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One story will dominate the Daily Wire today. The death of Nelson Mandela. Conor Pope will curate

Conor Pope Fri, Dec 6
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    A sad day following a sad night. Good morning, I'm Conor Pope and there is only one story likely to dominate the first part of the day. The death of Nelson Mandela.
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    The fight against apartheid in posters.
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    It says in the papers
    It says in the papers
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    And what it says in more of the papers
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    "My very first political action was a protest against apartheid". Obama on the death of "this extraordinary man".

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    I bought this on seven inch a long, long, long time ago. 

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    In the stories, the operas, the histories and the parables, the prisoners blink in the sunlight as they emerge from the dark dungeon, unable to face with fully open eyes the torrent of sensations rushing towards them. In Plato’s famous allegory, long imprisonment is a metaphor for the mind’s inability to look at reality. The prisoners are chained up with their backs to the light and unable to turn their heads, so that all they see, projected on the wall they face, are shadows, distortions and illusions. Yet, in apartheid South Africa, the metaphor could be reversed. The prison was the reality, and the world outside was the flickering, distorted shadow of human truth.

    So, Nelson Mandela emerged unblinking, able to look full-on at all the colours under the sun.

    Fintan O'Toole at his best this morning.
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    “Why are we so bereft? Because he was the best of us, the best of our values. As we mourn the passing of this extraordinary man, and young people around the world feel a particular sense of loss, we can honour him best by giving of ourselves to others,” Mary Robinson 
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    “History stops, kneels and bows its head. His like is rare in all of human history. What a man. I knew him. We all did. How lucky we are that there was such a man”. Bob Geldof
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    “Nelson Mandela was a towering figure and an inspiration to freedom loving people the world over.” Gerry Adams
    “Nelson Mandela had a truly global presence. We all feel part of his extended worldwide family, sharing in the sadness at his death and the celebration of his life”. Eamon Gilmore 
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    Seamus Martin was charged with writing the obituary for this newspaper. Nelson Rolihlala Mandela was arguably the most respected statesman the world has seen since the end of the second World War. His dignity, his determination to achieve democracy for his country and his lack of vindictiveness, when in power, to those who had kept him in prison for 27 years, made him unique in international politics.
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    Our world is a better place for having had a Nelson Mandela, and we in South Africa are that bit better. How wonderful if his successors were to emulate him and if we were to value the great gift of freedom he won for us at the price of so much suffering. We thank God for you, Madiba. May you rest in peace and rise in glory.
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    Marie Heavy heart now that he has gone. Long live Mandela
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    When the BBC cut away from the Antiques Roadshow to broadcast the release of Mandela live, 500 people complained. 


    I'd say they were all lovely.
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    Nice post on Broadsheet...  

    Just three Irish players boycotted this country's 1981 tour to South Africa.
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    ‘It was as if he was born to teach the age a lesson in humility, in humour and above all else in patience.
    In the end, Nelson Mandela showed us how to love rather than hate, not because he had never surrendered to rage or violence, but because he learnt that love would do a better job.  Mandela played with the highest stakes.  He put his family, his country, his time, his life on the line, and he won most of these contests. Stubborn til the end for all the right reasons, it felt like he very nearly outstared his maker.
    Today, finally, he blinked. And some of us cry, knowing our eyes were opened to so much because of him.’ Bono
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    ESB unions warn that "all ESB generated power will be off the bars from 8am on 16th December"...

    And a Happy Christmas to them too.
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    ESB unions statement in full;

    Due to ESB’s false accounting and statement of intent regarding the staff’s Defined Benefit pension  scheme a strong mandate for industrial action has been received from a ballot of the staff affected. 

    The Unions that comprise the ESB Group of Unions have formed a Dispute Committee to execute on  the ground the mandate of the membership and have decided the following: 

     The industrial dispute to commence at 8:00 am on Monday 16 December 2013 
    will take the form of an all out dispute (full withdrawal of labour and the placing 
    of pickets) involving all unionised staff who are members of the Defined Benefit 
    pension scheme.  
    All ESB generated power will be off the bars from 8:00 am on Monday 16th 

    Due regard has, and will continue to be, given to matters concerning public, staff and environmental  health and safety. Therefore, where applicable and to be decided by the Dispute Committee,  emergency cover for fault and repair services will be provided. 
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    A teenage girl has died in a freak accident in South Wales while helping her dad search for Christmas decorations in the attic of her home.  Georgia  Marshall, 13, from Barry, south Wales, was reportedly electrocuted by a metal ladder which inadvertently touched a live wire.  She was holding the step ladder while her father Richard, 54, searched for a box of Christmas decorations, the BBC has reported. 
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    Developer Sean Dunne has lost his High Court bid to overturn his Irish bankruptcy but will separately apply next week to challenge the seizure by the Official Assignee in bankruptcy of property from a luxury house in the K Club Co Kildare.
    Mr Justice Brian McGovern today ruled the Irish bankruptcy, initiated by Ulster Bank a month before Mr Dunne filed for bankruptcy in the US and adjudicated last July, was valid. Ulster Bank and the National Assets Management Agency both opposed Mr Dunne’s bid to overturn his Irish bankruptcy.
    The judge rejected arguments by Mr Dunne the bankruptcy should be set aside on the basis he is domiciled in the US.

    The judge said he had particular regard to an email by Mr Dunne to Ulster Bank in November 2010 stating unambiguously: “My Domicile is Ireland.” Mr Dunne had not sought to resile from, clarify or explain that statement, he said.
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    The death toll from hurricane-force Storm Xaver sweeping across northern Europe rose to six when high winds hurled a tree limb against a car, killing three people, local emergency services said. Xaver blasted into northern Europe late last after disrupting transport and power in northern Britain and flooding east coast areas in what meteorologists said could prove the worst storm to hit the continent in years.
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    Would you like to see 18 odd things that happened on the London Underground this year? You would? Done. 
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    Nelson Mandela's funeral will be on Sunday December 15th says South Africa's President Jacob Zuma.
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    Alexander Blackman, the British Marine convicted of murdering an Afghan insurgent has just been sentenced to life in prison with minimum 10 year term
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    Gardaí are trying to establish if the convicted drug dealer John Gilligan escaped being shot yesterday afternoon when a would-be attacker targeted the wrong pub, writes Conor Lally. 

    Armed detectives responded to reports of an incident at the Halfway House pub in Ashtown, north Dublin, when a man wearing a motorbike helmet entered the premises.

    The man walked around, apparently armed and looking for somebody but when he was unable to find him fled the scene on a motorbike.

    The gardaí who responded to the incident chased a man on a motorbike into nearby Finglas but were unable to bring him to a stop. A handgun was thrown from the bike and was taken away by detectives for examination.

    Gardai are working on the theory that the suspect on the motorbike believed John Gilligan was in the Halfway House and wanted to shoot him.

    However, it is believed the recently freed gang leader was in another public house less than a mile away. The incident occurred at around 4pm.