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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Fri, Aug 14
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    Good morning everyone and welcome to The Irish Times Leaving Cert helpdesk. Our expert guidance counsellors Brian and Deirdre will be here until 1pm to answer any questions you may have. You can also check www.irishtimes.com/results2015 for information on results, points, access, college life and more.
  • 11:01

    Good morning Brian & Deirdre. Can my daughter apply for Plc courses as this stage, she has not listed any on her cao application?

    Hi Maire, yes she can indeed apply for PLC courses now.   PLC courses are direct application courses and not part of the CAO system, so there is no connection between the systems.   I would suggest today is a good day to do some research and contact some PLC colleges if possible as they could be quite busy next week.     A good place to search for PLC courses is on www.Qualifax.ie

  • 11:02

    Hi can you estimate aprox how may points law plus will increase in ul

    Have a read of this article. Nothing is definite until Monday.

    Points are determined by supply and demand. Cut off points will then be dependent on CAO candidates points 2015 and the number of available places for Law in UL.


  • 11:05

    My daughter got 510 and has also qualified for DARE.
    What do you think are her chances of getting Biomedical Health and Life Sciences in UCD?
    Thank you

    I would be hopeful. It's a hard one to call. It really depends on how many DARE places will be available on this course and the points gotten by other DARE candidates that are showing an interest in this course also.

    I wish her the best and hope that she gets it.

  • 11:07

    My son wants to do Forensic & Environmental Chemistry in DIT and got 365 points - this course was 345 last year so how would you rate his chances - I know there's no certainty until Monday.

    Have a look at this article. I would be confident that he will get it but again nobody knows for definite until Monday.



    The best of luck.

  • 11:10

    Has my daughter any chance to get offer with 320 /3HB3, OC2,OC3,HD2 / points to fine art /+300 points/   DIT or to BIMM / +420 points/? She is also DARE and HEAR applicant. LC is her big victory because her healthy

    Apologies but I don't fully understand your question. Are you saying that she scored 300 points on her portfolio for DIT and 420 for BIMM?

    Well done.

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    Good morning. My daughter got 425 points but she's short 10 points based on last year. Her likely offer is a level 6. Would it be better to do a FETEC course rather than accept it?

    Can the level 6 progress to a level 8 Honours degree? Will it take much longer going that route than it would if she started straight into a level 8 course?

    A FETAC course gives one a good base and they get to spend a year studying a particular area. This gives them a feel for it and will help make a more informed decision before they continue on and invest another four years in that area of study. Most FETAC courses involve work experience which too helps make a more informed decision.

    Does that help answer your question? Get back on if you need more help.

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    Sorry, I forgot to write, that 300 points at DIT and 420 points at BIMM are from her portfolios.

    This should give her a total of 620 for DIT. Points do go up and down but a forty point drop is quite a bit.

    BIMM- commerical modern music? Points for this course last year were #850. Again quite a substantial drop would be needed.

    Nobody will know for definite until Monday. i am just going on last years trend.

    I hope things work out for you.

  • 11:38

    Hello Brian, I received 465 in my LC and my 1st choice was UCD Arts. Is it likely that I'll get my 1st choice? Also, I want to appeal my history because I got a B3, my first, and I was an A student for 2 years. Can I convert this into an A?

    Hi Conor, on 465 you are almost certain to get an offer of Arts in UCD given the cut off points for this course last year was 340.   In relation to the History I would recommend applying to view your scripts by getting your personalised form back to your school by Tuesday the 18th.   Here you will be able to see exactly what happened, where you lost marks and whether you think it would be worth your while appealing the result.   If you can, try to bring your teacher with you who would be very clued into the marking scheme and what is required.

  • 11:40

    Hi, this is a great service to allay some of this weekend's anxiety.
    My daughter has 724 points total. How likely is she to get an offer of medicine ?

    Take a look at this article. Going on last years she would of been offered Medicine in Galway. Lets hope that it doesn't rise.


  • 11:47

    Is there a good chance that a deferral request to a course such as BESS in Trinity will be accepted?

    Generally, colleges try to facilitate students with deferral requests, as there are a myriad of reasons why students may not be able to take up their places straight away - health issues, financial issues, family issues, etc. My advice would be to ring the admissions office immediately and speak to them about deferrals.   Have your reasons thought through clearly and seek their advice before you go through the official deferral proceedure as laid out on the CAO website.   Just remember with deferrals, you must only put that one deferred course on your CAO form next year in order to be guaranteed your place.   If you put any other courses on the form you will loose your deferred place.

  • 11:56

    My daughter got 420 points and her first choice is a business studies course in DCU which was 455 last year, she also qualifies as a HEAR applicant - is it likely she will get this course.

    Take a look at the following article www.irishtimes.com/news/education/leaving-cert-will-cao-points-go-up-or-down-for-the-course-you-want-1.2316468

    It's too difficult to say for definite as it all depends on the number of HEAR places available on that course and the points that other HEAR candidtes wishing to do that course have. HEAR candidates compete against each other for the HEAR places.

    I hope you get in. The very best of luck.

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    What if my daughter appeals a paper, is offered a course and accepts before being told in October she has actually gone down in her points. Does that then affect the course she recieved and is mostly likely already in college?

    The colleges reserve the right to remove a place from someone who is not entitled to it.   If your daughter's points went down in the appeals then technically she may be less entitled to her place on the course than some other student who has applied to that course.   This is why I strongly recommend that students view their exam scripts before appealing, as they can get a sense if they are borderline going down a grade rather than going up.

  • 12:13

    My daughter received 370 points in her LC. She has applied for Arts in Maynooth which I understand has a requirement of 350 points - can we assume she will be offered the course in the first round?

    Yes, I think that is a reasonable assumption.   I don't see the points for Arts in Maynooth going up beyond 370 but again there is no certainty in this.   As Brian Mooney says in his article today www.irishtimes.com/news/edu... first-choice applications for arts/social science are down 1.5 per cent to 16,622, so the huge numbers of students seeking places on these programmes should see points remaining stable on Monday.   This looks good for your daughter.

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  • 12:14

    What are the predictions for DC127 Actuarial, Financial and Mathemical Sciences in DCU this year, min points last year were 480?

    This course jumped a lot in 2014. Take a look at this article

    I would be hopeful but nothing is definite until Monday.


  • 12:19

    Hi, my son got 460 in LC and has marion as 1 and Pats as 2 , do you think he will be offered either

    Please take a look at this article

    It will be tight but hopefully things will go his way.


  • 12:23

    My son got 480 but is having some papers rechecked. If he gets an uplift and then gets enough points for a course he was not offered based on his current points will be offered a place subsequently?

    Yes, the best way to explain this is to say that any increassed points your son may get in October are backdated to round one offers day and any course he would have been entitled to then he must be offered in October.   If the college cannot offer a place in October because they are full then a deferred place must be offered for the following year.

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    Hi.I have 535 points and my first choice is human health and disease in TCD (530) , do you think points will rise in that course as I haven't heard many people applying for it? My second choice is science which is 515 , am I safe with that? Thank you

    Hi Gabby, unfortunately as much as I would like to give you strong reassurance here, I'm afraid I can't.   We really have no definitive way of knowing what the situation is with individual courses.   The admissions officers are currently down in Galway going through the allocation process and until Monday I'm afraid it's a waiting game.   I wish you the best of luck.


  • 12:39

    If I accept a L6 course in Business in DIT can I progress onto a L8 course in DIT or another college and what is the situation regarding fees?

    All level 6 Business courses can lead to level 8. You get a maximum under the free fees initative. Level 6 (2 yrs) then into yr 2 of level 8 (3 yrs)= 5 yrs. So no charge.
    If your scores are high from your level 6 then you can transfer into yr 3 of the level 8 but that's only four years so still no charge.
    So either way you shouldn't be charged fees.
  • 12:44

    My daughter got 460. She has not enough points for first 2 choices. Her third choice is international languages DN541. could points increase or decrease?   Could she be offered this course in round 1 of offers.

    Yes. points for courses can increase or decrease from year to year depending on the number of applicants, their results and the number of places.   In 2015 entry last year the final cut off points for this course were 465, so if the points drop by five this year then she may be offered a place in round one.   Just a note to say that the points for this course were 475 in round one last year so it may take one or two rounds for the points to drop if they are going to.

  • 12:46

    Hi, Is Business in UL likely to increase this year - was at 405 last year

    Unfortunately as much as I would like to give you strong reassurance here, I'm afraid I can't.   We really have no definitive way of knowing what the situation is with individual courses.   The admissions officers are currently down in Galway going through the allocation process and until Monday I'm afraid it's a waiting game.   I wish you the best of luck.

    Have a read of this article



  • 12:54

    hi.   My son is hoping to do Ag Science in UCD which was 465 points last year and he achieved 440 points this year.   During the year he captained a County Minor Football team which may have affected performance.   Is there anything he can do about this?

    Unfortunately not.   His only hope is that the points this year for the Ag Science course will drop to 440 or below and then he may get an offer.   The feeling is that Ag. Science may drop this year but by how much is the question.   Best of luck.

  • 12:58

    I got 410 have physcology number 1 and social science number 2.. I have absolutely no.interest in social science is it possible to do a different course I Also am considered for dare

    You will be offered the first course on your list in which you meet the cut off points and the minimum entry requirements. Once offered this course all other courses below it become obsolete. You might get an offer from your level 6/7 list also.

    In round 2 you can only get an offer on a course that is higher up on your CAO form than the course that you had been originally offered. This will happen if the points go down in round 2.

    Hope that this answers your question.

  • 13:01

    Is there anywhere I can find the first round points for TSM combinations in Trinity for 2014?   All I seem to be able to find are the final minimum points for TSM

    I suggest that you contact admissions TCDnand ask them. It's not available. Only the final cut off points seems to be available.

  • 13:05

    Hi. My son got 465. He qualified for DARE. Do you think he could be offered engineering in UCD. Thanks.

    I would be hopeful but unfortunately there is no way of knowing for sure until Monday. It really depends on how many DARE places will be available on this course, how many successful DARE applicants there are for this course and the points of these DARE candidates.   We don't have this information so it is very difficult to predict what is going to happen when it comes to DARE.  

  • 13:06

    Are points for Ag Science in UCD likely to drop?   Would 19% drop in applications result in fewer courses being set or would points needed drop accordingly?

    There has been no decrease to the supply of Ag Science courses  but I do not know if the number of places offered on each course will remain the same, go up or go down. A change in this will affect points.

    Although there has been a decrease in applicants it could still be oversubscribed and we don't know the points of interested applicants.

    A fall in demand is always a good thing but is the drop big enough to affect points? Nobody will know for definite until Monday

  • 13:08

    Hi, my daughter has 724 points. The Hpat med-entry people are saying the 2015 scores "seem' down a little on 2014 results, and that the points for medicine should hold or even drop a little. What are your thoughts on this ?

    Please have a read of this article. Galway was 721 last year. She may still get this even if points were to increase by 15.


  • 13:10

    Hi, I got 385 points and I was just wondering would I have any hope of getting DN511 (English) as Arts courses are on a downward trend?

    Hi Ellen, unfortunately we have no way of knowing what is going to happen with individual courses and their cut off points.   Even though the trend in applications for Arts related courses seems to suggest a drop in interest we don't know how this will impact on individual courses cut off points.   I'm afraid it is just a waiting game until 6am on Monday morning.   Best of luck.

  • 13:10

    My daughter got 390points in her LC and was hoping to do commerce in NUIG which was 380
    points last year, do you think she will be ok

    Unfortunately as much as I would like to give you strong reassurance here, I'm afraid I can't.   We really have no definitive way of knowing what the situation is with individual courses.   The admissions officers are currently down in Galway going through the allocation process and until Monday I'm afraid it's a waiting game.   I wish you the best of luck.

    Have a read of this article



  • 13:17
    That's it for today folks. Our Leaving Cert helpdesk will open again at 9am on Monday to answer all your CAO and Leaving Cert questions. In the meantime you can see what other people have asked our helpdesk at www.irishtimes.com/results2015 and also get advice, analysis and information on college life and courses. Have a lovely weekend.