All-Ireland SHC final: Galway v Waterford

Galway end 29-year wait for All-Ireland senior hurling title with win over Waterford

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Sep 3
LIVE: All-Ireland SHC final: Galway v Waterford

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    Hello and Welcome . . . It's All-Ireland hurling final Sunday, and the streets of north Dublin are aflush with maroon, blue and white. Whose famine will end first? Galway haven't won it since 1988, Waterford's last triumph was way back in 1959. Either way, it's going to be special.

    All the action right here, so be sure to get in touch throughout - via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon). So, let's get started!
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    Galway beating Cork 2-17 to 2-15 in the minor final. Meaning that the double is on!
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    All-Ireland SHC final
    Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, 3.30pm
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    Team news (match programme):
    GALWAY: Colm Callanan; Adrian Tuohy, Daithi Burke, John Hanbury; Padraic Mannion, Gearoid McInerney, Aidan Harte; Johnny Coen, David Burke; Joseph Cooney, Joe Canning, Jonathan Glynn; Conor Whelan, Conor Cooney, Cathal Mannion.

    WATERFORD: Stephen O'Keeffe; Shane Fives, Barry Coughlan, Noel Connors; Tadhg de Burca, Austin Gleeson, Philip Mahony; Jamie Barron, Kieran Bennett; Kevin Moran, Pauric Mahony, Jake Dillon; Shane Bennett, Michael Walsh, Darragh Fives.
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    Plenty of pre-match reading for you all there. Nicky English predicts a Galway win - they've been the best team all year he says - and Malachy Clerkin has an excellent piece with Waterford manager Derek McGrath.
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    No changes to the Galway team. They play as selected. As do Waterford. 15 minutes 'till throw in
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    This week's GAA Statistics column, looking how Galway have transformed into a huge team! Average height of 6 1
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    Five minutes 'till throw in!
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    Galway 0-1 Waterford 0-0 (1') Galway win the throw in, work it to Joe Canning. He rides three tackles and points from distance. One Canning was man of the match in the minor final already today, what a start by Joe!
  • 15:32
    Galway 0-3 Waterford 0-0 (2') It all opens up in front of Johnny Coen, he keeps going and doubles on it over the bar. Joseph Cooney follows up with another. Galway have exploded into this
  • 15:33
    Galway 0-4 Waterford 0-0 (3') Conor Whelan turns over Noel Connors, works it back to Cathal Mannion who scores a lovely point falling back
  • 15:34
    GOALLLL!! Waterford! What a start to this All-Ireland hurling final!
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    Galway 0-4 Waterford 1-0 (4') Waterford's first attack and Kevin Moran peels away down the left and buries a brilliant goal into the bottom left corner
  • 15:35
    Galway 0-5 Waterford 1-0 (5') We haven't had a wide yet in this game. Conor Cooney gets Galway's fifth point
  • 15:38

    Galway 0-6 Waterford 1-0 (6') The stadium rises in appreciation of the late great Tony Keady in the sixth minute...

    David Burke is all on his own on the right wing, trots infield and gets his first point. A lot said pre-match about the scoring power of Waterford's midfield - both Galway's midfielders on the scoresheet already

  • 15:39

    Galway 0-6 Waterford 1-1 (8')  Pauric Mahony's first free is a tricky one out by the left sideline. No problem to him though, still no wide from either side in a thrilling start!

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    Galway 0-6 Waterford 1-2 (9') That man again, the lion that is Kevin Moran. He drills a point over from the left sideline. 1-1 from him already


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    Galway have played all the hurling but lead by only a point
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    Jamie Barron with a poor wide, first of the game!
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    Galway 0-8 Waterford 1-2 (12')  Galway up by two now. Some lovely short interplay to work it out of their defence, before Cathal Mannion is freed up to drill it over. Joe Canning then adds another

  • 15:44

    Galway 0-9 Waterford 1-2 (14')  Conor Cooney's second point followed up by Waterford's second wide (Austin Gleeson). Lovely sidestep and over the shoulder shot by Cooney

  • 15:46

    Galway 0-9 Waterford 1-3 (16')  Absolutely savage work by Brick Walsh to win the ball and lay it off to Pauric Mahony, he gets his first point from play

  • 15:48

    Galway 0-9 Waterford 1-4 (17')  The stalwarts leading the way for the Deise. Brick points from the right sideline, brilliant score!

  • 15:50

    Galway 0-10 Waterford 1-4 (20')  Austin Gleeson lines up a sideline cut, but underhits it. From the counter Galway captain David Burke nails his second point.

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    Galway 0-10 Waterford 2-4 (21')  Ball drops into the square, Shane Bennett somehow gets a flick on to it as it bounces up into Colm Callanan. A very scrappy goal to concede and one that Waterford badly needed. Level game!

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    Bennett picked up an injury scoring the goal, so in comes Maurice Shanahan. Some man to bring on
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    Daithi Burke has been solid as a rock at fullback for Galway, but Maurice will ask different questions of him. First ball in and the latter wins it, but Burke flicks it away and Galway swarm around
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    Galway 0-11 Waterford 2-4 (28')  Welcome to the Joe Show. He's been quiet in general play so far, but Joe Canning's 0-2 (from play) becomes 0-3 thanks to a beautiful sideline cut.

  • 16:00

    Galway 0-12 Waterford 2-5 (29')  Pauric Mahony responds with a free on the left, before Conor Whelan latches on to a clever David Burke pass and points from the left corner. End to end

  • 16:02

    Galway 0-13 Waterford 2-5 (31')  Joseph Cooney has been excellent so far. He cuts out Darragh Fives' pass, bursts though the middle and floats over a beauty

  • 16:05

    Galway 0-13 Waterford 2-6 (33')  Jamie Barron has a huge chance, but spurns it. Waterford win it back - Gleeson shows maturity to pass rather than shoot, and he sets up Barron again - and second time of asking he makes no mistake.  

    Three minutes of first half additional time to be played

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    Pauric Mahony's free from halfway is inches wide. Galway still one point ahead
  • 16:07

    Galway 0-13 Waterford 2-7 (36')  Another Jamie Barron point, he's really grown into this match and is bossing the middle sector here now. On to every second ball. Level game again

  • 16:08

    Galway 0-14 Waterford 2-7 (38')  Joe Canning floats a free over. His fourth point of the half. Two from play, one free, and one sideline

  • 16:12

    HT Galway 0-14 Waterford 2-7 All but Johnny Glynn have scored for Galway from midfield up. They've played all the hurling but lead by only one point. Waterford will be delighted at half time.

    Galway do not look like scoring a goal, and a lot of their ball to their inside forwards has been poor. Waterford meanwhile have been clinical, they are solid at the back and the likes of Jamie Barron and Gleeson (who had a very mature first 35 minutes) are growing into it.

    Overall it's been an absorbing first half of hurling, some incredible scores. More of the same in the second please!

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    First half scorers

    Galway: J Canning 0-4; J Cooney, C Mannion, C Cooney, David Burke 0-2 each; J Coen, C Whelan 0-1 each.

    Waterford: K Moran 1-1; P Mahony 0-3, K Bennett 1-0; J Barron 0-2; M Walsh 0-1

  • 16:23
    Fitting tribute to the great Tony Keady at half time!
  • 16:25

    Galway 0-14 Waterford 2-7 (35') Second half underway. Waterford win the throw in but Shanahan is unable to convert a half goal chance

  • 16:27

    Galway 0-14 Waterford 2-8 (37') Adrian Tuohey caught for overcarrying. Mahony nails the resultant free for the first point of the second half

  • 16:29

    Galway 0-15 Waterford 2-8 (38') Great run by Conor Whelan along the inline. He's fouled and Joe Canning gets his second pointed free (0-5 for him in all)

  • 16:30
    Maurice causing havoc but again fails to convert. With men dragging out of him he shoots wide. He's missed 1-1 so far, but created both chances with pure brute strength
  • 16:31

    Galway 0-15 Waterford 2-9 (40') The outstanding Jamie Barron sets up Pauric Mahony for his second point from play

  • 16:32

    Galway 0-15 Waterford 2-10 (40')  Yellow card for David Burke, nasty hit there. Mahony sends the resultant free over the black spot. Deise lead for the first time

  • 16:33
    Niall Burke on for Johnny Glynn, that gamble hasn't worked too well.
  • 16:34

    Galway 0-16 Waterford 2-10 (43')  Joe Canning levels matters with a close in free for Galway. Before a brilliant block by Gearoid McInerney on Austin Gleeson. The Galway centre back tends to come into games in the second half

  • 16:35

    Galway 0-17 Waterford 2-11 (45')  Pauric Mahony again, this time from play, but David Burke bites back with his third point

  • 16:36

    Galway 0-17 Waterford 2-12 (46')  Pauric Mahony with a free to give Waterford the lead again, and they are on top here. Galway making errors and looking a little flat

  • 16:38

    Galway 0-18 Waterford 2-12 (48')  Pauric Mahony finds Kevin Moran with a wonderful pass, but he hits a bad wide. Next attack and Niall Burke points. So every Galway forward and midfielder on the field right now has scored

  • 16:39

    Galway 0-19 Waterford 2-12 (49')  Two in a row for Niall Burke. Galway back in front  

  • 16:40

    Galway 0-20 Waterford 2-12 (50')  Joe Canning drives over a free from halfway. Bullets it over, sweetest of connections

  • 16:42

    Galway 0-21 Waterford 2-13 (51') What a game David Burke is having. He snaps up the breaking ball and floats over his fourth point. Substitute Brian O'Halloran gets in on the act then with a beauty from the left sideline

  • 16:45

    Galway 0-21 Waterford 2-14 (54')  Maurice Shanahan left one on one inside, Daithi Burke takes a chance but can't hold it. Shanahan snaps up the break but is pulled down by Coen before he can get in on goal. Mahony nails the free. Cynical but neccessary

  • 16:46

    Galway 0-22 Waterford 2-14 (55')  Impact straight off the bench. Jason Flynn comes on, wins it inside and points on the turn

  • 16:49

    Galway 0-22 Waterford 2-15 (58')  The subs on both sides have been brilliant. This time Tommy Ryan - just on for Brick Walsh who as always had given his all - skins his man down the left sideline and doubles over the bar

  • 16:51

    Galway 0-23 Waterford 2-15 (60')  Questionable free for Galway, but with Joe Canning standing over it the end result was never in question. Galway two up into the final 10 minutes

  • 16:52

    Galway 0-25 Waterford 2-15 (60')  Conor Cooney has had a quiet second half but what a score. Falling over he points from 50m. Jason Flynn then gets his second and all the momentum is with Galway

  • 16:56
    Galway four up, five minutes of normal time left, and Waterford abandon their sweeper and go man for man. All as Gleeson sends a sideline left of the posts and wide. Still no score for him
  • 16:57

    Galway 0-25 Waterford 2-15 (67')  Long range free missed by Pauric Mahony. Waterford need someone to stand up here and provide some magic, running out of time

  • 16:58

    Galway 0-25 Waterford 2-16 (68')  Another free from distance, but this time Mahony nails it. Shane Maloney is on for David Burke on the Galway team

  • 16:59

    Galway 0-26 Waterford 2-16 (69')  Niall Burke is fouled under the puckout, Canning slots the free. Four point game again

  • 16:59
    There will be at least four minutes of additional time to be played
  • 17:01

    Galway 0-26 Waterford 2-17 (71')  Waterford looking for the advantage, but they must be content with a pointed free from Mahony. Three in it again

  • 17:01
    Gleeson takes on a free from his own halfback line and sends it wide. Maurice not impressed. Silly decision
  • 17:02
    Two minutes left. Galway three up
  • 17:03
    Tommy Ryan goes for goal from 20m but it's blocked and cleared
  • 17:03
    Waterford have a free out in their fullback line. One more chance. They need a goal
  • 17:04
    It's off a Waterford stick and out for a Galway sideline. They take their time
  • 17:04
    That's it. Galway are All-Ireland champions for the first time since 1988
  • 17:10

    So that's that . . . What a game! Galway fully deserving champions. Especially in the first half they were by far the better team and Waterford's two goals against the run of play kept them in it. Derek McGrath's young team will come again, the likes of Austin Gleeson didn't get going at all.

    But this was Galway's day, and for them, the years of hurt are over!

    Match report and analysis to follow, thanks for joining us.

    FT Galway 0-26 Waterford 2-17


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