Wexford v Galway

The temperature rises with the first match that could decide an issue this championship

Philip Reid Sat, Jun 2
LIVE: Wexford v Galway

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  • 16:46

    Philip Reid  here for what promises to be a cracking Leinster Senior Hurling Championship group match with the two unbeaten teams in this year's new-look round-robin phase.

    Wexford play host to All-Ireland champions Galway and the sun is shining at Innovate Wexford Park for this five o'clock throw-in   . . . . . and word is that the Cairde Loch Garman pre-match lunch with former stars Larry O'Gorman and Martin Storey and radio man Liam Spratt had the home fans feasting on their every word. Exprectations are high in Wexford after opening up with two wins over Offaly and Dublin.

    All-Ireland champions Galway represent a step-up in class though and it will be interesting to see how much home advantage helps Wexford here.


    The first people started to queue outside the stadium shortly after two o'clock and picnics on the terrraces reflect a relaxed atmosphere ahead of the match itself.


    In last year's Leinster Final, Galway were comfortable 0-29 to 1-17 winners over the Wexford men   . . . . and as we know, that was an important stepping stone to the Tribesmen going all the way to the All-Ireland title.


    Galway aren't in their traditioinal maroon jerseys for this evening's clash ...... they're in white for this one.

  • 16:51
    And no late changes from either side ..... both Wexford and Galway will line out as selected. Too early in the campaign for any mind games.
  • 16:53
    Limerick refereee Johnny Murphy is the man in the middle for this encounter ..... by the way, Galway are rated red hot favourites with the bookies: the All-Ireland champions are 2/5 with Wexford priced at 5/2. It's 10/1 the draw.
  • 16:56
    Looks like Wexford's Lee Chin has won the coin toss .... a crowd of around 16,000 expected for this hurling game in ideal condititions.
  • 16:58
    Must say, quite like the changed jerseys of yellow that Wexford are fashioning for this enounter ......
  • 17:02
    First blood to Galway .... Conor Cooney with a lovely point off his left. BTW Jonathan Glynn is in from the start for Galway.
  • 17:02
    90 seconds in and Conor Whelan fires to the net for Galway. They're on fire 1-1 to 0-0......
  • 17:04
    Teenager Rory O'Connor leads Wexford's response......he's dragged down on the endline by Jon Hanbuury   who gets a yellow card for his troubles. O'Connor though misses the free ...... Wexford heads reeling.
  • 17:04

    From the puck out, Conor Cooney gets possession and over it goes for another point.

    Galway 1-2, Wexford 0-0

  • 17:05
    Wexford look very unsettled ... Galway with a wind advanatge and making the most of it. Davy Fitz starting to get fired up a bit on the sideline.
  • 17:07

    A much more diffciult angle for Rory O'Connor but he points this free for Wexford's opening point.

    Galway 1-2 Wexford 0-1 (6 mins)

  • 17:09

    Joe Canning took a bit of a hit there as he pointed ....last year's hurler of the year looks in pain; certainly winded.

    Galway 1-3 Wexford 0-1

  • 17:11

    Good score from Wexford wing back Paudie Foley..... starting to get into the game a bit more.

    Galway 1-3 Wexford 0-2

  • 17:12
    Only 11 minutes in and another yellow card .... this time to Wexford's Matthew O'Hanlon
  • 17:12
    And Joe Canning - breathing okay again - taps over the free to increase Galway's lead to five points.
  • 17:13
    Referee Murphy is having quite the baptism to championship duty .... lots of pulling and dragging so far. Not free-flowing at all, at all.
  • 17:14

    Paul Morris gets Wexford's third point ..... this one from play.

    Galway 1-4 Wexford 0-3

  • 17:16

    Stop-start stuff ...... another Galway pointed free from Joe Canning after Wexford defence punished for off the ball infringement.


    And another yellow card. this time for Galway's Daithi Burke.

  • 17:17

    Rory O'Connor gets to his feet and points the free he won.


    Galway 1-5 Wexford 0-4

  • 17:18

    Conor Cooney's third point - all from play - makes hurling look a simple game. He's the go-to man so far for Galway.


    Galway 1-6 Wexford 0-4

  • 17:18

    Ahhh, that's a great point from Aidan Nolan from out the field for Wexford.


    Galway 1-6 Wexford 0-5

  • 17:19
    After that flying start from Galway, it looks as if Wexford have settled into the gam e. Crowd starting to find thier voices
  • 17:20
    Conor Whelan's point is met with a frustrated Davy Fitz throwing his hands into the air; much too easy for Galway's attackers.
  • 17:22

    Joe Canning has tapped over another pointed free for a six point lead .....referee brought up the ball after some chat back from Wexford players


    Galway 1-8 Wexford 0-5

  • 17:23
    Lee Chin has been moved into full-forward in a bid to get him into the game.
  • 17:25

    Great burst from teenager Rory O'Connor to point on the run ..... that's more like it from Wexford.

    Galway 1-8 Wexford 0-6

  • 17:28

    Wexford have hit six wides in the opening 26 minutes....Galway just two.

    And Conor Cooney shows lovely composure to pop over another point from play.


    Galway 1-9 Wexford 0-6

  • 17:28
    The puck out comes straight back ..... and David Burke's point increases Galway's lead to seven points.
  • 17:30

    Wexford are having to work hard for everything.... Rory O'Connor free keeps them in touch but they are finding it hard to get clean possession.


    Galway 1-10 Wexford 0-7

  • 17:33

    Joe Canning puts over a beautiful score from a sideline cut ..... and Wexford respond with a Paul Morris point. The niggly stuff seems to have gone from the game thankfully and more hurling that dragging now.


    Galway 1-11 Wexford 0-8

  • 17:37

    Some off the ball carry on and that's another yellow card for a Galway defender. Adrian Tuohy is the third man in the full-back line to get into referee Murphy's book for a tussle with Paul Morris.

  • 17:38
    Joseph Cooney - off his left - scores a nice point to increase Galway's lead to seven points. He is the fifth Galway player to score .... so far.
  • 17:40

    The last score of the first-half is a pointed free from Wexford's Rory O'Connor. It has been very comfortable so far for Galway, although Wexford will have the wind in their favour in the second half.


    Galway 1-12 Wexford 0-9

  • 17:45


    Galway are very good value for their six points lead at half-time. One of the high points of the half was Joe Canning's sideline cut for a point ..... the suspicion is that Davy Fitz is having a cut of his own at his team in the Wexford dressing room. Lee Chin especially has found it difficult to make any impression and if Wexford are to have any chance of a fightback they will need their talisman to catch fire.

  • 17:55

    Galway lead by six points at half-time but some other interesting stats from the first half:


    Galway 56 per cent possession against Wexford's 44 per cent


    Galway scored 13 times from 21 attempts; Wexford nine from 15


    But the most interesting of all is the number of hooks, blocks and tackles where Galway's physicality is evident: Galway made 29 such efforts compared to Wexford's 18.

  • 17:56
    The teams are re-emerging for the second-half. Galway first back out onto the field. Wexford need to create a few goal chances if they are to get going
  • 17:57

    And the first score goes to Galway's Conor Whelan .... he has done really well in the game so far.


    Galway 1-13 Wexford 0-9

  • 17:58
    You've got to admire Joe Canning's majesty ..... a second point of the game from a sideline cut. The man's a wonder.
  • 17:59

    Joe Canning ALMOST ALMOST scores a goal.....it whizzes wide. Damien Reck chased him down and is limping.


    Galway 1-14 Wexford 0-9

  • 18:01

    Aidan Nolan sparks some life into Wexford's challenge with a fine point.


    Galway 1-14 Wexford 0-10

  • 18:02
  • 18:03

    Joe Joe Joe ...... Joe Canning points another long distance free to edge Galway further clear.


    Galway 1-15 Wexford 0-10

  • 18:05

    Conor Whelan is fouled ..... not that Davy Fitz thinks that way. He is furious on the sideline as referee Murphy points towards the post. Joe Canning just does what Joes does and points it over the bar.


    Galway 1-16 Wexford 0-10

  • 18:07

    Yellow card for Wexford's Shaun Murphy ..... just not going Wexford's way. Joe Canning - 45 metres out - slots it over. One way traffic at the moment


    Galway 1-17 Wexford 0-10

  • 18:10

    Rory O'Connor is doing his best to ignite some fire into Wexford bellies ...... good point on the run from the teenager.


    Galway 1-17 Wexford 0-11

  • 18:13

    Galway goal keeper James Scahill took a knock on the knee ..... when he gets up he will find it is a Wexford freee.  


    And Rory O'Connor taps it over.


    Galway 1-17 Wexford 0-12



  • 18:14
    The Wexford supporters in the official attendance of 14,565 are looking for a goal from their men ..... it's just not coming as yet.
  • 18:15

    Johnny Glynn is getting treament .... doesn't look too good for the Galway man. Hamstring maybe?


    Jason Flynn is going to come on for him.

  • 18:18

    Joe Canning conjures up another brilliant score ..... flicks up the sliothar and uses his pace before firing over.


    Galway 1-18 Wexford 0-12

  • 18:19

    Canning can do it every way .... from play or from frees. This one is from a free as he increases Galway's lead with ease.


    Galway 1-19 Wexford 0-12

  • 18:21
    Wexford seem short of ideas and options ...... just can't cope at all with Galway's speed and physicality.
  • 18:23

    Small crumbs of comfort for Wexford as Rory O'Connor fires over a free..... they need more than points


    Galway 1-19 Wexford 0-13

  • 18:23
    The clock is ticking down ..... almost 62 minutes gone and Galway close to sealing their place in the Leinster final.
  • 18:24

    Another morsel for the Wexfordmen as Rory O'Connor - again - points from a free.


    Galway 1-19 Wexford 0-14

  • 18:25

    Niall Burke keeps   the scoreboard ticking over .... nice left side strike for a point

    Galway 1-20 Wexford 0-14

  • 18:26

    And captain David Burke adds to the Galway tally. Wexford struggling to make any impact.


    Galway 1-21 Wexford 0-14

  • 18:26
  • 18:27

    Joe Canning does what Joe Canning does best .... scores. Another pointed free for the 2017 hurler of the year.


    Crowd going very quiet


    Galway 1-22 Wexford 0-14

  • 18:29

    Rory O'Connor's free gives Wexford another point. The teenager has done well to stay focused but it has been an uphill battle right from the start.


    Galway 1-22 Wexford 0-15

  • 18:31
    Oh dear..... Joe Canning is on the ground and in what looks like serious pain. He's surrounded by the medical people. He gets up, gingerly, and he is going off. He is using his hurley as a crutch and that doesn't look good.
  • 18:32

    Adrian Tuohy gets a second yellow and that turns into red and he s off. Galway down to 14 men.


    There's five minutes added time but an hour wouldn't be enough for Wexford.

  • 18:34

    Jason Flynn catches a high ball and is fouled and takes the free himself.


    Galway 1-23 Wexford 0-16

  • 18:36

    The game is pettering out ....... Galway supporters now more concerned about Joe Canning's injury than the actual final score as Rory O'Connor taps over another Wexford pointed free.


    Galway   1-23 Wexford 0-17

  • 18:37

    It's all over and Galway have done what they wanted to do ..... led from the start with a quick fire opening goal and kept Wexford at hands length all the way.



    Galway 1-23 Wexford 0-17

  • 18:42

    Well, that was a hugely impressive performance from Galway ...... the All-Ireland champions look intent on keeping that crown and their third win from three in the Leinster Championship round-robin has eased them into the provincial final. The big worry will be the knee injury sustained by Joe Canning ...... but the good news is that the hurling genius was signing autographs for fans after the match.


    Wexford's next match is against Kilkenny which is efffectively a provincial semi-final. Davy Fitzgerald will know more than anyone that his team - with heavy legs - will need to find a fresh spring in their steps if they are to beat the Cats.


    Anway, Galway continue on their winning ways and will next face Dublin in their final group game with a place in the Leinster final already assured.