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Conor Pope Fri, Dec 20
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  • 08:43
    Turns out the whole eurozone crisis was our fault, after all.

    That's according to European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso.

    Last night he was asked whether Ireland should be entitled to retroactive debt relief.

    He said the problems that appeared in Ireland were not created by the European Union.

    “In fact it was the Irish banks that created a big problem for Ireland but also the other countries in the euro area. This should be taken into consideration.

    Of course, if Ireland had burned those European bondholders who gambled huge sums on Irish banks with the tacit approval of their own governments, then we'd not need any class of "retroactive debt relief", would we Manuael?
  • 08:43
    More than 80 people were injured in a packed London theatre last night when part of the ceiling collapsed during a performance.
    The audience at the Apollo Theatre, where about 720 people including many families were watching the hugely popular play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, was showered debris.
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    Good morning, I am Conor Pope and I will be attending to your daily news needs throughout this Friday, the last one before Christmas. 

    Ho. Ho. And Ho.
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    Call orange called orange we have our cold boring weather alert Right well so much for voice recognition... That was supposed to read: "Code orange. Code orange. We have a code orange weather alert." If you are not up to speed on our weather codes yet, orange means high winds and loads of rain with a risk of flooding.
  • 09:19
    Marie Fleming, who earlier this year lost a landmark Supreme Court right-to-die challenge, has died. Ms Fleming (59), who lived in Co Wicklow, suffered from multiple sclerosis for some 35 years. She sought orders permitting her to be lawfully assisted to have a peaceful and dignified death at a time of her choice without the risk of prosecution for anyone who helped her. After her case was rejected by the High Court, the seven judge Supreme Court ruled the right to life under the Constitution “does not import a right to die” in what it described as a “very tragic case”.
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    Message from Bank of Ireland: "An incoming payment file into BOI was delayed overnight.Credits due this AM to be applied later today.Thanks for patience.Updates to follow..."
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    Bank of Ireland have been in touch to say the problems with its systems have now been resolved.

    As you were, then.
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    He was never, he admits, a major fan of what became known as “the granny rule” when he was a player, but Martin O’Neill is a practical man, reluctant to be viewed as “foolish” for failing to recruit talent to the Irish cause so he will pursue new recruits in the new year, he confirmed yesterday, but won’t be begging anybody to join the cause.

    I enjoyed this interview with Martin O'Neill,
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  • 11:06
    This is most likely my last live blog of 2013 so it would be remiss of me not to spend most of the day reminiscing about the  year gone by.

    This may or may not be code for "during the quiet bits of the day I plan to populate the blog with random clips from the year that was.

    One of the big stories of the early part of the year was the arrest of Oscar Pistorius.

    Many of the photographs that came out of the courthouse during the pre-trial hearings were remarkable.... Here's a remnider. 

  • 11:30
    North Korea has used a weapon of fax destruction against its nearest neighbout.
    South Korea’s Defense Ministry said today it had recieved a fax from the North’s National Defense Commission addressed to the South’s presidential office warning that a “merciless” attack would come without warning. 
    The fax objected to the “repeated extra-large provocations to North Korea’s highest dignity taking place in the middle of Seoul” and warned of “a merciless retaliation without warning".

  • 12:06
    The Nama boys are appearing before the Public Accounts Committee this morning. Chairman Frank Daly and chief executive Brendan McDonagh, and Department of Finance secretary general John Moran are  on Kildare St as claims of wrongdoing at the toxic debt agency circulate widely

  • 12:08
    What is WRONG with people?

    A young man had part of his ear bitten off during an assault in Cork this morning. The student (22), was injured after a row broke out in a fast food restaurant in South Main Street at about 2.45am and spilled out on to the street. The emergency services were alerted and the man was waiting for an ambulance when gardaí arrived on the scene and discovered him in a highly distressed state. He was rushed to Cork University Hospital where surgeons have been working to try and re-attach the severed part of his ear.
  • 12:11
    Dream on.

    There'll be no white Christmas this year.

    Met Éireann has said that the best we can look forward to is “very disturbed” weather throughout the week "There will be episodes of colder maritime airs over Ireland and these could give us a few wintry showers,” John Eagleton said.
  • 12:46
    The former assistants to Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi have been acquitted of fraud

    More to follow.
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  • 13:00
    Smoked salmon products sold by a leading fish producer have been recalled after the presence of Listeria was detected in certain batches. 
    The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI)  issued the recall notice on batches of farmed oak smoked salmon with Clarke’s Fish Exports label as “a precautionary measure”.  Affected batches have use-by dates ranging from December 19th to January 8th next year. 
    The affected smoked salmon was supplied to distributors, online customers and retail shops.  
    Clarke’s Organic Farmed Smoked Salmon is not affected by this recall.
    Listeriosis is serious and can even be life threatening. Specific segments of the population would be deemed at particular risk including pregnant women, the elderly and people with impaired immune functions.
    Food businesses operators who have bought the affected smoked salmon have been asked to remove the affected batches from sale and clearly display a point of sale notice informing customers not to eat it.
    Consumers have been told not to eat the implicated smoked salmon.
  • 13:16
    Irish businesses are among the biggest users of social media in the European Union, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office.
    The figures show nearly half of all Irish business that employ 10 people or more use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn compared to an EU average of 30 per cent.
    Malta has the highest percentage of companies using social media across the EU, at 55 per cent, while Latvia has the lowest at 15 per cent.
  • 13:24
    Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi's former personal assistants have been found not guilty of fraud at the end of a three-week trial in which she was forced to admit her use of cocaine and cannabis and he was labelled a menacing bully.
    Elisabetta Grillo, 41, and her sister Francesca, 36, were not in the dock to hear the verdicts delivered by the jury of five women and seven men at Isleworth crown court in west London. The older sister had been suffering from panic attacks and the judge allowed them to hear the news in an ante-room. They embraced emotionally and Elisabetta wept with relief alongside a friend.
    "My God, I am just shaking," said Francesca as she embraced her solicitor. "We can go home." She hugged her barrister, Karina Arden, and her sister's barrister Anthony Metzer QC, saying: "We made it, we made it.
  • 13:29

    Stand by for amazingness...

    The Guardian is reporting that Australian and US researchers hope an anti-ageing compound could be trialled on humans as early as next year, following a key breakthrough that saw the ageing process reversed in mice.

    The study, involving Harvard University and the University of NSW, discovered a way of restoring the efficiency of cells, completely reversing the ageing process in muscles.

    Two-year-old mice were given a compound over a week, moving back the key indicators of ageing to that of a six-month-old mouse. Researchers said this was the equivalent of making a 60-year-old person feel like a 20-year-old.

     “The ageing process we discovered is like a married couple: when they are young, they communicate well, but over time, living in close quarters for many years, communication breaks down,” said the UNSW professor David Sinclair, who is based at Harvard Medical School. “And just like a couple, restoring communication solved the problem.”

    Dr Nigel Turner, senior research fellow at UNSW and co-author of the study, told Guardian Australia the rate of age reversal in mice was “amazingly rapid”.  “We mapped the pathway to ageing carefully, but it was a real surprise to see the markers of ageing move back so quickly in just a week,” he said. Turner said a “magic pill” that reverses ageing is several years away, partially due to the cost of the compound, which would be about $50,000 a day for a human.


  • 13:45
    Media navel gazing alert!

    Mark Little's baby Storyful has been sold to Rupert Murdoch's bigger baby News Corp. 

    Here's what he had to say on his website a couple of minutes ago. 
    "Storyful is the first news agency of the social media age. We separate news from noise. We discover and verify the most valuable content on the social web. We help the world tell its stories in the first person. . . Today, I’m happy to announce Storyful has been acquired by News Corp. . . Storyful will continue to operate as a stand-alone organisation from our headquarters in Dublin. Our global team of journalists will continue to cover real-time news 24/7."
  • 13:55
    Storyful sold to News Corp for €18m
    Storyful sold to News Corp for €18m
  • 14:44
    Mikhail Khodorkovsky has landed in Berlin after being released from prison in Russia.
  • 14:53
    Ugandan legislators have just passed an anti-gay bill that calls for life imprisonment for "aggravated homosexuality."
    When the bill was first introduced in 2009, it was widely condemned for including the death penalty, but that was removed from the revised version passed by parliament. Instead it sets life imprisonment as the penalty for a new felony called aggravated homosexuality.
    And what is aggravated homosexuality?  Included are homosexual act where one of the partners is infected with HIV, sex with minors and the disabled,.

    And repeated sexual offenses among consenting adults.
    The bill also calls for a seven-year jail term for a person who "conducts a marriage ceremony" for same-sex couples.
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  • 15:23
    We never read the Mail online in The Irish Times. Obvs.

    Except when we do.


    "The woman who is terrified of SANTA: 28-year-old suffers panic attacks at sight of Father Christmas after she was forced to sit on his knee as a child"

    The Mail tells us  that Stefanie Howlett "has been terrified of Father Christmas since childhood".

    She is "unable to be in a building with Santa and cries if she knows he's close and "she doesn't watch TV in case he appears in an advert and does all of her Christmas shopping online in a bid to avoid him.

    Ah gwan so, I know you wan to read more... 

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    And then there is this.... 

    A year in stills.

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    Okay, that's it, we're off. 

    Until next year!