requirements. Some colleges but not all have a minimum points requirement.

    Check out the following link:

    Get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 14:45

    Daughter got enough points for course but got 07 in maths she also has dare will she be offered a place if needs 06 or more in maths

    I am sorry to hear that.   Unfortunately not as all applicants must meet minimum entry requirements along with any specific subject requirements.  

    I am sorry to be giving you bad news. Get back on if you need further advice on other options.

  • 14:46

    Do you have any idea about what the points will be for the 2 subject moderateship in Trinity this year for geography with philosophy or sociology and what were the lowest points last year that got into these course? Many thanks.

    The final cut off points for Geopgraphy and Philosophy were   485* and for Geography and Sociology were 463 in 2017.   No way of knowing what they will be this year I'm afraid.   Best of luck.

  • 14:50

    Hi there I applied for UCAS and I also applied to CAO. I think I may take the UCAS offer but i have to make my decision quickly. I also would like to see whether I got the CAO course as well. Could you advise me on how to go about this? Thanks!

    What I would suggest is accepting your UCAS place if you feel you would possibly take up the place, however, if you are made an offer in the CAO that you would like to accept then you could contact the university in the UK to explain that you will not now be taking up the place as you have been made an offer in Ireland that you would like to accept.

  • 14:51
     I got the exact amount of points I need for my course (589 for economics and finance UCD) Assuming the points don't move am I subject to a lottery?
    Not necessarily.  For some courses, random number selection may be a factor. Before applicants are placed on the Order of Merit lists for courses, they are assigned a random number for each course choice. If there are five applicants with an identical points score competing for one remaining place, random number selection applies and the place will be offered to the applicant with the highest random number. If an applicant does not receive an offer in the first round of offers, they may receive an offer in subsequent
  • 14:56

    Hi, my daughters results didn’t go as planned today. Her first choice is radiography in UCD any ideas what points it will require, thanks.

    I'm sorry to hear this.   Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing exactly what the points are going to be on Monday as there are too many variables to know exactly.   The points for last year were 498* so one would expect they would be in the vicinity of this unless they have changed the number of places or the results of the applicants for this year are much higher/lower, information which I am not privy to.

  • 14:58

    Son got 30 more points he needs for course but he needed maths 06 he got 07 maths really disappointed but he has dare will he be offered his course or not.

    We have answered this question earlier, if you want to scroll back through previous answers.

  • 14:59

    My son got 431 points which is short of the 485 required for commerce with GE. He is a HEAR student. Is there a way I can contact admissions in NUIG to get him into commerce (407 points) because his second choice is in UCC. Will review scripts

    He cannot change his order of preference at this stage. It is too late. This facility closed at 5.15pm, July 1st. NUIG admissions will not be able to rectify this for you.  

    Once your son receives an offer all courses below this offer become obsolete. He can only receive courses that lie above round 1 offer in futur rounds.

    I hope that this makes sense. I have copied the following from :

    Allocation of DARE/HEAR places NUI, Galway has a quota of reduced point’s places available to eligible DARE/HEAR applicants. See table A. below for the list of DARE/HEAR places that are available on each course. If you are deemed eligible for the DARE/ HEAR schemes, you will be considered if  You have a minimum of 300 points &  You meet the matriculation requirements for the course. For most courses, admissions is competitive as there are more eligible DARE/HEAR applicants than places available. Places are allocated to eligible applicants in order of points merit and the reduction allowed is determined by the points required for the course: the higher the point’s requirement for the course, the greater potential reduction, with a maximum reduction of 18%. From 2016: priority will be given to applicants with physical and sensory disabilities and those who are both DARE and HEAR eligible. Any places remaining are assigned on points ranking.

  • 15:00

    I missed the requirement for maths but got the points. If my O5 was to go to an O4 when appealed for DCU International business would I be offered a place for this year?

    Answered earlier.

  • 15:03

    Any predictions for dn700 course in UCD?

    I would predict that it will be similar to the points for this course in other universities. May be a little higher as Dublin tends to be more popular/ greater demand.

    Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

  • 15:03

    I got 445 and I intended on doing commerce in UCC which was 455. My second choice is BIS and my third is Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Is it possible to switch to commerce after year one, in either of those courses.

    Internal transfers in colleges do happen but the rules governing them are quite different in different colleges.   I would suggest ringing the admissions office and commerce faculty office to run this by them and they will be able to give you the most accurate information.

  • 15:05

    I am interested to do BESS course in Trinity last year was 520 and I got this year 520 what is your expectations Thanks

    The number of applicants choosing business courses has dropped from last year. Whether BESS will be affected or not won't be known until Monday. I don't have access to the necessary data to allow me to perdict. Well done on a great score. I hope that you get the offer.

  • 15:07

    Hi I feel I may have missed out on my first choice but have got points for my 2nd and 3rd choice. I now would prefer my third choice how do I go about getting my 3rd choice?

    Unfortunately, if you are offered your 2nd choice then there is no way you can get at your 3rd choice as it is effectively wiped from your application.   You can never move down your list of preferences as the system is designed to get you as high up your list as possible.   The only way to get at your 3rd preference is to reapply the following year putting it higher up on your list of preferences.

  • 15:14

    The points I have got are a lot less then what I had imagined as a result I have to hope for a drop in points in even my lowest points course for hope of entry into it. I’m a bit lost as what to do, any advice appreciated

    You still have a number of options. CAO available places will be listed on under available places from noon on August 21st. Further education colleges alos offer student courses. These courses are known as PLC's. They can act as a stepping stone into Higher Education.

    Apprenticeship and traineeship are suitable for those who fancy to earn and learn. See

    Private college may still be an option.   You can apply to them directly.

    Please get back on if you need further help. Keep the chin up. There are lots of other options that need investigating.

  • 15:20

    Hi I applied for arts at Maynooth which is 327 points and I got 291. I have a hear place. But a requirement is 300 points. But hear often offer places within 60 points. So do you think I can still get a place?

    I am afraid not. NUI Maynooth have the following HEAR req:


    If you are eligible for HEAR, you must meet the following criteria to be offered a place at Maynooth University:

    • You must meet the minimum entry and subject requirements for the course you have chosen. As entry and subject requirements may be different for each course, you should check details on  for the requirements of each preference listed on your CAO form.
    • You must attain a minimum of 300 points in your Leaving Certificate.

  • 15:22

    How can the CAO justify taking over 5 days to issue round 1 offers? What are their arguments?

    There is a process to be gone through to make sure that any offers that are to be made to students (over 40,000) are correct and watertight.   Data on results has to be transferred to CAO from the SEC, then the admissions officers from the colleges have to meet in Galway to go through with CAO the number of non-standard places to be offered (mature, HEAR, DARE, Scholarships, etc.) and then finally what standard are then available to be offered.   This process has to be checked and checked at every point to make sure that colleges can stand over every offer they make.   Unfortunately, there is still a manual element to all of this.   It is not as automated as one might think and this makes it a bit more time consuming.

  • 15:33

    My son was alarmed to find he didn't get a pass in ordinary level maths. He's wondering whether he's eliglbe for any third level course. Could you clarify this? If not, can he resit the maths paper next year and add it to this year's points? Thanks

    Yes he would be. You will need to check teh entry requirements for all course choices on his CAO.  

    Mathematics is not a requirement for any programme offered at Carlow College for example. So it really will depend on what is on his CAO. You can check minimum entry requirements on, qualifax or the directory of leaving cert entry requirements booklet.  

    Your son can resit the one subject, Maths in June 2019. He would have to apply to CAO 2019. He would have to meet the minimum requirements and cut off points for 2019 before receiving an offer this time next year.

    Maybe your soon should look to view his script and possible apply for an appeal? If the appeal was successful an offer could be made in mid October. I have copied the following from the CAO handbook:  

    THE LEAVING CERTIFICATE RECHECK PROCESS If you have requested to appeal some of your Leaving Certificate examinations, and if your results are changed on appeal, your position on the Order of Merit list will be altered to reflect your new points score. If you are deemed entitled to a place on a course based on your upgraded Leaving Certificate results, you will receive an offer – if all of the places for that course have already been allocated, you will receive a deferral of the offer for the following academic year. The decision to offer a place is made by the HEI in question and not the CAO.

    Get back in touch if you need further assistance.

  • 15:34

    My daughter is a hear student she got 474 points and is hoping to do veterinary medicine at ucd. What are her chances.

    Please see previous answers re HEAR and DARE.   To give you an idea we can look at some figues from UCD.   Expected quota of places this year for HEAR applicants on Vet Med is 4.   Minimum points for 2017 for HEAR applicants is 487.   Cut off points can of course vary from year to year but this might give you a sense of the figures involved.

  • 15:35

    My daughter applied for arts at Maynooth which is 327 points and she has a hear place but has only got 281 points which does not meet the 300 points requirement. Can she still be considered?

    I am afraid not. Please see answer to this question below.

  • 15:38

    My Daughter got 400 points. She missed her top 3 choices but her 4th choice is Arts in UL at 360. Firstly would i be right in thinking although not definite its unlikely the points will climb that high. Does it matter it is her 4th choice ?

    Well done to your daughter, a great Leaving Certificate.   Although I can't say definitively I would be very surprised if Arts in UL would climb by 40 points above 400.   The fact that it is her 4th choice is irrelevant and will not impact on this at all.

  • 15:39

    My daughter did really well, 555 points but unfortunately just under the hurdle for vetinary. Harsh but here’s hoping for a miracle, still very proud of her though

    Well done to her and all of you who supported her. The overall number of applicants for veterinary medicine has fallen. However, a fall of nine points is unlikely as it's such a popular course and applicants tend to have high points. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

    Has she looked at syudying in UK or Budapest?

    I hope that you enjoy the celebrations of her success.

  • 15:48

    Hi - my daughter got 613 points - but 1st choice Med at TCD is closed to her as she got 148 HPAT points. Seems grossly unfair to measure and discard such an academic result in this way. What options might she have, if any?

    She does seem short as the points for medicine seem very very high. She could look into repeating the HPAT. She could then combine her new HPAT score with her 2018 CAO points.

    Such an achievement needs to be celebrated regardless. She has obviously worked so hard and did so well.  

  • 15:49

    If you appeal a particular subject result and get an upgrade, does this exclude you from receiving an offer of a college place this year given appeal results don't issue until mid October, your original results were too low but now you have enough ?

    No, it does not exclude an offer being made this year.   When the results come out in October and if you are upgraded and become entitled to a higher place, then the admissions officer will make a decision if they have room for another student and whether to make an offer or not.   I would imagine the Department of Education would put a bit of pressure on colleges to facilitate students with an offer straight off if an appicant wants and is entitled to an offer.   However, with some courses it is very hard to take in extra students at this stage and the best a college may be able to offer is a deferred place the following year.

  • 15:57

    good afternoon, my sone has just got his results 141 points with a pass in maths, irish, english and georgraphy. his cao choices are all between 180 and 220 , is plc or private college the next step for us Thank You

    PLC, apprenticeships and training, private colleges are still options as is CAO. CAO offers will be made on Monday.

    In the meantime you can reseach PLC's and check out as well as explore the private college options.

    Some CAO courses will have more places available than applicants and so have vacancies. These courses will be listed in the available places section of from noon on August 21.  

    I hope that this helps.

  • 16:02

    Hi my daughter got 463, her first choice is primary teaching in DCU. It was 462 for last year. As she got one point over is she guaranteed a place based on last years points?

    Unfortunately, there is no guarantee.   The cut off points can and do change each year, so the cut off for that course in DCU could increase this year (or decrease).   We just have to wait and see what appears on Monday next.   If it is 462 again this year your daughter is in. Best of luck.

  • 16:02

    Last year UCD computer Science DN201 was 476 according to the CAO but 466 according to the UCD web page: which was it? Also are pints expected to decrease in IT as applications have fallen 13% in ICT. Son on 465 ...

    The points for DN201 were 477 in Round 1 offers. They fell to 466 in the final round of offers. The number of applicants has fallen but that may or may not affect popular ICT courses at popular locations. Nobody will knoe until Monday.

  • 16:04

    My son got 334 points and is aiming for Arts in Maynooth, do you have any predictions on whether it will change from last year's 327?

    I would be confident that he will receive an offer as I don't feel that it would increase by that much. However, nobody will know for definite until Monday.

    The number of CAO applicants for Arts has seen a drop from last year.

  • 16:07

    I got 473 points and I'm hoping to do primary teaching in Mary I ,what are the chances of points increasing by 8?

    While I cannot say definitively, I would be surprised if the points went up by 8.   In 2015 the points were 470 but have been lower than this since, so here's hoping they stay below 470.

  • 16:14

    Hi there, my daughter got nearly 100 points less than she hoped for and is very disappointed, she hasn't enough points to get any of her preferences, is there any way of doing a different course at this late stage? she got an O5 in maths so was happy

    PLC, apprenticeships and training, private colleges are still options as is CAO. CAO offers will be made on Monday.

    In the meantime you can reseach PLC's and check out  as well as explore the private college options.

    Some CAO courses will have more places available than applicants and so have vacancies. These courses will be listed in the available places section of  from noon on August 21.    

    I hope that this helps.

  • 16:16

    My daughter got 413 in her exams she wants a course for 450 could the points drop.

    Yes, the cut off points for courses can increase and sometimes decrease.   There have been cases where points have droped by 10, 20, 30, etc..   This can be because of a drop in demand or maybe a significant increase in the number of places being offered.   The problem is we don't know where the jumps or falls are going to take place.  

  • 16:18

    My son got a conditional offer for law at Cambridge. The requirement was for 3xH1s and 3xH2s but he got 2xH1S and 4xH2S. Is there still a chance he could get that place as the offfer process consisted of interview/aptitude test along with results

    I would advise you to make direct contact with admissions at Cambridge. They may still confirm his place.

    The best of luck.

  • 16:22

    Hi my son has gotten a H5 in german where he would always have gotten H1. If we appeal & wins will it be too late for 1st choice college. Should he just go & take his 2nd choice offer. What are his options thank you.

     If you are deemed entitled to a place on a course based on your upgraded Leaving Certificate results, you will receive an offer – if all of the places for that course have already been allocated, you will receive a deferral of the offer for the following academic year. The decision to offer a place is made by the HEI in question and not the CAO.

    Results from the appeals process are issued in mid October.  

  • 16:36

    My son got 589 and wants TR034 (577pts) but not everyone on those points got a place. There are only 35 places and the pts went up by 12 pts from '16 to '17. Is it likely that they will go up by that/more again? What are our chances of a place?

    The demand for ICT courses has fallen this year. This should be a good sign. I would be confident that your son will receive an offer. Nobody will know for definite until Monday. The best of luck.

  • 16:39

    What does Median mean for theoints on last years CAO

    It is the score obtain from the candidate in the middle e.g. the median of a group of 100 wiould be the points obtained from the 50th person.  

  • 16:41

    My son is disappointed. He got 318 points and got H 7 in French. Are there still opportunities for attending University with these marks and the fail in French?

    Yes. It will very much depend on what courses he has down on his CAO. You can check the minimum entry requirements on, qualifax or the minimum entry requirement booklet. Get back on if you need additional help.

  • 16:48

    My son got an exemption for dare - he didn’t get enough points for his first or second choice and might be just 5/10 points short of his 3rd choice in trinity - will dare help him Get his course

    You would of received documentation from DARE at the end of June stating whether you're DARE eligible or not. I copied the following information from

    Allocation of DARE Places in Trinity

    Trinity College Dublin reserves 24% (rising to 25% by 2019) of places on every course for students with disabilities (DARE), students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds (HEAR), and Mature students. On courses with a quota of more than 40 places, approximately 8% are DARE places, on smaller courses there may be only one or two places.

    Applicants should note that DARE eligibility provides an opportunity to compete for such places it does not guarantee or entitle them to an offer of a place on reduced points.

    Students who are eligible for a DARE offer must still:
    a) meet matriculation / admissions requirements  


    b) meet any subject specific requirements for their chosen course, where applicable.  Please check the prospectus for these details.

    A reduction of approximately 10-15% of the points required for each course is granted to DARE eligible students.  

    Prioritising DARE Places: In recognition of national and university targets to increase the number of students with sensory and physical disabilities, DARE offers will be made first to  eligible applicants within these target groups above, and remaining places offered to all  other students with disabilities who are eligible.


    When allocating DARE places are prioritised  and the remaining places offered to all other students with disabilities with the highest points within the threshold (points for the course in round 1, and minimum points based on percentage reduction).  

    Condition of a DARE Offer: Students who receive a DARE offer  must register  with the Disability Service and agree on a schedule of meetings with the service.

  • 16:53

    My daughter got 484 points and is a HEAR applicant. Her second choice is English and Sociology in Trinity, third is Psychology in UCD. Any thoughts on points requirements? Thank you for your help and expertise.

    Non HEAR points for English and Sociology in TCD last year were 507 and Psychology in UCD 497.  

    I am including the link to how both these colleges deal with HEAR applications as hopefully you will see that it is very difficult to tell if someone will get a reduced points offer and if so what the reduced points will be.



  • 16:54

    My son has the points he needs for UCD but only O7 in Irish. Is it worth getting a recheck?

    I would advise you to complete the form requesting a viewing of your script. You will then be able to see how close your mark is to the next band i.e. O6. You can look to appeal it then.

    Another option would be to repeat Irish in 2019 leaving cert. You would then be able to combine your entry requirements with 2018 points. However, you would have to apply to CAO 2019 and hope that 2019 points don't exceed yours.

  • 16:56

    Just want to say a huge Thank You to Brian and Deirdre today, you have been super helpful.

    Many thanks Mary, glad to be of assistance at this anxious time for many students and parents.

  • 16:57
    My son hot an O7 in his maths is this a pass.

    Unfortunately,   this is a fail. However, this may not perclude him from all CAO courses. It will very much depend on thh entry requiremenst for all courses listed on his CAO.
  • 17:04

    My daughter got 589 pots, which was the requirement for her first choice course last year. If the pts go up and she misses out, but subsequently gets the required points on recheck, what are the chances of getting a place on her 1st choice course?

    Well done to your daughter on a fantastic LC.   If she gets an upgrade on the recheck then the increased points are backdated to round one offer day essentially and whatever course she would have been entitled to then she will be entitled to in October.   However, the college may not be able to create a place in October (especially for courses that may have a large practical component) and the best they be able to do is offer a deferred place in the following year.   If they can offer a place in October they will do so and it is up to your daughter whether to accept the place then or defer to the following year.

  • 17:05

    Hi, My son got 306 point but he got H8 in math, is there any chance he might still receive offer without math...he very disappointed is there any hope for him.

    Not all colleges require a pass in Maths. Carlow College doesn't have a Maths requirement. You would need to check the entry requirements for all courses listed on his CAO.

    He should view his script and possible appeal it. Most colleges would accept a H7 if he was to be upgarded.

  • 17:09

    I’m back with more. My son will not get close to any of his CAO courses and with 318 points and a H 7 in French I wonder what we can do apart from waiting and reapplying next year? Is the H 7 in Zfrench the end of any chance of NUI?

    A pass in a third language is a 06/H7. He has met the third language requirement that is necessary fro certain courses in teh NUI colleges. He needs to have enough points to receive an offer. The H7 in French will not block him.

  • 17:10

    Many thanks - your direct response has been most helpful. Also, reading through the other questions and answers has been very informative.

    Thank you Tony. Enjoy the evening as I am sure you had a full on day!

  • 17:19

    My son got H8 in math, is there any chance he will still get offer in any course.

    There are some courses which do not require a pass in Maths and your son would still be elligible for these courses as he does not have a pass in Maths, but I don't know if he has applied for any of these courses.   If not, there will be some vacant places advertised on the CAO website soon and your son can apply for these if some of them do not have a maths requirement.   If he doesn't get anything here he could consider repeating maths next year and hopefully get a better result and use it along with his points for this year.   Don't forget PLC courses and apprenticeships also.

  • 17:23

    Hi I got 485 and I want to go to Maynooth to do primary school teaching. Do you think the points will go up? Last year they were 485.

    No way of knowing really.   What you could do is give the admissions office in Maynooth a ring tomorrow and they may give you an indication of where the points may come in based on their knowledge of places, applications and applicants scores.   Long shot but worth a try.   Best of luck.

  • 17:27

    My daughter is 20 points short for her first choice course at NUIG bit has been accepted into the dare scheme. Do you think she will be offered the course?

    No way of telling I'm afraid.   I will link below to NUIG's information on how they handle the DARE scheme and between this and if you have a look at some previous DARE answers you will see why it is so hard to predict.  

  • 17:33

    My daughter for 485 points with a H7 in maths. Is a H6 a compulsory requirement for UCD on all courses?

    The minimum entry requirements for maths for the majority of courses in UCD is an O6H7.   Some courses have no maths requirement, e.g. Arts, Humanities, Law, etc. and others have higher requirements especially if there is a large maths component.   You can use to look the entry requirements for UCD courses.

  • 17:41

    My son got 320 points, is there anyway he might be successful and get his first choice of course no 520 in UCD? Thanks

    Arts last year was 321 points in UCD but Arts this year is different as they have broken up the old Arts course somewhat and formed new separate courses in Humanities and Modern Languages.   The upshot of this is that we don't know what the points are going to be this year for the new Arts course.   We can't even use last year's points for the old Arts course as it is not the same course.   I'm afraid it's a wait and see until Monday.   Best of Luck.

  • 17:44

    Hi, if my daughter requests a recheck, having accepted an offer, and her points go down, can the offer of a place be rescinded? Thanks

    Yes, the I would imagine the colleges would reserve the right to do this as the offer of a place may belong to someone else with more points now than your daughter.   This is why we strongly recommend the viewing of scripts before appealing.  

  • 17:47

    My son is going to get three of his papers rechecked. How does this impact his potential CAO offers? Also he is wondering how long he has to get his papers re checked and who rechecks them? Many thanks

     Rechecks will not affect his offer on Monday. He will be offered the course of highest preference in which he meet the entry requirments, subject requirements and cut-off points for. If his appeal is successful he may be offered a course that lies above his intial CAO offer. At that point he can choose to stay on his original course or move - providing that there is space on that course.

    He will need to complete and return a form looking to view his scripts. This form must be returned to the school. Each school will have an organising superintendent. They will assign you a viewing session. Dates and more information can be found on

    The appeal application service will be available online from 12 noon on the 20th August 2018. You must complete and return this form to the school no later than the evening of the 3rd of September. The appeal fee is €40.00 per subject . This fee will be refundable to you if your result is upgraded.

    Your script is then sent to an appeal examiner. This is a different examiner from the one who orginally marked your paper.

    The leaving cert apppeal results will be issued in mid October. The State Examination commission automatically informs the CAO of all changes to results. You may be made an offer at this stage but only if there is a place available. You are not guaranteed access in the current year if all places are full. However, you can defer your place for 2019.  

    Long but I hope that I have answered your question.

  • 17:50

    My son is looking to go to Galway to do arts, he got 360 points but a H7 in French and the requirement is H6, does it mean he won't get in even though he has more than required points

    As far as I am aware an O6/H7 will satisfy the minimum entry requirement for Arts in Galway. I think that you're safe.

    The best of luck.

  • 17:54

    Hi my daughter is ten points short got the arts degree in Maynooth. I see there is less demand this year based on an article earlier this year. Is it likely the points would go down ?

    Points are a function of demand and supply so if demand has dropped for a course then the expectation would be that the points would drop.   The cut off last year was 327 which is relatively low for Arts in Maynooth.   Whether it would go much lower than this is debatable.   Unfortunately we will have to wait until Monday to find out for certain.

  • 17:54

    My son got an 05 maths but the college minimum requirement is an 04 in maths. Does he still have a chance to be accepted. He got the points needed for the course

    I'm afraid not. You must meet the entry requirements and the cut off points before an offer is made.  

    He has other options though. One of these options would involve him repeating maths next year and combining his 2019 maths grade with his 2018 CAO points. He would need to apply to CAO 2019. He would be back competing in the points race of 2019 though.


    Please get back on if you're finding it hard to follow.

  • 18:06

    Does a plc award gain you entry into 1st or 2nd year of a certain level 8 course?

    A one year level 5 FETAC/PLC course generally admits students to year 1 of a CAO course. There are a small number of level 6, 2 year FETAC courses which may admit to year 2, but these are not the norm.

  • 18:08

    Hello. My son got enough points for his first course but wants to do the third course he put down. Is there anyway he can?( he got wnough points for that course also)

    I am afraid not. If he meets the entry requirements and cut off for his first course choice then he will get offered this course. All courses that lie below this course will become obsolete. So unfortunately, the answer is no.

    However, there may be a possibilty of transferring over if the courses are in the same institution and if spaces are available. Each college has its own transfer policy. I would advise you to contact the admissions office of the college in question.

    Get back on if you need more help. The best of luck.

  • 18:15

    Are there any predictions for fluctuations in Psycholgy in UCD? Thank you.

    This course is still very popular. I would be surprised to see points fall by any great amount. However, nobody will know for definite until Monday. I don't have access to the data that would be necessary to make a prediction.

  • 18:19

    My child got 465 pts, hoping to get Commerce in UCD. Choice 2 is DN700 which she will get but now doesn't want, is there any other way for her to study a Business / Commerce degree or should she take DN700 and try to transfer to the BComm next year.

    If she takes the new DN700 course which is a much broader course than the older Social Science course there might only be a very slim option of transfering   to commerce.   I would suggest contacting UCD admissions to check out the possibilities of transfering from Social Science to Commerce after first year and this may help the decision making process.

    There are some excellent Business degrees that your daughter could get into with her points but unfortunately not this year based on how she filled in her CAO.   The Social Science course in UCD is now much expanded and does have some very interesting options in it.   She should look at this degree carefully as she could then possibly so a postgraduate business course in Smurfit later if she wished.