Leinster SFC Final: Dublin v Kildare

Can Kildare upset the odds in Croke Park and knock Jim Gavin's side off their provincial perch?

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Jul 16
LIVE: Leinster SFC Final: Dublin v Kildare

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . After Tyrone eased by Down in the Ulster final, many are expecting much of the same in Leinster. Dublin are after a 12th title in 13 years, can Kildare stop them?

    Let's see!  We'll keep you updated throughout, and be sure to get in touch - via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

  • Team news:  

    DUBLIN: Stephen Cluxton; Philly McMahon, Michael Fitzsimons, Eric Lowndes; James McCarthy, Cian O'Sullivan, Jack McCaffrey; Brian Fenton, James McCarthy; Niall Scully, Paul Mannion, Ciaran Kilkenny; Paddy Andrews, Con O'Callaghan, Dean Rock.

    KILDARE:  Mark Donnellan; Mick O'Grady, David Hyland, Ollie Lyons; Johnny Byrne, Eoin Doyle, Keith Cribbin; Kevin Feely, Tommy Moolick; Fergal Conway, Niall Kelly, David Slattery; Paddy Brophy, Daniel Flynn, Cathal McNally

  • So with John Small coming in, expect Ciaran Kilkenny (named at 9) to go into the half forward line, with Con O'Callaghan going to full forward in place of Eoghan O'Gara. John Small will go to wing back and James McCarthy will play midfield.

    That's where the key battle will be, Fenton and McCarthy against Moolick and Kevin Feely.

  • Last meeting:  2015 Leinster semi-final, Croke Park, Dublin 5-18, Kildare 0-14.

    Odds:  Dublin 1/14, Kildare 9/1, Draw 20/1.

    Just the ticket  (rates for purchase up until Saturday night): Stands €35, Hill 16 terrace €25. Juveniles €5. Concessions available (except in Hogan Stand and on Hill).

    Referee:  Anthony Nolan (Wicklow)

  • "An eagerly awaited football final – in Leinster! – is testimony to the impact that Kildare have made this season and the suspicion that Dublin may be coming back towards the pack."

    Read Sean Moran's preview in full here. He's tipping Dublin

  • Teams taking part in the pre-match parade in Croke Park. A sunny Croke Park.  

    I expect Kildare to mount a real challenge here. They have the physical capabilities to do so, for me it'll come down to their mental strength against a team who have given them some heavy beatings in recent years.

  • Dublin 0-0 Kildare 0-0 (1') Game on! Kildare win the throw in
  • Dublin 0-0 Kildare 0-1 (1') First score of the Leinster final. Daniel Flynn peels around and floats over a beautiful point.

    Kildare win the first kickou, Kevin Feely.

  • What a chance. Long ball into Tommy Moolick who drifts into full forward. But he fluffs his goal chance. Kildare are flying into the tackles. What a start
  • Dublin 0-1 Kildare 0-1 (3')  A great point from Paul Mannion, following up on his eight points last time out against Westmeath.

    Before Kevin Feely makes a brilliant mark.

  • Dublin 0-2 Kildare 0-1 (6')  Ciaran Kilkenny involved in the move three times before adding a great point. He skins Keith Cribbin.

    Next kickout Fenton fouls Feely. Feely bossing that battle so far

  • Cathal McNally's shot is high, but drops short. Kildare's second to drop short. They've been sharp early on, sharp and physical, but also very wasteful
  • Dublin 1-3 Kildare 0-1 (9')  Con O'Callaghan ghosts past two men, and goes for goal but Mark Donnellon taps it over the bar.

    Next attack though and Dean Rock is left in acres inside and passes it into the corner. GOAL

  • Dublin 2-3 Kildare 0-1 (11')  James McCarthy left in acres of space and he adds a second goal. This is insane. Kildare have gone pretty much man for man here which is insane! No Sweeper, No Chance lads.

  • They were as easy a goals as the Ballymun Kickhams duo will ever get. Nobody near either of them on both occassions
  • Eoin Doyle seems to be dropping back from centre back, and that's the Kildare defensive system. They are in serious trouble. They haven't scored in 15 minutes and are being torn open at will. And that's despite bossing the midfield
  • Dublin 2-4 Kildare 0-1 (18') Massive hit on Daniel Flynn form James McCarthy. He's turned over. Three passes later and Con O'Callaghan is in the pocket to curl over his second point
  • Dublin 2-4 Kildare 0-3 (21') 20 minutes since Kildare's last score, and a high ball to Cathal McNally is well won and he scores over his shoulder. Badly needed.

    Keith Cribbin then finds space 20m out, cuts in and blazes a shot at goal. It goes over the bar.

  • Black card for Dean Rock, he's beaten to the ball and pulls back Mick O'Grady's leg. Bernard Brogan comes in. With a point to prove
  • Dublin 2-4 Kildare 0-5 (24')  A beautiful free from Kevin Feely from the right corner, with his weaker left foot. Cathal McNally adds another as Kildare push up on Cluxton's kickout

  • Dublin 2-5 Kildare 0-6 (27')  Con O'Callaghan takes over free taking duties and floats over a beauty.

    Johnny Byrne responds with a beauty. He dummies on to his weaker left, and from distance curls over a beauty.

  • Dublin 2-6 Kildare 0-7 (29')  High ball into the square breaks out to Bernard Brogan. He turns sharply, walks by Ollie Lyons, and scores a beauty.

    Cribbin then makes a brilliant break, Brophy is waiting behind him in the pocket, and from the edge of the D he curls it over.

  • Dublin 2-7 Kildare 0-7 (31')  Harsh free for a big hit from Johnny Byrne on Paddy Andrews. O'Callaghan converts the resultant free

  • Dublin 2-7 Kildare 0-9 (34')  Outrageous score from Daniel Flynn. He goes on a big run down the right sideline, almost loses it but flicks the loose ball ahead of him and chases it down. Then, outside of his right boot at full tilt he drills it from distance.  

    Slattery then adds another from the D on the run

  • Dublin 2-8 Kildare 0-10 (35')  Bernard Brogan gets his second point since coming on, before Kevin Feely comes on the loop and from 40m he drills over a booming point for the Lillywhites. It had another 10m in it at least.

  • HT Dublin 2-8 Kildare 0-10 - Kildare paid the price for being wide open in that first quarter, but since then they've been brilliant. Kevin Feely has been well on top at midfield and they've scored some crackers from distance. They can't keep relying on those kind of scores though.

  • On top at midfield, and Daniel Flynn is a threat whenever he gets the ball. He could do anything, and that ranges from throwing it away (as he's done a lot), to scoring two outstanding points.

    Dublin aren't having their usual control of possession, because of Kildare's strength under the kickout. They needed those goals. And if Kildare don't keep it tight then they'll get plenty more.

  • Complete madness by Kildare going pretty much man for man early on. You just cannot do this against Dublin. The way they stretch the play, you're relying on players to then match the pace, power and athleticism of Jack McCaffrey, James McCarthy, Paul Mannion, Ciaran Kilkenny; time after time. It just doesn't happen. That's why teams, even Dublin, have such complex defensive systems.

  • Socrers:

    Kildare: Daniel Flynn, Cathal McNally, Kevin Feely (0-1f) 0-2 each; Keith Cribbin, Dave Slattery, Johnny Byrne and Paddy Brophy 0-1 each.

    Dublin: Dean Rock and James McCarthy 1-0 each, Con O'Callaghan 0-4 (0-2f), Bernard Brogan 0-2; Paul Mannion, Ciaran Kilkenny 0-1 each

  • Dublin out early for the second half. They'll look to put this away quickly. They need to up the ante around the middle though
  • Kildare come out at last. Doesn't look to be any changes on either side
  • Dublin 2-8 Kildare 0-10 (35') James McCarthy catches the throw in, and Dublin's first attack ends with a shot from him which drops short
  • First Dublin kickout is incredibly quick from Cluxton, out to Ciaran Kilkenny on the sideline. Can't imagine he'll be kicking nearly as many contestables out this half
  • Dublin 2-9 Kildare 0-11 (37') Sloppy Kildare foul, O'Callaghan punishes with a nice free.

    Next kickout and Fenton fouls Moolick. It's played inside sharply, Hyland makes a break, soft hands by Slattery to Niall Kelly who settles himself and floats over a great team point

  • Dublin 2-11 Kildare 0-11 (39')  Two in a row for the Dubs. The first from Paddy Andrews, left footed over his shoulder in the right corner. And then Brogan's third point, this one from distance. Two great scores, both from the Dublin forwards' weaker foot.

  • Absolutely magic run by Slattery, and a beautifully weighted handpass into Daniel Flynn. One on one with Cluxton and he hits it straight at him. WHAT a chance!
  • Dublin 2-12 Kildare 0-11 (43')  Dublin come right up the other end and James McCarthy is fouled. O'Callaghan converts.  

    Feely then makes a great mark. He's been outstanding. Paul Cribbin comes on for Fergal Conway. Cribbin, brother of Keith, is a brilliant player.

  • Dublin 2-13 Kildare 0-11 (45')  O'Callaghan adds another, this one from play. Sandwiched between two poor wides (Flynn and Moolick)

  • Dublin 2-14 Kildare 0-11 (47')  Kildare are struggling here. Looking tired in defence and attack. Niall Kelly's pass is cut out, Dublin sweep up the field and Bernard Brogan gets his fourth from play

  • Dublin 2-16 Kildare 0-12 (50')  Feely makes another mark, then ends the move himself with a converted free.

    Jack McCaffrey then makes a great interception from the next attack, starts a counter attack which Con O'Callaghan gets at the end of. Bernard Brogan adds another

  • Brian Fenton makes a mark. His first. His man, Feely, has about five. Straight form it though and Kilkenny gets his second point.  

    Dublin's superiority is such, that even with them being wiped at midfield, they are 11 points ahead

  • Dublin 2-17 Kildare 0-13 (53')  Feely taps over a free. Kildare have been lifeless since Flynn's missed goal chance.  

    They've just put Feely in at full forward

  • Dublin 2-17 Kildare 0-14 (56') Paddy Brophy wins a free and scores it himself. Mick Fitzsimons had no choice but to drag him down  
  • Dublin 2-18 Kildare 0-15 (58') Fionn Dowling finds space in the D and curls over a great point.  

    St Vincent's Shane Carthy then sells a dummy and floats over a lovely casual point in response

  • Dublin 2-18 Kildare 0-16 (60')  Slattery, who has had a great game for Kildare, wins a free in the right corner, which Feely again scores left footed.

  • Dublin 2-19 Kildare 0-16 (62')  Kev McManamon fouled as he was about to unload an effort on goal, Con O'Callaghan scores the free.  

    Feely then black carded, I'm not sure what for, and he will be a huge loss in these closing stages. He's been the best player on the field

  • The black card was for a check on McCaffrey, off the ball
  • Dublin 2-20 Kildare 0-16 (65')  Another from Con O'Callaghan, this one from play. The Cuala youngster has led the line brilliantly for the Dubs today

  • Brilliant block by David Byrne as Brian Howard comes on for Fenton. Not often you see Fenton beaten as much as he was today. Question marks over this midifled pairing, he could've done with Michael Dara Macauley or the likes to help him out against two huge men like Feely and Moolick.
  • Dublin 2-20 Kildare 0-17 (69')  Long ball into the square, Brophy gets away with a push in the back. Comes out with it and takes his point. Deficit down to double digits again

  • Five minutes to be added on
  • Dublin 2-21 Kildare 0-17 (71')  Howard wins a kickout and goes straight at the heart of the Kildare defence, but with a goal on he fists over and gets his name on the scoresheet

  • Slattery hits Kildare wide number 10
  • Dublin 2-22 Kildare 1-17 (73')  Con O'Callaghan's 11th point. His sixth from play.

    Then a long ball into Brophy is caught by Brophy, and buried. For a GOAL.

  • Dublin 2-23 Kildare 1-17 (75')  Paul Mannion not allowed the advantage, which he scored a goal from. Comes back for a free and O'Callaghan scores it.

  • FT Dublin 2-23 Kildare 1-17 - Kildare lose by nine. They have shown a lot of flaws in this Dublin team. Midfield. More question marks over the fullback line under the high ball. They'll love answering those questions no doubt.  

    All round, an enjoyable and high quality game.

  • So that's that . . .  Surprise, surprise. Dublin are Leinster champions. Again. Promising by Kildare, but you can't leave it without asking what they were at in that opening quarter with no defensive cover. Paid the price. And then when their own goal chances came, they weren't taken.

    That's 12 Leinster titles in 13 years for Dublin. Utter domination in Leinster continues.

    Report and analysis to come. Until then, thanks for joining us.

    Dublin 2-23 Kildare 1-17