Wexford v Tipperary

Can Davy Fitzgerald's charges cause another upset by toppling the All-Ireland champions?

RuaidhrĂ­ Croke Sun, Apr 16
LIVE: Wexford v Tipperary

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  • 15:26
    Good afternoon and welcome! It's Easter Sunday and the All Ireland hurling champions are in action against a rejuvenated Wexford who are looking to pull off another scalp to reach the league final. My name is Ruaidhrí Croke and I'll be here to take you through all of the action from Nowlan Park. Team news on the way!
  • 15:27

    WEXFORD: 1 Mark Fanning; 2 Willie Devereux, 3 Liam Ryan, 4 James Breen; 5 Damien Reck, Matthew O'Hanlon, Diarmuid O'Keefe; Aidan Nolan, Shaun Murphy; Conor McDonald, David Redmond, Jack O'Connor; Paul Morris, Lee Chin, David Dunne.

    Substitutes: 16 Oliver O'Leary, 17 Eoin Conroy, 18 Simon Donohoe, 19 Barry Carton, 20 Eanna Martin, 21 Aaron Maddock, 22 Harry Kehoe, 23 Jack Guiney, 24 Andrew Kenny, 25 Kevin Foley, 26 Nicky Kirwan

    TIPPERARY: 1 Darren Gleeson; 2 Cathal Barrett, 3 James Barry, 4 Michael Cahill; 5 Seamus Kennedy, 6 Ronan Maher, 7 Padraic Maher; 8 Brendan Maher, 9 Jason Forde; 10 Dan McCormack, 11 Niall O’Meara, 12 Steven O’Brien; 13 Noel McGrath; 14 John McGrath, 15 Seamus Callanan.

  • 15:34

    The first semi-final of the day has seen Galway make very light work of Limerick to book their place in the final. With four minutes of injury time to go the Tribesmen lead 1-21 to 1-11.

    So who will be joining them in that final? With less than 30 minutes to go until throw-in, we have plenty of pre-game reading for you to take in.

    Wexford in bonus territory as they eye up a tilt at Tipperary

    The great comeback: Wexford's 1956 league success against Tipperary

  • 15:36
    Full time at the Gaelic Grounds where it's finished Limerick 1-11 Galway 1-21.
  • 15:50
    Okay, it's nearly time for the action at Nowlan Park and the news is that both teams will lineout as selected.
  • 16:00
    1 min: We are underway!  (Wexford 0-0 Tipperary 0-0)
  • 16:02
    3 mins: Wexford get an early free which Lee Chin thumps towards goal but it's caught and cleared. Tipp attack up the other end and Callanan sticks over the first point of the game.  (Wexford 0-0 Tipperary 0-1)
  • 16:03
    4 mins: For the second time Padraic Maher rises well to catch a Wexford free and clear.  (Wexford 0-0 Tipperary 0-1)
  • 16:05
    5 mins: Tipp get the first 65 of the game after Damien Reck blocked a point effort close in and took a serious belt to the hand for his troubles. Callanan makes no mistake to split the posts and double Tipp's lead.  (Wexford 0-0 Tipperary 0-2)
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  • 16:07
    8 mins: Tipp have started this game like a house on fire and deservedly have the early lead. John McGrath caught the sliotar on the right, turned his man and buried past Mark Fanning at his near post!  (Wexford 0-0 Tipperary 1-2)
  • 16:10
    10 mins: Tipp are gobbling up all of the Wexford ball into their square with ease. Once again Maher rises to catch and then kick away. Wexford really need to get on the board.  (Wexford 0-0 Tipperary 1-2)
  • 16:10
    11 mins: And they do as Jack O'Connor keeps his balance well to slot over from close range.  (Wexford 0-1 Tipperary 1-2)
  • 16:15
    15 mins: Wexford are coming right back into this now with Reck particularly impressive at the back. His catch abnd breakaway wins a free which Conor McDonald pops over.  (Wexford 0-2 Tipperary 1-2)
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  • 16:22

    22 mins: Carnage at Nowlan Park! McGrath won the sliotar back off Aidan Nolan in the corner and slotted it past Fanning once again for his second goal but then things really kicked off!

    Davy Fitzgerald came storming onto the pitch, enraged at what he had seen as a foul in the corner. The referee told him to leave but not before Niall O'Mara had done the same. Davy wasn't too happy with that however and gave him a dig in the stomach before talking on Jason Forde as well!

    It all eventually calmed down and Forde was booked but tensions are high at the moment!

    Since then Brendan Maher has also added a point for Tipp while McDonald pulled one back for Wexford.  (Wexford 0-3 Tipperary 2-3)

  • 16:24
    24 mins: Lee Chin sticks over his first point of the day after his free was blocked down, giving him a second chance.  (Wexford 0-4 Tipperary 2-3)
  • 16:27
    27 mins: It's a fifth point of the afternoon for Wexford as David Redmond powers a beautiful effort over from the right touchline. Just the four points in the difference now.  (Wexford 0-5 Tipperary 2-3)
  • 16:28
    28 mins: But not for long as Callanan slots over another.  (Wexford 0-5 Tipperary 2-4)
  • 16:28
    29 mins: And Jason Forde then adds one himself to keep Tipp well in control.  (Wexford 0-5 Tipperary 2-5)
  • 16:29
    30 mins: Conor McDonald has his eye in today and slots over a free from 70 yards for his third point of the game.  (Wexford 0-6 Tipperary 2-5)
  • 16:31
    31 mins: And it's McDonald who does it again for Wexford with a free from the left. He's keeping his team in it at the moment.  (Wexford 0-7 Tipperary 2-5)
  • 16:34
    34 mins: Wexford are enjoying most of the possession now but failing to turn it into points with Darren Gleeson making one great catch right on his crossbar to deny McDonald.  (Wexford 0-7 Tipperary 2-5)
  • 16:35
    35 mins: What a point from Padraic Maher! He sticks one over from miles out!  (Wexford 0-7 Tipperary 2-6)
  • 16:36
    35+1 mins: O'Keefe replies for Wexford but it'll be Tipp who go into the break with a big lead.  (Wexford 0-8 Tipperary 2-6)
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  • 16:46
    Safe to say tensions ran high in the first half . . .
  • 16:53
    36 mins: The action is back underway in Nowlan Park!  (Wexford 0-8 Tipperary 2-6)
  • 16:55
    37 mins: A Conor McDonald free from the middle of the pitch gets Wexford on the board first in the second half.  (Wexford 0-9 Tipperary 2-6)
  • 16:56

    38 mins:  Paul Morris cracks the crossbar with a close range shot. Tipp break up the other end and get their first score of the half through Brendan Maher.

    But the game is at a frantic pace already and Wexford hit straight back through Morris.  (Wexford 0-10 Tipperary 2-7)

  • 16:59
    41 mins: An excellent run from David Dunne earns Wexford a free close in which McDonald decides to stick over the bar.  (Wexford 0-11 Tipperary 2-7)
  • 17:00
    42 mins: But Tipp keep answering back and do so once again through Michael Breen, straight from the restart.  (Wexford 0-11 Tipperary 2-8)
  • 17:00
    43 mins: And Breen makes it a quick double from close in!  (Wexford 0-11 Tipperary 2-9)
  • 17:01
    44 mins: Tipp make it three quick points and suddenly pull five points clear thanks to Noel McGrath.  (Wexford 0-11 Tipperary 2-10)
  • 17:02
    45 mins: Well, suddenly no one is missing! Redmond from the left stick over a vital point for Wexford.  (Wexford 0-12Tipperary 2-10)
  • 17:02
    45 mins: And then another one! Points are being scored left, right and centre now!  (Wexford 0-13 Tipperary 2-10)
  • 17:06
    47 mins: Every time Wexford look like getting within a sniff, Tipp answer back almost immediately. Breen adds another point for the All Ireland champions and they lead by four again.  (Wexford 0-13 Tipperary 2-11)
  • 17:08
    50 mins: And Tipp extend that lead further through the hurl of Jason Forde!  (Wexford 0-13 Tipperary 2-12)
  • 17:10
    53 mins: Wexford are just about keeping themselves in with a sniff as Lee Chin points again to cut the gap to four.  (Wexford 0-14 Tipperary 2-12)
  • 17:13
    54 mins: Yellow card for for Bubbles O'Dwyer after a bad late hit on Breen. Wexford make the most of the free as David Dunne points well under pressure.  (Wexford 0-15 Tipperary 2-12)
  • 17:15
    58 mins: Wexford are fighting hard to stay in this! Lee Chin points from the left hand side and it's getting close now!  (Wexford 0-16 Tipperary 2-12)
  • 17:17


    WEXFORD 0-16 TIPPERARY 3-12!

  • 17:18
    60 mins: Well that's how clinical Tipp are. The Wexford defence opened up,leaving McGrath in acres of space on the right and close in where he coolly slotted past Fanning.  (Wexford 0-16 Tipperary 3-12)
  • 17:21
    62 mins: Tipperary just calmly pulling away now as Noel McGrath sends one over before John McGrath adds another. Seven points in it now with just seven minutes left.  (Wexford 0-16 Tipperary 3-14)
  • 17:21


    WEXFORD 0-16 TIPPERARY 4-14!

  • 17:22
    64 mins: Well you can safely say that's that as McGrath slots home again from close range before sticking over another point seconds later.  (Wexford 0-16 Tipperary 4-15)
  • 17:23
    65 mins: And it's another for Tipperary just after as Bubbles gets on the scoresheet.  (Wexford 0-16 Tipperary 4-16)
  • 17:25
    67 mins: From a close range free McDonald decides to just slot over the crossbar and the gap closes slightly to 11 points.  (Wexford 0-17 Tipperary 4-16)
  • 17:27


    WEXFORD 0-17 TIPPERARY 5-16!

  • 17:27
    70 mins: Maher puts proceedings well and truly past Wexford with a good catch and finish inside the square.  (Wexford 0-17 Tipperary 5-16)
  • 17:29
    70+1 mins: Kevin Foley taps over his first point of the game.  (Wexford 0-18 Tipperary 5-16)
  • 17:30
    70+2 mins: And Tipp answer straight back once again with a point from Daire Quinn.  (Wexford 0-18 Tipperary 5-17)
  • 17:31


    WEXFORD 1-18 TIPPERARY 5-17!

  • 17:32
    70+4 mins: Liam Ryan takes advantage of some poor goalkeeping from Darren Gleeson to score a consolation goal for Wexford.  (Wexford 1-18 Tipperary 5-17)
  • 17:33
    70+5 mins: Michael Breen tips over before Chin adds the final point of the game.  (Wexford 1-19 Tipperary 5-18)
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  • 17:43

    So that's it for today's hurling action as Tipperary get past Wexford to set up a final date with Galway next Sunday.

    Thanks for reading along and stay tuned for Seán Moran's report from Nowlan Park. Bye!