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Genevieve Carbery Wed, Dec 11
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  • 09:01
    No it’s not 2002 but maybe it feels like it as events in that Irish favourite of pacific islands, Saipan, are back in the headlines. Roy Keane last night admitted some regrets. He said he would like to have played in the World Cup and was looking for progress not perfection. He was speaking on the ITV4 documentary Keane and Vieira. It’s Genevieve Carbery here on the Daily Wire.
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    Ryanair's 'racy' calendar may have been banned in Spain but not to worry the Martyn Turner calendar is out with today's Irish Times. I'm already giggling my way through. February is my favourite so far. And as  it's that time of year when we all love charidee an eBay auction for Turner drawings for Simon and Concern has started on eBay with some bids in already. Also if you haven't seen our fab Turner silent interview video it's here. That's the Turner propaganda broadcast over for now :)
  • 09:23
    So the top ten most watched You-Tube videos in Ireland for 2013 are in. We're suckers for the lovely girls competition it seems. At number ten is the proposal to the New Orleans  Rose. She said yes in between all the 'oh my gods' but Uncle Daithi had to clarify. Watch here.
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    Ok one more.  Number eight Irish YouTube video is the Daft Punk dancing taxi driver on Dame Court. One of those glorious summer days produced this moment of spontaneous fun here. The dancing lady was later identified as Andrea Pappin – a spokeswoman for the Irish presidency of the EU. 
    What happened number nine? It was some Britain’s Got Talent dance routine nonsense. Here . 
  • 09:46
    Have you experienced Dublin’s latest craze known as ‘Dart hell’ in which the State seems to be testing just how many people can you pack into a train carriage? Well lots of people have been subject to this squashy new regime.  After many complaints  by the public there are to be increased intercity and Dart passenger safety inspections in the coming weeks, writes Fiach Kelly.  The railway safety commission is to discuss the issue with Irish Rail in the coming weeks.  Read it here.
  • 10:20
    Heads of the Central Remedial Clinic are before the Public Accounts Committte. You can watch here.  Mark Hilliard writes that ex-chief  Brian Conlan will be compelled to appear before a later meeting following his anticipated absence today. Conlon who resigned yesterday has repaid the HSE extra funding he received in excess of official guidelines. Carl O'Brien and Martin Wall write here.  No sign of him at the meeting.
  • 10:23
    Did you stop and reflect on the numerical amazingness at 10.09 today? I didn't either. One eagle-eyed reader in today's letter pages says: Today, the following time and date numerical sequence will occur at eight seconds past 10.09am: seconds 8; minutes 9, hours 10, day 11, month 12, year ’13. . Letter here.  Is that it for such sequences now we enter 2014?
  • 10:26
    CRC's director David Martin has read a letter from Des Peelo to the HSE in 2009 and says they explained and agreed salaries with the HSE.
  • 10:31
    We were treated to another incredible Dublin red sky this morning. Did you catch it?
  • 10:35
    Obama might be doing it but Jennifer O'Connell doesn't approve. It's the selfie. 
  • 10:40

    John McGuinness says would be better if ex-CRC chief Brian Conlon was there and not “playing a game” with the PAC. The committee can compel him to appear. 

  • 10:46
    Love/Hate inspired number 7 and 6 in the YouTube top ten. And no not that cat scene but two memes. One by the masters of viral promotion fon Burgundy here. The other an Irish emigrant in Canada wishing his mother happy birthday Nidge-style. Here.
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  • 10:59
    You could cut the tension with a knife at the Public Accounts Committee. TD Shane Ross doing what he does best - giving a fierce forensic grilling to the CRC guests.
  • 11:07
    Do you like breakfast rolls? Do you enjoy boogying the night away at Copper Face Jacks? Are you aged between 18 and 35 with a Leaving Cert? Well recruitment to An Garda Síochána will begin tomorrow, with an announcement expected at a passing out-service for Garda reservists in the Garda College, Templemore, Co Tipperary, Conor Lally writes. Vertically challenged people can also apply  as the  height requirement has been abolished, candidates must pass a physical competency test. The shopkeepers of Templemore must be thrilled.
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    It seems  to me what you’ve done here is given two fingers to the HSE and in order to bypass them gone to another source of funds  the donors never intended them to go to Mr Keily. Mr Nugent you should offer  your resignation.’ve let down the State, the taxpayer and friends of CRC-   Shane Ross says to Jim Nugent at the PAC.
  • 11:37
    This bit of brilliance by RTE’s Republic of Telly –‘ You know you’re Irish when’ is at number three in the top ten YouTube videos of the year.It includes classics like “Penney’s ten euro” and “Do you know how much that house was worth during the boom”.  Watch here. 
    We’re suckers for romance if this list is anything to go by a wedding speech by McFly lead singer Tom Fletcher  at 5 (watch here) and  at 4 the bizarre ‘How animals eat their food’. It’s received 88 million hits world wide. 88m! Watch here. 
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    He “was moving his hands around, but there was no meaning in what he used his hands for” so said the national director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa of the man doing sign language at Mandela's memorial yesterday. Read here.  
    It seems a further blip in a day which Peter Murtagh writes today "did not turn out quite as planned".  He writes "the stadium was about two-thirds full (rain may have deterred some) and much of the service was smothered in cat calls, booing and jeering at Mandela’s successor in title, current South African president Jacob Zuma,". Oh dear. 
  • 11:57
    “We should be at the airport rolling out the red carpet for these guys,” a senior adviser in the Nama's hotels division has said. He was highly critical of public criticism of international investors coming to Ireland to snap up property assets at low prices.  Nama controls 10,900 hotel rooms, which is close to a fifth of the country’s entire stock. More here. 
  • 12:11
    "On coming to the presidency, Mandela made a Faustian compromise: in return for the ending of institutionalised apartheid, he agreed to the continuance of economic apartheid," strong words from Vincent Browne. Meanwhile in South Africa
  • 12:27
    If you’re able to stop work and laugh for a minute then please watch this. I’m thrilled to see one of the Sminky shorts make it to number 2 in the YouTube top ten video list. These animated sketches from Cork make me laugh out loud like little else. The elephant short is a number two. Lots of the other Sminky shorts are just as excellent. Watch here. 
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  • 12:42
    Free hotel wifi is great right? Maybe not.  Hotels have been warned that security flaws in guest wifi could put personal and financial information of users  at risk . Cork IT security company Smartteech  claims that even a novice hacker would be able to collect email logins, credit card details, Facebook passwords, PayPal account details. Pamela Newenhan has more here.
  • 12:59
    The grilling of the CRC by the Dail's finest has just ended.  

    The chair of the CRC board said that the organisation is legally obliged to continue paying top-up allowances to senior staff at the organisation. A total of five staff are still receiving private allowances - totalling about €150,000 - which are part-funded by charitable donations. These payments are in addition to their State-funded salaries.  More here. 
  • 13:26
    We are to hear words of wisdom from our dear leader on Sunday when Taoiseach Enda Kenny is to make a state-of-the –nation style broadcast speech to mark Ireland’s exit from the bailout, Stephen Collins and Harry McGee write in today’s paper.
    RTE reports that it will be after the 9pm news. So would that be the same time the X-Factor winner is announced over on TV3 then?  Woops. 
  • 13:34
    Drumroll please. The number one YouTube video for 2013. In true YouTube form it is very deep and has no animals or silliness. Well maybe the opposite. It’s  The Fox (What does the fox say) by Norwegian comedy due Ylvis. Possibly the silliest and most enjoyable music video ever. Watch here.
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  • 13:43
    Contaminated water supply in 30 areas across the State householders are on “boil water” notices , according to the latest EPA report. Irish Water will have “a lot of work to do to provide safe and secure drinking water to the public,” the EPAdirector has said. Frank McDonald has more here. 
  • 13:55
    Martyn Turner’s drawings “contain lots of pencil lines, much Indian ink and extraneous other matter such as fingerprints, coffee stains and, possibly dog slobber (but don't fear, they are inoculated).”

    So the man himself has described the original drawings which have gone up for charity auction on eBay today.  His ‘History of Ireland in Four Phrases’ has already attracted 12 bids and is at €420.

    I earlier described them as prints (post now corrected) but I’m told prints “would be a much more antiseptic and pristine thing altogether. But not so much fun.” You can look here. 
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  • 14:20
    For pulling the papacy out of the palace and into the streets, for committing the world’s largest church to confronting its deepest needs and for balancing judgment with mercy, Nancy Gibbs  of Time explains the choice of Pope Francis here.   At number 3 is gay activist Edith Windsor, at 4 is Syria's Bashar Assad  at 5 is Ted Cruz - the Texan Republican senator blamed/credited with the shut down

  • 14:23
    To avoid surveillance, the first four Americans to visit Edward Snowden in Moscow carried no cell phones or laptops. They flew coach on Delta from Washington with tickets paid for by Dutch computer hackers. After checking into a preselected hotel not far from Red Square, they waited for a van to pick them up for dinner. So begins the article on the No 2. Time person of the year Edward Snowden. More here. 
  • 14:43
    Yet another twist in the Mandela memorial service, former archbishop Desmond Tutu’s home was robbed while he was at the service. And yet you probably had thought this photo would be the talking point. Look what happens when you put so many world leaders in the one place, they take a selfie and it's news.
  • 14:48
    Critics are already chastising Time for picking Pope Francis over Edward Snowden as person of the year. "Pope Francis is an important figure who has a significant effect on the news and the lives of millions of Catholics around the world. .... But Time's mandate for "Person of the Year" is to choose the person who "most influenced the news this year." And that person was Edward Snowden." the Washington Post writes. 
  • 15:14
    A deal between domestic godess Nigella Lawson and chatshow Queen Oprah Winfrey  wasdiscussed during the ongoing fraud court case in the UK today. Lawson's assistant has denied that the cook has signed a deal to speak with
    Oprah when the case is over. 
  • 15:23
    The CRC marathon continues
  • 15:40
    Perhaps more associated with scrooge, Ryanair is airline offering 3,000 children free flights to meet Santy in the sky as part of its new cuddly image. The 40 min flights are from Shannon.  Speaking of airlines and Christmas. A Canadian airline Westjet recently encouraged passengers to wish for their gifts at a virtual Santa booth in Toronto. While they were en route the airline staff bought them and gifts waited as they landed. Cheery Christmas PR. Watch here.
  • 15:57
    “Have I qualms? I have qualms about everything to do with this. Absolutely everything.” former CRC chief Paul Kiely told TDs today when asked if he had qualms over the fact that the lump sum was from charitable funds.

    Kiely received a lump sum of €200,000 from charitable donations when he retired earlier this year, it emerged today.
    Mr Kiely also received a salary of more than €240,000, which similarly was topped-up with charitable donations.

    Carl O'Brien, who really must have tired hands from covering this marathon meeting today, has more here.  
  • 15:59
    If you missed the ITV Roy Keane documentary last night, the once section you wanted to watch on Saipan has been posted on YouTube. Watch it here.  
  • 16:12
    Lots of photographs coming in of the queues to see Nelson Mandela’s body lying in state today something like the photos of the queues of voters when he was elected in 1994.
  • 16:27
    The bubonic plague is associated with the Middle Ages when it wiped out a third of the world's population - but it has killed 20 people on the African island of Madagascar - one of the worst outbreaks in years according to reports. More here.
  • 16:44
    The AFP photographer who took the photo of Obama taking a selfie (you follow?), has written a blog post, on the truth about  picture that launched a thousand shares, comments, likes, articles etc. Roberto Schmidt writes  when the photo was taken “ All around me in the stadium, South Africans were dancing, singing and laughing to honour their departed leader. It was more like a carnival atmosphere, not at all morbid. “
    “I later read on social media that Michelle Obama seemed to be rather peeved on seeing the Danish prime minister take the picture. But photos can lie. In reality, just a few seconds earlier the first lady was herself joking with those around her,” he  writes
  • 17:02
    So spending €199m more than you budgeted is deemed a “great result” these days. That’s according to Dr James Reilly as he confirmed that the HSE is to get a supplementary budget. It was only 1.5 per cent of an overrun and this reflected the ‘new control’ within the HSE.  A real corner turned or spinning like mad?You decide.  
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  • 17:12
    There's an amazing photograph of London skyscrapers peeking out of the fog tweeted today by the Metropolitan police helicopters. Wow. 
  • 17:26
    It’s like a scene from an idyllic holiday snap – the Obamas , the Bushes and the Clintons shared a lift to South Africa earlier this week on board Air Force One. Some shiny happy photos have been released. Not awkward at all.  
    Speaking of the Bushes, look who’s joined twitter. He’s 89!
  • 17:48
    So while the rest of the world is beginning to legalise same-sex marriage India has today recriminalised gay sex.

    The Supreme Court overturned aruling by the Delhi High Court in 2009 which had decriminalised consensual same-sex activity between adults. The Supreme Court said that Section 377 - which criminalises “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”- was constitutionally valid. What the?
    Lots of photos of large LGBT protests coming in from India. Quite astounding. 
  • 17:58
    Looks like we're in for some rain tonight but not too bad overall - mild and windy this evening with outbreaks of rain becoming widespread, lowest temperatures  8 to 11 degrees. That's it from me thanks for reading.